The Mysterious Pia Toscano American Idol Elimination – Update On Contract Rumors

So what happened Thursday night on American Idol? Each week the lowest vote-earner is eliminated and most of the time it’s an easy guess of who will at least be in the Bottom 3, but when a seemingly front-runner is sent packing we end up with a lot of questions. More than six thousand comments since makes that very clear.

Since the Top 13 singers were revealed we’ve watch Pia end up in the Top 3 of our “Best Performance” poll each week. Top 13: first place. Top 12: second place. Top 11: third place. Top 11 Round 2: second place. Top 9: second place. Sure, our polls are definitely not official, but with forty to fifty thousand votes each week they offer a pretty solid sampling. How does second place manage to fall to ninth place?

Pia Toscano ending up in the Bottom 3 was surprising enough on its own, but when it happened I imagine most viewers never strongly considered what would happen next. Was her performance that bad? I certainly didn’t think so. So what happened? Where did her votes go? This could have been another case of viewers thinking, “Pia is surely safe, but Singer X isn’t so I better vote for Singer X tonight and someone else will cover Pia.” It’s almost like Chris Daughtry all over.

Looking back over the recent seasons you’ll notice there’s been a streak of male winners with four of the last five. Could the competition be biased toward the men? American Idol judge Steven Tyler definitely thinks so as he told reporters:

β€œGuys aren’t voting and girls are jealous.”

It’s certainly possible. Maybe Pia should have dressed more like Thursday night sooner to garner a few more of the male votes! But are girls really jealous, or just more enamored with the boys as Branden noted yesterday? I’d go with Branden on this one. Tweeny-boppers love them some crooning guys, but who that is this season is a mystery of its own.

A bigger question remains. Would Pia Toscano have won American Idol had she not been eliminated this week? For the past few weeks I had been expecting a Pia and Scotty McCreery finale showdown, but I didn’t honestly think Pia could have taken out Scotty in the final step. Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe agrees that this wasn’t Pia’s season for the taking:

“I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner,” revealed Nigel, adding: “The fact of the matter is, it appears that Pia didn’t connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did.”

Sure, she might not have won this season but I’d take her performance over Growly McHaley any Wednesday night. Ah well, not much we can do about it at this point, so please stop calling and emailing me telling us to put her back on the show. This is a fan site! If we had control over who was on the show I’d make myself the new host. Nothing personal, Ryan, but it looks like a pretty sweet gig.

Go ahead and take your final shot at the injustices of the American Idol voting world in the comments below, but then get ready because the show goes on and soon we’ll have the Top 8 singing for us. Are you ready to let go?

Update: Lots of rumors running that Pia Toscano has a record deal, but according to E! Online it hasn’t happened just yet:

Toscano’s rep tells us that chatter about a done deal is “all rumor,” but E! News has learned that while a record contract hasn’t been signed just yet, Interscope does want to produce a single with Toscano and release it while American Idol is still on.

19 Management has yet to approve this, however.

Once 19 Management figures out their marketing plan for Toscano, though, Interscope Records exec Jimmy Iovine wants to get her in the studio to record a single asap, according to an Idol insider.

I don’t believe this is a case of manipulation by the producers to get Pia out of the contest and in to the studio before the show was over. Rather I think Jimmy Iovine is wisely striking while the iron is hot and taking advantage of the opportunity. Best of luck to Pia. Would you buy a rushed Pia Toscano album?

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  1. No offense, Matt, but I never understood your distaste for Haley and love of Pia.

    Did you really like the soprano range Pia used 99% of the time, her mostly very dated song choices or her same-with-every-song vocal delivery style?

    I absolutely love Haley's voice and can't hear it enough. It mystifies me why what I hear is not what you (or others) hear. Yeah, Haley needs to tame the growl somewhat, but her range is amazing and her husky tone is magical. To top it all off, her vocal delivery style is interesting and "with it."

    • well said … I too cannot see why people liked Pia's singing style. I cannot see myself at a concert of hers, but I could at Haley's , Casey's or James .Those are my picks for the final 3. They each have great entertainment value…the whole package, that the judges SAY they want.

      • That is because she sings with class. Does not throw herself on the ground, scream like a banchi or put on an act. She was and still is the best singer in the contest.

      • Pia also doesn't growl like my two dogs do when they are playing. Guess my dogs are stars.

      • If that is what the judges say they want, why were they so upset Pia was eliminated. Pia>Haley!

    • I think Pia is a wonderful talented singer BUT…the Ballets and her song choices were really getting to me. She needed to change it up a bit. I strongly believe that is why she was in the bottom. I love Haley's voice and her song choices are suited to her amazing voice. She puts on a good show and it exciting to watch! Poor Pia she should have done the same.

    • Haley is not bad, but her growling is way over the top lately…almost on every single note she sang…if you look back at her last performance!

      • In the case of Haley's Janis Joplin performance, they were fitting. Ever see Janis or watch an old YouTube of her performances? Couldn't have been used in a better context. I thought she was superb in every way in that performance.

    • Being serenaded by the voice of Kathleen Turner doesn't do it for me. I think that's the first time I've ever heard the word "husky" be used as a compliment to a woman.

      Not sure why it's hard for you to grasp that someone might not have the exact same likes as you. All the same, I'm not going to sit here and diminish your preference for a "husky" voice.

      • Oh, I definitely get it that not everyone shares the same taste. It's just that I guess, being in the field you are, I would have thought your taste was a little more discerning. And that you wouldn't demean women by suggesting jealousy as a possible explanation for what happened to Pia.

      • @HP: How poor are your reading skills? The quotation above is from Steven Tyler. After his quotation I indicated that I didn't agree.

      • Matt & HP Actually the most representative of that kind of voice in this moment is Joss Stone.

      • Matt, again, no offense, but now I am wondering how old YOU are!

        Beloved females singers with husky/rapsy voices:

        1. Janis Joplin

        2. Stevie Nicks

        2. Pat Benataur

        3. Dusty Springfield

        4. Toni Braxton

        5. Melissa Etheridge

        6. Alicia Keys

      • Well, if it was in response to Pia getting eliminated, then it was rude. But we don't know that, do we?

      • @HP: Geez you're not too bright.

        Sorry, if I had realized you'd be able to list six female names then I would have known that my dislike for "husky" voices was the wrong opinion to have.

        This might blow your mind, but your opinion is neither correct nor the only one allowed. It is simply your opinion.

      • No offense Matt, but I think HP is simply defending his opinion by listing fairly quickly a variety of 6 popular singers with "husky/raspy" voices–I prefer "throaty" in regards to Haley! Ggllrrth!–(sound of a panther purr)

        And HP's opinion is both correct and also my opinion.

      • As much as I hate to say it (and I sincerely hope I am wrong), it DID look like Hailey was elated that Pia got kicked out of Idol. She seemed a lot happier AFTER Pia's demise than before.

    • Totally on board with you HP regards Haley an am also mystified by Brandon's dislike of her and like of Paul. But I know it's just musical taste, so no prob.

      I love Haley's growls, her yodels, her strong throaty abilities, and I won't even appease her haters by asking her to tame her feral grinds. I want more!

      • Oops, I guess I mean Matt instead of Brandon here. Don't know Matt's thoughts on Paul either.

      • Actually the most representative of that kind of voice in this moment is Joss Stone.

  2. It just goes to show who votes…little kids….Scotty should have been gone a long time ago..he is a freaking dork and his stage presence is a joke…this is a "SINGING" competition and Pia was the best….if they would make voting where only ONE vote per phone number then the little teeny boppers couldn't keep on with 2000 votes because they like the shirt someone wore that night. Haily is another joke…they tell her she sounds like Joplin so now she thinks she needs to growl every word in a song….too bad Simon isn't still judging because it would be different….at least he didn't kiss everyone's butt….he JUDGED them based on talent

    • I don't think "over 50" puts me in the "little kid" category, Tammie. I voted for almost everyone BUT Pia at one time or another once we got to the top 12. Her voice just never, ever–not even once–distinguished her. Her voice was palatable, but little else.

      Can you discuss this without calling names? Labeling someone is a "Freaking Dork" or a "Joke" demeans not only the contestants but you.

      • Tammie, I am 43 and vote for Scotty, he is the best even I don't like country music.

        Pia was never be a front runner like Nigel said so stop complaining her leaving, America not looking for the best singer (coz so many best singer) but idol singer, that is why we need to vote

      • OK HP and Tammy, I'm still in my "Contrarian" mode. I like Scotty, but I admit he looks like "a freaking dork" LOL, but he sings good and I like country, not just rock and roll.

        Totally agree that I miss Simon being there, not just for his biting wit which is part of the entertainment, but because he guided the other judges to "separate the chaff from the wheat"–placing degrees of difference between talent levels (talent includes actual singing, stage presence, and yes looks–sorry again Scotty, but I guess the tweens and grandmas like it–surely no real woman between 20 and 40 thinks Scotty is sexy!LOL). Yes, long sentence there but the meaning is clear!

        But Tammy, I and any man between 15 and 50 loves Haley–including growls and howls and grimacing grinds!

    • @ Tammie…I personally do not think the little "tweenies" are voting for Scotty. I think they are voting for Paul and Stefano…which is a shame. Scotty has a great voice. I have put James, Scotty and Pia as the top three so many times. I saw Pia as a real contender…perhaps not winning but certainly not going home before Jacob, Paul, Stefano or Hailey. The top 3 now may end up being James, Scotty and Lauren or Casey. I do not see Jacob, Hailey or Stefano lasting much longer. It may be Jacob will be the next one to go home. But, then and omg…James may be a the bottom 3 the way the voting has been going on. Gheesh…limit the !$#! voting~!!!

      • Rose A, Sweet ladie! Where have you and Phyllis G. been? I have not been able to find the two of you with so many people! And so many post boards.I miss both of you! I really enjoy your comments Rose. And Phyllis G.'s too. This thing is like a maze trying to find the two of you!! I agree with you too Rose about Scotty, James and either Lauren or Casey. Rose I just want to say Hi to you and Phyllis G. Hugs to both of you! These post boards are getting kind of nasty and mean this year. It's a shame. I wish everyone could just be civil. And not yell and scream in caps! There is one person on a board called Marbear who used common sense like an adult should. She is on 2,304 responses to "American Idol" 2011 top 9 results show recap. I think it was page 1 or 2 of the postings. Rose , give me a shout back if you see this. I MISS your hugs and your Wooo Hoo. Hugs to you and Phyllis G. I hope to be able to find the two of you to talk with more often!. Sherry K. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • Sherry K. I am so glad to see you on site. This is getting tough because of all the hits that this site is getting Matt cannot send us email responses anymore. I really don't like it but he is working on an alternative…
        I hope all is well with you. If you read this please email me @ pjg162 [at] aol [dot] com….so we can keep in touch…..

        Very disappointed about Pia being eliminated….I know she will do well. All sorts of rumors about her getting a contract already….I hope so. I would buy her CD but I don't think I would pay money to see her. Now take JAMES,,,I would pay money to see him perform…..I was thinking James, Pia and Scotty, the final three but know who knows whats going to happen…

        Stay well and stay tuned!!!! This show is getting very interesting!!!!
        Hugs to you Sherry….

    • I agree. Hayley can't sing and she should have gone home a long time ago. Also, I really did wish Simon was still here. I am so tired of all the judges always kissing as.

      • Haley can sound good one minute, and the next she sounds horrible. I like looking at her, but would not buy a CD from her for fear of losing my hearing.

      • Frank, I totally agreed with you!…but with not many choices left, she'll thus now be the top 3 material IMO, besides, James & Lauren…lol!

    • Tammie, it sounds like the only kid around here is you! If your so much elder than these people are who are voting why are you calling a seventeen year old CHILD a "freaking dork". That's just disturbing. If you wanted Pia to stay you should have voted, obviously, people weren't as into her as America thought, so, there was the shock. Don't bash the other contestants, especially when the two your bashing weren't even in the bottom THREE this week, nor has Scotty been in the bottom three at all. There is more than teeny boppers voting for Scotty, like the people above said, there are adults, teenagers, and Country music fans voting for Scotty, so please do not call the voters little kids, and then refer to a kid, Scotty, himself as a freaking dork.

    • Tammie you sound like you are not fully cooked, dry behind the ears and unable to cut your own meat. In other words you are a freaking dork and a joke. Time for your nap

    • I agree I am 46 and scotty is far from a dork and he is extremely talent and I love him and I vote for him every week. Beside him, James is the only other person I would even buy a CD from. Pia was a bore and had absoultely 0 stage presence. Scotty at least tries every week, every other contestant has grown each week on stage, but the beloved Pia everyone loves, but no one voted for.

      • I am in your same age bracket, and while I am not a big fan of country music, I really do like Scotty a lot. Besides the fact he has a truly unique voice, a better range than I expected, and a great attitude, I love that he is such a decent, pleasant young man. Some have made inconsiderate remarks about his looks – I see nothing wrong with them. But then again, we live in a society that celebrates raunchiness. Yay, Scotty . . . for being such a good guy!

  3. I think you should definitely limit the voting process to stop those crazy teeny boppers from texting 1000 times. It is definitely not fair to the talent on this show.

    • I'd agree with the no-texting vote rule, but I'm afraid that would simply be ignoring the technological reality of the world as it is.

  4. Tammie's comments on Scotty are absurd. He appeals to all ages and certainly is not a joke. He could have been picked up by Big Machine records without any help from Idol. Scott B. at Big Machine knows thisfor sure.

    • Country's not my thing, but I have to admit that I broke down and voted for him (along with Haley, Lauren and James) last Wed night. He does have tremendous talent and the skill he demonstrates at the age he is is just mind-boggling. I enjoy him and get a kick out of his moves (I know they are borrowed from rap, and I find that adorable used in his chosen genre–he's young and he wants to be cool, too!), plus I think he is a genuinely nice person–an added plus, for sure.

  5. Pia had the best voice in the contest. One guy sings through his nose, is terrible. The guy with the beard should have been gone a long time ago. I guess if you fall on the floor, screem and act like an idiot you do not get voted off. This is a singing contest people. I agree with most, it is the teenage girls with crushes that get you votes. My family is done with American Idol, should change its name to Amercian popularity contest.

    • Danny, I agree with you. Now days, guys and girls with great voices like Elvis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Celine, Mariah, Stevie Nicks, etc. would get voted off of AI. Well, maybe not Elvis.

  6. Pia is the most skilled singer and knock-out gorgeous. That's a given. But there is so much more here than just great pipes. From Day One, I noticed she didn't have much to say in response to the judges comments. We didn't get to "know" Pia. Other contestants show their personality. Casey's the funny one, Lauren's cute and playful, etc. Pia will do just fine with her career. Look at Chris Daughtry. Anyway, I think Lauren,James and Paul will be with us for awhile .

    • And one more thing… Pia didn't do herself any favors on Wednesday's performance show by wearing that awful, awful, baggy diaper outfit. She looked fabulous on Thursday though.

      • Jude…right on with the comment regarding Pia's "ensemble" the other night. Wearing parachute pants just does not do that incredibly beautiful woman justice. Whoever chose the outfit for her should be fired.

      • Gwen Stefani chose the outfits and both Pia and Lauren looked as if they were wearing diapers. If that is Stefani's taste in fashion, then she has poor taste.

      • You guys are so right regards the diaper/parachute pants. She looked so good in earlier red and white outfits, and I was thinking is this just a joke kind of since she's doing so well and doesn't want to come off as too sexy? Same reason, Haley covered her legs I guess, but at least she still looked like a young sexy singer which is generally part of "stage presence".

        And then when I saw and then heard the comments regards the half naked demoniac running loose on the stage, I figured "that's just entertainment"!

    • While I agree with you that we didn't get to see Pia's personality, one "story" that stuck with me and won me over to her in a personal way was the one about her grandfather–who was her biggest supporter and was no longer there to watch her. So we did see that. She's a beauty, but I kinda get the idea she's not that educated . . . so is not that adept at expressing herself verbally. (Well, neither were a lot of great singers! That's not my issue with her.) It boils down to this: I simply didn't LOVE her voice. That's it. A different sound than hers appeals to my ears.

      • I have a feeling Pia may be a bit shy. I remember the grandfather story, which was sweet– but that was several weeks ago. We, the public, have a short attention span.

      • Just from seeing her parents and watching her modest behavior, I suspect she was brought up in a very traditional, old-fashioned Catholic family, where the women tend to "woman" things and the men do the speaking and make the decisions. She is the "good girl" who has probably always obeyed her parents. I see that in her inability to break out of a very constricting persona.

    • I agree pia's voice I can walk into any church on a given sunday and find pipes much better than hers.

  7. Scottie a dork and a joke? That's more unfair than Pia getting voted off the show. Scotty can sing and he's entertaining. And, he's versatile. He's not a "one trick pony" as the judges pointed out after he sang "That's All Right." So, while it is understandable that people are upset about Pia's demise, using it as an excuse to trash some of the other equally or more worthy talent that is in the competition to win it is just unfair.

    • Yes, Scotty can sing; but, I can't get over the fact that he looks like Alfred E. Newman . . . (if you're not as old as me, google the reference . . .)

      • But when you choose the CDs you buy, do you care about how the singer looks? Please, that's irrelevant.

      • Not matter who you like or vote for or against, no matter your opinion good or bad, Scotty is an amzing talent and will be signed by someone in Nashville. Males are still developing in High School. Go back and look at your high school yearbook.

      • I agreed with you, Scotty is an amazing singer, Pia elimination is an injustice, but in my opinion Scotty is the best voice this season.

      • Mello — LOL…I said that to my wife the other night about Scotty. He does look like Alfred E. Neumann…but hey…it ain't a beauty contest.

      • I agree melloblue. I really like Scotty, and I don't get what's wrong with "funning" about him looking like the dude from MAD. It's kind of like some folks (Branden on his site I think) didn't like the TMZ bit with the contestants. I loved it. It's like laughing at yourself and so it becomes less embarassing and just funny–like when they kept showing Lauren slipping down the stairs. Kidding about nonharmful things makes the "stars" seem like likable people.

        Just like I can tease that Haley howls like a Coondog! I'm honored!

      • Making fun of a person's look is stupid. He can't help the way he looks, the same way a person can't help if they are short, tall, etc.

        People who judge based on criteria of looks need to look in the mirror, it is probably a case of insecurity.

    • Agree with you Tim, if people upset with the leaving Pia, it's ok but no need to blame Scotty, he is the fron runner from the beginning and I dare to bet Scotty will be in finale and win this AI 10

      • I agree, 100%! I thought it was even absurd to blame Stefano, but now people are attacking Scotty, and he hasn't even been in the bottom three yet! You cannot blame someone for appealing to America more than others. I think there is more than just teeny boppers voting for Scotty!

  8. While I think Pia has a nice voice (except when she screeches), I found her boring. Personality is a huge part of making an entertainer into a star, and she just didn't have it. I am really upset that all 3 judges made the comments they did. They showed obvious bias, and they should NOT do that. They have also shown marked bias in favor of Jacob Lusk and, frankly, I can't stand him either. He screeches all the time, and is blah, blah, blah (we're talking a personality factor of zero). Steven, I am NOT jealous of Pia & I don't think any women are. You indignantly said "Pia's beautiful". That's YOUR opinion, but . . . SO what? Is that what we are supposed to be voting on? I thought this was a talent venue, not a beauty contest. Plus, I was furious the week when you jumped up & bear-hugged Jacob. As a huge Steven Tyler/Aerosmith fan, I was most disturbed by your behavior, plus I can only imagine how badly poor Stefano felt this past week (another one I don't care much for) when you all obviously would have been fine with him getting the boot. You judges had your turn, now AMERICA gets to vote. Quit saying we are "jealous" and that you are "mad". Show us, the viewers, some respect or we'll quit watching the show.

    • You are right on…Rhonda. I would just add that Jennifer just showed favoritism and as a judge. SAme with Steve.

    • Rhonda, if you think Pia screeches, listen to Haley, James, and Casey. Pia is an accomplished singer, many of the others are not.

      • Well, all haters are good at copy each others' home work & they wouldn't care ( don't have the brain to care!) how much truth in it!

      • Frank, my comment was that she has a good voice EXCEPT when she screeches. I never said that is her singing style all the time. I am sick of hearing how "gorgeous" she is, as if that has any bearing whatsoever on her abilities. And, I certainly don't hate her!

  9. As a senior who enjoys AI I was disappointed that Pia was eliminated. I think her voice is far better than the other contestants. It had great range. I think the judges used their save too soon. I believe Casey should have been let go. They could have used it to Pia. Watching their expressions when she was eliminated showed it all. They were mystified. You could see it in their faces.

    • I'm a senior, too. You know, I think how Pia behaved on stage appealed more to some older people than did her singing. On the contrary, I found fault with her range. It was way too soprano for me. I found it an effort to listen to her–taxing.

      • We buy songs on Itunes each week of the contestants we like. My wife and I are 40somethings, and you know who we listen to the most?

        Casey, Haley, James and Paul — but we both thought Pia had the best voice — I guess that says something

    • As I read many of these replies, I was really struck by how many of you want it "your way or no way". That is incredibly immature. While I am hoping that my favorites make it as long as possible, I also realize that different people have different tastes in music styles, personalities, etc. . . and I am fully aware that the one I think should win may not end up doing so. That has happened to me during many of the past American Idol seasons, and I just remind myself that it is a collective selection process of many Americans, and is not based on just my own opinion. While I don't think that Pia or Jacob have very much personality when on-stage, I also wouldn't assume they are "dorks" or anything else across-the-board unpleasant. Even though I personally would have liked to have seen more personality from these particular two, I also realize that in "real life", they may be full of personality and interesting traits. I can say one thing for sure: I'm not talented or nervy enough to get up and do what they do, so even though I have my "favorites", I am not going to wish ill will toward ANY of the contestants, and I certainly don't think any of them deserve to have to read us saying they are "dorks" or that they perform like "idiots". One thing is for certain: they would not have been selected from amongst (literally) hundreds of thousands of people if they weren't top-notch. Anybody that makes it this far is a VERY talented, worthy performer. Kudos to each and every contestant!

  10. I'm completely surprised! I just knewn that Pia would win! Well, something definitely went wrong, and it was not Pia….

    • You should read what Nigel said about Pia, SHE WAS NEVER BE A FRONT RUNNER, so stop being surprised

      • American Idol would not purposely remove Pia from the competition to improve ratings. That's ridiculous, they were probably disappointed to see Pia go because they knew it would bring the ratings down completely! So, it's not rigged if that's what your implying.

  11. I was shocked as I think most of the American Idol audiance was when Pia was eliminated from the show ! She was truly the best singer in a very talented group of contestants this year. After Pia was eliminated it brought to mind what had happened to Chris Daughtry on the show some years ago. Although I will miss Pia, I think she will be fine and I will support her when she come out with an album! Good luck Pia, hope to hear you soon !

