American Idol 2012: Is JLo The Only Judge That Cares?

American Idol 2012 judges

Last night on American Idol 2012 Jennifer Lopez outed her co-judges when telling DeAndre Brackensick that he would not be saved from elimination. “I only get one vote,” JLo told DeAndre and the rest of America (watch that moment below). Her statement of course implicated judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson as the elements of DeAndre’s demise. This seems to be quite the budding trend for Lopez. Is she positioning herself as the only judge with a heart at that table?

Last week word broke after Heejun Han’s elimination that Jennifer Lopez had attempted to convince the other judges to use their “Save” to keep him in play. Heejun revealed this news in post-elimination interviews and claimed JLo had personally informed him of this detail. That move seemed a little strange at the time, but I brushed it off as a gesture by JLo to help Heejun feel better about being sent home. Now we see her do the same thing but this time it’s out in the open.

Does Lopez want to be seen as the American Idol judge that cares while Randy and Steven are ready to let these young, aspiring stars hit the road? I can’t imagine Steven and Randy particular like being cast as the bad guys week after week instead of the realists saving that “Save” for an emergency.

It’s also difficult to believe the sincerity of JLo’s repeated attempts as a savior when there’s only one “Save” available to the judges. She can’t want to save them all. Was it the right move to let Heejun be sent home? Absolutely. He wasn’t an accidental elimination on his way to winning the race. Same goes for DeAndre. Could you imagine the outrage if DeAndre was saved this week and one off performance with fans distracted by another contestant let us see Jessica Sanchez walk out in the 8th spot? I can.

Steven Tyler explained last night in an interview after American Idol that using the “Save” wasn’t an option because he has a sense of which Idol has that potential. “I have to step up to the plate and be a judge,” Steven remarked on his decision and responsibility. Perhaps Jennifer could take a few notes from him for next week and not gush how she wishes she could save the next eliminee while those other two meanies are holding her back.

Watch DeAndre Brackensick sing for his life and JLo break the news: