American Idol 2012: Hollie Cavanagh Proud Despite Elimination

American Idol 2012 Hollie Cavanagh eliminated

Last night on American Idol 2012 we said goodbye to Hollie Cavanagh and hello to the Season 11 Top 3. Hollie spoke with FOX regarding her elimination and there wasn’t a hint of sadness or disappointment. Instead Hollie was clearly thrilled to have made it this far and looking forward to what comes next.

“It’s tough, but I can’t really complain at Top 4. That’s something I’m really proud of,” Hollie explained when asked for her reaction to being sent home from American Idol.

Cavanagh went on to compare her experiences between this season and last year when she was sent home during the Top 40 stage of the competition. “Last year when I went home I was really kinda down and not feeling so great. But at this point I only made Top 40 last year and then to come back and I’m at Top 4. I just can’t really be sad because this is an amazing thing for my future.”

FOX asked what was going through her mind when she came to the realization on stage that she had been eliminated. Initially Hollie said, “nothing,” but then backed up and made it clear that she wanted to go out on a positive note. “I honestly didn’t know what to think,” Hollie started. “Okay, this is your last song on this stage as a contestant so just go out there and just sing, just sing for the love of it, and don’t worry about what’s going on. Enjoy that moment.”

Hollie might not be part of the last two weeks of American Idol 2012, but she’s excited for everyone’s return for the Season 11 finale and then especially for the summer tour. Holliepops will have the opportunity to snag some tickets to see her as part of that tour starting later today.




  1.  I hope someday Bonnie McKee and Hollie have a chance to collaborate for an album. That’d be awesome!

  2. let’s hope there was some record exec backstage waiting to sign hollie.  with a little more seasoning and vocal coaching she should go far

    • I am not hoping for Hollie any best BECAUSE I know she will be succesful on whatever she wants to do…  She already accomplished a lot (being on top4) and this is just the beginning.  I know I’ll be seeing her in commercials, ads and albums and expect for my support!

      PS disappointed my Jess & Hollie for the finale is not gonna happen
            all my vote goes to Jess now

    • I agree with you. She has such a promising future with her talent and attitude. And she’s also very pretty. She only needs to complete the so called 10,000 hours of practice to attain “perfection”:-)

      • Some people can practice 10,000 hours or more, and they will never achieve perfection.  Why?  Because it’s not practice that makes perfect – it’s perfect practice that makes perfect.  If one practices something that is out of tune a million times, one has just trained one’s self to sing perfectly out of tune!  That’s why it’s important to study with the best trained, degreed musicians who can get pitch and other problems corrected as soon as they happen.  As for Hollie, she’ll do fine — she’s a natural.  She’s so modest, though, that she allowed the judges’ comments to distract her.   Now that people know about Hollie, the right people will find her, and she’ll be on her way.  She’s a quick study, from what I’ve seen. 

  3. Im a fan of skylar but i gave my votes for jessica simply because she did an amazing job! It might not be as much vote as what i gave to skylar when she was still around? But i kinda like hollie too because i find her sooo sweet! I liked it best when she hugged the remaining 4 andmshook hands with the judges. Goodluck hollie, i know youl’l do good outside idol! Now after last night, im back to zero again. Will give my judgment as to who i will give my votes after the top 3 perform. #this is based on my standards and opinion! 🙂

  4. She’s so sweet and young. Long journey for Hollie, she deserves the best!

  5. I wasn’t a fan of Hollie, but I am impressed by her poise and attitude in handling her eliminatio. Good luck to her! 

  6. Timely exit for Hollie, otherwise she will be eaten up by the TWO monster singers – Jessica and Joshua..Let’s see if Phillip can endure the beating! JESSICA for the WIN!

    • I disagree with that completely.  Hollie (and the other remaining contestants) already gobbled Jessica up and spit her out, but the judges (three people, not America – let’s get this straight here) were the ones that decided that Jessica deserved a double elimination while all of the other contestants only get a single elimination.  No disrepect to Jessica – just keeping it real.  Anyone can have an off night or pick a  song that the judges decide to blast  for whatever reason.  It’s all good, though.  Hollie is a class act  and a great singer, even though she won’t get the benefit of a double elimination (and the relentless to the point of being sickening support of the judges)  like some of the others.  If there had been no save, it would likely be Joshua and Hollie in the finale, and that would have been a great show.  It doesn’t take a crown to be a winner, Hollie. 

  7. First of all, why such a wide shot? I remember the other interviews being done with a tighter camera shot. Makes you kinda feel disconnected doesn’t it?

    Probably one of the hardest interviews and I know she wanted to sound upbeat and optimistic but I know she wanted to win. This was a bad year for a raw talent like Hollie to be in. The competition between networks and other programs is just too fierce. 

    AI wants to show that they are about finding the best singer when it hasn’t really been about that for quite a few years. They are afraid that no really good talent will audition for the show in the future if someone like Hollie wins with her little experience.

    If Phil is gonna win they are going to do everything they can to make him look like a musical genius over the next couple of weeks. It’s all about competing with the other networks this season. Any other season and Hollie would have definitely been top 3 or top 2. 

    • They are already trying to make P2 look pro.  His performance of Volcano was a dead on copy of Damien Rice’s video on YouTube.  Pop filter, arrangement etc.   Maybe next week he can copy another artist tit for tat and have folks believe he’s a genius.

  8. Well, goodbye Hollie and goodbye (sob) two-girl finale once again! 🙁
    I wonder who Hollie will duet with at the finale? Maybe Mariah Carey? Carrie Underwood? Pink? Hmm…what do you guys think? Sound off!

  9. I have  always liked Hollie, last night she showed what a class act she is.  Joshua clearly had  a connection with her.  She will be successful, of that I am sure.  There is no one left on the show that I am impressed with, I would not purchase their music or go to a concert.  I guess I will just watch and wish the top 3 the best.  I feel bad for P2, I think he is next on the judges list.

  10. Hollie went out the same way Skylar did…with class. I actually felt worse for Joshua last night.  Poor guy..he was heartbroken. Phillip had better be prepared because I’m assuming all the bashing that Hollie took from the judges will now be transferred to him.

    •  Hi Pally45,

      This is what bothers me with this show, the bashing by the judges.  You would think that since it is up to the fans who decides who stays and who goes that these bozos would just shut up and give praise instead of bashing them each time they fell out of love for one of their chosen singers. ( remember who selected them in the first place).  Steven and Randy was so obviously over the top in making sure Hollie goes home this week it is not even funny.

      I know eventually one will be left standing and declared the winner. 
      But elimination should be treated with a lot more care and compassion
      similar to “the Voice” where an eliminated singer walks out with a lot more self esteem and had received nothing but praise from their coaches.

      • Having watched X-Factor and The Voice where the singers receive coaching and mentoring, I think this is the way all such talent shows should go. 

        All AI is interested in (and has been since Season 1) is bragging about the number of votes they receive and I have noticed that Ryan has been less than effusive about it this year because they know it is a farce. 

        They claim 70 million voted on Wednesday, which means less than 500,000 actually voted because of the crazy block voting they allow. 

        Consider that 120 million people voted in the General Election in 2008 and it took thousands of people all over the country to validate and count those votes. 

        AI can validate and count 70 million in less than 20 hours, if they had people working all the time to validate and collate them. Even allowing for the fact that most are done electronically, it is still a major stretch to believe that all the votes are validated and, indeed, counted.

        As for the three musketeers we have had for the past two years as “judges” they have been an embarrassment. When Simon and others were on the panel, Jackson was the clown and now he is the “leader” of the pack and that just about sums it up. 

        His script has not changed in 11-years and, like all corny soap operas, it is time to put him out to pasture and take the other two with him.



      • The Voice is head and shoulders above American Idol.  The judges are professional and the talent is amazing.  Must be why their ratings were somuch better than Idol.  You would think the producers would take a look at that….apparently not important.

    • Hi Pally45: If you remember last week, Hollie and Skylar were hugging a lot because they had become great friends (they were room mates) and it showed.

      Joshua has also become very close with Hollie and, if you noticed last night, she went straight to him to hug him after she finished her farewell song. 

      You are correct that she went out with class, as did Skylar, and I know that once she gets some coaching, especially with choreography, she will have a great career. That will start with the tour because they have choreographers and vocal coaches.

      One thing I did notice last night was Jimmy Iovine talked about what kind of songs he would want to record with Phillip, Joshua and Jessica but never mentioned Hollie. 

      All the top 10 are tied to 19 Productions and Interscope (Iovine’s group)  for at least a year but if Iovine does not sign them to a record deal, they can go to other labels.

      I will be very interested to see what they decide to do with Hollie because if Iovine doesn’t want her, I am sure there will be a number of labels lining up to sign her.

      I think being tied to Interscope can be a detriment to an artist. Haley Reinhart’s CD is out on May 22, a year after the end of season 10 and you can hear 90 second snippets of all the songs on iTunes now.

      Pia Toscano, who Iovine raved about last year and wanted to rush out a record for her, has released one single last year and there is still no sign of her CD. 

        I have come across this before on these sites where people have said you can hear and buy an american idols songs on i tunes.  As a big fan of haley reinhart i just went to have a look and there are only two songs there and both are from the 2011 AI season.  I have come to the conclusion this is because i’m in NZ. Interestingly enough all of Scotty McReery and Lauren Alaina songs are there to preview and buy.  Why would promoters of Haley’s album not have it for aworld wide audience to get the most of sales.  Weird, 

    • You don’t have to worry about P2, @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus. He’ll be in the finale no matter how many times the judges bash him.

      • P2 has never been criticized by the judges, even during those times when they should have.

  11. I thought Hollie will knock out Phillip cause she’s like a cat with nine lives! But I was wrong Good Luck, and God Bless!

  12. I think the judges were so negative with Holly, that America listened to them.  Holly had the best voice of any of the last three, she didn’t do all of the screaming they did.  I would buy any of her records, but none of the rest. I wish her good luck, she is a sweet  talented young lady. I’m done watching American Idol, can’t stand any of the judges.

    • You should give America more credit than being mindless followers of those three judges.

      • It’s not the “intellectuals'” that vote and vote and vote.  The intelligentsia might vote once or twice  and that’s it.  Think about the kind of person that’s going to sit and vote and vote and vote.  It’s either the family of the contestant, young tweens and teens, people with emotional issues and that sort of thing.  But we will never know who appealed to the most unique voters, and that’s the number that really matters when it comes to record sales.  Right now, there’s no way to distinguish the votes of the Mensas from the votes of the Densas, so to speak.

        People aren’t going to go out and buy the same record over and over again.  There are plenty of musicians out there with great voices, and I’ve never bought their records.  Oh, I might acknowledge they have a great voice.  But to get into my personal collection of recordings, I need to be inspired by someone.

        One more thing.  There was a lady out there who claimed to be a piano teacher, trying to give more weight to her comments.  In America, that’s really no big deal.  Did you know that anyone can give private music lessons?  Yep, in the USA no degree or training is required.  You just need someone to agree to be your student in order to set up shop.  So, don’t post and tell us you are a piano teacher.  Tell us what piano competitions you have won and where you went to school to get your training.  Was it Curtis or Julliard or Peabody?