  12. I never saw what the judges saw in her. Undediably, she has a supurb voice and should do great in the music field. I can see her on Broadway, but not as an American Idol.Definitely never my favorite!

  13. This is my final shot. Good bye AI & I know MANY who feel the same way. Good Luck to all remaining 8 constestants!

  14. Interesting thoughts about what actually happened or why this happened, Matt. But one thing that is clear: This show no longer has any credibility as a real talent contest. The voting system is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever heard of (but probably not in the corporate minds of AT&T)How on earth is it remotely possible for America to choose a legitimate winner when the tweenies have multiple votes on phone, text, and on-line? I say make it real and change the voting rules: 1 VOTE PER PHONE, TEXT, AND IP ADDRESS!

    • @ tj: In all fairness, I believe there should be more than one vote allowed per LAN phone line, because most homes have more than one resident… and how many will be in 100% agreement as to whom the one LAN line vote should go? I for one don't feel like arguing with my spouse or roommates (or my grown kids when they are visiting) about who gets to choose the one LAN line vote this week, and though my spouse and I are *generally* in agreement RE: favorites (though for the life of me, I and many people I know can't figure out why he thinks the female vocalist in HIS band is good; she's painful to the ears!), our roommates have different taste in music and talent than we do (though they absolutely agree with me about my spouse's female vocalist, lol). Not everyone has AT&T cell phones, so although that form of voting could easily be limited to one vote per phone, it wouldn't work for LAN lines. Online votes, IMO, also should be limited to one vote per person, because again it's only one person logged in to cast that vote, rather than an entire family or household.

      DWTS informs viewers each competing episode how many votes are allowed per LAN line each week (I'm guessing that applies to text & online voting as well), though it varies. I haven't paid enough attention to the pattern, but it appears to me that it's got at least something to do with the number of contestants each week.

      However, this unlimited LAN line (texting too?) and 50 votes per online user voting is ridiculous. It is NOT representative of what America wants… it is only representative of what those who are willing to hit "redial" over and over and over for two hours want.

      If I were in charge of the voting rules, I'd limit text and online votes to one per user, and LAN line votes to something much closer to what DWTS does.

  15. Change the voting time to 30 minutes and that eliminates most of the problem with the 200 votes each.

    Most of us vote right after the show anyway — no need to keep lines open for 2 hours……all it does is sway the voting.

  16. Pia has a beautiful voice, but she is not distinctive enough. I do not think jealousy came into play so much as the teen and "twixt teen" voting mania for a guy. Young girls are so impressionable and have their parents wound around their little dialing fingers. If a young girl is not into drugs or sex these days, parents fall all over themselves to do such crazy things as buy them ten cell phones on which to vote. Until we limit the voting to one call per phone or computer will we make a dent in evening out the voting process. Mark my words, the young guys will be at the top and one of them will win this thing! Most of the blogs I read about the Pia mess featured people saying they would not watch Idol any more. Guess what, folks – Idol will get canned if something is not done!

    • People will still watch — it's like saying you won't watch college football anymore because the refs cost you the game…..

      If you have a love of the show, you'll be back. If you don't come back, you weren't that into it in the first place.

      Although — I did quit watching ER when they killed one of my favorite characters years ago………

      Ah who knows

    • Beth, it appears that the negative comments about Pia are 95% female. Jealously is a terrible thing.

  17. Oh yeah–Looks like getting off the show might be the best thing for Pia–she already has a record deal with Interscope. She'll put a good product before any of the other contestants. Great producer, some of the best song-writers. Plus, management will take care of the "she is boring/she doesn't connect/she only does ballads" complainers. This girl will show the AI voters that they don't know what they're talking about–or voting about.

  18. Well, might as well get used to. Idol is a popularity contest. Happened the same last year with Siobhan Magnus elimination and in previous years with Chris daughtry, Tamyra and a lot of others great contestants. I think this time was different though and it's the judges fault for their lack of constructive criticism; telling someone they're perfect every single week doesnt give much space for growth, so they have Pia's blood on their hands. I miss Simon on the show at least he could give people who dont have good ear for music a valid and well stated opinion on the contestants performances.

    Anyway, i'm just glad Pia got signed, will wait for her album.


    • You know, it's interesting you brought Siobhan up, because I remember her very clearly. At first, I liked her a LOT, but then it seemed like she became very narcissistic and it really turned me off. I think that sometimes the contestants start developing a case of "aren't I special", and they lose respect and support from the AI fan base because of it.

      • I really think that is what happened to Chris Daughtery. As the judges told him he was so awesome every week, he seemed to get cockier and cockier. I think that started to turn off the audience. The next week, he was voted off.

      • @ Rhonda: I am with you RE: Siobhan. She, like Pia, kept doing the same thing every week, ignoring what the judges and viewers kept saying they wanted to hear from her, and then she'd argue with nearly every piece of constructive criticism given her. Siobhan had a beautiful voice, but for some reason chose to hold back and NOT use it… till the end of EVERY song she sang with loud screaming, while singing songs in which the screams just did NOT fit.

        Pia has been putting out the same thing each week, with simply a different song title. She has been saying for weeks, "I can do a lot more than just ballads, and I will prove this." Then the next week, more of the same.

        Further, she just doesn't connect with the audience when she's on stage. I'm sorry, but she always appears to me that she is up there performing for her, not for the audience. Her performances have always come off to me as someone who is so wrapped up in nailing her vocals and looking pretty (not just makeup or hair or clothes, but making sure her posture and facial expressions are "attractive" rather than being allowed to show real feeling she might be deriving from the songs she sings). I'm looking for someone with star quality, not a Barbie doll or a beauty queen who has to keep herself poised at all times.

        All that said, though she was not my favorite due to the above reasons and a couple/few more, I will still say that her voice is clean, pure, and outright beautiful.

        However, as I know from having been a performing vocalist most of my adult life (forced to retire three years ago after a severe spinal injury no longer allowed me to endure performing; I could still sing, but I can no longer perform)… singers are a dime a dozen, even great ones. There is a LOT more to the package than simply how well someone sings in order to make it big, or get the highest vote count from the countless AI voters. Anyone with a pretty voice can stand there and deliver a pretty melody. But if that person doesn't MOVE the audience, then the audience isn't likely to be moved enough to place that vote.

        My 2¢ on the matter, anyhow. πŸ™‚

  19. I could never get into Pia. Nice voice, but no personality or stage presence. I always got the impressions she was desperate and trying too hard. Also, how can you sing Tina Turner and just walk around the stage? I was shocked that she thought that would fly. Surely that cost her votes. I don't think she got booted because voters didn't feel she needed their votes. I think they were just indifferent. I never voted for her once. Just nothing to get excited about.

    James Urban is the total package. He has my vote every week!

  20. What a crooked show. You know it. Pia was the best, at least better than most that were left. Why didn't you have a limit on the votes the way Dancing with the Stars do??? Your show is fixed and we know it. I will never ever watch that show again. We recorded when we wouldn't be home just so we could see it, but no more. You had a good group talented too, but you blew it. It is fixed. Pia was the best. At least better than most of the ones you left on there.

    • Sarah, that is just a ridiculous comment, and is deeply insulting to American Idol! The results are NOT "fixed", they are tabulated from actual votes called in. If anything, IF the results had been "fixed", I would have expected Pia to stay since the judges were so obviously trying to let everybody know how much THEY loved her. I am one of the people who NEVER voted for her . . . not because of "jealousy" (beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, after all and I don't vote for looks anyway), but because I was always totally bored by her performances. Also, I find an entertainer more interesting (even if they don't have a perfect singing voice) if they have charisma, distinctive personality, and interesting performance moves. I mean . . . think about it . . . would we all love Steven Tyler so much if he wasn't the crazy-awesome rocker on stage . . .full of wild antics . . . that he is? If Steven stood docilely while on stage, howling out those soul blistering lyrics that Aerosmith is famous for, would it have anywhere near the effect? I am 100% certain that it would NOT. I have been fortunate enough to attend a lot of Aerosmith concerts, going all the way back to the "early days", and I was mesmerized from the first note to the last, from the first killer dance moves, leaps, etc. . . to the last. An awesome performance has to be the WHOLE package – not just one good aspect when the other aspects are luke warm. The true greats know that, and like Aerosmith, they endure.

      • pretty good points Rhonda. Though I like many respect Pia for maintaining a dignified stage presence, you made me realize that's why we love Steven Tyler and even the quirky Mick Jagger (still not sure if he's a very good singer, or just a very hurky jurky dude to watch like a shot coon going through it's death throes!). But you make a good point. I did like Pia though–just like Haley a lot more!

      • Rhonda: "Also, I find an entertainer more interesting (even if they don’t have a perfect singing voice) if they have charisma, distinctive personality, and interesting performance moves. I mean . . . think about it . . . would we all love Steven Tyler so much if he wasn’t the crazy-awesome rocker on stage . . .full of wild antics . . . that he is? If Steven stood docilely while on stage, howling out those soul blistering lyrics that Aerosmith is famous for, would it have anywhere near the effect? I am 100% certain that it would NOT. I have been fortunate enough to attend a lot of Aerosmith concerts, going all the way back to the “early days”, and I was mesmerized from the first note to the last, from the first killer dance moves, leaps, etc. . . to the last. An awesome performance has to be the WHOLE package – not just one good aspect when the other aspects are luke warm. The true greats know that, and like Aerosmith, they endure."

        Hear, hear!

        This is why, even though his singing is hit or miss, I could easily see long ago that James would/should make it further than Pia. He's not a great singer, but he's not horrible either. His stage presence is what grabs most of his fans.

        I'm sure I'll get some moans from this, but my favorites are Casey, Haley, and Scotty. Not necessarily in that order though; I love them all for different reasons, and vocals aside, it's the unique stage presence each of them have on top of their vocals (sorry, but I do happen to like raspy and "growly" voices so long as it's done well, and Scotty's is SO natural). I never fail to smile and just plain FEEL GOOD when I hear & see these three on stage. Even on their "worst" nights.

        For those who haven't seen it, here is Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood performing "Undo It" and "Walk This Way" together, as in duets through both. THIS is what star quality performing is… they've got the voices, and they've got the stage presence. (And with Carrie's oh-so-natural country voice, I never imagined she could ROCK IT like she did with Steven, and I'm generally pretty good at gauging what one is capable of doing with one's voice!

    • Sarah, you are right on. Pia was better than Haley, the screamer, for sure, and better than most of the guys. It is a shame.

  21. Pia, has a great voice, but she failed to connect with the audience, and I found her song choice very boring. I felt like I was watching a Ms. American talent contest. There was nothing spectacular, no wow factor that stood out enough that I’d want to purchase a CD of hers. I think the public voted correctly. Pia should take the exposure she’s gained from American Idol, and use that to her advantage. I imagine she already had a gazillion offers before she even walked off that stage. Now all she has to do is make sure she makes a smart choice. Good Luck Pia! You belong in the music worlds somewhere and I know we will see you again!

  22. pia is the best, american made a very big mistake by letting Pia be eleminated… She is the best in my heart!

