American Idol 2012 Judges: Randy and Steven Confirmed, JLo Uncertain

With FOX’s Upfronts this week there were a few tidbits for the American Idol 2012 season. First off we know when the show will return (January 22, 2012) along with its weekly schedule (Wednesdays and Thursdays, post-auditions). Now we also have word on who will be sitting behind the Judges’ table.

Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson both signed multi-year contracts ahead of the 2011 season so that should guarantee they’re back (contracts in Hollywood don’t seem to mean the same thing as contracts in the rest of the country, so it seems). Jennifer Lopez, however, did not sign a multi-year contract and instead went with a single season that had the option for renewal. So far it seems that renewal has not been confirmed and no details on if either side is leaning away.

Lopez recently said in an interview that she hasn’t made up her mind about another season:

“I don’t know if I will do another season [of American Idol]. I’m taking it day by day at the moment and we’ll see what happens,” [Lopez] said.

I was suspicious of Lopez’s return next season when she announced her Latin talent search show “The Chosen” along with her sudden renewal of music presence. Remember her album floundered after Sony/Epic dropped her but was finally completed and released after she joined the American Idol machine. Now Lopez has the chance to go on tour, get in the studio, and explore what every other musical interests she may have. Will she have time to do all that and be a judge on American Idol 2012? As soon as we know, we’ll make sure you know.

Two questions: Would Idol 2012 be better or worse without JLo? If Jennifer Lopez does not return for next season then who would you like to see in her seat?




  1. American Idol needs Jennifer Lopez! It won’t be the same without her. Sure hope she agrees to return. If not, than American Idol needs to replace her with another woman. It’s important to have a Woman’s Perspective.

    • I’m all for keeping JLo and ditching Randy. He’s at the point now of humiliating himself. If not JLo then I’d like to see Cher [I know she wouldn’t] or maybe Shania Twain in that position.

      • Judging by her mentoring on IA in the past, Shania most likely will be avoiding “hurting someone’s feelings”. Same, as any real woman, I guess. Judge Judy is a real woman, you say? But AI is not a courtroom

      • Cher or Shania, what great suggestions Templar. I really think Cher would be the better choice. She tends to be rough & ready, lol-lol.

  2. if JLO will not be a part of American IDol 2012, i hope they will replace her with a judge who can give a nice, reliable and constructive criticism.

  3. I hope JLo comes back but needs to do a better job next year, although I think she really tried most the season but her last 2 weeks were poor and Randy was worst.

    • I almost agree with that. JLo was really wonderful there for awhile, and then something happened. Oh yeah, her own career! She became a different person . . . who, I guess, couldn’t be bothered thinking about anyone else anymore.

    • JLo is and has always been about JLo. Her label dropped her and she has used Idol to get herself back in the music scene.

      Steven Tyler is a dirty leering old man whose only judging has been on the way the girls dress and dreaming about what’s under them. He is useless as a judge and has done more self promotion than any judge in the 10-years of Idol.

      Randy needs to be retired to the dawg kennels.

      A Clean Sweep is called for and get some people who really care about helping these kids improve.

      They should talk to Jimmy Iovine because if he can’t do it, I bet he knows some good people who could.

  4. bye J-Lo I say bring in some girls with the best voices in the world… miriah Carrey Or Christina Agulera would be good, x-tina is on the X-factor and she has judging skill i think. Good chance for American idol to pick her up before X-factor does again

  5. It would be the same with or without her as long as she is replaced by another woman

  6. Sorry to hear that Randy will be back. He has been awful this year, especially last week. Steven makes the show! Doesn’t really matter if JLo returns, however, she is much better than Paula.

    • Steven is fun to watch, but he’s certainly a slacker when it comes to giving helpful critiques. If we’re looking for entertainment value, he’s fine. If we’re looking for someone to help Idol hopefuls, he has not proven himself worthy this year.

  7. wont they get rid of randy?!!?!?!

    i hope steven tyler sticks on. he’s cool.

    j-lo should go… yo… seriously. the show needs some one as blunt and honest as simon (and not an idiot like dawg randy).

    ps, i do not think that steven tyler is a good judge… but he is cool. and im sure he has learnt a bit from this season so he will come on better and push in with more relevant criticism next time around.

    AND AGAIN. someone pls tell someone to tell someone to get the word to AI producers that randy should go…!

  8. Reba. She knows the whole music business, is nice and would give constructive criticism (at least she has on The Voice.) And even though I’m not a Lady Gaga fan, I was quite impressed with her coaching. But she’d never do it.

  9. Another season of Steven Taylor and his non emotional responses snd inappropriate behavior…ugggh.

  10. They all need to give better information to the public on who was good, bad, pitchy, etc. They really failed this year with that. That is why alot of the good ones went packin early and we are left with these 3 as our final 3. I am having a hard time even caring to watch any more this season since it has been such a disappointment.

    • Oh, and if JLo goes they need a girl that knows music and has the sense to give true criticism and not love everybody and say it was beautiful. Give them the truth help them grow and become better and help keep the ones that really deserve it to stay.

      • Why does it need to be a female?? I want someone who TELLS the dang truth and not so dang afraid to hurt someone feelings. These are not pro’s … they need to know what they are doing wrong as much if not more so that what they are doing right.


  11. Jlo messed up pushing the girls, she should of kept them thoughts to herself. They need to get someone who likes all kinds of music and don’t mind telling the truth, no matter if he or she or the voters like what they hear or not. And if the back talk they should have to leave. The judge is there to help not to hear what the singer thinks when the judge tells them something.

    • Piper, do you think you are subtle? You’re not. Randy still hasn’t gotten what he deserved from his bashing…

      • At least Randy was honest. But he could have been after your vote for her. Pre-planned? Maybe

      • Randy has been nowhere near honest. He made stuff up. Nobody with any musical knowledge or sensibility could use the word “perfect” in any way when describing the “Without You” performance, and then go on to criticize Haley’s song choice for Gaga’s “You and I” when that is what Iovine (yeah, another coach and mentor whom, by your purported ethics, Haley should not contradict) told her to sing and even got special permission for her to use it. GARBAGE. I’m still ticked off at that. Just an example, but WAAAAAY out of line and just WRONG.

        Randy Jackson’s claim to fame was as Ross Vallory’s temporary replacement on bass in Journey. Look it up. He’s either a puppet for a bigger master plan (producer’s) that appears to have unraveled, OR he’s a sorry excuse for a name-dropping pretender. “Judge” is a misnomer for him. Harsh? You bet. I’m not the only one.

  12. J-Lo needs to go.
    Steven Tyler REALLY needs to go. I like Steven Tyler, but NOT as a judge, he stinks, especially after the auditions. Has he even criticized ONE person yet??? I think not, what a waste.

    Keep Randy and get Bret Michaels.