  13. I think Jessica needs to go. She is a good singer give her that but not the best. When it comes to selling albums which is what its all about I give PP and Joshua better marketability. Of the two Joshua could be the next Luther or MJ or would like to see another boyz2men like group rise. More soul.

    • MJ….oh hell no, you aren’t getting away with that.  Joshua couldn’t even be MJ’s very used glove…let alone compete with his voice or dance….
      OH HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I said it before, Joshua will only sell 177,201 cds…and that is it, no more! Until…he goes back to gospel…then…the sky is the limit.

      Maybe he can pull off Chubby Checker.

      • Well, I for one would be embarrassed for Joshua if he tried to become the next Michael Jackson. As Michael Jackson was NEVER on my list of cutting edge performers. But, maybe he could be the one who puts the soul back in urban music. Wouldn’t that be great if he did. Last week he took on a James Brown song and did it better than anyone in the history of the song, including James Brown … By a mile.

      • Hi Foxstar42,
        Joshua did an excellent cover of that song, but better than James Brown??  C’mon let us be more realistic here, and by a mile? that’s too much.  How old are you?

        But since you do not consider Michael Jackson in your list of cutting edge performers I am not surprised.  I guess we have to respect each others likes and dislikes but I certainly do not agree with you on thios one. Sorry 🙁

      • I am from a era where my music was hard and passionate and had the abilility to grip ones soul. And no one can convince me that little Michael fits that discription or anywhere close to it. I do not care how many pop hits the guy had. If you are a big Michael Jackson fan (or even a small one) I know for a fact, you are a different breed than me. I am old enough to know James Brown was great, but open minded enough to see that Joshua’s performance was better by leaps and bounds.

      • I totally agree with you Fox. Yes James, it was better than the original, without a doubt!

      • I would like to hear Joshua and Phillip both sing one of my favorite songs: “Brown-eyed Girl.”  I think that little challenge would be very telling.

    • Chubby Checker? LOL.. How about:
       Marvin Gaye , David Ruffin, Sam Cooke, Bobby Womack, Peabo Bryson, Phillip Bailey?

      James .. don’t throw in MC Hammer ROTFLOL

      • James?
            I bet you were one of the 14 people that bought Eddie Murphy’s Party    all the time. Eddie’s got soul. Probably got the ring tone too.

           Can’t touch this? hahaha

    • lol….holly will sell records alright!  in timbuktoo, green teeth people, USA!  us in the metropolitan areas of the US were utterly and painfully bored with her pedestrian style…run of the mill…high school musical holly!  sawrrry…..talent is like cream, it rises to the top.  toni, you’d better get your tix to the next county fair….holly is the headliner….and btw, win the “biggest potato-head” contest while you’re at it….and also the chase the greased pig in mudpit bonanza!  ha ha

      • Why is it that each time you post you have to be crappy to someone!?!  BTW…I LOVE the county fair and if I had a chance to see Hollie there, I sure would.  Now, judge me because I really don’t care!?!  While you are judging me, take lessons on growing up!

  14. i like hollie. she is like a little girl with a big voice. don’t feel bad hollie fans, she would still be around.
    whoever wins idol this year, i believe it’s his or her destiny…
    whatever happens next…it’s up to us buyers of records and concert tickets…american idol 2012…to be idolized…or to be forgotten…

  15. Goodbye Hollie dear~ It’s been a great year for you and for AI as well, with you guys in it~ I wanted 2 girls in the finale but so sad it would be impossible now, hoping the best for you girl.

  16. As sad as I was last night I am that happy now.  Hollie showed Jimmy, the judges and the 3 contestants left standing what class is.  Her family must be so very proud of her.  She is now free of the constant humiliation that Jimmy and the judges put her through.  I am sure she woke up this morning smiling and feeling free.  No doubt she will have an amazing career. 

    I am also sure that P2 is now at the top of the judges hit list…I have no favorites left so I will just sit back and watch and smile a little. 

    • Both she and Skylar, who were best friends, showed class in their farewell songs and the reason Joshua was crying is that he has also become very close with Hollie – notice who she went to after she finished singing to hug – just as she and Skylar hugged last week.

      They were there to compete and enjoy the ride as far as it took them. Obviously, they hoped that maybe they could get to the top 3 or even win it but never once gave the impression that they had an entitlement.

      • Hi Hollie Fan:  The only reason I will be watching is because I am hoping that all of the Hollie/Colton/Skylar fans will vote for P2, that might upset Jimmy and the Judges  (oh bummer)….and I will be sitting back smiling a little….or hopefully alot.  🙂

  17. I liked Jasmine Trias in Season 3 better than Jessica. Better stylist and much better down to earth attitude. I think Jessica needs to tone down her style to her age and get rid of the victoria secret.

  18. Yes, I too am sorry to see Hollie go, and me not voting,
    along with 1000’s of others, have caused this to happen…..but how are we to compete
    against the mindless multi-voters.  I
    sure Idol won’t correct the system because they love to broadcast the vote
    totals.   So was the 65 million votes (portrayed as 65
    million viewers) a million people with 65 votes, or was it ½ million at 130
    votes each.

    As a more mature audience,  our votes cannot compete against the groupies
    who vote, non-stop, for the two hours. Jessica gets the Bubble Gummer
    group.  Joshua getting the Gospel
    group.  P2 the chick vote, and poor
    Hollie, the mature non-voters and the guy vote (yeah, and how many guys are
    watching Idol)  I just imagine a group of
    overweight gospel teeny, with nothing better to do except sit for two hours and
    vote, as a group, for Joshua – a preplanned evening…..Why waste my time with a
    single honest vote.