    • I agree with you, ash! This is a singing competition! When it comes to coice quality, no one came even close to Pia's top notch voice quality. When it came to intonation (pitchiness- sharp or flat), she was the ONLY contestant who had NEVER had any intonation problems AT ALL (except for her exit song, which I can forgive because of how emotionally distraut she must have been). When it came to having the power to her voice combined with keeping the intonation PERFECT, again no one even came close (Oh you have James and some others who know how to scream during a song, but lose their intonation in doing so)! So, she's not a dancer. This is NOT a DANCING competition! So, she's best at singing ballads. Ballads are the best measure of distinguishing true vocal talent! So, you think that her singing ballads are BORING! Get a LIFE, folks, and learn what true vocal talent is all about! Pia is Number One in my opinion! I hope that she blows all of the other contestants out of the water in terms of total After Idol record sales, like Carrie Underwood did! πŸ™‚

      • In my case, it wasn't the fact that she always chose ballads (although I wanted to hear something else from her, to be sure), it was that every ballad she sang sounded the same! We all thought if she sang something else we'd see something else. But no, even in her Tina Turner performance, she sounded exactly the same. Which, I guess, means she was the one-trick pony in the show.

      • Hp, you're so biased….You're no different than those who critized Haley for her growling as a "one trick pony"

  23. Glad to see pia go home, and belive it or not steven she is beautiful but like most people said she got boring nothing new with her performance. We want somebody that has it all and shes not it. And as for the judges they should keep there comments to them self that shows little class or no class in there part and specially when contestents are right there and is if they have no faith in them. But it is americas vote so no one else matters. Sorry if ive mis spelled something.

      • @ Frank: I equally "diss" male and female contestants, beautiful or otherwise. I don't care if Steven Tyler (or anyone else, for that matter) claim that those who don't fawn over Pia are jealous. Others' opinions of MY preferences have no bearing on anyone but those who form their misinformed opinions about what I do and don't like to listen to or watch on stage. Period.

  24. I think she has far more background and leverage then any of them which also may have a reason, it was my reason for not voting for at all. She'll get a recording contract from this anyway. We haven't heard the last from Pia

    • Do you mean what seemed to be her special relationship with the judges from the gitgo? I missed all that, but know there was something. Can you fill me in? Was she the makeup artist for the show or what?

      • yes, i do see the judges treat her differently fr the rest – she's about the only one apart fr stephano who gets tips on how to improve! As if the other contestants don't need any improvement!!

        she'd amazing, she's got talent and looks. guess she's kinda shy and ppl choose to see that as self-centredness and arrogance. pia is humble, unlike haley who thinks she's got it all. what a laugh that haley is

      • @ monic: I am shy and had extreme stage fright every performance (which was a huge part of the rush I got from performing: facing and overcoming the fears every night), and I rose above it by ACTING my way through it. Performing is part feeling the music, but an even bigger part acting.

        Haley doesn't come off to me as if she's got it all. When she speaks, she shows humility and kindness. What I see in Haley is someone who loves to sing, and who will do all the acting it takes to make a good performance. Just because someone outwardly displays having some fun and confidence (which could be 100% feigned, with acting) doesn't mean that one thinks one has it all.

        Sad, really, that when we see someone without stage presence that person is boring, but when we see someone with stage presence that person is conceited. Talk about a double-edged sword!

  25. Casey should have been gone a long time ago, unless being a "drama queen" is a requirement to win. C'mon America, get serious. That guy doesn't belong there.

  26. Pia has a great voice, but the ballads got boring. She did a wonderful job with Tina Turner except for the stage performance. It's my guess that, since Ryan didn't even announce the number of votes that came in like he usually does, it was minimal. What does that say about the voting public this week?

    • Perhaps you're right about the votes tallies for the week, but I doubt it.

      Just wanted to pipe in to differ with you about how Pia handled the Tina Turner song. I thought she did very badly in the first half of the song, and much better in the second half. Why? Because all I heard in the first half was her soprano range. She didn't dip down to her alto range until the 2nd half. That song was meant to be sung in a gritty style. Instead, from what I have read on these forums, she chose a Celine rendition of the song. Figures. But bad choice. It was glaring to me, and it was what kept me from giving her any votes Wed night.

  27. Good Pia's got her record deal so now we can get off the subject and get on with the competition.

    Go Haley!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah….she'll probably go …go home next…..but I hope not before some of those boys!! lol!

  28. With regard to Nigel's comments:

    “I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner. The fact of the matter is, it appears that Pia didn’t connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did.”

    Sorry, Nigel, but that is exactly why some of us are complaining about the voting system itself. It isn't the results themselves (though Pia going home so soon is a stunner), but our doubting of the credibility of those results expressing the real values of the viewers.

    If you allow people to vote a thousand times, you don't have a sense of who America wants, you only have a sense of who those that are willing to cast votes thousands of times want.

    I don't buy that it is a measure of passion either. I think it is just a way of saying, "Help, I need a life. Let me borrow yours."

  29. The shocking results should rebound to the judges. They should reflect on how they give their comments. Sometimes, just because of less popular choice of song, even if the rendering is flawless, the comment is not helping voters to understand "musicality technique" of who is better and who must be at the bottom. When Simon was around, at least he was more consistent in giving appropriate technical comments that give more guidance to voters to see who must be at the top. For now, most comments are dwelling on praises in general, or plainly about showmanship; not much of helpful comments to vocal excellence. American idol show is not meant to be a "good-look" competition, but singing should be the factor for getting to the crown. And so, the judges must be matured enough to take the blame of why it happened, not pass the blame on to voters. If they dont change their ways of giving unrated comments, of not judging according to who's the best, it will be better to just start a new "Mr good-looking American" show. I'm not a fan of Simon, but made me miss him because of what happened.

  30. We myself and my husband think that they should maybe start voting for people they don't like

    Instead of who they like

    We believe that everyone thought she was safe enough so voted for others

    We predicted her to win

    are the judges still ok with there save

  31. OOO my Goddddddd… after 2-3 days after the result show iam still shocking with pia's elimination and i am still soooo happy for stefano's safe…

    Stefano,paul,james,casy,scotty are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    ooOO my godddddd this week result show will killing me… OOOO my GODDDDDD…what will happen…

  32. Well…..I can see it now! Pia got eliminated this week. Now will Scotty be eliminated this next week? Oh, and will the Finale come down to a showdown between Paul and Jacob? Perish the thought! But the absurdity of Pia's premature elimination is forcing me to wonder. This year's Idol has produced more raw talent in the final 13 than I have seen in there EVER! But the elimination of the most talented of those in it's earliest stages makes the selection process a laughing stock! Why not have the voting for who you most want to have eliminated this week, instead of the other way around? To me, that would make far more sense to do it THAT way!

  33. Music is an international language, no matter where you live or your culture is a way to bring people together. I have been watching the show since 2006 from my tv set in Venezuela and I have never seen such an injustice like Pia Tosacano being vote out. It only confirms that injustice are present in life. Pia Toscano, you should have deserved to be in the final three. Life will bring better things to you. Your elimination made me a new fan from Venezuela.

  34. One more thing……the final 13 started out with 7 girls and 6 guys. It now has remaining the same 6 guys, but there are only 2 girls left. That injustice alone is enough to have my remaining votes go only to the 2 remaining girls! Enough said! πŸ™

  35. Come on, folks . . . SOMEBODY has to be eliminated every single week until the final winner is selected. Each and every one of these contestants is somebody's favorite. Howling and protesting won't change the fact it has to happen, and inevitably, there are going to be people upset each time someone is voted off. Jennifer can cry. Steven can pout. Randy can bug his eyes out with shock. We can fuss. But, the very nature of thise competition means that one-by-one, there will be elimination shock waves each week. Deal with it.

    • You are right, someone has to be eliminated. The problem is when people vote 3 trillion times for their favorite, that this competition becomes a joke.

      Look, Steven and Randy know talent, when Pia got voted off before some of the others, they were shocked as was I.

      AI has become a farce, plain and simple, because of the stupid voting process that they allow.

    • @ Rhonda (again! lol): “Come on, folks . . . SOMEBODY has to be eliminated every single week until the final winner is selected. Each and every one of these contestants is somebody’s favorite. Howling and protesting won’t change the fact it has to happen, and inevitably, there are going to be people upset each time someone is voted off. Jennifer can cry. Steven can pout. Randy can bug his eyes out with shock. We can fuss. But, the very nature of thise competition means that one-by-one, there will be elimination shock waves each week. Deal with it.”

      Thank you for saying what I meant to say in my first comment, but forgot as I went on another tangent. (haha!)

  36. I will no longer be watching the show…..this is not the fist time this has happened. The judge's are to fault for this, they should never have given Casey the one and only stay in……he didn't deserve it…..and Nigel had better open his eyes and change the voting system……you cannot have teeny boppers voting for someone future lively hood…….that's in bad taste.

  37. Let me know when Paul and Casey have been eliminated from the competition. Then maybe I'll go back to watching American Idol.

      • What? You don't like to see a skinny little man using a baby girl's voice whispering words to a song? Apparently, some tone-deaf voters do.

  38. OOO my Goddddddd… after 2-3 days after the result show iam still shocked with pia’s elimination and i am still soooo happy for stefano’s safe…

    Stefano,paul,james,casy,scotty are awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

    ooOO my godddddd this week result show will killing me… OOOO my GODDDDDD…what will happen…

  39. and i thinK Stefano is under a lot of pressure NOW… cause when casy and pia was eliminated stefano was beside… and all boooooo…and thats soooo hard to handle….

    so HEY StefanOO … heyyy boyyyyyyyy…gooooooooo…u r one of my favorite…

  40. The voting system is broken as it allows anyone to cast numerous votes over and over and over(cheaters)and allows automated bots to have their computers vote over and over for the same contestant. Americans made the rest of the world believes we Americans are naive and dishonest when we went to the polls and voted Obama, America has now removed all doubt.

  41. Teenie vote? Uhhmm possibly … TS did win Entertainer of the Year @ the 2011 CMA's.

    Multi voting? For Americans to pick their 2011 Idol, it seems absurb you'd incorporate such a bias format.

    So what other kind of reasons could be debated for Pia's sudden exit. How about ratings? Take 11(record) talented contestants to go on AI's summer tour. Toss in a crazy voting system and Viola!!! IMHO, what I perceived to be a #1, 2 or 3 contest hit's the shower early. AI suddenly has the next best thing since Charlie Sheen. There's all this distent of "I'm never watching again". Well surprise … the viewer #'s will probably increase. It's human nature curiousity. Kinda like Survivor trying to win ratings having a Rob vs's Russel episode. How many people who don't watch AI, suddenly are turning it on after hearing the chatter at the water cooler. Pia leaving was probably the best unexpected rating maneuver AI could have gotten. Be interesting how they try and milk it.

  42. Pia was SO BORING! I am SO GLAD she was eliminated. And that outfit on Thursday night was way over the top…if I were her parents sitting in the audience, I'd be very embarrassed with her falling out of that outfit. The BEST 2 GIRLS are still in it…..but my favorites are Casey, James and Scotty…….can't wait to see who wins and again I am SO GLAD the most boring one is finally OUT!

  43. Joanne says:

    April 9, 2011 at 2:44 PM

    I will no longer be watching the show…..this is not the fist time this has happened. The judge’s are to fault for this, they should never have given Casey the one and only stay in……he didn’t deserve it

    Wow, Joanne – It looks like the judges forgot to ask your permission! Maybe they didn't realize you were the expert.

  44. I'm very confused and shocked. I thought this was a singing competition,and if it were then Pia had it by a mile. Not sure why a few of the remaining contenders are still there and Pia is not. She can sing!

  45. I was very very shocked that Pia was the one to be eliminated this week. In my opionion she should have won the title.