    X-Factor and Simon Cowell, is going back to Paula Abdul, this will likely put the final nail in the coffin of American IDOL. There might be an Idol 2012 January, but I don’t see how it can continue past that, the ratings are getting worse, and worse,
    and is only likely to go DOWN HILL from here…

    PIA gone,
    James Durbin gone,
    all the REAL talent is gone….

    Just like in previous seasons that really hurt AI and their reputation.
    It is no longer a talent contest, it is STRICTLY a popularity contest.
    Talent does not seem to even enter in the picture.
    Especially not with the Judges… 🙁

    Goodbye American IDOL….

    I am done (and so are you!!)

    • lol yeah, except James was the least talented of the bunch. maybe he can organize an exciting show, but he’s practically tone deaf

      • Sorry Chris, you don’t know what you are talking about. He impressed all the judges, and especially Jimmy Lovine. He took far more risks than anyone else on the show and every musician I’ve talked to has been impressed with his range and consistency.

      • Chris, you have a point!
        I felt for James on the night of his exit, but his last performance hurt my music ear real bad.

      • I wouldn’t say James had no talent–he is definitely a performer. But he consistently had pitch problems all season which were never addressed. He needs some serious vocal coaching. (And if Simon had been present, he would have said his ears were bleeding…and I would have to agree!)

      • LoL @ Templar! I think that Steven is a funny character. However, I do believe that he gave up quite a few brain cells in the late 70’s to early 80’s.

      • SCMAN: These idiots or liars playing “judges” on this show do not make credible objective assessments, so what they had to say about anyone at any point in the season has about as much weight as my dog’s opinion.

    • I’m crossing my fingers that Bret Michaels never shows up on another TV show. EVER!

  13. This has been the worst group of judges, we need at least one true judge! It’s fine to be yourself (JLO) but lets get someone who is themselves and says it the way it really is!

    • and DO NOT get a entertainer who has something to lose in telling the truth.

      • If J.Lo goes, I think Gloria Estefan(?)
        would be a very good judge…..I think she would be more judgmental and help the contestants with corrective criticism. I wish all the judges would stop guessing who’s in it to win it, etc….Turns the voters off…..Stop predicting the winners, instead give the idols some good advice….JMHO

      • Phyllis, very, very good points. I’d add that the judge should not be pushing an album during that season, either. Judges need to be able to focus outwardly, not inwardly.

      • Oh, and Phyllis, I really like the idea of Gloria Estefan as a judge. I think she would be level-headed and fair.

      • Pup….Yes, they should not be pushing their cds and videos…..Please…AI rejuvenated their careers, they don’t have to push it on us….Maybe at the finale at best but not during the season.

  14. JLo is angling for more money and a big fat contract. However, I am ready for her to go. The show has become so much about her; what she wears, her video, most beautiful, yada yada yada. She was dead in the water until Idol rejuvenated her career and this is the thanks the show gets? I would let her go and find another woman. I will not spend the energy thinking about a replacement until I know JLo isn’t coming back. But I would recommend someone who will speak up and be more critical.

  15. J-Lo has to go. She seems afraid to provide honest criticism, and when she does try, she looks down and looks embarrassed. Randy is honest. He needs to stay. He KNOWS music and what works. His “bad comments” are honest. Steven Tyler has two phrases in his vocabulary: “crazy good” and “beautiful”. That’s IT. He’s entertaining though, so keep him. But we need someone who isn’t afraid to provide HONEST critism. It’s not being “mean” or “hating” the contestant as some people seem to think it is… why can’t people accept HONESTY? I have no idea who to replace J-Lo, though. Maybe someone like Shania Twain or Celine Dion (doubt either would do it).. hopefully they’d be honest. Hey! What about CHER??? Wouldn’t THAT be a riot!?? (But I do agree that Simon and Steven Tyler would be HIGHLY entertaining…!) But they’d have to get someone to replace J-Lo who is REALLY GOOD to make me watch again after this year’s ridiculous ousting of James Durbin. And AMERICANS NEED TO SMARTEN UP most importantly! What a bunch of total idiots to vote off James (and Pia!). Now we’re left with smug Haley, nice Lauren who does not project “idol” (she’s not confident enough.. sweet, yes, but needs work!) and Scotty.. who is nice and is a one trick pony… None of them with the range and voice and entertainment quality (ie: captivating!) that James Durbin is!

      • Pup…oh Pup. Some people seem to think that the show is called (ENTER THEIR NAME HERE)’s Idol, instead of American Idol. Bleh.

    • See above re: Randy. You may think he knows what he’s talking about; but, if he does, he’s not honest about what he’s hearing, or he’s just so personally biased that he slants his critiques to manipulate you.

      James Durbin was a nice guy and a fascinating, even heroic, story. He had major pitch issues — worse and more frequent than probably anyone else in the top 11 — for which he was never called down. Not just me saying it. Lots of pros with nothing to lose and nothing to gain are saying the same thing. And I’m not intending to put James down in saying this! I’m just pointing out that Randy either lied to you or his ears are shot or he doesn’t think pitch is important in a singing competition or he was trying to manipulate voting to go for or against someone.

    • Four judges make the show too slow. It takes forever to get through their remarks especially when they ramble as Paula did.

  16. Steven always says Great and Poetry things about s/one…(u sing like bird…like river…flower…) so in this way No he is not criticizing… but they should allow him to be funny(funny not saying F… things) to keep show entertaining … Ellen last season was good in this part…

    but they should also have s/ones who really criticize technically…

  17. If JLo goes, I’ll take anyone except Jewel. Randy is no Simon and and I wouldn’t mind seeing him go. Steven sticks up for everyone. If JLo stays she has to stop the tears, this is a competition and the tears should be for the idol hopefuls. Actually Lady Gaga did a good job, maybe she’d do a year.

    • I personally do not like L.Gaga much, but I loved her mentoring! Smart creativity

      • I thought she caught on to what problems each contestant has, and found a way to ‘fix’ the problems really quickly. She may be weird, and off-the-wall, but she knows music, and how to put on a performance. Don’t know if she’d be biased, though…
        That’s the worst.

  18. I think JLO is doing a wonderful job…I do hope she returns next year. However, if she has bigger plans then I would suggest Beyonce!! 🙂 Someone nice yet a straight and direct approach with advice. Plus, she knows her stuff!

  19. Jennifer used American Idol this season as a platform for her selfish self to jump-start her career – again.. Any doubts, watch the shows. American Idol turned into the Jennifer Lopez show. But…………she really is gorgeous!!!

    • AGREE…that was just for their career.. both Jen and Steven…thats the truth… i think American Idol Producers face financial problems or s/th this year so they do that…they get these 2 to the show and…

    • Spot on! She was a little bit out of the radar, and obviously used the show to promote her new video and reinvent her image once and again!

