American Idol 2012: Is JLo The Only Judge That Cares?

American Idol 2012 judges

Last night on American Idol 2012 Jennifer Lopez outed her co-judges when telling DeAndre Brackensick that he would not be saved from elimination. “I only get one vote,” JLo told DeAndre and the rest of America (watch that moment below). Her statement of course implicated judges Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson as the elements of DeAndre’s demise. This seems to be quite the budding trend for Lopez. Is she positioning herself as the only judge with a heart at that table?

Last week word broke after Heejun Han’s elimination that Jennifer Lopez had attempted to convince the other judges to use their “Save” to keep him in play. Heejun revealed this news in post-elimination interviews and claimed JLo had personally informed him of this detail. That move seemed a little strange at the time, but I brushed it off as a gesture by JLo to help Heejun feel better about being sent home. Now we see her do the same thing but this time it’s out in the open.

Does Lopez want to be seen as the American Idol judge that cares while Randy and Steven are ready to let these young, aspiring stars hit the road? I can’t imagine Steven and Randy particular like being cast as the bad guys week after week instead of the realists saving that “Save” for an emergency.

It’s also difficult to believe the sincerity of JLo’s repeated attempts as a savior when there’s only one “Save” available to the judges. She can’t want to save them all. Was it the right move to let Heejun be sent home? Absolutely. He wasn’t an accidental elimination on his way to winning the race. Same goes for DeAndre. Could you imagine the outrage if DeAndre was saved this week and one off performance with fans distracted by another contestant let us see Jessica Sanchez walk out in the 8th spot? I can.

Steven Tyler explained last night in an interview after American Idol that using the “Save” wasn’t an option because he has a sense of which Idol has that potential. “I have to step up to the plate and be a judge,” Steven remarked on his decision and responsibility. Perhaps Jennifer could take a few notes from him for next week and not gush how she wishes she could save the next eliminee while those other two meanies are holding her back.

Watch DeAndre Brackensick sing for his life and JLo break the news:




  1.  There should be some changes to be made at judges table for next season. I’m so over Randy making catchy phrase. Last year, in it to win it. And this year he’s trying to pull off gotta have it. Please, Dawg!! Stop the madness!
    JLo and Steven also are bias sometimes. And standing ovation, they made it real cheap. It’s not such a prestige anymore.
    JLo and Steven are great artists but I wouldn’t call her a great judge. They always get wrong prediction. Remember last year they name Julie Zorilla as a contender for the title. She didn’t even make the cut of becoming top 13. And this year Lauren Gray. Same thing happened.

    • i agree with you Lou. I miss Simon Cowell as AI’s judge. he’s perfectly honest and his comments are something that can really push a contestant harder rather than these three who praise each and everyone else when obviously, their performance aren’t perfect at all.

  2. I don’t think so.. I mean Deandre and Heejun was not consistent with there performances.. And maybe Steven and Randy is saving the ONE SAVE for the good once..

    I think before deciding to save someone JLo should ask herself if she can imagine that person winning this year.

    • Nobody has been consistent, I’ve heard them all sing bad at times if I were a judge I’d be like Simon. Deandre is as gifted as the rest of them, I for hope he gets a contract because he brought a different sound that’s not been heard in a long time. I think if any Steven Tyler might have tried to save Deandre not Jlo, he was Stevens’wild card pick.

    • They would use their save on someone they would think could win. I am sure yall probably know that.

  3. I honestly think Randy is the only one that looks at “Total Package” American Idol type focus that we have been told is the criteria.

    JLo loves the boys and is too emotional
    Tyler loves the girls and is too “drug induced” crazy

    It is what it is…..

  4. Wow — we are 5 minutes into a blog posting and NO 


    posts yet?


    • OMG! JSANCHEZ IS THE BEST! What?! You don’t think Jessica is the second coming? I’ll murder your family while they sleep! AHHHHHHHHHH! DIE JESSICA HATERS!

      Yeah. Where are they?

      • I am a Jessica fan but I have kept my posts decent. Please stop generalizing Jessica supporters. Thank you.