    I think saving Casi was the biggest mistake, Pia is a fabulous singer, much better then Casi could ever be. That is my opinion. She should have been saved not Casi. I am very sorry but I am not watching the show the rest of this year.

  46. Well, I've watched Idol since it started and I've never been as upset with a vote as I was this past Thursday evening when Pia was eliminated. As the judges have consistently stated each week, she was the "total package". I woke up this morning thinking of Pia with tears in my eyes. So we ask "why?" None of us have that answer. Not meant for her this time…I don't think so. How does American Idol keep this from happening in the future? Give the judges more than 1 save; have two competitions one in Spring and one in the Fall and divide the age groups; i.e., 15-18 and 19-24. Just sounding off trying to get past this weeks show. Pia your talent has blessed us, and you are loved by more than you can imagine. Your grace on the stage was a shining light. Your ease of singing but yet compassion in your deliverance soothed the soul. Your beauty was a gift from HIM. Praying for you and your family.

  47. I am really sorry to see Pia leave the show. She was definitely in a league of her own. I'm sure she will receive a recording contract from some producer. She is that good. Perhaps it is time for American Idol to change the voting process. This has happened before, where talented people are being eliminated. Contestants shouldn't be voted through because someone thinks they are cute, etc.

    This is suppose to be about TALENT. And all of the contestants take this very seriously. It just isn't fair to them. They work so hard.

  48. Let's face it. The nature of the show is to cause drama and drama is entertainment. The show is also cruel because like in great literature, only trouble is interesting. Those in the bottom three are in trouble, it causes angst for them and their fans. Only one person can win and those that get eliminated feel hurt as do their fan base. Not everyone can have a winning horse in the race. I'd like to see a male idol as well as a female idol to balance things out. That way it won't be the teenage girls of America's boy crush choice. Also a limit on votes. Who wants to spend two hours after the show calling the idol number? As for this article Matt, making fun and dissing contestants like Hailey make you seem like a pretty cheap and petty guy. I think the forum would be better served if you didn't take crappy shots at contestants that you don't favor. I personally think Hailey can win this thing. She has the whole package. Check out the Studio version of "Piece of my Heart"…it's pretty awesome. And she's also the comeback kid. We all know America likes to bet on the underdog. Enough said. The fact is these kids are all incredibly talented to make it this far and I wish them all the best. Each week we will watch one get eliminated. It will hurt if its your favorite. It's no reason to hate the one's left standing. If they made it this far, magic can happen for any of them.

  49. I'm pretty sure we, the voters, know how the show works, after all it has been on the air for ten seasons. I'm pretty sure the contestants know how the show works, I'm sure they signed contracts or what not, not to mention I'm sure have been watching for ten seasons. To say it is "unfair" now is kind of ridiculous. If this is truly how you feel, then you should stop watching and voting and the contestants can stop competing, but please…stop the whining.

  50. Hello everyone, please get a life for once and get over with it. Pia is already gone, majority of the voters declared she is out so let's start to grow up and embrace the Top 8 contestants. Every contestants was great that night as the judges declared so that means anyone can get eliminated.

    When exactly this outcry is going to stop. Please be fair and have a sense of sensible feelings for each of the remaining contestants to compete. It's still boils down to Top 8 and why is it all this Pia here and Pia there. Hello, she is just one of the contestant like the rest and how exactly super-good she can be when there are other talented kids in this competition. Honestly, you cannot compare Whitney with Celine and Madonna with Gaga or Rihanna and Britney right. There are all different and the world is too big for just one talent. My goodness I am really ashame to see and soak into this kind of aftermath.

    Ok let's move on from here and no more mentioning on Pia this and that. Enough is enough let's focus on the rest of the contestants. James, Stefano, Lauren, Hayley are great so give them your support. Remember Pia is surely a great singer but defintely not the greatest right.

    Believe me you guys are so going to regret it and feeling so shameful to look back someday on your foolishness to worship and protest Pia this and Pia that and bring back Pia when you realized she is not exactly what you guys are going to listen to for a long time down the road.

    There are only one and only Madonna, Barbara Streisand and perhaps Diana Ross or Beyonce that can comman legions of true fans throughout….and Pia has yet to prove that someday but by that time you all are going to be so in love with your ownself. God bless.

    • The going of Pia, wss a mistake, I think we all know that, what I want to know is when is her CD being released, I am sure that will not be the last we hear form her, I hope not anyway.

      • Yeah Jack, you can buy her CD and that's about it. Listen to it over and over again and in no time you are over with it.

        Pia;s elimination was never a mistake in the eyes of people who appreciate great entertaining value fo a good ticket price. We want visual too,

    • I have been watching Idol since it started and all voices are amazing but thats not all it takes, connecting and performance is all but one package. Voting as well, thats number one, people must vote if they want their contender to continue. The shock on everyones faces was priceless, including Jennifer Lopez. The look on my sons face was astounding and I asked him if he voted and guess what his answer was. Yes people I am Canadian but I love the show and I hope my voting on line is counted. So far, my 2 contenders I have chose are still standing…so good luck and VOTE if you want yours there too!!!

    • Your column was very good except for you didnt mention Scotty being great and needing your support. You could have forgot to mention James

    • Diva, Amen to that! I'm not paying to see someone standing on the stage, in one place, holding the mic. stand.

    • Diva, you are simply blind. Pia will have a huge future, way ahead of the rubbish left. Like you Jack I am waiting for Pia's CD.Her voice is just fantastic, and she is a beautiful girl to boot. Whole package. Won't be watching the wanna bes left.

    • Diva Madonna, please don't tell me how to act, talk or what to post. Haley is nowhere near the talent Pia is. You are the one that needs to get a life.

      • Pia will make it inside the studio for sure , but she will not be coming out of there anytime soon untill she has some choreography lessons. American wants entertainment.

  51. All this malarkey about the "tweens" and "teeny boppers" calling in all the votes for the guys is a bunch of crap. I am a regular middle-aged person, and I have voted for the guys more than the girls because I enjoy their performances more, and I think they have done a much better job of individualizing their songs. Not only do I think the girls (especially Pia) have been boring, I get tired of them trying to "sex it up" all the time. I thought Pia looked like a Holstein cow in that ridiculous outfit she wore the other night. If you miss Pia that much, you can always compensate by riding in an elevator. The music in those is similar enough to tide you over. Anyway, here's how I vote: When one of the contestants (either sex) does a great job, they get my vote. When they bore me, they don't. It's that simple. Period.

    • Absolutely Rhonda, i am sure the guys are much better and entertaining than the girls. Do agree that Pia's performances were boring, she focused too much on hand moving and controlling her vocal and definitely not moving the crowd and failed in showmanship. Is this really some kind of entertainer we want to be entertained for paying top dollars to watch?????

      Basically, a great singer can hit the octave range and scale the notes high like Celine, Mariah or Whitney…BUT….if you failed to perform and rock the stage like Tina Turner, Beyonce and the one and only MADONNA, then you FAILED as an entertainer, though i thought Celine is still ok on stage BUT definitely not Mariah cos she is more like a Jukebox singer, you just listen to her CD and that's about it and i rather have JLO on stage anytime than Mariah.

      So now I am rooting strongly for James and Stefano cos these 2 have it all on stage. PERIOD!!!!!

    • AMEN!!!!!!!!

      We the people….didn't "get it wrong"! We voted for the contestants we wanted to stay. She was not one of them. If the judges did not agree with us, they should not have used the save on Casey. We did not want him to stay either. Besides, before it is all over, all but one of them will go. At times like this, I wish Simon was still on the show. He would have understood why we sent her home. Don't get me wrong, she has a beautiful voice, but absence of stage presence or lack of connection with the voters will get you sent home even if the "experts" do not think you should go. They have done their part and now it is up to us. This is two separate weeks the judges have told the voters we were wrong. If the judges want to have all of the say so, then just change the show to Judges Idol and leave us out of it.

      • You're absolutely right America shouldn't be allowed to vote. Especially since the voting can be so easily manipulated, and american females are so obviously clueless on what constitues talent.

        So, either completely put it in the hands of the judges or give 50% of the vote to the judges. That would at least eliminate the obvious male bias.

    • Amen, I am middle aged to and I love scotty. Pia bored me to tears. Beautiful, great voice, but a boring sorry.

  52. When the top 13 was chosen, we said it was the most talented bunch we had heard and we are AI junkies.

    Scottie's ridiculously amazing bass:

    Pia's soaring vocals – and yes, she suffers from stage fright.

    Paul's quirky but distinctive voice:

    James' Adam Lambert like vocal range:

    Lauren who at 15 (when her journey started) is a young woman when singing and a giggly 16-year old when she talks to the "judges."

    And on, and on – a tremendously talented and, in the main, young group. Paul is the old man of the group now at 26.

    Stage fright, by the way, is not unusual with artistes. Barbra Streisand and Carly Simon, among others suffered from it, and I know of one male singer who literally threw up before every show because of nerves.

    Like many, we loved Pia and were really upset at last Thursday's result. Will we stop watching? No chance, because this is still a very talented group and we will – for the first time – go to see the top 11 when they are on tour.

    When Pia was interviewed after the show, she commented that things had already started happening for her and, lo and behold, we are told that she already has a recording contract and the company is going to get its' act together and release a CD as quickly as possible.

    The voting system is what it is and won't change as long as it suits the corporations like Fox and AT&T it favors.

    Pia Toscano has a future, as do many of the remaining contestants. The remaining 8 have not suddenly become bad just because Pia was voted off.

    So, we will be on the sofa, with the surround sound cranked up, waiting to be entertained by 8 uniquely different singers on Wednesday.

    • This is the first comment I have read that I can wholeheartedly agree with. You make very good points!

  53. I was watching JLeno last night and Pia stood there like stick singing. I was very disappointed. She didn't connect with the audience at all. She would do well as a backup singer. I was thinking, No wonder she got eleminated..

    • No change in Pia's performance skills on Jay Leno. However, I really thought it was kind of a slap in her face the way it played out on television. Jay spoke to her briefly, then she went into her song. Barely got out a line & off to comercial. No Pia when the comercial was over. I'm no Pia fan, but it was rude.

      • That's sad. But maybe in the interview they decided she wasn't meant to speak much on camera (couldn't hold up her end), you never know.

    • I was able to watch the show (JLeno), too. I agree with you that she didn't connect with the audience. Couldn't help compare her performance to Naima and Thia's.

      • Unfortunately, I agree also. I kept hoping she'd loosen up as the show progressed, but it wasn't to be. She's still a great singer though, and I actually admire the Dignified stage presence, though I know the moving around is what sells until you're an older legend–but I can't quite say that Iggy Pop(?)'s status as "a-moving-all-around-the-stage-blabbering like a crazed demoniac with his shirt off" endeared him to AI fans. (though I'm sure a partial part of a shirt would've shaken up Pia's Leno bit some).

    • Everybody was telling Thia was boring.. but Thia did an amazing job in all the interviews…so proud of the little girl!

  54. American Idol meets LOST! Did you really think we would BELIEVE those girls rushing Scotty was genuine?! DUUUHH!!! And Russell Brand? Hulk Hogan? I'M SO EMBARRASSED FOR FOX!! Constantine and Iggy showed us how NOT to sing (UUUGGGHHH!!!!) and how NOT to move, if that mattered (doesn't). Iggy: "wild?" You looked exhausted after a minute and a half!

    Don't look so shocked, Randy. You blew off America by WASTING the Save on Casey, and now you're shocked when they blow YOU off?! Pia was the only consistent, skillful and truly gifted singer up there. A year from now, 2 years, and she and James are the only names you will hear. (In a few years, maybe Thia.)