    Sorry Hollie

    • Phillip is all talent not only voice but blessed with knowing how to play many instruments, he’s very humble. I love to hear and watch him sing. I know I’ll buy his music. He is a true artist.

      • Gail, I do not disagree, P2 is very good, but are there enough chick votes to over come the Bubble Gummeres and Heafty Gospel mega voters.

      • P2 is unique and if I decide to vote it will be for him.   The two Js are not particularly special.   I do think Phillip is next on the Jimmy/Judges hit list.  Do not know if many noticed last evening but Jimmy (when he was speaking of the two Js kept talking about the songs that should be on their albums).  He did not mention that regarding P2 or Hollie.  This contest has been predetermined for weeks.  Even Jlo made a comment to Jimmy a couple of weeks ago regarding what  type of songs Joshua should be given for his album.  Yes, P2 is now #1 on the hit list, hope voting helps but not convinced.

    •  huh?  mature?  you mean old foggies?  get a life!  you’re clueless even in your pathetic old useless days!

      • Now how mature is that response. All you seem capable of contributing to this site is to insult others. You strike me as one who  lacks self-esteem and awareness.

        Since Tyler is 64 and Jackson 56, I guess the contestants are being “judged” by old fogies.  

      • mature…I’m sure they meant someone who appreciates decent music and not that crap Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj puts out. But to insult older people by calling them useless is a new low. Shame on you.

      • Mature does not mean OLD, just not like you guest.  Your actions are like a brainless teeny who
        thinks they are the world, and the world owes them……get a life and dispel
        the hatred.   You surly need a lite of refinement (maturity)

    • Sandi, Jimmy said he woiuld have signed Phillip on a contract had he heard him sing Volcano outside of AL. I never heard him say that about the Joshua or Jessica, Let them go after Phillip, they went after Scotty too and he won and never sang a high note. I myself like all types of music but there is something very special about Phillip Phillps that the others in the contest just don’t have. 

      • Really Gail? He belongs in the LA club scene among the smoke and fog that seem to be cluding your judgement.

    • I doubt very much if Hollie’s fans did not resort to power voting as well.  A lot of them even came up here after a performance show to say they just spent the last two hours voting for her nonstop.

      I would agree that Hollie has been the recipient of a lot of criticisms and unfavorable comments from the judges, but if she had a huge fanbase, she would still be here. 

      • No, she just didn’t have anyone to  “save” her like Jessica did.  Let’s remember who got voted off FIRST.  Jessica is only here because of a save.  That’s it.  Nobody else got that advantage.  In fact, Jessica didn’t have judges ganging up on her, either, with long rambling critiques (which makes it even worse).    When I saw the judges coming up to Hollie and hugging her after she was eliminated (when they are likely the cause of it because some people actually respect what they say and want to side with the perceived winner), it made me want to vomit.

  19. Hollie has conducted herself with modesty, class and dignity throughout the season, whether she was being praised or panned by the three stooges we jokingly call “judges.”

    Their comments and biases were more embarrassing and obvious this year than they were last year. AI has always had a ridiculous voting system that allows them to boast about the number of votes it receives and makes a lot of money for one of its sponsors, AT&T.

    Other reality talent shows restrict the number of votes per person per media. X-Factor is 50 per person per media and The Voice is 10. They don’t brag about number of votes, even though The Voice beat AI in the ratings this year, plus the contestants receive good mentoring.

    Hollie was the true amateur in this year’s final and went out with the modesty, class and dignity she has shown throughout. Once she receives the guidance and mentoring her talent deserves, she will be a big success. That will start with the tour where they have choreographers and vocal coaches to help them.


    • She’s a good girl and I really thought she’d beat out Jessica, I like her voice better, those of us who have studied classical music know she’s great. I can’t figure why the judges stayed on her so much, it kept her from just enjoying singing a song, she is every bit the power singer as Jessica and Joshua and in truth she will outt sell them. Somebody needs to give her a contract she is a good role modle for younger girls.

      •  really Gail? hmmmm…  i taught advance classical piano!  i don’t know what school you went to dear but you obviously wasted your money….holly is cute but in music parlance, she’s “glissando”…gliding through notes to find them….she never quite hits them,  hence she ends up sharp or flat!  she will do ok in the recording studio where she can do several tracks phased together to give her voice a much needed lift or “body”.  she will never be good live!  that requires innate musical feel….can’t be learnt! she just doesn’t have the talent to hit the big notes…. in comparison, jessica who’s only 16 is effortlessly pitch perfect with innate instinct to display her god-given impeccable vocals…..(randy and jimmy recognized this!!!)  whether you like jessica or not, her talent as a singer is very rare and they don’t come often….she was born with it!  her range is mind boggling for a girl her age….she can literally sing a “phonebook”  lol… 

      • Gail: 

        I could not agree with you more. I listen to her songs and it is so pleasant to listen to her voice. She is also an extremely pretty young lady who always dressed well but modestly and age appropriate.I sang with a group and also as a solo artist for years (a warm up act so nothing big) but know a great singer when I hear one and know that she will have a great future once she learns more about stage craft.If she maintains her grounded attitude, I agree she will be a great role model but what saddens me is that true amateurs like her cannot succeed on these shows because they allow contestants with backgrounds in the industry to compete.Taking nothing away from Jessica but she has been trained and molded for stardom since she was 3, has appeared on two other talent shows (at 10 and 11) and released two singles that were available in iTunes until she got in the finals. She also had a full scholarship to the School for Performing Arts in Hollywood.Even Skylar, who I loved, was in a Broadway touring group when she was 8 and 9 and toured extensively throughout the USA, Canada, China and Korea performing in Annie and Les Miserables. If nothing else, that teaches stage craft, which she had in abundance.Carrie Underwood was asked to audition for Capital Records when she was 14 but it fell through so she gave up on singing, went on to University and, apart from a few local pageant type things did nothing until she auditioned for American Idol. Kelly Clarkson always wanted a career in music, was offered a contract by Interscope (pre-AI) but turned it down because they wanted her to do “bubble-gum” music and even wrote some songs with Gerry Goffin but without success so she returned home to TX before auditioning for AI Season 1. I hope Hollie finds a good mentor and recording company and gets the success she deserves.       