  20. teven always says Great and Poetry things about s/one…(u sing like bird…like river…flower…) so in this way No he is not criticizing… but they should allow him to be funny(funny not saying F… things) to keep show entertaining … Ellen last season was good in this part…

    but they should also have s/ones who really criticize technically…

  21. Steven always says Great and Poetry things about s/one…(u sing like bird…like river…flower…f…good) so in this way No he is not criticizing… but they should allow him to be funny(funny not saying F… things) to keep show entertaining … Ellen last season was good in this part…

    but they should also have s/ones who really criticize technically…

  22. Yes.. I think J.Lo needs to be replaced. She’s either counseling the contestants or trying to critique in a way I dont understand where the heck she is going with her comments. I really liked Jimmy Lovine’s take on how the idols are doing. He gives great critique with a music producers prospective which I really like. To that end I would like to see a woman music producer. Someone like Linda Perry who has produced Christina Aguilera and pink to name a few.

    • How about Anastasia Brown? She’s gorgeous, knows all about the music business,and isn’t in love with herself.

  23. OOO my GOd whats happening hear… i think this site has a problem with comments…cause i sent my comment and i didnt see it by 2-3 times refreshing then i saw 2-3 comments the same suddenly

  24. I really like Steven and I do not care too much for JLo or Randy. I like the idea someone mentioned of Reba….I like the three judges. Four was way too many. I think JLo was fine, but the past few weeks it has become all about her and not about the contestants. She had AI as a platform for her return to the music scene, it has provided her with a stage she would not have had otherwise. I am so glad that Steven is going to stay though.

    • Kathy …yeah right..”She had AI as a platform for her return to the music scene,”
      and it really works for her…

      • totally agree……it revived her musical career but I do love her in the movies….

    • Queen Latifah good choice. Pair her up with Madonna and Jon BonJovi.

    • Love Queen Latifah. Jon Bon Jovi would be excellent also. Not a Madonna fan. IMO she’d make it all about her the same way Kara did.

      • I really like the idea of Queen Latifah & Cher. I can just imagine the looks Queen Latifah would give to Steven for some of his antics, lol. And Cher didn’t take any crap from anybody in the 70’s. I’m sure that has not changed.

  25. Randy is the only good judge remaining on Idol. Steven Tyler “loves” every performance and thinks everybody sings beautifully every single time… WRONG! And JLo needs to go! It’s mainly the judges fault that we have mediocre contestants still in the competition.

  26. I thought that this crop of judges did an OUTSTANDING job of picking this year’s contestants, and then I think that they’ve done a HORRENDOUS, GOD-AWFUL job in “judging” the final 13.


    Randy has become the heavy, because he’s the old veteran, and I would be ok with that if he were fair, but his critiques seem PERSONAL when he gives them — downright angry — not professional or helpful at all.

    Jennifer wears her personal feelings too publicly and totally, totally, totally plays favorites with PERSONALITIES she likes, and she’s hardly judged the MUSIC at all, even saying at times that so-and-so is beautiful or cute, and amid her gushing she’ll slip in a line to her favorites like “hey, the notes weren’t perfect but I really love you on the stage,” and junk like that. (But she is drop-dead gorgeous, that’s for sure. I would miss the eye candy if she leaves, but not her total lack of helpful judging.)

    And Steven? Cool guy, interesting presence, but too sugary sweet for everybody once the real competition began. Again, he was phenomenal in the auditions. But since then? Worthless. Totally preening for the camera.

    It all makes me want SIMON back; his venom may have been over the top at times, but I must say, I usually agreed with him, even if the wording of his critiques was over the top.

    So I would’ve been perfectly fine if NONE of these judges had come back. And I wish the voters could vote somebody off. Randy has made most of the viewers so angry with his inexplicable partiality that he’s become sickening to me. And he doesn’t know when to shut up — repeating himself over and over. Newspaper and magazine columnists and respected MUSIC critics all over the country have taken him to task for judging the people more than the music, and totally missing the boat on vocal ability. He’s become so full of himself and become downright obnoxious. I just don’t understand.

    And until Idol fixes the voting procedure to allow one vote per phone line or computer IP address, the results will never be anything more than which 10-year-old can brag to another 10-year-old that she voted 2,846 times in the two hours she had to press “redial” on all the family phones she had lined up on the coffee table.

    No true cross-section of viewers and buyers of music, with ALL ages represented, can compete with those sorts of shenanigans. Idol wouldn’t be able to scream each week, “WE HAD 80 MILLION VOTES!” so I’m sure they won’t fix it. I’d much rather they boasted “We had a million VOTERS this week!”

    Can’t see it happening.

    So I just have to take my AI enjoyment from the VOICES, and leave the judging and voting frustrations to the producers. The true cream of each season eventually rises on its own anyway.

  27. All the judges were terrible this year. Steven was entertaining yes, and I like him, but he didn’t judge. He loved everything. I think he’s just having fun.

    Randy is critical which is good, but he’s inappropriately critical. And unfairly critical. And seems to criticize on personal taste, not on musical technique. He’s trying to fill Simon’s shoes and failing miserably.

    J-Lo is just plain annoying. “Hi baby” – that doesn’t make you giving Haley shit when she doesn’t deserve it any better! She totally used the show for her own personal gain.

    A new judge next year – hey maybe Britney Spears can revive her career, or maybe Lindsay Lohan!!!

    Ok I’ll be serious – Stevie Nicks. She would be amazing. I also like the suggestion of Reba – but since she’s Blake Shelton’s advisor on “The Voice” I don’t see that happening. Martina McBride I think would also be awesome.

    • Yep she has a new reality show coming out. After that ends she could jump on American Idol and really jump start her career again.

    • I thought Shania was rather wimpy last time. I like the suggestions of Reba, Queen Latifah and Stevie Nicks. I still like my idea of Annie Lennox, too. (Alicia’s probably too busy, but I’d love to see her in this role, as well.)

  28. I miss Simon~~~ He was honest, maybe a bit tooo mean at times but come on get a grip…. These kids are not pors or they would not be there. They need to hear the bad so they can improve!! How can they improve with comments like “stellar” “I loved it” “you rocked it” bullsh%t, they did not rock it… they had errors they needed to know they had them!

  29. Come on people.. all year long, so many people discussed these judges negatively, and people here saying “Oh we want this or that people back!” Give me a break!

    The judges have been lackluster this year.

    A general thought – I like the judges in the past who have really given solid criticism, good and bad criticism of course..

    Simon, without saying one of the best, unfortunately, he’s done with Idol. SO, find another cheeky Brit to replace him who knows music.. any out there?
    They need a music insider with grit to make judgement.

    Just no Paula types, “It’s a rainbow shinning down..” arrrrggghh BLAH
    No Ellen types, “I don’t know music but that sounded good, then insert stupid joke” That failed miserably.

