American Idol 2011: Wednesday Top 13 performance show will be pre-taped again

Last week’s “American Idol” Top 24 performance was pre-taped and everyone thought this week’s would be live, but that’s not so. Multiple sources, including Nigel Lythgoe himself, via Twitter, have confirmed it. It even sounds like Nigel is a little irritated with all the speculation the pre-taping is creating. Nigel tweeted:

“There is a load of crap being discussed all the contestants sing ‘live.’ The show has always been recorded to the West Coast. We are pre-taping for 2 weeks as we have a new Director & new judges. It has nothing to do with manipulation you morons.”

So there you have it. Sounds like the live performance show will be back next week. It doesn’t really matter to me if its pre-taped or not. As long as they don’t allow contestants to fix any flubs during their performances.

The Wednesday show (8-10 pm) will showcase the contestants favorite artists, so it sounds like song choice will be as broad as last week. Great. Wonderful. Zzzz.

Who do you think will go home this week? One of the wild cards? Or will America see something in them they didn’t see last week? I’m thinking it will be Ashton or Naima.