      • @Guest – 

        It is always easy to make claims when you remain anonymous and, as much as you make yourself out to be an expert, with respect, I disagree with you but only time will tell who is right. 

        If everyone had the same tastes, then only a handful of singers would be successful, very few authors would have best sellers and the majority of film makers would be bankrupt.

        Such is the beauty of our society – diversity – and we should all embrace and support it. Being disrespectful to others opinions and contestants who have invested so much into the show, is more a reflection of who you are than it is those you choose to attack.

      • Hi Gail,

        I agree.   Hollie for some reason developed some stage fright and I believe this is due to the constant bullying of the Judges thru out the competition.  She became overly cautious in her singing and unable to relax and enjoy what she was singing about.  This is why she gave a perception that she is unable to connect.  She was nervous and worried in making mistakes that she forgot how to have fun.

        Being a musician , I undersrtood what she was going thru.  One time I was doing a new song and was worried and uncertain on how I will present this new song that I actually forgot the verse I am singing and froze.  It was not a good feeling and I promised myself it won’t happen again.  It does not take much to loose the intensity of performing when
        one becomes uncomfortable. 

        Being in front of those BOZOS can be intimidating enough especially  those guys think they are the only ones that can sing on pitch.  They have forgoten their humble begginnings and became puffed up.  It is very clear from their actions that they are not prepared to help these new singers and did nothing but ridicule and make fun of them.

        I know it seems harsh for me to say what I said, but truth hurts.  Hollie would have done a better job if she received good coaching and encouragement from these bozos.  My opinion only.

        just saying…………………………………..

      • @ Angelo. Jessica is better because she can sing a higher tune song? Really? Let’s see Jessica take on one of Scotty McCreary songs. Stupid comment. You have people who sing higher and some sing lower. Doesn’t make either one better than the other.

      • Guest, If she could sing the phonebook she would have nailed every song and she didn’t. They are all in a contest and if it were fair she wuold have not been saved. I think the judges are bias and want her to win but I do believe Phillip is gonna win it. I tought the same about Scotty last year.

      •  At Guest, whoever you are,

        Who are you trying to convince YOU or us?  You have no clue on what you are talking about, and if you did taught classical piano , big difference from singing it in today’s style than hitting every note.  I quit piano lessons a long time ago for the same reasons you just gave Gail.
        Many successful musicians lived on sharps and flats and made millions.

      •  not a strand she could beat jessica or joshua or philip and not even elise skylar and colton. Outsell joshua and jessica? oh you’re right, she has the largest fanbase eh? and tha’s why she’s still in the competition. lol!

      • come on hollie fans…the girl has moved on so do the same. stop bashing other contestants because they are more talented than your “just pretty” hollie. as a singer, being pretty is not enough to sell an album or please the musically inclined people. Spare hollie the respect she deserves from non-Hollie fans by not bashing the other contestants. Hope you are matured enough to get that.

    • Like I have said before, I think Skyler and Hollie will end up the true winners after it is over…..

    • Hollie is no more “amateur” than any of the other ones.  I’ll give one example of what I mean.  In the duet that Jessica and Hollie did together by the Bangles, they did not end the song at the same time.  You will hear Jessica holding out the last note well after Hollie stopped singing.  A professional is one who is experienced enough to pay attention to what’s happening.  If you’re singing a duet with someone and they end the last note, you need to end it, too — immediately.  You don’t keep holding the note out.  I could point out a lot of other issues, too, but they would not be as obvious to people without musical training.  This is one thing that no one should’ve missed, however.

      • Give me a break! She’s not that talented. I have heard many better. Manilla is like full of bar singers that could out sing her any day. And comes with a happy ending.

    • Pythagoras475 and Guesty: 

      it’s not her talent that changed the color of her dress. it’s the lights!!! goodness, i didn’t know some people are not blessed with “common sense”. urgh!

  20. My biggest critism of the judges is not the critism they give, but their lack of critism to the other contestants. At times one wonders why they don’t just dress all the judges up in a cheerleader outfit and give them some pom poms. I think the correct person was eliminated this week but I do feel over the course of the season all three remaining contestants have put in some very poor performances yet one would never know based upon these judges. Next week should be interesting so see whether they leave it to America to decide.

      • Probably right. As far as P2 goes though, I don’t think advancing any further in the competition will benefit him much careerwise. Certainly not as much as Jessica and Joshua, but that really isn’t the point.

      • I truly think they are trying to sway the audience…..I think you call it rigging the judges favorites! You know, very few male singers have made it big after winning….I would bet money that Hollie and Skyler will cash in, in the end….

      • Because they work with real talented stars every single day. They aren’t biased by rose colored glasses or child like infatuations.

  21. Sorry to see Hollie go. She may not have as strong of voice as Jessica but she was WAY more entertaining than Jessica!!!