    We also learned 4 judges ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WORK. Since Randy is definitely staying.. pick two more..

    Randy – I don’t know about him, this year he was off him game in my opinion. Kind of sick of the IN it to win it, and the WHaaaaaat That was soooo good, but a little pitchy.. always the same lines.. come up with something real if your going to stay. You’re all over the place Randy, get it together Doooog

    Steven – while I like him, doesn’t say much beyond, “It was beautiful” and Odd weird sayings he comes up with, occasionally funny, but ummm pass… I say.. call the next aging rocker.. Maybe David Lee Roth, he’s a character.

    JLO.. If I hear her say “baby” one more time.. baby this and Oh Baby that. She’s better than a Paula and Kara types, but after awhile.. blah… inconsistent critiques that didn’t make sense, guidance that was lost on the Idol.. I don’t know.. Need another talented woman from music, no clue… umm Madonna? She’d tell it like it is.. odd but interesting..

  30. What I think is that you cannot please everybody. For some the judges are good, for some they suck. They are human, far from perfect and they are doing a job, good or bad (depends on the glass you see through)
    For me they were good, entertaining and accurate. They wanted to change Simon´s format to be blunt and disrespectful and they did a good job. They treated the contestants with kindness and warmth. Of course nothing is perfect and yes, Haley has been criticized in a horrible way but aside that the judges have been fair enough.
    Now if JLo needs to leave I agree that there should be a woman there. Someone suggested Gloria Stephan and I love the idea.
    As for Steven, he is fun to watch and he knows what he is talking about even sounding cheese sometimes he really closes his eyes and feels the music. Randy is sometimes good and sometimes bad but he has so much knowledge in music, harmony, pitch and so and so… he is too a good asset to the show.
    Anyway, no matter what will happen, the show will still be there next year and the next and the next. American Idol is a success and I really don´t think is going out of the air soon even with so much competition with The Voice and X Factor.

    • This year Randy convinced me his ears are shot from too many stadium concerts. Either that, or he is a liar or he is just biased. He lost me, probably forever, with “emotionally perfect” after a performance that made me cringe because the pitch problems were so acute. Done with Randy. He bothers me only because some people apparently give him some credibility.

      • I cringed, too. Randy did not tell his ‘favorite’ contestants anything of value…anything to make them realize they were making slight mistakes. He thought his praise would get them through, and that America wouldn’t hear it…but we did.

      • You’re right: Randy was totally DISHONEST all year. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what his agenda was, but I’m convinced he decided before every performance what he was going to say and whom he was going to pimp, and it never mattered how they actually SANG.

        He lost all credibility with me this year.

  31. JLo isn’t a judge. She’s a marginal singer. A fairly athletic dancer. A mediocre actress in the right kind of show. She is sooooo pleasing to the eye, however, that she can get by doing whatever she wants.

    The hypocrisy of some of the Haley-haters who like JLo, however, or give her some credence, is beyond me.

  32. If I could recast the judges:
    Shania Twain
    Harry Connick Jr.
    Queen Latifa

    Though Steven might improve if he would actually give critiques. It does not have to be mean spirited, but it does need to be constructive.

    Randy has been horrible. Saying things like “it didn’t work for me” or “I just didn’t like that song for you” does nothing for the aspiring talents. They are kids. They need guidance. Connick did very well with that last year. Jimmy is doing a nice job this year.
    I would like to see the judges involved in song choice.
    And for the love of all that is holy can we get rid of the stupid themes!

    • El, GREAT pick with Harry Connick, Jr! The man knows music.
      Jimmie Lovine is my recommendation & add Christina Aguilera & THAT’S a judging pan!
      No bias, favoritism or outright cruelty.

      But it’s just a dream. Instead, it appears we are stuck with Jackass another year. Makes me puke.
      The executive producers better rein in their attack dog for the rest of this season & mussle the psasht next year or they will lose the show.

  33. Like some other commenters, I think Reba would be a good choice. I was also impressed with Sheryl Crow’s comments when she was on and think she could be a good judge with the enthusiasm, honesty and bravado that is needed in that role.

    • Now Sheryl Crow would really be good. I was impressed with her comments as well. She actually gave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and plus she has the experiance AND the voice to back up what she says. I think she would help the contestants excel without degrading them as well as being the support that needed. I dont think that she would praise contestants that didnt need it either.

      • I agree with all you said, I would however change the word need in your last sentence to the word deserve.

  34. It would never happen, but probably the fairest and most constructive critiques I have read have come from Melinda Doolittle. What a great judge she would be. It would be nice to hear actual criticism that would be of some benefit to the artists to help them improve. They should get rid of Randy and replace him with her. I have no respect anymore for anything that comes out of his mouth. If he say “In it to win it” one more time, I will throw up!

    • Everytime he points that bended finger at them when he says it, it makes me think of the dorky guy from Liar, Liar trying to do “The CLAWWW!!” Stop with The fake Claw, Randy. It’s so annoying! Straighten your finger, instead of flailing it around while declaring who’s in it to win it. Aren’t they all, otherwise why would they even audition?

    • OooOoOo, Sarah…I like that. I like that, a lot. I wonder if she’d be too nice…she knows music, though. Her voice is stellar.

  35. Seriously Steven, Randy and JLO have to go after this Season. Idol for judging job needs fresh, brazen and truly megastar judges for next season….Let the drum roles and summon in the One and Only…MADONNA , JON BONJOVI & BABYFACE as new judges. Hell sure the ratings will go up and show more credible. MADONNA and JON BONJOVI super well known in the Pop & Rock music industry worldwide while BABYFACE is Soul R&B.

  36. If I hear. It was just “Beautiful” man “Beautiful”. My remote might go through the TV.

  37. This has nothing to do with present AI. I happen to run across YouTube of Carrie Underwood with Vince Gill singing “How Great Thou Art.” Very emotional and super great.

    • We watched that live and it was more about Carrie singing it and Vince backing her on his guitar.

      If you have the cut of the live version, watch the other stars – all the top ones were there – and you will see some clearly mouthing “wow’ and “what a voice.”

      If you want to have a cut of her singing it, it is on the CD called “Gospel Favorites Live from the Grand Ole Opry.” It was released in 2008 and is available on i-Tunes.

  38. Randy Jackson became the “Top Dawg” this year and showed us just how limited he is as a judge. He has been lousy.

    Steven Tyler wins “The Leer of The Season Award” but apart from undressing the young girls with his leery and creepy eyes, he has contributed Zilch as a judge.

    JLo is all about JLo. She was dropped by her label and has used Idol to get herself back in the music scene.

    Frankly, I would love to see them all replaced with people who care about music and helping a contestant grow.