    As I said on another thread: if I were Pia, I'd take this "vote" (pardon my language) as a COMPLIMENT. You don't fit with the "cultural" background of 13 year old girls, Pia, and you're not a cute guy. THE ONLY COOL THING is to get voted OFF AI!! Should be a ticket to a stellar career!

    • OH, forgot Lauren. She's got a good career ahead of her too. OK… Sotty will succeed as well. BUT THAT"S IT! And none of em are as talented as Pia!

    • I don't think anyone believes that the girls running on stage was real. Of course it was fixed, scotty was clueless about it, but the producers weren't. they know where the money is.

    • BTW SaangIt, I didn't see your comment above.. You have given some credit to a few other competitors..

  55. For those of you who are totally torn apart by Pia leaving, she is already in the process of signing a record deal, blessings in disguise, people, and for those of you who are bashing the other contestants, I hope you realize just how ugly you sound. It's not anyone's fault but, the Pia's fans. It's not Stefano's fault, because his fans are actually voting for him. It's not Casey's fault because the judges used the save on him. It's not Scotty's fault because he has fans that will stay up and vote for him the full two hours. Get a grip, everyone in this country has the ability to vote, and to all of those of you who are complaining about Pia leaving, I surely hope you voted for her Wednesday night, because if you didn't you have NO room to be complaining.

  56. I totally agree with you Kerri cause they keep blaming the judges for saving Casey and I don't understand why so many people do not like Casey just because he was save by the judges but the fact is that Casey vocal was good but people seems to say that he does not deserve the save and should save for Pia. Pia had good voice also but just been out cause of less vote not that she is not good so the voters are to be blame not the judges. This year is very hard to predict who will be in the final 2 cause all of them are good but I can see most fan vote will be for Lauren, Scotty & James. As for Casey he has good vocal too but it seems like so many people dislike him just because the judges use the save on him.

    • From the top 12, not one of them didn't/doesn't deserve the save to be used on them. Only one save per season. The judges didn't use the save on Karen & I'm sure at least two of them wanted to. Casey certaintly deserved to go on the summer tour as much if not more that Thia. So in my opinion, the save was well used.

      • Well said Bunny cause Casey has good vocal and a performer and he deserve the save furthermore the judges can only save 1 person.

  57. steven tyler right!

    Nigel Lythgoe wrong!

    If you think kids texting in millions of times for a good looking guy with an ok Pia's failings, you're covering your ass for a faulty voting system.

    They wont even buy these guys CD's 500 times when they come out, only once like the rest of us. Think about it Nigel! Maybe man up and admit YOU'RE WRONG..and change the system.

  58. With Pia and Thia gone, I'm now rooting for Haley and Paul. Actually, since two weeks ago, Haley has become my unexpected favorite. Paul because I just love the performance. Not sure i'll buy his records but I'll watch his concerts.

  59. OK, that's my rant. I WILL keep watching, because they ARE talented kids, and entertaining. But the judging and "voting" ("scuse again) is a joke, and the production of this show has become utterly embarrassing. The Almighty Dollar wins again — not called "AMERICAN" Idol for nothing (I love America btw)!

    Meanwhile, can't wait to see if "The VOICE" can do it any better. Premiers April 26 on NBC — and NO, I don't work for NBC! Just sick of how good shows get ruined… mebbe a little competition is just the thing…

  60. I agree with the judges I would not have sent her home this week whoever I am more appalled at the judges comments. 1. Blaming America for not voting. I'm under the impression lots of votes are coming in. 2. If my vote is going to be deemed wrong why should I continue to vote? The reality is she was my 4th favorite. I only vote for my top 2. Is this not America's choice? The judges were in my opinion disrespectfull to the other contestants and to the voters. I have Tvo'd the shows and after the results I went back and rewatched the shows. I always liked Pia but she was the only one I realized that I never had an emotional reaction to while she was performing. I have said to many friends I like her so much in interviews why can't I like her in performance? At least the judges rude comments have diverted Jacob's rude comment. AND no I do not dislike Beautiful women.

    • I agree with you 100% that the judges were disrespectful to the AI viewing audience and all of the other contestants. SHAME ON THEM! And, I am glad you brought up Jacob's rude comment: it really burned me when he said (prior to even singing!) that if America didn't vote for him it wasn't because his performance wasn't good. What a stuck-up (and did I mention BORING?) person he is! Frankly, I have never liked ANY of his performances: between his unpleasant screeching and his bizarre facial contortions, I find him unpleasant to watch or listen to. And to think that Jacob is one of the ones who the judges keep trying to build up. Let's see: one week, Steven jumped up and gave him a bear hug. Another week, Jennifer said how he was as awesome as her favorite singer EVER. I wish the judges would quit trying to slant America's votes in the direction of their own personal favorites. It is doubly upsetting to me because I've been a huge fan of Steven Tyler – Aerosmith all of my life, have spent a small fortune on their concert tickets & albums, and now I feel like I (along with hordes of his other fans) am being disrespected by said Steven Tyler. I was so excited when he joined the show, but if all he is going to do is pick his personal favorites (many of whom seem to be based on personal, um, well . . . to be diplomatic, let's say "attributes" since booty call potential might be a little harsh), I could do without him!

    • Oh Jennifer, you are right on. I feel the same way. The judges totally disrespected the viewing audience. Shame on them. Too bad judges, since we are the people that purchase the CD's & concert tickets…I guess we are entitled to vote for who we'd pay to see & listen to. Their behavior enraged me…wish they would get the message.

      • This is American idol after all so why don't we have an American style process? One phone number, one vote. In addition, what about America's republican tradition (not the party, but the type of government)? Where are the checks and balances? After all, the system is supposed to protect against the concentration of power and authority into one body alone so why should the voters on American Idol have 100% control over the results? America isn't a direct democracy and for good reason. Don't lose your mistrust America!

  61. I don't think Nigel knows how the voting goes or who can say or no one seens the total or individual tally we pay the price and all and nigel needs to realize we are the voting people.

    • Since Nigel is the show's executive producer, I would bet he definitely sees the voting results and breakdowns.

    • If Nigel is monitoring the thousands of posts on the web, why doesn't he see that America is demanding that the voting process be changed. One person….one vote. If Dancing with the Stars can do it, it must not be too hard for the AI people to figure it out. We have been asking for this since Daughtery and Hudson.

      • Probably so they can announce the number of votes received at the open of each results show to impress the viewers and so forth. The ratings aren't what they once where when they kept beating their own year to date record so this might be a good time to update the voting system.

      • In the same interview where Nigel revealed that Pia was not getting the votes people thought she was, he also admits that the format for voting could be tweaked to make better. If or what they will do…who knows.

      • One more time…..

        Idol is partnered with AT&T and makes money on all of the text votes. Nigel said this week that they will NEVER change the unlimited voting policy. They're making money, why should they?

    • With the results that Nigel gets, just think what you can do with it in Las Vegas every Thursday evening!!

      Nigel probably has these numbers in a spreadsheet and has it forecasting who will win the whole thing based on trending numbers.

  62. The show may go on for you but I'm done this season. When an incredibly talented singer like that can be eliminated because she doesn't appeal to any pre-pubescent girl who's gaga for one of the guys makes this not-the-show for adults or serious musicians.

    • I'm an adult, I'm not "gaga" over any of the guys, and she bored me to tears. You don't know me or any of the others who didn't vote for her, so don't assume you know any of our reasons for our antipathy for her. I personally wouldn't listen to an album of hers if it was given to me for FREE. She just does NOT have a performance style that appeals to me. I am positive I would fall asleep if I had to listen to her for very long. In fact, I HAVE dozed off when she was performing on AI . . . more than once!

      • I couldn't agree more! And, if her fans wanted her to be there, they should have voted. That's how it works.

      • P.S. I am an adult woman…not a pre-pubescent girl. I am not gaga over the boys, so don't assume anything. I love music, I buy music, I go to concerts…yes she has a lovely voice, but she was a snooze. My opinion.

      • menopause is a bitch, makes you sleepy as well…your comments don't come off as jealous at all! I believe you.

        I can see how good looking, perfect singing girls, would threaten you, as your partners/husbands are sitting there salivating and groping themselves.

        Go Haley and Lauren..represent us!

      • Tone Def – Your remarks are unnecessary and inflammatory. You need to grow up and quit making infantile stabs at others just because they don't necessarily share your viewpoint. You are entitled to like whichever contestant(s) you like, and for whatever reason. So are we.

      • tone def, sounds a little passive aggressive to me. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. No reason to be nasty.

      • And in a nutshell this is exactly what's wrong with the decision making from the American Public.

      • tone def, you're name says it all. How are those anger management classes working out for you?

  63. I also think there were other contestants were not as good as the ones that left especially the bearded one I do not think he was at all better then the ones that left. My opinion

  64. I voted for Pia here online and my first two votes didn't take. It wasn't until the third time I tried that it came up and said that I had successfully voted. I don't know if you can still vote multiple times like in the past, but I really think they need to allow one vote per person. I would think teens would be more likely to sit and vote over and over again which in turn scues the numbers. It is truly who has the most votes, rather than who has the most FANS.

    I agree with the premise that it's girls who really do most of the voting and probably young (tween/teen) girls at that. That also scues the numbers, which is why more guys are winning.

    We shouldn't really be surprised about this I guess…just look at some of the past winners! Where are they now?!

    • If everyone could only vote once those same 'teeny/tweeny' folks would find a way to vote more than once. They'd borrow everyone's cell phones, make numerous e-mail accounts, etc. and I think the skewness you speak of would be even worse.

      Honestly, I think the best fix would be to go to more of a Dancing with the Stars format where they get a score/rating from the judges that influences whether or not they go home. Of course this would mean the judges would actually have to, without bias, critique each performance so maybe it's too crazy of an idea.

  65. I am not surprised she got eliminated, she never quite connected with me, even though she sang great. In fact I was more surprised when people talked about her as a favorite. I can totally see why she wouldn't have a big fanbase. Also, all the contestants that are left are great and someone's gotta go.

  66. I really don't think the voting is being driven by little girl votes, not this year anyway. There are only 2 candidates for their votes and people that claim this is why Pia went home are also, inadvertently, saying either Scotty or Lauren should have gone home. Neither is necessarily the case so people should stop bringing it up. Little girl votes sure as heck aren't keeping Casey, Paul, Jacob, or Stefano in (if Stefano had the girls behind him he wouldn't have been in the bottom 3 as much as he has and he would have been one of the original 10).

    Also, Haley was not in the bottom 3 this week so I'm really tired of people saying she should have gone home instead. How is that more justifiable? Haley fans kept her safe this week, not even in the bottom 3, but she should go home because Pia couldn't get enough people to vote for her? People that are 'so mad' about this should have voted more. Pia fans failed Pia not anyone else, and that's all that happened.

    • I respectfully disagree. I've said it for several seasons. I have a 15 year old and you should see her FB light up when idol's on. MOSTLY GIRLS declaring who their "pick" is and how many times they've voted for "him". It's NEVER a girl.

      Looks like CNN entertainment is questioning the same thing:

      • I still don't think it's teenage girls keeping James, Paul, Casey, or Jacob in the competition. Again, maybe Stefano, but he's half way out the door already so that kind of counts him out. That leaves Scotty, but he also has a huge country fan base. Any other year I'd agree with this theory, but this year I have no idea who is voting for all of the guys, I really don't think it's young girls.