      • @9297e00f45d6cabf33472791656dbfab:disqus : You don’t know how many users I’ve banned and comments I’ve deleted on this site from rabid JS fans who have literally said they would kill another reader because of their audacity to say something as mild as “I don’t think she is the best.”

        No one is generalizing anyone nor do I have to when there are readers doing exactly what I referenced. If you aren’t one of them then that comment had nothing to do with you.

      • I posted: Jessica has a beautiful voice but too “karaoke” and was accused of being dumb and racist. Huh?

      • Let say that some people doing bad comments to all Jessica haters but we are not really sure if that person is really fan of Jessica Sanchez. Think of it.

      • Hi Matthew. You are right I do not know how many you have banned and it must give you headaches. But please understand that to me, since you  are a moderator of this site, it would seem more prudent that comments that provoke do not come from you.

        While I agreed on how you defended Branden when he was being personally attacked, your comment now is not something I agree with because it does provoke people.

        As for those who do say things that “I will kill them.” They are “racists.” All I have to say is apathy is the opposite of love.  Give them attention and their comments become even more viral. 

      • With that said, I am out of here for good (not that you would need me). Haha. Having a moderator fight with fans turned me off.  I never see Slezak or MJ provoking fans.

        Thank you for your site though. I have really appreciated going here.Good luck Jessica and to all fellow Jessica fans, be nice. :-)Happy Easter.

      • Hey Matthew, I also am a Jessica fan, and I also have kept my posts decent. I fully and totally agree with EMC. Look into the comment of Gio also, it maybe true. I hope you have the decency to apologize for your inappropriate sweeping insulting remark against Jessica fans.

      • Hi Matthew,

        I wonder what would happen if Jessica did not win this competition.
        I can only imagine the cries of anguish and despair, screams of pain and suffering, woah is me , such great descrimination, LOL

        It will be total chaos , would’nt it?  You know come to think of it,  that is always a possiblitly, no one is inffalible.  I’ve learned a while back that if you are in a competition, pack your suit case light .  I am not saying that you should plan to loose, but be prepared if you do.

        I don’t know when jessica’s fans will learn that what they are doing is not helping her one bit and they are actually increasing the chance of fans sitting on the fence  not to vote for her just because they are too annoyed with  her fan’s ramblings and over the top obssessive behaviour, and constant defensive arguments and attacks to other bloggers that does not share their interest.

        It is now quite eveident that this is already happenning among us.
        I liked Jessica from the get go, although she is not my favourite in the present time, however if my chosen favourtie is eliminated I can choose to support the remaining other contestant.  If this continues
        and these fans of hers does not ease up I just may choose another singer and not choose her at all.

        Just saying……………………………….

      •  @fa23b014a6e20123a2ad4a86316b75ef:disqus : The comment was clearly directed at irate, rabid fans. If you’re not one of them, then it wasn’t directed at you nor was it a generalization. A specific comment on a specific segment of people is not a generalization.

        Thanks to you and every other reader for keeping their comments decent.  Anyone remaining calm and civilized should be offended by the segment I was addressing rather than feeling targeted.

      • It’s Good Friday, you wont find the filipinos blogging today.  Or the latinos for that matter.

      • you are joking on this right,  usually I dont see you be se biased,
        wierd,  Jessica is good but they all are ????

      • The funny thing about all of this is — is that many of you take WAY too seriously people you’ve never met before, likely will never meet in the future, and for the most part don’t care who you are.

        Enjoy the show — quit worrying so much about someone that doesn’t like Jessica.

        I think you can make a case that Michael Jackson is the best singer in the history of modern music.  I can also find about 5 million people who hated his music.

        People have their own taste in music — no one is right — no one is wrong.  But please don’t feel the need to keep shoving BB Chez down our throats, because as another post said brilliantly earlier — the backlash against her will be cause her to lose.

        Pia T from LY Idol was getting tons of “hate” tweets because she didn’t comment on BBChez’s performance….. hate tweets because she DID NOT comment on her singing…..


      • You must suffer from migraines reading all that insanity.  It truly is a Mad World, isn’t it.  The word kill and American Idol should never be in the same sentence.  Doesn’t anyone know the meaning of this day. 