    The Voice is in its’ infancy but has four artists who have all proven themselves for years as being top in their genres.

    We have been following the CMT Next Superstar Contest and they have one static judge each week who is a top dog in the music business and two guest judges each week.

    I know it won’t happen but my choice is for them to clean house and get some judges who will be more like mentors to the contestants.

    Jimmy Iovine would make a great judge and mentor.

  39. OK, folks: Less than four hours to showtime! I am fired up… for sure.
    May they all do great tonight & make it a great competition.

    P.S. Hope our Haley gets TWO standing P’s tonight! Give em hell, Haley!

    • if you don’t want someone to get po’d you better changes two standing p’s to o’s LOL

    • Sorry… of course. I meant O, but my Sprint phone has a mind of it’s own. One of them there ‘smart phones’… clearly smarter than me!

  40. Get rid of all three, two don’t have a clue when to criticize and one is incapable of criticism. Jimmy Iovine gets my vote and bring in another Brit since they make no bones about how they truly feel and Reba or Shania would make a great third.

    • I agree. Get rid of all 3 judges (especially Randy) and use thie combined salaries to woo Simon back. But, I did like that Jimmie Iovine guy. Maybe make him a judge

      • Bring in Jimmie Iovine. He seems to get to the essence of each contestant. Jlo can go.

    • I would like to see judges who will “step out of the box” and recognize something other than the “fad” of the day. Good to hear country this year. How about jazz, pop, maybe even semi classic. I get pretty tired of screaming, growling, screeching, and plain old loud noises. 🙂

    • how about having four judges…
      i suggest Harry Connick Jr, Kylie Minogue, Babyface
      and maybe
      Ryan Murphy

  41. I think JLO should move on… she was fun, especially in the auditions, she has great chemistry with the other judges, but I think it should change, just to keep the show fresh. I believe a singer should be there – I would love to see Sheryl Crow as one of the judges, giving real constructive criticism to ALL contestants, equally, regardless of their crying baby face during judging…

  42. More important CHANGE THE VOTING SYSTEM!!!!!! Yes, Matt I was screaming that!!!!!!Sorry!!!!!!! but that is the worse part of the show…….

    • I so agree with you Phyllis… what is the point to brag about the zillion votes? this should be changed absolutely!
      I don´t even know if they really can count the zillion and zillion votes for sure lol seems so stupid to me that one can go to the phone, to facebook, and who knows where more to vote for someone over and over again! so stupid!

  43. Since country has had such a strong influence lately on Idol, and since the leaving judge might be J-Lo, I suggest replacing her with another female judge, but this time from the country music setting, such as Martina McBride, Reba McIntyre, Faith Hill, or some other such female country icon.

    • A country singer for judge would be a nice change. It kind of sounds like JLo took the job primarily to boost her own career back into the limelight, although I think she did at least TRY to give the contestants some advice. I don’t think any of the judges were very good and am surprised ST even wants to return since he never did any real “Judging” and seemed to play the whole season for laughs and attention. I think they would have a different panel of judges each year. Why multi year contracts before they even prove themselves capable??? A different team each season would improve the show with a new element of uncertainty, and I still like the idea of doing an end of season popular vote for the best judge. If they did that, the best would return the next year and two new ones added.

  44. Im fine with them keeping steven so they can use him for the entertainment value. But take away Randy and Jlo, and make Jimmy and another girl a judge.

    • I agree that STEVEN TYLER should stay, and keep on judging, don’t get me wrong, but I think this year’s judges is the best…
      So RANDY and JENNIFER must stay in AI too..


  45. It doesn’t seem to work with two singers/artists on the judging table. They are of course naturally supportive of other singers/artists so they would never critique them the way an industry person would.

  46. Hopefully J-Lo just goes away. I don’t mind if Randy stays…but I really hope he doesn’t get it into his mind to insult and single out the best singer week after week after week. And constantly criticize them, so when they finally let it get to them a little (After a LOOOOOOONG time of taking it like a champ) people won’t say they have a bad attitude. Hopefully next year he tells people the truth when their pitch or melody is off, or their song is boring…I hope he takes lessons in Not Being Biased 101. He’s most likely ruined Haley’s chance to be this year’s American Idol with his constant nagging of her, even when she does good performances! It’s really sad to me, but she’ll be better off anyways. I’ll still fight for her, but people and their ill pre-conceived notions are hard to separate. Win or lose, Haley is my American Idol 100% and more! The girl has got it!
    I love Steven, he’s so sweet and funny with his gibberish. I hope he takes some Buck Up 101 and doesn’t constantly praise every single contestant, but tells them things they can actually use and grow from.
    That’s why I can’t even frown on Scotty for doing the same exact thing every single week, they’ve basically told him to! How is it a good thing to never push yourself and your limits? I bet Scotty would be phenomonal right now if they had given him actual ‘critiques’. Maybe James would still be here if they would’ve pointed out the pitch issues he had now and then…
    Lastly, Lauren could’ve aquired a thick skin and been better prepared to handle stardom and all the people who will try to strip her down. The judges need to take a good look at the contestants, and what they really need from them. Because it’s not contant praise, and it’s not constant criticism either.
    GOOO HALEY! Love you! 🙂 Go Top 3!!! Love you other two, as well! <3

  47. American Idol Staff should decide ..they want a serious effective and also entertaining show or they want just entertaining part ha???Now we are judging AI…
    AI was out of its place this season…
    it was all of the place…it was pitchy…
    it didnt know what kind of show it was…
    it had GREAT moments but those unfair things broke our hearts many times….

    • I would love Reba as a judge, JLo should move on, she is too emotional and I think that the staff should have some kind of say with the voting. It was heart breaking this year especially when they put a save too early and that save should have gone Pita Toscano. There was not enough of the real critique that should have been there for these performers

  48. I’d like to see Melinda Doolittle as a judge. Her comments are insightful, helpful, & for the most part spot on. If she can convey messages verbally as well as she can write, she’d be the best judge Idol ever had.

    I agree w/ the above comment about changing the voting. I’d like to see a rankings type voting system. Sort of how they rank teams 1-25 in college football.

    People would get ONE vote for best of the week & ONE vote for best overall. For instance, while I thought Haley was the best of the top 5 week, I still would have ranked James #1 overall.

    I would do the 2 stage voting because I think if a person has had several great weeks, one bad week shouldn’t knock em off the show.

    I also realize Scotty fans don’t agree w/ this, but IMO Scotty stunk for 3 weeks in the middle of the season. I had him #1 at the top 13 & top 12, so I’m not a Scotty basher. It’s just that he tapered off IMO. Anyway, I don’t think someone who’s been bad for 3 weeks like that should be able to come back & win the thing. This past week where I thought he was real good on both songs doesn’t jump him over Haley who’s been consistantly very good.