      • Here's why I discount this 'influence' to be the reason Pia left. Jacob – no way the teeny/tweenies are voting for him. Casey – no way the teeny/tweenies are voting for him. Paul – most likely Teeny/Tweenies are NOT voting for him. James – most likely Teeny/Tweenies are Not voting for him. Haley – If your theory is correct she's in the same boat as Pia. Lauren – If your theory is correct she's in the same boat as Pia. However she's also only 16 so maybe she's getting a few. This early in the game it wasn't the kids, if this was the top 4 I would agree that it was. But the kids aren't voting for all the people that stayed, there's no way. And if they are we really should be scared for the future.

  67. Do something about Pia. You people with all of the clout can surely get her reinstated.

      • It would be completely inappropriate, even if they could. If they did it for one, they would have to do it for all. Then, when and how could the competition ever end???

    • I feel outraged she was eliminated too, and it don't add up to me, but this is ok for Pia, from what I hear she was already signed by a record company, so she is on her way. As far as people saying she was boring, she was starting to come out of her shell, it is a growing process for some of these people, thats what American Idol is all about, everyone growing as singersperformers. So many are so judgemental. Without a doubt they are all talented this year, but Pia did have a voice that outshined most. It was a shame she is gone yes, but her future is just starting, so when your cd comes out, I will be one to buy it. God Bless you Pia!

    • Pia wouldn't take it at this point. It would be a desperate move and being with the other contestants would be unbearable. Besides, how horrible if she got voted off the very next week. She doesn't need AI….her phone is ringing off the hook with offers.

    • They would have to bring all the others back too . They can't change the rules for one person. How fair would that be ?

  68. Gorgeous, yes, beautiful voice, yes…Boring, Yes! Good voices are a dime a dozen, but Entertainers are much harder to come by. Did she have a better voice than the competition, No, just different. Combined with the boring factor, that is why she went home. She has to learn to master the Entertainment part. I would not pay to see her in concert. No way. I am an adult, who loves music, not a teeny bopper…I vote every week. I am part of AI "America". I totally resent the judges insisting that America got it wrong. No, America did not get it wrong. This is just not Pia's competition. We are the people that make these artists great…we spend our hard earned dollars on their CD's & concert tickets…The judges don't spend a dime. So, No, we did not get it wrong. If they want the control, then AI should change the rules. I just know that there are obviously lots of people that feel as I do..Pia was not ready to entertain. It's much more than just about a good voice. There are lots of people on the charts with good voices that I would not pay to see. That's my opinion. Thanks

  69. I hope the hosts…Steven, J Lo, and Randy will learn from this. To save your "save" vote for someone who deserves it. They wasted it on Casey. When Pia should have been saved.

    Pia will be just fine. That girl has it all.

    • Howard, I agree, Pia will be just fine…along with all of the other contestants. They are all a bunch of talented kids. But only one can win. The others will all do fine. Elimination is not the end of success, sometimes only the beginning.

    • The only reason it was wasted is because it was so early in the season not because it was Casey. How do people say 'Casey deserved to go then' but Pia 'doesn't deserve to go now?' That's totally hypocritical. The save should only be used on your favorites? Only people you like deserve to be saved. Please do the world a favor and get over yourself.

  70. i also thought pia had a good voice, but she was boring and not very entertaining for me either….she just stands there when she sings, doesn't move very much or connect with the audience…

  71. Pia

    Everyone I know are not going to watch American Idol any more. Her going now was so wrong. I could see it in the final 2 or 3. This is wrong. She is why so many watched.

    You could redeem yourself if you kept her as a feature guest artist each week. This would give all something to look foward to.

    • It's not the show's fault she left it's her fans are bums that wouldn't vote for her. The people you should be mad at are those people you know that aren't watching anymore because they didn't vote enough. Pia fans FAILED to keep her alive on this show, they didn't vote as much as other contestants fans. That's not the fans fault, that's not the other contestants fault, that's not the judges fault, that's not the producers fault, and you can't even blame the gnome. Seriously, get over it. You people didn't vote and she left, that's what happened.

    • Great so blame all the other worthy contestants. That's right only pia is worthy. Please give me a ###@# break.

  72. well she might have gotten booted but she is the luckiest out of all the American idols now.she has agents producers and she has made it like that to the watch out American idol when you have great talent and beauty like Pia you go far and she is going to be like in top 1 performer and go far .new star born.thanks American idol now she is going higher then your show. ha ha someone thought they would get rid of her because she was to good for your American idol.I said it and so did Steven tyler the woman were so jealous of her .well Pia you are gorgeous and have the voice of a perfect singer and you are.your voice is a angel from heaven

  73. Pia has an amazing voice. No question about her talent. The reason she was voted off because she did not connect with the home-viewing audience. She seemed reserved and less "approachable". Most of the other contestants have connected with the home-viewing audience, with the exception of a couple (who I won't name). An "IDOL" isn't just someone who can sing.. it's someone that we feel like we want to know. I want to get to know James and Casey and Scotty and Lauren, for example.. but I never really felt like I wanted to get to know Pia, because she didn't seem to want to let us get to know her. It's a personality, not just a voice.

    • she now has a contract with the most famous producers and agents she was called to do a album 24 hours after she got voted off.look it up.she was going to go far anyway you look at she now has a contract they all want her that was a gift from god a better offer and better money faster and she showed all of you that good talent cant get away .go girl you will be a new star is born better then any american idol

  74. I think Pia being voted off exposed what American Idol is all about. It's definitely not about talent they are after. They're after teen popularity and the likes of that jerk without the shirt they had invided as a "special" guest at the end of the show. If any other thing downgraded American Idol it was having him on to supposedly let the contestants see real talent. He sure in he*l wasn't entertaining!! I’ve lost soo much interest in American Idol since the last show. Most people I’ve talked to say the same. Pia is a SUPERSTAR and was actually TOO good for that type of program and it was quite obvious after each of her performances. I wish her the very best of luck in all that she sets her heart on. My family will follow her success and buy her records and watch her whenever we can. As far as American Idol, it will always be a second rated show now no matter how it ranks in the polls. Once the judges are done after the top eleven are selected, it's a joke! It caters to teen girl so in that respect it's good for them. The least that show could do is reward 3 winners about like the Olympics do and make sure that the judges are well qualified. The last 3 Idol winners were without a doubt teen girl selected so no REAL talent will ever be the winner in most cases. I’m so disappointed to see Pia off the show that it bothers me about the show now.

  75. No I am not ready to let go!!! Pia had just started to blossom and she was going to take her tremendous talent to new heights. She is by far the best singer of the lot just like Chrystal Bowersox was but Pia is even greater is she was lot more hardworking and took things more seriously. Anyway I am done with American Idol for good, the show isn't worth watching any more!

    • agree but 24 hours after she got voted off producers and agents from all over wanted her and with in 24 hours she had a contract with them for a album so don't worry what comes around goes around and she is the best and was to good for American idol

  76. Us Magazine reports that Pia Toscano has signed a record deal with Interscope Records.

    From US Magazine:

    Well that was fast!

    Less than 24 hours after her shocking early American Idol exit, season 10 finalist Pia Toscano has scored a record deal, has exclusively confirmed.

    The 22-year-old New Yorker — booted from the Fox series Thursday — will record her debut album under the Interscope Records imprint, which is chaired by Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine.

    “Pia is being signed to a deal with Interscope Records who are rushing her into the studio to record an album ASAP,” a source familiar with the contract talks tells Us. “Starting [Thursday] night after the show, Interscope told her they wanted her and first thing [Friday] morning Interscope brass started calling every top songwriter and producer in town to get an album together and rush release it.”

    • i new it she was to good for American idol congratulations Pia so anyone who doesn't like it to bad she deserves it and will be famous fast already is

    • I'll be watching the stats on Pia's first album. Good for her. Bet it will sell like crazy, if all the mourning fans on these forums back up their words.

      I'm a little confused about the rules on signing contracts, etc, though. I thought that was not permitted until after a certain time period had elapsed. Maybe Interscope and AI are connected. I don't know much about that, I admit. I'd like to know how radio play works with respect to these kind of things, too. Easy to see how payola once occurred, given the mysterious ways things have played out currently on AI. Just think of the money that they will be making from all the uproar caused by Pia's ousting! Genius manipulation!

      The telling part is whether or not her 2nd album sells.

      • Yeh, as you mentioned in your reply to my other post, Interscope and AI are related. I also found it interesting that the article said they are rushing to get the best songwriters and producers together for it. Just proves my point that she can't even write music. Many will reply to that with "Who cares if she can't write her own music." I guess I am a purist. I don't mind when an established artist does a cover…in fact I love it. But, for example, one of the things I love about U2 is how poetic Bono is and how great they are at writing their own music that they then perform. What they create on their own is a part of who they are as the complete artist. My very first interest with Thia on the show was because I heard a song she wrote when she was 12 and was amazed by it. I guess my thought is that good voices are a dime a dozen (and I categorize Pia's voice as good…not great). So let's see what else you can do with music before I pay you $$ for your stuff.

      • @KL, Thia Megia wrote her first song at age 6 to her teddy bear and several after that.(She writes stories too). Thia even performed her own composition, showing she has her own, unique voice, in an interview with TFC Balitang America.

        She can play the piano and the guitar.

    • I was shocked to see that this article is actually true. The contestants' contract with Idol prohibits this kind of thing, so I wonder what this will do for the other eliminated contestants. It sets precedence for them to go out and get contracts. but it's all about money. Surely they are trying to make off the "shock" this week. While Pia is still a household name, they're going to try to milk it. Good for Pia, though I won't buy her stuff. I hope they are able to produce it in time to keep people interested. Will be interesting to see how it works out, especially when Nigel has revealed that Pia was not really as popular in the voting as people thought.

      • I just read on US that Interscope is a part of American Idol. So that's how they can do it. AND, now the conspiracy theories begin again, eh? Only this time from those of us who weren't her fans.

      • That's funny HP. I was thinking the same thing! I'm usually not a conspiracy theorist…unless it comes to businesses trying to make big bucks. But who knows. And really…who cares.

      • Well, the caring part? I do. I don't like being manipulated. Yeah, I know, we're all being manipulated unconsciously all the time. But if the ousting was planned, well, that's just plain stinky for everyone, and it makes me wonder if the judges were doing one hell of a job of acting Thurs night.

      • If they only allow Pia to cut an album, then I have an issue. And in that case I would tend to think it was something planned. Who knows, maybe they tested the waters with Casey. to get a feel of how the public would respond. We'll never know. But if they allow Pia to do this, then they should let all of the ousted contestants seek recording contracts while their name is still known. I would bet anything that there are lots of studios who would contract with the contestants while their name is hot. So let them all do it.

      • Well, I'd agree with that, because it is in the contestants' interests. I am just feeling slimed a bit here.

    • This isn't good. The fix was in and Pia knew it. Her and idol manipulated every fan out there.

  77. Pia bored the people… Period! Look how stiff she was when she sang River Deep Mountain High last Wednesday. I agree with most of the comments here- She didn't connect with the audience. The judges should have seen this coming so that she had the chance to correct her movements similar to what they made Stefano do. Im not saying Stefano improved vocally because he's still the same but now he's focused on how to connect with the audience and it was evident in his past 2 performances. All the judges saw in Pia was her vocal ability. I always envision her making it to the Top 3. It's a shame. But people let's get over it… I never really imagined her winning this season. what's done is done!