      • I remember that the comments from certain fans last year were even crazier, so I am assuming that you had to delete quite a lot of these comments as well.  But I don’t remember you posting something like the above comment. Why now?

      • Mr. Boyer,

        I’ve been on this site for a while and this is the first time I’ve read a moderator slamming off with JSan’s fans in general. Well, for some of her fans—yes, they’re rabid, careless, tactless, arrogant, self-proclaiming and at times, wild. This is a public site, I know. However, that post coming from you rang a bell to my ears and it’s not quite a good alarm. 

        Having said that, I won’t blame you because you have your rules in the first place. I’m just so overwhelmed by that general comment and it sends out a message that Jessica should go down because her fans are rabid. Isn’t that a little too far already?

        Isn’t it a “lame” excuse to not vote for an idol because her fans are way too dramatic? 

        I’ve been advertising Jessica and I’ve been doin’  in a decent manner. I think it should be acknowledged that way. This is just too much. 

        Delete them–fine! I have no problem with that. Make an alarm–fine! I won’t question that one. Slam off with ’em?—that’s not cool. 

        This is just but an opinion. If you have some violent reaction, please send them privately: joeLand0208[at]rocketmail[dot]com or you can just talk to me straight here on your site. Your the boss, anyway.

        I wish this site the best.


    • Jessica is great, all for jessica, Jessica u r awesome, Jess is amazing Jessica IS the best singer in the history of American idol – happy now – I’ve never posted before but this is my humble opinion

    • Hollie has a better voice she just needs to sing as if she is singing for the Lord. 

      • Hi matthew, we all know that u r the moderator if this site, ur opinion means a lot to ur reader/s throwing comments as bad as ur guest here makes u no difference. please be professional to handle all these things.

    • Matthew, I don’t know when was the last time you deleted comments from rabid Jessica fans or banned a user. I would think that you have not done any recently. You were replying to Bahloo2000, who was mimicking recent postings, irritating maybe to others, but not an affront to decency. He was targeting the current Jessica fans, and you actually joined him in the provocation when you said “Yeah. Where are they?’ So, I really don’t think you were talking about that “specific segment”, rather the Jessica supporters in general.

      • Cris, I have to delete rabid JS fan comments and threats daily here on the site. You can think what you’d like, but it doesn’t make your assumptions anything more than assumptions. You can also disbelieve what I say, but it doesn’t make my truths anything less than the truth.

      • Matthew, you are right. Mine is more of a perception, not necessarily the truth. But do you honestly think that others interpreted your “joke” to refer only to the so-called rabid Jessica fans? Read Ed’s. Wasn’t he talking about the Jessica supporters in general. Read Casey’s. Wasn’t he talking about the Jessica supporters in general? Implying even that Jessica supporters are only Filipinos and Mexicans? He is a racist, isn’t he? Read Shelly Dolce’s. Do you think when she talked of bias, she was not referring to Jessica supporters in general? Because if she’s talking about bias, she couldn’t be referring to that “segment” because you cannot be bias when you’re just exercising your duty as a moderator. It’s all a matter of perception, and I believe (not necessarily the truth) that the others saw it in the same context. Thanks anyway.

    • Give them time…they haven’t come home from school yet or awaken from their naps!   Kidding J fans, but you do get excited.

    • Even though jessica is not at the top of my list, I have a lot of respect for Jessica’s fans. They offer support for her without all the silly name calling that the Haley bashers resorted to last season. Fact is, I am not seeing much name calling gping on at all this season. And that is a class act in my book.

      • its up to you..respect opinion of everybody….i love jessica….philips and elise rockk….Jessica for the win!!!

  5. Deandre has been doing well performance-wise.  But like he said himself, they cannot save him twice.  Saving a person who has been in the Bottom 3 would have been a misjudgment.

    I do understand how hard it must have been for JLo to see him go since he has been there for 2 years.