    But intead of just voting for your favorite, you could rank em 1-12 (or how many was left on the show). Then have the judges do the same thing. Rank em in order for that week & also overall.

    Then combine those & determine who stays & goes.

  49. I’ve already said Reba, but I like the Queen Latifah suggestion, too. No, how about Adam Lambert? When he was guest coach last season, he did a better job than any of the long term professionals. Since he’s been in their shoes, I think he would be sensitive but also give good critiques.

  50. Let’s face it-the judges this year don’t know how to judge. I loved James, but could almost hear snarky Simon saying something like, ” that was self-indulgent” on some of his performances, and I think Simon would have been all over Scotty, for being karaoke. These kids need people to help them get better with guidance. The audience does enough of adoring them, myself included. The judges let them all down. And something needs to be done about the crazy voting system.

    • The simple fact is that you are disappointed that the judge and voters do not agree with your choice.

  51. @Danny

    Watch Melinda on Idoloonies (TVLine) to see how well she conveys messages verbally (very well).

    Search for ‘Idoloonies: All-Girl Finale for Punching Bag Haley and ‘Underdog’ Lauren?’

  52. Get rid of Jennifer and Steven. They don’t know the definition of judging. Only Randy does. He’s more experienced.

  53. Melinda Doolittle would make a great judge. I think they should try to bring in Baby Face as a permanent fixture on the show too. He’s the only guest to have given real, honest, helpful criticism to the contestants.

  54. The best thing about Simon was that he was not a singer but he knew music. Once you are part of a certain genre, you are in favor for that.

  55. I would like to see Harry Connick Jr.. He tutored last year and he did a great job with a lot of sense of humor he is also a great musician and a good singer

  56. @fairlady

    “simon cowell knows music” ? Are you for real? This man knows NOTHING ABOUT MUSIC! he knows how to make a tv show and then get a hit song from it. Look at the songs he had as hits before he was on idol.

    teletubbies ( tv show )
    wwe ( tv show )
    robson and jerome ( tv show )
    mr blobby ( tv show )

    Every single year on xfactor uk he spouts this rubbish about someone being world class and then has a number 1 single and 9 times outta 10 these folk go on to get dropped. He is a very smart buisness man but he knows absolutely nothing about music! I would love to see him go round bars and clubs and find a talented band and by that i dont mean a boy band or girl band! with money me and anyone else on here could market a boy band. he would not know a talented band who writes its own songs if it was right in front of him. prove me wrong snd tell me any credible artists he has had that wasnt a boy band or girl band or from a tv show

    • I agree w/ this. Well stated.

      Simon will of course spin it differently, but he basically got handed the keys to a recording studio by his dad.

  57. I know I will probably get a lot of criticism for this and that no one will agree with me. But I think Britney Spears would be a cool judge.

  58. I’d like to see more humor.. Maybe Jeff foxworthy or someone with absolutely no buisness in music just to make it fun.

  59. It don’t even matter. Steven being there ruins all credibility. Unless you somehow threw Simon back in there. You need someone to counteract Steven.

  60. J Lo should demand that they revise the voting system before she continues to lend her name to this series again….Pia, Casey and James gone (unbelievable)….No wonder she has tears in her eyes so often…I’d be embarrassed to be part of such a weak voting system…..I think she did a great job, but AI operations need to better support their judges….

    • The only way to improve the voting system is to allow only one vote per person, but may be awkward to administrate. I do not think that the judges have much influence on votes cast, except in the final stages where choice of who to vote for is not easy.

  61. I can’t believe how many of you are so off base with your comments. Jennifer Lopez, while sometimes wasn’t critical enough ALWAYS gives GREAT mentoring advice. The best mentoring advice of any judge ever. Steven Tyler is entertaining, but I am starting to tire of him a little with his “that was beautiful” response to every performance. Randy and Jennifer were unfairly slammed for their critique of Haley. Haley should never have disrespected the judges like that. Simon would have wiped the floor with her.

      • you are obviously J-lo fans and you must be atrracted to all her outlook and performance style rather than her voice, right??? cos she cantt singgggg big timmmmemeeeeeeee

      • Simon would’ve respected her honesty in talking back. Jennifer was a horrible mentor. All she did was praise everyone and when she didn’t like a performance she never straight up said it. She just beat around the bush over and over

      • Oh to everyone, get over it,get on with it, move on, all done and dusted, nothing will be achieved by raking over the coal`s, Simon`s gone, forget him, old new`s, past tense, bye, bye, birdie.

    • The contestants should be allowed to voice opinions freely but in a civil manner. Haley has it altogether and I cannot fault her in this respect. She deserves to win, as Scotty deserves to win.

  62. If Jennifer Lopez goes, I think a sober Whitney Houston would have been a great judge, but don’t think that will ever happen. I think Shania Twain or Faith Hill would be a good pick.

  63. Get rid of J-Lo and insert Jimmy Iovine. I could see that working much better than this season. We need a judge that is willing to be honest and straighforward and not wish-washy while beating around the bush

  64. Hey ppl, maybe idol should have NeeNee Leakes from celebrity apprentice and real housewivea of atlanta. Think she would be honest in her critic….perhaps straight street

  65. I say fire all three judges (especially Randy) and use their combined salaries to help woo Simion back.

  66. I don’t have a problem with Tyler.. it’s difficult to find a more credible judge than him, he’s a legend he knows his stuffs.. plus his comments are funny.. I say get rid of JLO, she’s a good performer but she has no idea what she’s talking about and always leaned on Randy for her comments, an established singer like Whitney, Mariah, or Celine will do (fat chance though) if not then the vocal coach from hell will surely make a very interesting judge.. Randy is simply a washed up, replace him with Jimmy Iovine

    • Sometimes the best part of the show is when judges comment. It is impossible to be in total agreement all the time. Keep the current judges. I love Jennifer Lopez.

    • Erwin, I agree!!! Although I DO like JLo, she needs to be stronger with her comments! Steven Tyler is awesome, no matter what anyone says!!!

  67. Wow, gotta love, the arm chair critics? I find it amusing, AI, has given a site, to ya all. amazing


    • Haley should win the whole thing…she has a wonderful personality so cool and gorgeous the Zeppellin tune with her dad best scene ever.James was irritating in the extreme. Lauren is too young great but goofy Scotty is a Country singer.Period.Excellent but unidimensional.Go sweet Haley go

      • I agree Haley ROCKS=what a voice! and she can sing any style-not just one. I don’t have anything against Lauren or Scotty really, other than getting sick and tired of Scotty’s eye brow and snarled lip action-he portrayed to me of trying to be an actor, more so than a singer, though he did get better the last couple of weeks. The other two (scott & Lauren) are going to fade away, and Haley is going to go far. Miranda Lambert didn’t win when she was on Nashville Star-look where she is now! I can’t wait to buy her (Haley) CD. I think the only reason the other two beat her is because they got the teeny bopper votes.

