American Idol 2012: Hollywood Week Round 2 Part 1 Recap

Well it might be hell week on American Idol 2012 but all I saw on Thursday night was a bunch of sick people walking around in circles and a couple annoying stage parents who need to go back to their hotel rooms.

Seriously, an entire episode with almost NO singing? Isn’t this a singing show? American Idol, you’re doing nothing to save those dipping ratings.

The episode exploited showcased more of Symone Black’s poor eating and diet decisions by opening with her falling of the stage again. She wasn’t out long, went off to the hospital where the doctor told her to eat food and rest — basic life rules. The good news is, she made it through to the next round.

So Symone goes on the hunt for a team, like everyone else.

Speaking of hunting for teams, how annoying was Alisha Bernhardt I don’t care that you’re a cop. And if you can’t find a group, then you might want to change your song choice. “Joy to The World” by Three Dog Night isn’t bad song, but you’re in a contestants with a bunch 16 year olds. Get a clue.

And speaking of getting a clue, Brielle Von Hugel’s mom should be ashamed of herself. What she calls being a “stage mom,” I call being a heartless a-hole. A grown woman talking smack about how a kid sings. Disgusting. Parents should be outlawed from Idol.

Aside from the scrambling to find groups, the other other interesting thing that happened was Amy Brumfield, or Patient X, as Ryan Seacrest called her, caused an outbreak. I’m hoping next week all the contestants will be blood-thirsty zombies. Now that would be a great show.

At nearly the 60-minute mark during the episode there was still no singing, so I thought maybe the show was really a two-hour one. I thought I had been mistaken all this time. So as I was checking my DVR and the first group, The Betties, were about to take the stage, the credits started rolling. And we saw the same preview for next Wednesday that we saw for this episode on Tuesday night. So I’m guessing this night may have been the result of that final audition episode the producers cut. Or maybe I’m all wrong. Maybe there’s a completely pointless Hollywood Week episode every year and I’ve just blocked those memories out.

What did you think of Thursday night’s episode?