American Idol 2012: Hollie Cavanagh Praises Top 3 Singers

Hollie Cavanagh on American Idol

After her elimination on American Idol 2012 last week, fourth place finalist Hollie Cavanagh spoke with THR about the remaining Idol Hopefuls and what makes each of them an “Idol.” Keeping that same positive attitude we saw in an earlier interview Hollie had nothing but wonderful things to say about the singers she lost out to this past wek.

“[Joshua’s] voice is like from, I don’t even know. I don’t think he’s human. It’s just ridiculous what he can do with his voice. He sings Whitney Houston songs in the original key.” Hollie continued, “He’s amazing and he’s going to be huge in this music industry and I just can’t wait to see what he does.”

Moving down the list Hollie begins to explain why she enjoys Phillip’s performances. “His voice is so different to me. It’s very unique and has its own style. All the girls are really obsessed with him and he’s really charming. He doesn’t just come off like that on TV. He’s just a really humble person and has amazing music talent. He could sit down with a guitar and play songs all day and anyone would listen.”

Last but not least, Jessica Sanchez. “She’s 16 and she comes out with the performance like that and the voice like that. It’s just like ridiculous and you don’t see that everyday.” Hollie predicts big things for Jessica and the guys as well. “She’s just amazing. She’ll be a legend, as well as the other two.”

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