  69. Keep jlo she is beautiful sexy and fair in her viewpoints Keep Tyler because he is funny…Randy it is time to move on…replace him with a country star Faith Hill S Twain..then you would have pop rock and country covered.

  70. I’m not sure that any of the really big names suggested in these posts would agree to be a judge on American Idol. With all of the frustration over the voting process, many think that American Idol has run its course and is dying. I think the viewer numbers are way down from the first few seasons and that is why they allow the multiple voting. Ryan can’t really announce how many people voted because it is less than in prior seasons. He has to brag about the number of votes from those fewer people, which is high due to the unlimited, crazy voting process. If I were a famous, successful musician such as those listed on this site, I would not risk ruining my career/reputation by doing Idol on what may be its last season at any time.

  71. Dump JLo. Get someone like Sheryl Crow who knows music and is very intelligent as well. Not commenting on missed vocals and blown key changes while praising someone for being “emotionally perfect” or trying to have a “moment” renders her irrelevant, especially when she displays obvious bias.

    If my students fail their test because they made critical errors, I don’t fail to correct them simply because they had beautiful penmanship and I like them better than the other students. This doesn’t benefit them in the long run, and it’s that type of judging that is actually what got James kicked out early.

    Send her home.

  72. All three should go. Like steven alot but hes not a judge, hes too nice. JenLo’s head has gotten way too big. Randy is just is just boring with same old sayings week after week.

  73. I think they should keep Randy he has been there for all the seasons. Steven should stay he is so funny and keeps us watching .. If it weren’t for him we probably would have turned the tv off. JLo is okay but we def need someone else with more advice and not so scared to tell the truth. And someone who isn’t looking for a come back. 🙂 I would like to see someone with great music influential. Not just a super star. Someone who has made a difference and knows what they are talking about.. We all had enough of the being so polite and not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. LETS GO IDOL 2012 .. Looking forward to the next awesome Judge.!

  74. I think the judges this year are way to nice. They do not inform them of how to make it better. I think a mixture of judges would be a good thing like mariah carey jamie foxx and reba something like that. Haylee is horrible and has a bad attitude. Lauren and scotty can sing, I thought it should be James scotty and lauren haylee should have left a long time ago.

    • I agree. Scotty and James were the best haylee sucks she is cocky and rude and thinks she is the best.

      • In my opinion Haylee sounds great
        and i think you guys are jealous
        and i hope and pray she wins.

    • Haley could out sing Lauren & Scotty any day of the week! Final three should have been Haley, James and Casey-

  75. Randy staying on is a good thing! He’s the dawg! Steven staying is alright, but he needs to control his dirty mouth. It would be awesome if they could get Shiana Twain to fill Jennifer’s spot as a judge! It would give a wider variety of
    perspectives from multiple genre’s if they had her.

  76. I hope the judges you get will tell the truth. and not just saying something good to everyone. they need to have tough love & support,like Randy and the old group. whatever you do keep Randy

  77. I think JLo should go, NOW. I agree that she was only on to promote herself, and now that she has done that, good riddance. Randy, a Simon wantabee, just doesn’t cut it for me either anymore. He is getting boring. Melinda and Jimmy would be good choices, I think. I haven’t heard constructive criticism yet that would help any sort of artist.

  78. JLo and Steven were brilliant and the voting proves the popularity of the show this season!
    To all critics it was the Judges who actually chose the performers it was the public who decided who would stay and who would leave.

  79. I say MADONNA!!! She is a female version of Simon when it comes to telling it like it is. Although I will admit, and she does too, her singing is not her big strength. Like Lady Gaga, it’s controversy and breaking barriers type songs and videos that get Madonna noticed and make her money.

    Interestingly, they brought in Beyonce who has great talent and is articulate with her advice. But she is probably too busy with other projects and would cost waaay too much money. It’s probably going to be some former superstar who is coming back, (like Shanai) or yes, a sober Whitney Houston could be very interesting to watch. At one time she was tops and her advice would be well respected.

  80. Mariah Carey would be good too!

    Let’s get new phrases instead of the old..

    Randy=”HE’S IN IT TO WIN IT!”

  81. Even though Randy did give some criticism I believe most of it was biased and directed to influence voters. As for JLol, I was a big fan of hers starting out but her head has gotten too big and what about that song of her’s “On the floor”. it’s all about showing off her body and made up looks. I did not like her as a judge at all especially after she started with her digs on Haley. Haley is the best Idol of 2011 and I will buy all of her albums…she made the show at least interesting and entertaining!!From the begining I pictured Casey, James and Haley in the top 3. It’s easy to see why she and others were voted off with all of the little girls and teenagers voting for Scotty and Lauren. I will not watch idol next week but will tune into the final show. Can’t stand the thought of having to suffer through the “same ole same ole”…how boring they are. Yes, they definitely need to replace JLo and Randy. Get some real talent like Stephen who knows how the music business works…so tired of Randy’s limited vocabulary!!! He is not good….I love Jimmy and he was a big bonus to the show.

  82. I believe that the voters got it right. Lauren is beautiful, sweet, religious, sings beautifully, a real role model for aspiring youth. I really wanted her to make the finals and she did. She made the most of her beauty but was not sexy or disgustingly crude or sensual as some of the others were. The public got it right!!!

    Scotty has been my favorite from the very beginning. His voice is such a gift, just beautiful, and he is sweet, unspoiled, and emotional,and I am just thrilled for him. I really hope he wins. He is the kind of guy every mother wants her girl to find. I hope that fame does not destroy his sweetness.

    This is the American Idol’s best finale ever. The public rejected those who were more crude and crass and sensual and chose those who are just talented and clean cut. Congratulations to the public.

    By the way, the finalists have more class than the judges do sometimes. Maybe they can learn something about what the public REALLY wants!!!

  83. I’m pretty sure you’ll, Randy, JLo and Steven were bought off and paid for! This was a total farce for this American Idol… Just call it Teen Idol since all the best were voted off this season! And poor Haily was given the hardest songs to sing and by the way, she did great on all of them! And as for Scotty and Lauren it was just more of the same… BORING!

    • NOT EVEN…… they where the best out of everyone there kk….. dont get mad cuz they where in the top two….u need to get over it………. GO LAUREN ALAINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • who’slauren? Never heard in my life such a boring voice not able to pick up high notes!

    • Gee, you know what????? I can judge pitch, performance, originicality, and all other qualities that make up an Americal Idol. Would you get rid of Jennifer Lopez who obviously doesn’t need an extra $20,000,000.00 and hire me…..PLEASE!

  84. Me gustaria otra vez que siguiera JLo, si no quiere me guastaria GLORIA ESTEFAN….fuera lo máximo

  85. JLo is a woman with a great personnality for this show. Let’s go JLo for 2012 … you’re the person for it! Bonne Chance!