  6. its’s AMERICAN idol america vote so I don’t feel the save should be used at all unless it an “emergancy” america has hat tendancy to not vote or something happends like last year where Lauren was in the botton 2 because most of the south was out of power to tornado. (they’d already saved casey but still thats an example)

    • Lauren’s song the night before almost got her booted, Scotty was gonna wim any way he was never in the bottom two and he’s done amazing. .I still think Haley should have beat Lauren, but if Haley wants too make it big time she really needs to sing with Casey they are great together.

      • I was a big fan of Haley last season. But, I never understood people fascination with Casey. Or why the save was used on him. As he was about to be a top contender.

  7. Lou..I agree,some changes needed..Witch judge are the contestants trying to please ? Tyler likes the girls ,JLO likes the boys,and Randy likes??The contestants are confused ,Hard to please them all.The judges are popular people but not necessarily good judges..To emotional..To many goosies..Not enough style?No objectivity?We need judge Judy.What do ya think..??

    • not to mention too many standing ovations. 🙂 hmm. Someone who judges like Simon Cowell, i think.

  8. The voters may not always be right,  but I believe their decision must always be respected especially if the eliminated contestant is a bottom 3 dweller.  Given the power to overrule the voters’ decision once per season,  the judges must always remember Uncle Ben’s famous words to Peter Parker:  “With great power comes great responsibility”.  And this responsibility is to ensure that the save is reserved for an eliminated contestant who is otherwise worthy of the finals.  J-lo hasn’t fully understood this responsibility.  Thankfully,  Steven and Randy have. 

  9. America got it right to vote Deandre off……coz AL is to low for his high standards. I bet my life that if Usher had auditioned for Al he would never become the AL winner……….and yet he’s a big STAR!!! So AL was only to promote Deandre…….By the way you don’t have 2 become an AL winner 2 win an oscar or grammy!!!!!! #Jennifer Hudson#

      • I’ve already said that 2 days ago that Deandre doesn’t need to 2 win this ………he needs a record deal!!!!!!!!

  10. Yes! JLO is the only judge that “faking” cares! She should win the best actress award!!

  11. The right person went last night.  And thank goodness the ‘save’ was not used.  Elise and Hollie will be the next ones to go, as it should be.  Please get over the Jessica thing.  She sings the same way week in week out.  Yes she is good – but she is not a good performer.  Let’s put everything into perspective here.  The Idol winner must be someone who is a total performer – the total package.  Colton is the best there, with Philip second.  The others have a long way to go if they want the Idol winner to do well after winning the title.  As for the judges, Randy is getting very tiresome with his ridiculous catch phrases.  JLo is acting – and not very well at that.  Jimmy should be a judge since he calls it as he sees it.  BUT the entire voting has to be changed.  Why not do it as Dancing with the Stars does it?  You can vote as many times each week as there are contestants in the running.  Much more fair, and much easier.  Finally, please don’t judge a singer by how loudly they belt the song out.  We want the winner to be someone who will sell albums and sell-out arenas!

    • “please  get over the jessica things she sings the same way week in week out” and what about phillip he sings the same every week, while jessica has gone uptempo twice already besides what to you want her to start doing – rap, rock and roll thats not her style every singer has their style all the pop stars sings pop, and rock stars sing rock if its your style good if not why bash it (lets not forget Scotty who sang country every week last year) 

    • philip is more of a pefomer than jessica cuz he simply sits with his guitar my the mic, i agree jessica is not the best singer but she is steadly improving by the weeks – she takes advice and eventually will be a great performer

    • Hi Kevin,

      That is a lot of “kaka” to me.  You don’t know what you are talking about.

      First , I am not a Jessica supporter, so just to let you know I am not writing this one in her defense.

      First , I like to see Jessica continue to sing what she is very good at. and that is strong powerful ballads.  Melanie Amaro did that on Xfactor and won hands down.  If Jessica stops singing powerful ballads, she might as well pack her bags.  Of course that is what you want anyway, right?

      Be honest with me, do you think you can convince an artist like Tony
      Bennet to sing “Hip Hop” just to be a complete package?
      Or how about convince Davit Guetta to drop his Computer Music and sing ballads, that is if he can sing.

      Scott Mcreery won last year on one style only, so what do you say about that one?

      What perspective are you takling about, maybe we should call the lead singer of Kings of Leon and suggest for them to do elevator music to be more a total package and sell more albums, right?