      • oh yes she certainly was in a pasty white sorta way!!!  oh well if you like the barbie look dressed for a prom type…then holly is the girl!  let me guess….you are white middle-aged mom living in some remote southern missed-ssissippi county!  you’ve never travelled past the supermarket oh i meant country store in your little town!  get a life!

      • @Guest: Oh my, did I hurt someones itty bitty feelings….I am so sorry…NOT! Actually you almost got it right, I am a white female (not a Mom yet), I am 20 years old (I guess that would be middle age to you since your comments make you sound about 10) and I am a senior at a University in California (it is southern California so you were right about the south). I spent 2 months traveling in Europe (again you were almost right, I went into many different country stores). You are good, wow, I am sooooo impressed…NOT!!! Oh and another thing, the Barbie Doll comment, as I remember, Barbie has been extremely successful and popular, you can find her in all those country stores. You have a nice day.

      • @sandi, beauty is in the eye of the beholder…also, I think Hollie is waiting for you… She’s gone home, u should too! Homecoming for Jessica!!! Yipeee!!!

      • And she is way more down to earth. Jessica is a bigtime Diva! Tantrums and all.

      • @Idol fan 0426: You are right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes found it much easier to look at Hollie.  My goodness, my comment seems to have hurt some feelings……bummer.  🙂

      • @sandi …


        We’ll see you Jessica on your homecoming. We are happy you are in top three. Other contestants didn’t get a homecoming…but you got one and we are so proud of you!!!!

        So, sandi, do I sound like I was hurt by your comment? Hehehehe!

      • Yeah, because you’re scared to look at the eyes of an angel. 🙂
        This 20 year old Sandi girl is definitely the next American Reject. What a pathetic clown.

      • Funny how people can be so jealous and envious of Jessica’s talent. Keep rooting for your favorites without bashing the other contestants.  Get real…AI is a singing competition…each week, someone had to go. Why can’t you just let those kids on AI pursue their dream to make it big in the music industry? Just stop whining…that’s bad for your health!

      •  then send hollie in a beauty pageant. just advise her to gain some height first.

    •  Agree sorry to see Hollie go – disagree about voice I would take Hollie over Jessica any day….

      • That’s right.  And, some people quickly forget that America did pick Hollie over Jessica .  Jessica is only left because three people (the judges) decided that she should get a double elimination rather than single elimination (like everyone else).  No disrespect to Jessica here – just keeping it real.  My preference is Hollie all the way (for many reasons).

  22. How do we vote out the judges?   They are pathetic!  Tyler spends the whole time thinking up some silly rhyme to say, Lopez says the same stuff everytime and she  can barely speak english, cut out the words Dog, Dude and Listen UP, and Randy  would be speechless.  They are an embarrasment.

    Last night Randy said how much he liked the arangement for Phillip’s interpretation of Damien Rice’s “Volcano”.  He loved the way they used the cellist, and the other singer in the background.  Hey Randy…log into Youtube…and you’ll see Rice doing the same thing in his performance.  I like Phillips, but he ripped off Rice’s performance.  randy should have known that since he name drops every singer and group he can.

      •  Hi Pr63,
        Big game tomorrow!! Go Rangers!

        Yes he is a yoyo alright with a touch of bozo, LOL

      • to ed-thanks for the “go rangers”  it’s do or golf course for them tomorrow!!  i’m hoping they win and then trounce that team from new jersey!!  and yes, randy does have a touch of bozo the clown.  as the early stones once sang, “i used to love him but it’s all over now”.  what happened to him???  at least next thursday we will have a quality singer to drool over.  have a great weekend

      • Good one.  Almost forgot the Yos. 
         I think the Devils make him do it!!    NJ Devils!  Go Devs!  Caps or Rangers doesn’t matter.  
        Phillips to take it all.  Devils to take the Cup

      • Don’t be a dawg hater. If Randy leaves shows a bust Dawg. Jello and that perv Steven can’t hang in the dawgpound without RJ.

  23. Jessica needs to go.
    two guys for the fianle phil for the win.
    i hate the judges. 

  24. What a little doll.  I don’t think she’s the best Idol ever, but I’d say she’s my favorite Idol ever.  I really felt bad for Joshua there.  He was pretty emotional about it. 

    I like her attitude.  She’s cute.  She seems to be very nice.  I wish her all the success in the world.  

    This year, any of the top 7 could have won.  All had their moments for sure.  Just last week- top 5 week- I thought Hollie had the best week.  The week before it was Josh.  Elise had a week where she was the best. Colton went home when I had him at #1.  Yet I have no complaints about any of the eliminations.  A little bummed yea cuz someone I enjoyed went home.  At the same time happy for those who moved on because I like them too. 

    I started out thinking this season wasn’t so great.  Then top 9 week was fantastic.  Top 8 good, but not great.  Both top 7 weeks awesome.  Top 6 week also great.  Top 5 week WOW!!!! Hollie’s first song & Josh’s 2nd were out of this world.  Top 4 week also very good.  Maybe not as good as top 5 week, but still pretty dang good. 

    This is the best Idol season ever IMO. 

    • I was not into the season then as my Dawg would say the contestants started waking up and blowing tunes out of the box.  This and the first season the best! I hope they mix up the judges again next year, change some of the voting system rules and blow the show out of the box. Maybe throw in a live audition wildcard from a webcam or something over the top.

    • I am really liking this season as well. Why? Because unlike seasons past, the top three all fairly close in talent. And if last week is any indication … all three are peaking at the right time.