    • yes, she is “great”. she reminds me of paula abdul…EVERYOENE IS “THE BEST”, EVERYONE GOT A WONDERFUL VOICE! Come on!!!

  86. Season 10 for me is thus far the worst season I’ve seen. The two finalists are both one-dimensional performers. Their genre? What else, country music! They’re not as versatile as the previous AI winners and non-winners. Had Jason Castro or Brooke White or David Archuleta or Crystal Bowersox were entered in season 10, I’m quite certain they would have emerged as clear winners! The current two finalists are both mediocre performers as far as I’m concerned. Challenge my statements, if you want to, and give me your honest justifications why one of these two deserve the title AI season 10 winner!

    • Oh well, get over it, move on, Country not my cuppa tea either, but at the end of the day they are what the American public wanted, they voted for them. If you not happy with the way Idol goes, just push the off button on your remote.

    • Do you know what Lauren Alaina is the best singer so if I were you the shut up

  87. I posted this on Jenifer Lopez’s facebook page. This is the way that I feel!
    Jennifer you are the heart of the trio of american idol! This show this year is about LOVE! You do so much more than “judge” you love the contestants! When you cry it shows how much you care! When you critique you do so with great care and with love! This show has never been better! I never watched American idol because it was so, well harsh with the contestants. I watched for the first time the year before you came on, and though it wasn’t as harsh as I had observed, (in the commercials…) it was not a show about love! I have so appreciated this year! It is the first time I could watch without cringing! It was such a joy to be with you all each week. I honestly don’t know if I will watch if you do not continue. I can’t imagine a better trio of judges. I know I am just one person, but I had to send you this post. I truly want you to do what is best for you, and if that means you have to leave, then I truly understand. But I wanted you to know that you are so important, not just to me as a viewer, but to the contestants that put their dreams in your hand. Regardless I want to thank you for being on american idol and making it a positive and loving experience. You, you are the heart of this show! Thank you so much for your participation! (:

  88. My idea of the perfect judge on Idol 2012 would be Harry Connick,Jr. But I suppose there has to be a woman on the panel. Oh well ….Just a thought as he is truly an exception musician, has a great personality, and looks good too.
    Too bad, tho, as I he would be such a great and entertaining judge. The current judges are getting pretty tiresome.

    • Harry would be great just make it a 4 panel of judges again . He doesn’t have to say anything.. just let us look at him lol

  89. I believe if Jennifer left the show it would be worse. Record breaking numbers this season. This is the first year that I have watched the show all the way through. I liked Simon, I liked Paula…However it wasn’t enough to keep me watching pass the Auditions. Randy, Jennifer and Steven Make for a Great Show, and an even BETTER Team!

  90. This year is the best. Good singers, judges and the finale is just great. I hope Jennifer will stay at least for another year. I have been a fan since she was on tv. I also heard alot of people like the 3 judges.

  91. I think this year has been by far the greatest year as far as judging is concerned. Jennifer L & Steven T, are both truly wonderful artist, performers & they a really care about each and everyone’s talent & growth. American Idol has shown me who they are as human’s. Jennifer’s emotions & expressions were what we viewers feel at home. Most people don’t feel that they can relate to a celeb or to a rock star, but one thing I got from Jennifer & Steven was learning how real & true they are. I am in hopes Jennifer L signs on with Steven T. The best talent in 10 years was choosen for the simple fact they know what they are doing. I have always loved Steven, currently reading his book, the thing I love about the book the most is hearing his voice 2 days per week & understanding him & his lingo & humor. He has pretty much been the same way his entire life. Its like he is reading the book to me thanks to seeing him on American Idol.
    Only one thing I would like to comment about and it is my opinion, I am in hopes that the judges review just the judging of all the judges comments and see if they see any partiality to some contestants. I was happy for Scotty ro win, Lauren & James were my orignal picks. It was great to see two kids that had to go to school 3 hrs per day make it. They are young & pure with passion and I am so happy for them. Anyhow I never comment on stuff like this but I couldn’t let it go. The finale the best ever! Judas P, Marc A & Jennifer, everyone unbelieveable. Thanks to all of you at American Idol, staff, crew, camera, sound everyone, you gave us a great season for my family.

    • i 100% agree with you.. this is the best year of american idol. i was voting for lauren alaina the hole time. i also think the judges are awsome they also make the show really good. they had the BEST singers so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. i think that american idol shouldnt end its a really good show and it lets people show there talent. it should keep going on for a while.

  93. I think jlo should go she’s too emotional and lets face it u need to be kinda cold hearted to be a judge specially in the audition process she cries a lott!

    and Steven he’s amazing he does not have the heart to say rude comments to the contestants. He is too sweet.

    Randy is weird.

  94. WARNING this ain’t gonna be pretty…..

    Who gives a crap about the judges, they’re hypocritical, they’re disconnected, they’re not even hiding their obvious pimping and oh did I mention hypocritical. Way to go losers. Could give a * about AI 2012 and beyond after the manner in which they conducted themselves this year, what a crock. Maybe JLo can find something else to pimp, like her sex tape which undoubtedly would be boring as hell, lotsa /yawns

  95. I have watched this show since season one. I feel this was the best season ever. Not to make less of the contestants or previous judges. Like anything over time you need to revamp a bit to refresh and keep interest. The only thing I didn’t like about this season was the final show. TOO MUCH star show not much about the two final contestants. There was less about them and their journey and this was about them.. Getting their day.. their star starting moments. For certain we could have done without Lady Gaga.. Sorry not a fan of hers. her tasteless act on a family show.
    I would love to see JLo come back. With the true talented judges we had the best contestants in one group to compete. YES I loved them all but I had to go with the hometown guy.. “SCOTTY”. We are truly proud of him and I am proud of all the talent. JLo if you come back, thank you for giving it one more shot. Especially since you invited a few to try again this next season. They would be disappointed in not having you there to see them follow through with what encouragement you gave to them. If you don’t well you have that creative artist right. I know you will always encourage other future artist out there some where. Randy … dawg… gotta love ya…. Stve…. well you keep this ole lady and a friend busy on the text lines when you are on. I have an Aerosmith shirt that has more holes and is “holier” than most have in their lives. Needless to say i can’t go out in public in it and it has more A/C in it than I did in my house earlier this year. Regardless. Peps… Idol will be a success… Just make sure you keep the $$$$ coming to Steve so I can keep on Dreaming.. lol

  96. If Jennifer isn’t comming back maybe Madonna or Lady Gaga would be a good choice. But I do love Jennifer.

  97. As long as it is not Howard Stern I will watch. Have watched AI since the beginning but will have to say goodbye if they have Howard Stern as a judge!!

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