    • Kevin ur putting someone down just to put ur idol up…..u know what im not that fan of jessica but what ur doing is not fair, actually colton is also the same His voice is to lanky and thin for me, so there is no special there…..

      • Just because you don’t agree with Kevin doesn’t mean his opinion sucks.  He doesn’t like Jessica, what are you her manager?

    • I used to agree with your opinion..but now I kind of like Jessica.  She doesn’t seem as arrogant as she became after her first song.  Also like Phillip, but Colton drives me flippin crazy.  He and his Jesus Rock and his little blonde hair do.  I am always happy when Jimmy calls him out as not being all that. I do believe the DWTS system is better, makes them more honest…but we’ll never know how the peoples votes came in.  That’s a secret never to be shared or we might find out the people we voted for should have but didn’t win the title.

    • I have to agree that Colton is a good performer. I do completely disagree about the things people say about Hollie. I think she has an amazing voice and a nicer tone than Jessica. I want Phillip and Elise to go next because Joshua could then go out in fifth place without the save being used on him. Skylar, Hollie, Jessica, and Colton should be the top four. I have no desire to buy Jessica’s album more than the other three. I think she’s amazing, but the Hollie and Skylar are equally amazing. 

    • All you’ve done is put everything into YOUR perspective, which is kind of presumptuous.

    • Jessica sings softly … when she needs too … she belts it out, when it’s called for. She has learned how to rein in the impulse to over-sing. Stevie Nicks has said that ‘she is a good student’. I’m thinking because this little girl LISTENS to her betters, unlike a few I’ve seen in AI.

      Colton is talented, but not AS … Joshua, Elise, Jessica, Philip. He does drive the girls sillie … BUT … he can’t light a candle to the four I have just mentioned.

      Fearless forecast …. Colton will go after Hollie and Skylar. 

      Elise, Philip, Jessica, Joshua will be the last four remaining.
      Fearless forecast … Elise will be saved.

      Fearless forecast … Jessica will be on the bye … while Joshua and Philip knock each other out.

  12. Sir Philips is all I choose…Quite disappointed of having this show and sometimes judges words are “b…liiind”…the voters will not hear that…how??

  13. It’s very easy for us to criticize these Judges…..let’s just respect their opinions, that’s how they see and hear from the performers….In the end AMERICA will be the final JUDGE! 

    • That may or may not be true.  TPTB do what they have to do for ratings equals MONEY.  I am not surprised one bit by the push to have a girl win.  Everything in the industry is rigged, why not this show.  People are so naive.

  14. I agree, too many standing ovations…not really earth moving yet…aside from Jess’s first live performance…the judges are a little too kind and samey with their comments…

    • My suspicion is the judges may have unwittingly given Jessica pole position by giving her three successive standing O’s (all deserved of course … hehe). But it does kind of put the others at a disadvantage, and what’s a contest if it’s not closely contested?

      Everybody is free to disagree … of course.

      I kol it az i seez it  “-)))

  15. I think JLo wants her cake and to eat it too…she can always vote yes knowing she will be over ruled.  if she had saved heejun then most like both heejun and deandre would have gone home yesterday…or even worse one of the others.  i think JLo needs to think about retiring from this gig.  there needs to be a nice one, but an honest nice one would be better.  i think steven is very kind and probably resents JLo pointing fingers.  it was the best decision and she needs to make the best decision.  that save was invented to prevent one of the top 5 going home due to voting apathy…not to save an inevitable loser.

    • All that Ms. Jo Lo wants right now is her boy.  No, not her son..or his twin sister who seem to be MIA, but Casper, the friendly dancer!

  16. I believe JLo is no longer a valid judge. Yes, she’s a knockout physically but as a person she’s “pitchy”.  To her, bad has become good — and good has become bad. She’s not really judging. To do that, you have to put your partiality on hold, which she definitely hasn’t done so far.  She obviously has strong likes and dislikes. 

    They need a “real” judge in her place. As it is at the moment, we’re just getting teeny-bopper, amateur judging on her part–not to mention Randy, who is long due for a total overhaul, and Steven who is living on some other planet while the TV cameras are going. He a major space cadet. So I think it’s major makeover time for American Idol as far as the judges go.

