American Idol 2012 Finale Date Announced

American Idol 2012 finale - judgesIf you’re wondering when is the American Idol 2012 finale then you’ll be glad to know FOX has set a date to crown its next American Idol winner.

The two-night Season 11 finale will stretch across Tuesday, May 22 for the final performance show featuring an undefined number of finalist singers and Wednesday, May 23 for the big results reveal. Note the shift from Idol’s usual Wednesday and Thursday air times for its last round of episodes.

Along with revealing the American Idol 2012 finale date FOX announced they’ll continue the 2-hour performance shows through the rest of the season. Previously we heard FOX would keep the performance shows at two hours through April despite a low number of remaining finalists. Now we’re seeing they’ll press on with this trend even when just a handful of singers remain. Seems my list of time-filler suggestions is more relevant than ever!

With more than two months until the season finale anything can happen!