  25. Talent wise the FINALE should be:

    60% Jessica and Phillip
    35% Jessica and Joshua
    5% Phillip and Joshua

    Non of the guys either Joshua or Phillip deserve to win more then Jessica…
    I think the next person to go is very likely to be one of the guys, more chances for Joshua to leave (the judges maybe LOVE him but I dont think America loves him that much….)

    JESSICA to the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am still hung up on Holliy gettin’ the boot. So I am going to continue posting all day in hopes AI unkicks Hollie from the competition. I need a drink! I ran out of Coors. Like my idol choice my beer choice is not much better.

      •  @ Pythagoras.   Hey, good news.  Actually the leading consumer magazine, CR, rated Coors beer-regular-the #1 beer.  Actually I think Hollie should have stayed too, P475.

      • Perhaps next week, they’ll be another big surprise, like maybe they miscounted the votes!  So, they’ll bring Hollie back and eliminate two before the finale.  

    • Why does she deserve it more? Has she struggled longer? Gone through hardships, trials and tough times? Phillip has kidney surgery and is still up there on the stage. I am jsut saying she has no special entitlement other than some infatuation you seem to have. She’s not consistent as others. Enough said. May the best performer win based on ALL their performances.

      • Don’t worry the Mexican Americans and the Asian Americans  can’t
        vote. Most of them are working-having two or three jobs.  So are the
        Military ( Jess Dad is a US navy)  most of them are overseas.

      • Do you need to have a kidney problem to struggle? Consistency? Are you sure you’re getting to the right word? 

        I respect your last sentence. Other than that—-please…

      •  ok i’ll audition next season and attempt a suicide. where are your brains ?

      • Wow, what passion. Chill. This is just a show. Don’t invest too much emotion on it.

  26. Well, I wonder who the final three would have been had Jessica been eliminated and not saved????? Personally, I think the wrong person went home. Hollie is blooming! As much talent as Philip Phillips has, he doesn’t like being in the limelight….How is he going to be an American Idol??? In addition, I don’t think it is fair at this point in the competition that they tear someone down based on one song. Th judges are definitely trying to sway the votes…Very unfair to any contestant, especially when they are in the top 4 or 5. Please!! Get new judges!!!

    • Holly, P2, and Joshua. They want a female winner this year. The show is losing ratings for newer concept shows. In the end the producers chose who best represents the brand. Like PWC audits the votes? If so they would find inconsistencies and holes like phantom voters. Needs a better voting system. There are not 65 million viewers watching. If they dont mix it up next year show will lose more ratings and be cancelled. Ryan should host a new modern version of American Bandstand.

      • The show has been full of controversy in the past. I agree they will force Jessica to win. Not because she is the best singer but because they need to keep the boat afloat. I also believe you should only be allowed on a show if you havent been on another. That includes you too Frenchy baby! If you lost on AGT you should not be allowed to audition for Idol. If you are cut on Idol and the judges invite you back like Joshua and Hollie then is fair. If Jessica is cut will she be on the Voice nest season for try AGT again?

      •  @Leticia:  I totally agree with you.  What I do not understand about the show this year is with all of the exposure that Jessica has had and shehad had plenty…why has no one discovered her.  She  has recorded on a private label, sang the National Anthem at two SD Chargers games, as you said been on Americ’s Got Talent, what is theproblem.  I keep reading that she can sing the phone book, well apparently no one is interested.  Something is missing or she would have been picked up.  She hashad years of professional vocal training and there is no doubt she is talented, I just do not understand why with all the exposure she has had that no one has signed her by now.

    • yeah, the judges were unfair to her…& they never criticize Joshua’s screetching!

      •  ya the judges seem want Joshua to be the winner, always critized Hollie. Jessica is always shouting when she sings, come on judges and America, let Jessica home

      •  yes they aren’t fair to her…………when they praise her. because truth is, she cannot sing. her swan song was awful!! just awful!

  27. @Guest:  Oh my, did I hurt someones itty bitty feelings….I am so sorry…NOT!    Actually you almost got it right, I am a white female (not a Mom yet), I am 20 years old (I guess that would be middle age to you since your comments make you sound about 10) and I am a senior at a University in California (it is southern California so you were right about the south).  I spent 2 months traveling in Europe (again you were almost right, I went into many different country stores).  You are good, wow, I am sooooo impressed…NOT!!!  Oh and another thing, the Barbie Doll comment, as I remember, Barbie has been extremely successful and  popular, you can find her in all those country stores.  You have a nice day.

    •  really??? i bet you went to a cal state….UCLA is University of Caucasians lost Among Asians???? lol….dude you don’t know so cal if you don’t know that 51% of the UC system is ASIAN…..are you dellusional?  based on your comments you’re a wanna be loser who’s always jealous of asians cause they’re wayyyyy smarter than you!  get a life!

    • Your wasting your time with “Guest” because all he/she can do is insult people, which is more a statement about him/her than it is about those who want to have serious discourse.   

  28. I changed my mind. I think that P2 is going to win and that Jessica will end up on Dancing with the Stars.

  29. Glad to see Hollie go, she clearly did not belong in this competition. As Jimmy said, she oversang her songs with her vocal range and overall vocal power. This style of singing is largely outdated, and I think America agrees with me when I say that we want another talented original artist like the great Lee DeWyze.

    Now I’m not certain if we’ve got another artist so talented as DeWyze in the remaining three, but I think we’re certainly close. All three contestants just have that special something that says “I could be the next Lee DeWyze.”

    Phillip’s resilient attitude on sticking to his style and showing us that a singer doesn’t need any kind of vocal range to make music. This is new and original artistry here, not the same old tired style we’ve all seen.

    Joshua showing us that singing high notes is old school and we want the new school of singing. Replacing notes with soulful screaming, absolutely brilliant. I 100% agree with the judges that Joshua had several perfect performances. Is he good enough to beat DeWyze? Maybe.

    Jessica also has a strong shot with her excellent song choice. Lets face it, the girl really knows how to pick winning songs. She’s telling America she’s not afarid to sing rock or blues or any style. And her performances are excellent. The three singing heads during Queen week was by far the best Idol moment of the year.

    I just want to say that this is an excellent top 3. Whenever you’ve got a shot at producing another artist as talented and successful as Lee DeWyze, we really have to be glad for the talent selection. These judges really know how to pick ’em.

    • Ummmm, Lee DeWyze’s record deal got cancelled because he had such low sales for an Idol winner……..

    • Lee DeWyze’s debut album bombed and he was dropped by 19 and Interscope so if you are looking for an artist as talented as Lee DeWyze this year, he probably didn’t make the top 40 so go back and review the Hollywood rounds.

      Carrie Underwood (13mil), Kelly Clarkson (11.5mil) and Daughtry (6.6mil)  are the top 3 selling artists from American Idol with Clay Aiken at #4 with 5 mil total sales and then at #5 is Fantasia with 2.8 mil.

      Lee DeWyze is #29 with 148,000 in sales and even Crystal Bowersox, whose album also bombed is ahead of him at #26 with 206,000 in sales.

      Of recent male winners, David Cook is #7, Scotty McCreery is #12 and the only other one who have been successful from the past 4 season finalists is Adam Lambert whose debut album sold over 1mil.

      Lee DeWyze has been far from successful and I would not wish his “success” on any of the top 5 this year because they will all be successful and a lot more than him.    

  30. Jimmy has it right..Jessica ‘s been growling since 5 years old….better luck next year.

     Yeah.. she’s had some good songs, but I couldn’t stand it for an hour album.

    Phillip or Joshua for the win!

    • Dont’ worry. The mexican American and the Asian American can’t
      vote.  Most of them are working -having two or three jobs. So are the Military supporters ( Jess’ Dad is a US Navy) most of them they are overseas.

      • This is an insulting to Asian American. I bet you didn’t know Asian have to compete among themselves and Caucasian to get into good schools where as African American and Hispanic get free pass. You are so ignorant!

      •  you must be one of those idiots from the midwest!  go to the country fair you moron!  that’s where your taste begins and ends…..yodel yodel!!!

      • Trying to put them down because they work 2-3 jobs?  At least they are not dependent on others for a living, unlike others who bum around and live off welfare.

  31. My favorite contestants in American Idol are Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez but I give Joshua the edge because the guy’s got real star qualities.  If Joshua doesn’t win American Idol … ( America sure ain’t get it right )

  32. Miss Hollie-Joshua will too- He was really emotional about her leaving.
    Hollie was the best

  33. My boyfriend was obsessed with Hollie, to the point where I would roll my eyes and say “get over it!!” haha. He passed away recently and I swore he was helping her stay in the competition! Not that I didn’t like her, but not one of my favorites. I’m huge into Motown so I’m pretty biased – Joshua all the way! My only other real favorite was Elise, and I think Jessica is just purely talented, but not my favorite. And, of course, Phillip is smoking hot.

    I can’t wait to meet them on the Idol tour, I recently met the head of security for the tour, and he said I can go back stage! SO EXCITED!

    Good luck to the 3 who are in it to win it.. I really have no clue this year who it will be!

  34. I will miss Hollie and her excellent voice. My friends are Hollie’s fan. They are so sad when Hollie is eliminated. They said that they didn’t want to watch  the competition any more. Me too. See Hollie again in the final night. And wish Joshua to be the winner !!!!!!!!!

  35. No longer going to watch now that Hollie is gone.  All you Hollie fans do the same let the ratings for American Idol go down now that Hollie is gone.

  36. Why can’t we have one American Idol season without the judges during the competition of the last 12 and see how it goes?  I think what we see each year is a group of kids with so much potential that, by the end of the competition, don’t really know which way to turn.  One week the mentor is telling Jessica that she is dressed too sexy for a 16 year old…J-Lo comments that it is “show biz.”  Another week Hollie is told that she could not possibly have the life experience that she is singing about and it is the wrong song, etc, etc.  Here we have a group of young kids that, from what I have seen, are good kids from good families. How in the world at 16 or 18 years old could you possibly experience much of what the songs are about that they are singing? Maybe one of the girls should have tried “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”  I just don’t get it.  Also, I don’t believe for one minute that the votes count.  Jessica was in the bottom 3 along with Joshua and then sent home only to be saved.  Now, she and Joshua are running head to head for the win??!!  It is all for ratings in my opinion and the was not fair to the contestants or the voters.  I say, let’s have just one season where the contestants sing and the judges can’t talk!  At least when we get to the last 12.


  38. I think America should be able to “vote off” the judges.  Maybe the judges would be more judicious and consistent with their criticisms if they could get voted off the show.  Of course, this is presuming that America wants judges there in the first place.  I say that if there are judges there at all, they should be there on the results night (when they can’t interfere with the voting).  The only people that might want judges there are people who lack the ability to think for themselves.  Since we’re letting anyone vote (and multiple times yet), the most intellectual musicians aren’t going to be the ones voting with their favorites on speed dial.  So, the person that wins isn’t always the person that had the most “unique” voters.  There’s a difference between a unique voter and votes that come from the same source over and over again.

  39. It seems like Hollie was destined in the bottom 3 to see each contestant go each week but when there is no more bottom 3, she is no more in the competition. Any way, she is my best and most perfect idol ever because of her voice, gratitude and beauty.

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