    • The only real judge they had was Simon.  He told it exactly how it was, even his take on appearances, which ticked off the women.  But..he knew a star when he heard  one, hearing the voice and seeing the person visually.  The only time I saw him give a standing O was to Adam when he sang Mad World..and he called it a Master Class.  The Replacement Crew judges stand up continuously every week to often mediocre performances.  The thrill is gone and those days are over kiddos.

      • I totally agree with you that Simon was very accurate as a judge not beating around the bush! Why giving false hope when someone is not good enough?? They should look at the whole package and so far Jessica has a great voice but she has no stage presence…same for Skylar…Elise should get to the last 2…she has a great voice if she doesn’t try to change the original song too much…. The winner will probably be Colton…he has a great voice and I can see him already selling records….

    • If american idol drops Jlo, the ‘voice’ and ‘x-factor’ would be having a field day !!!! 

  17. Gheez! Kick her out and let Jimmy take her seat! We need someone who is mean enough and JLo [or event he other two] doesn’t have that. 

  18. Well here goes my two cents about the judges. There were problems with the judging panel last season when the live cameras started rolling.  There was little constructive criticism. Everything was “beautiful” or “in it to win it!”. Only one contestant got negative feedback and a lot of times it wasn’t deserved. The judges used their one save during the top 11, some say they wasted the save especially when a couple of weeks later a presumed front runner was eliminated and the judges were powerless to do anything about it. The producers could ignore it because the ratings were great last season and the judges were successful in finding good talent.

    This season the ratings are down and the judges are being a little more critical to some of the contestants(though to me it feels forced so something tells me the producers handed them a note). They haven’t yet used the save and we are going into top 7 week. I think the judges are holding out on using it so there might not be another Pia moment. While JLo wanted to save Heejun I think the other judges understood that Heejun had no hope of winning and therefore Steven and Randy decided to hold to the save. This week JLo wanted to save Deandre when he was already saved once already with a wildcard. I think Randy and Steven like Deandre but didn’t see him being a possible contender. So are Randy and Steven being “mean”? I’d say no since the judges only get one save per season they want to use it on someone who might be that “shock” elimination.

  19. I miss Simon!!! he was a real and objective judge..Jlo doesn’t sing well..I don’t know if you have enough capacity to be a judge..

  20. After viewing the new Jennifer Lopez video last night ,  I feel  she should be voted off the judges panel do to a poor performance and the lack of a strong voice as she criticizes the contestants.

  21. Well I guess I am in the minority once again but this time I think that JLo was sincere. Despite everyone’s opinion of DeAndre’s performances, the kid was very likable. It’s obvious there is something amiss there and that is really sad when you think about it. And I am not going to elaborate on that statement any further. If you want a clear picture of what I am talking about go listen to all of his interviews on the Idol website week after week. Everyone was calling him narcissistic and full of himself. But the sad fact is that when you look at the whole picture you will see clearly what I am talking about. I would suspect that is why JLo didn’t want him to go away thinking the whole world was against him. I think these shows bare the responsibility when dealing with kids to make sure that they are not scarred for life by the experience. After all they are making millions off of them. An adult knows what they are getting into but kids do not. And especially kids like this.

    The snake pit awaits him now. There is a very dark side to the entertainment industry that these ambitious, yet young and naive kids can fall into.  DeAndre is a prime candidate to be victimized by that. A lot of the young people that come on these kind of shows are in the same boat but most might have enough faculties about them to figure it out. I’m not sure if this kid does. If he had went further in the competition he might have gotten into a legitimate deal with a real promoter instead of the place and the sleaze bags he is more likely to be confronted with now. Hopefully someone will step up and grab him by the shoulders and shake him and tell him to wait 10 years before anymore attempts to get into the business and also strongly advise him to brush off any more offers before that time because they are likely to be with ill intent. If you don’t think the snake pit is there just look at what happened at Penn State and how long it took for that to come out into the open. The underworld of the entertainment industry will never be in the light of day. There is too much money and power there.  

