American Idol 2011: What to Expect This Week With Auditions and Hollywood

Tomorrow night on American Idol 2011 the auditions end in San Francisco and I am so ready for them to be over so we can move a step closer to our top 20.  After last Thursday’s horrible hour of one bad audition after another, let’s keep our fingers crossed that San Fran can bring us some top rated singers. 

Here’s a few key hopefuls who have made it as far as the Top 40:

Brittney Mazur – a former ms outstanding teen which leads me to believe she was a beauty contestant.  I hope she sings well cause after witnessing some other beauty queens in reality shows I’m not holding my breath.  Others include Deandre “Kamele” Brackensick, Clint Gamboa, Julie Zorilla and James Durbin.  Hopefully the producers saw enough negative feedback from Los Angeles that they will showcase the most talented instead of the incessantly stupid. 

Thank goodness FOX decided to bring the audition process to an end and give us Hollywood a week early!  All the crappy singing on Thursday nights was really about to wear on me lol.  It’s not a good thing when you have to drink a bottle of wine to make it through an hour long TV show lol jk.  Of course a glass or two really does make the process so much easier.  Matt suggested the Wednesday and Thursday programs were being produced by two different people which makes a lot of sense to me because it’s like watching totally separate shows.  I hope we can get more of a sense of what life is like during hell week and hear some kick a$$ singing with some crazy Steven Tyler comments thrown in to make me laugh.  Please no drama and bs acting!  I’m tired of hearing about shows creating fake story lines because they need ratings!  I want to see the real thing!

What are you most looking forward to this week on American Idol?