    Just let him go home, grow up a little more, gain some more real world knowledge and street smarts if he is capable of doing that and then go out armed with all that insight and try his hand at getting into the industry legitimately.

    He can get a lot of driving time in while all of that is taking place too. That’s what he said he wanted to do most, drive his car. Reminds me of a character played by DH in a movie called RM. Does it you? He’s only 17 by the way. Watch his interviews and see if you can tell it. 

  22. JLo may have a great body (she is known for it) but is, at best, an average singer and has made a very successful career based on her looks and sexuality with her dancing. 

    As a judge, she is the worst they have ever had on American Idol and is like Paula Abdul in that she wants to be nice and has the hots for the boys.

    They used the save last year in the 11th spot for Casey Abrams. Now I liked Casey but he din’t have a cat in hell’s chance of winning the show. The next week, 2 girls were eliminated (always two after the save) leaving the top 9 and guess who went out and left the three “judges” speechless and, in Jlo’s case, crying.

    I suspect they will use it next week because at the top 7 stage, it will mean two will go the next week, leaving the top 5. If they leave it until the last opportunity, it will be in the top 6 week and then we will be down to the top 4 the following week.

    So far, they have eliminated Jeremy at the top 13 stage, selecting him over Elise so no save in place that week. Then Jeremy was disqualified.

    Top 11 elimination Shannon – right decision not to save because she had no chance to win.

    Top 10 elimination Erika – right decision although I did like her voice, she was never going to get the votes to keep her in much longer.

    Top 9 elimination Heejun – right decision because he had no chance to win plus never really took it seriously until it was too late.

    Top 8 elimination DeAndre – right decision because he needs a lot of coaching how to use that voice of his and was not going to get enough votes to win. 

    All the above were from Northern States, Florida or California and were not getting the Southern vote, which dominates AI voting.

    In the top 13, there were 5 true Southerners plus the import from England in Hollie who lives in TX. Now we have those 5 + Hollie left in the top 7.

    The ratings for American Idol are down this year and the so called judges are not helping. Has anyone noticed we have not heard Ryan tell us how many votes they have received as he has done in previous seasons? 

    He is supposed to be leaving after this season and, unless AI has a major shake up with new judges along with the new host, it will probably not survive beyond next season.

    Jimmy is almost always spot on with his assessments so maybe they can get him to put together a panel of judges that know what they are talking about and will be truly objective and constructive.

    It really makes you realize just how good Simon Cowell – nastiness and all – really was and he has a record of finding great artists. We need a panel of Simon Cowell’s without the snark. :):)    


    • Ryan has already announced that he is staying. He said he enjoys the challenge of keeping the show on track. He isn’t going anywhere.

       I don’t disagree with most of your comments here. In fact I have already stated in an earlier post about the southern vote and also the fact that contestants that are from an area with a large enough population but a more small town, laid back kind of atmosphere are more likely to do well in the competition because the people actually take time to vote. 

      Scotty McCreery – Garner, North Carolina surrounded by the tri-cities area, Fayetteville, Graham, Burlington, and a lot more small towns and communities. All those people supporting him plus the country fans from America’s Heartland, Tennessee, Texas and the Midwest was just a recipe for a win right from the start. 

      I think Jimmy Iovine is a creepy, self centered, egotistical dweeb though. He is lucky he has money or nobody would give him a second thought. He was fortunate enough to come from the era that saw the launch of MTV and we went from listening to transistor radios to boom boxes and all that gave birth to the  pop music explosion. A lot of people got rich during that era and he just happened to be one of them. 

      Yes Simon Cowell is needed back on AI badly. At least with Simon you knew where you stood and you weren’t just built up and your ego boosted just to be crushed when you didn’t get the votes and ended up going home. These judges should be ashamed of themselves for doing that to these young people. 

      Just sayin!

      • I don’t see how having Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell will work together in that show. I’d rather keep Ryan. Look at the host over at the ‘voice’ and understand what I am tryin to say.

        Ryan brings in pleasantness and levity to american idol … I don’t know what Simon Cowell brings in but whatever it is … I hate it.

        That guy stands for everything about powerful people that I hate … they think that stomping on other people’s dignity is the perfect expression of their superiority.

  23. Why not give SAVE ALLOCATION like 2  to each judges and they can save who they really want and believe they think has a potential that other people don’t see it.

    I think Heejun could have been save.

  24. I dont think so maybe randy amd steven are being rational because once they use the power to save next elimination they have no choice but to eliminate 2 contestant. They dont want that to happen since all of them are performing well.

  25. Colton for the win!! with Jessica or Skylar for 2nd. .. When Philip said “I dont touch hands” comments, I was annoyed by Him.. he’s really arrogant..

  26. I have always loved American Idol–at least until this year.  Last year I gave the judges the benefit of the doubt because I realized that it was a new panel and I hoped they were just trying to find their places.  Now–PLEASE!!!  If I hear ‘goosies’ one more time out of JLo’s mouth I think I am going to puke.  And please keep you butts in your seats unless there is a REAL reason for a standing ovation!! 

    In the past people were always talking bad about Simon but at least he was honest.  Even thought Paula appeared to be high most of the time she was entertaining.  Can’t say much for Randy.

    If the judges truly want to help prepare the contestants for a ‘real’ career in the music business they need to give ‘real’ feedback.

  27. The Jess lovers have turned me against her, stop pushing her.  This isn’t a high school popularity contest. I used to like her, but no longer, she’s boring.  Sorry, just saying.

  28. I think AI needs new judges. Watch the Voice, true the format is a bit diff, but the judges do so much better on feedback.

  29. Judges have to keep 1 save until Top 5 may be , or their save will be used until “Elise” voted Off , Tyler really like her , n JLo as “Heart’ Judges will vote her too

    • Just not incase elise is voted off there probably saving incase Phillip Colton or Jessica get voted off

  30. It was both Heejun’s and DeAndre’s time to go.  Randy and Steven care; they just want to use the save on the most deserving contestant.

  31. I might not agree with JLO when she tries to save contestants all the time  but hey … in hindsight … it kinda reminds me why we men adore women. They think differently and it’s good they’re there to balance us off.

    They remind us that not everything is all about winning. Or logic. Or plain hard reality. 

    Sometimes a little feminine chaos is good !!!

    I love women !!!!

    I love JLO !!!!

  32. I can understand bloggers posting critiques about contestants … but mouthing off vs the judges???

    Makes me wonder if there are paid hacks out there out to bring down American Idol so that other singing contest reality shows can gain a little.

    • The judges are an integral part of the show and, as with every other part of the show, are subject to review and discussion.

      Not everything is the conspiracy theory you might be hoping for.

      • Just the same …. I’d be wary of people who attack formulas that work. American Idol with Randy, JLo, Steven, and Ryan works just fine.

        I’d be wary of apparently concerted efforts from FAKE bloggers hoping to weaken the AI formula so that mediocre show like the ‘voice’ can gain mileage. That show has good concepts … but lousy hosts. They can’t make interesting comments or opinions worth ‘dudu’. Not all performers can talk or opine as well as they perform.

        The concept of the ‘voice’ … that off negating the total package concept by NOT looking at the ‘physical’ attributes of their contestants is way too ‘idealistic’. If contests were meant to be this idealistic, then the ideal consumer target would be either viewers blind or ‘near-sighted’.

        It’s got to be ALL IN !!!

        This is where the ‘voice’ FAILS.

        I haven’t watched x-factor at all.

        But I will SOON. I’ll be interested to find OUT if the attributes of the show will be enough to OVERCOME the handicap of having that narcissist Simon Cowell as a judge. That dude spouts bile in a major way.

      • It wouldn’t do this Idol site much good to see Idol decline. We’re more interested in discussing what we see as issues so they can be corrected and make the show stronger.

  33. Best Seller records is one of the quality should idol possess…consistency and remarkable…JESSICA or loss..ur the best not only in USA but entire world…EUROPE and ASIA ur the besttt….:)..Jessica for the WIN>>

  34. Honestly I think that JLo is playing an act… She probably didn’t want to save Heejun. Also: GO HOLLIE!!!!! From your Holliepop

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