    I agree with one of the comments here, we all believed that The Top 13 were the best and could possibly be the best bunch of all AI seasons. Let's embrace the remaning Top 8.

    • I agree! I'm sure this top 8 feels completely awful, after all the comments have been made. People need to realize that this wasn't the Pia competition, obviously. I hope that people can let this go and appreciate the talent that is left on the show. These surprises are bound to happen with the talent that is on this season! They are all absolutely amazing, and as I also though Pia would make the top two, the other contestants talent is undeniable. Pia is not the only one who came into this competition with talent. People need to realize that each person has to go eventually to find the winner. I surely hope people will continue to watch and give all of the other contestants a chance.

  78. As for the contract, the insider says, "Papers are being finalized. It's basically a done deal. She's signing. They rushed everything but she's so excited."

    Though Idol fans are still coming to terms with her dismissal, Toscano — who will hit the road this summer for the Idols LIVE! concert tour — is taking her bad news in stride.

  79. Now everyone can stop the crying about Pia and start to support and congratulate her instead. Let's move on and support the remaining contestants and wish them the best.

  80. As an AI viewer that wasn't taken with Pia, I would like to say one thing: Even though she wasn't one of the ones whose performances pleased me, I absolutely DO wish her all the best. My preference for other performers was never intended to be an insult to her or to those who really like her. It stands to reason, doesn't it, that we all have widely varied preferences in our musical choices? If we didn't, we wouldn't have so many artists . . . so many genres . . . so many types of voices. While I can appreciate each and every one of those different artists and their individual styles, I only listen to the ones that appeal directly to me. That is just human nature, and is not inappropriate. People need to quit taking this issue so personally. Pia IS great. She just isn't my particular "cup of tea". I am glad she will have a wonderful career, as I am glad that all of these contestants will have much more promising and fulfilling careers than they could have had without Idol. Having said that, I still won't be buying her albums – they are just not compatible with my personal taste in music. And, that is good because the people who buy her albums probably won't buy the ones I will want. That gives ALL of the performers a piece of the pie, and that is wonderful!

  81. I really, really, don't understand this reaction of shock and awe about Pia being elimated. She didn't get the votes to stay. The majority DIDN'T LIKE HER!

    What kind of contest is this if when America speaks their choice the minority balk? Is this a case, as in so many cases, where the minority has the biggest mouth? I, for one of many, am glad she's gone. She was boring!

    Okay, maybe she had an okay voice, but I thought American Idol was about the whole package. She certainly wasn't the whole package and her being eliminated proves it. And what are we saying to the other contestants…"you should have left and not Pia?" Pretty rude if you ask me.

    Now we are going to have to have her album pushed down our throats. Get over it for gosh sakes…she's gone for a reason.

    • i agree, american idol is looking for somebody with a whole package and not just somebody who belts it out vocally. I really like Pia… she's in my Top 3 but I would have to admit she just didn't connect with the majority of america. I hope what Nigel said and I quote “I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner,” revealed Nigel, adding: “The fact of the matter is, it appears that Pia didn’t connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did.”- would explain everything… she just DIDN'T CONNECT… moving on…

      • The thing is if this was a purely singing competition we'd be hearing a bunch of contemporary classical music and Sarah Brightman and Josh Groban would be the judges and the contestants would be reciting the circle of 5ths and singing arpeggios. AI has NEVER been about 'singing'. A lot of people can sing, you have to set yourself a part from the norm or you won't make it.

  82. I've got to say Pia's leaving, I think, was somewhat premature. I really thought Jacob would leave first. I don't get him in the least, he always moves like his panties are too tight!

    I think people are being really harsh on Haley, she's really the most improved of the bunch, and she's good. But as I said in the beginning I said, Scotty has a career no matter how American Idol handles it or the voters. He's a done deal. Lauren I think is the best of them all though. All she needs to do is turn up the heat a bit more and sizzle.

    I feel the punch has gone out of the race. The two on the right and left of Pia were the ones who should have left before her. Talk about a voter screw up!

    • I agree that Haley has really improved. I didn't like her at all before and got huge laughs during her lipstick performance. But after seeing her do Benny and the Jets, I was impressed with her. I'd say she is most improved overall. Her voice still doesn't do it for me, but I can see her appeal.

      • Haley blew me away with her Hollywood solo performance. She has a very mature interpretation of music and everything she's done she's made it her own. Her stage presence, her performance values needed a lot of work. She was quite rough, and the lipstick incident was just sad. I think she's really trying to improve and working hard for the votes she's getting. Even if people don't like her they can't say she should have gone home instead. Pia, obviously, only focused on what she wanted to do and thought it would get her through each week. Pia is great, if she really is 'it' then she will do well with her recording contract. If not she'll end up like Christie Lee Cook and be forgotten.

  83. I'm glad Matt ran this article and included Nigel's quote. Now people will see that Pia was never really a front runner and that this week should not be as shocking as people are making it. As I mentioned in a different post, being cut this week was actually the best thing that could have happened to Pia. But she'll need to ride it while people still remember her. I think she is easily forgettable…even in her interviews and shows (see Jay Leno) she is pretty boring.

    • I agree with you KL. Her appearance in JLeno's show was pretty much bland for me. Couldn't help compare it Naima and Thia's fun episode.

  84. “I know the [voting] results, so I know she was never a frontrunner,” revealed Nigel, adding: “The fact of the matter is, it appears that Pia didn’t connect with the audience the way we maybe think she did.”

    If Nigel had a clue, this should tell him all he needed to know. The judges loved her, and 50,000 educated voters loved her, but the votes weren't there!! So, if she was in the top for the judges (and they are paid millions to have a clue about talent) what does that tell you about the American Vote. I firmly believe Kelly Clarson and Carrie Underwood would no longer be successful Idol material. They would also get a lot of votes from the 50,000, and the judges would love them, but they wouldn't make it to the top 5.

    With the way voting decisions are made today, Jim Verrajos would have won season one over Kelly, and Scott Savol would have won season four over Carrie.

    In the early years Simon somehow found a way to manipulate the vote so Kelly and Carrie made it through. Even though his vote didn't count, he made it obvious who should get voted for. Because of that, look how successful their careers have been.

    • "50,000 educated voters"???? Really? Does it have to come to this? So, now the ones who didn't feel a connection to Pia are "uneducated"? What a nasty slur to the many Americans who didn't enjoy her performances! I would never call YOU uneducated because you appreciate different musical artists than I do! There is room for all of these artists and there are fans for all of them. We just don't all like the same ones, and there is no reason why we need to. It's not rocket science – just a matter of individual preference! Don't try to shove Pia down my throat, and I won't try to shove my favorites down yours. O.K.???

      • Nasty aren't you! I'm not trying to shove Pia or anyone else down your throat, but I am not a fan of the voting process as it stands right now.

        I really don't believe that the talent that made it through the process 10 years ago (like Kelly and Carrie) would survive today. I also don't care who you want to cast your votes for.

        What I would like to see is a new voting method that allows talent to make it further in the competition. Do I think Pia would have won. NO! However I don't believe she is the 9th worst contestant on this year's American Idol.

        I have recently become much frustrated with the popularity contest that skews toward male singers. Has this always been the case? No! Take a look at last year where 4 out of 5 of the finalist were male. Someone please explain to me how Tim Urban made it so far in the competition? He could hardly carry a tune, yet he made through one week after another. Simon made the comment that he gave some of the worst performances he had ever heard (I totally agree).

        Pia is the symptom of a much bigger problem; the voting the last couple of years has been terrible.

      • so u think Adam Lambert didnt deserve in the finale???!!!!! PLEASE DONT SAY THAT…!!!!

      • While Tim Urban was awful and nobody can deny that you can't blame it on him. It's not his fault he made it so far. First of all, that season was just absolutely awful, evidenced (besides Tim being a finalist) by the fact that Lee DeWyze won. He wouldn't have been in the top 24 any other year. Then you have to factor in the VFTW, which was probably more active last year than ever. He was VFTW pick through out the finals until he was eliminated. Again, that wasn't Tim's fault. He should be given props for going up there every week and doing his best to improve (which he did, he was kinda sorta ok'ish by the time he left). This season is very different. The entire top 13 was extremely talented. It just shows that the contestants are going to have to earn all of their votes. I really think Pia thought she had it in the bag and didn't listen to the judges or the judges didn't critique her enough. She needed to evolve into her own artist much faster than she was doing to have survived the competition.

    • "In the early years Simon somehow found a way to manipulate the vote so Kelly and Carrie made it through"… So what ur sayin is Simon can only do it in the early years but after that he cant? So which is it,does Simon good or sucks in the end? hmmm..i dont get it πŸ™‚

      • This isn't about simon, this is about how the voting has changed over the years. Simon always tried to throw his support toward a particular contestant but in later years his influence was not as effective. This is about how the voters grew beyond Simon and his influence.

        My concern isn't with Pia but the transformation of the voting process over the last 6 years. Early on, the top contestants made it though (not always but usually). Today, that is no longer the case.

        That's why the judges should be allowed to vote and that vote should have a 50% weight toward the outcome. It wouldn't guarantee that Adam Lambert would win, but I think it would make sure the real talent had a greater chance of success and the talentless individulas went home early. With a new voting system the aberrations would be significantly reduced.

  85. Let's see…Pia…not quality enough to be in the top 8…then studio fans boo result, judges cannot believe it, exceptionally high number of comments on the net and elsewhere, huge vote on Entertainment Tonight commenting on the bad vote on elimination, fairly impressive Hollywood stars making comments on her elimination and she gets a very, very quick recording contract…and she will have (probably) a CD out before the end of AI and it will probably sky rocket…so, let's see about her lack of talent and appeal…that sounds like she is just terrible to me…yeah, right…but then again, silly me, I thought it was a singing contest for best singer…oh well, guess I'll just have to do without American Idol (oh that's right…last five eliminated all female and the save was for a male)I meant American Male Idol. Let's see if the next two, three, four eliminations get a recording contract within 24 hours of elimination…I'm with Tom Hanks…see you at the final episode or maybe next year…wanna bet we see Pia singing her number one single before the last show. Don't be too jealous…all she can do is really sing.

    • on ur quote "I thought it was a singing contest for best singer"… if its just that,than it should be held in radio not TV…

      on ur quote "oh well, guess I’ll just have to do without American Idol"… how come in the next quote ur saying this,"I’m with Tom Hanks…see you at the final episode or maybe next year"… Please made up ur mind. Ur an adult right? If u dont like AI,then dont watch n never ever search or heard of any news related to AI again… πŸ˜‰

    • oh yes on ur quote "oh that’s right…last five eliminated all female and the save was for a male"… the judges save the male despite the fact that the male get the lowest vote..? So,are u blamin the voters or the judges? i dont get it…?

      • It's definitely not a singing contest where the best singer makes it to the finals and wins. If that were true, Adam would have won 2 years ago and Crystal would have won last year.

        On the subject of Pia, she may not have had the talent to win it all or even be in the finals, but with a different voting system in place she would have made it past the 9th slot in the competition.

      • Perhaps we're reacting to two different things, Babakoool. I am reacting to the news that Pia has a contract already, when in the past this was just an impossibility (as far as the public knew, anyway). It's as if this train was already on a track. So it raises my paranoia hairs, for sure. And that possibility makes me sick. Just sick.

  86. The only thing sadder than the outcome of thursday's show was the reaction of the judges namely Paula and Randy. So very unprofessional and embarassing. How do they think Stefano felt when he saw their sad pathetic faces. I've got to think they'll look back on it and say they really screwed up. At least Steven keeps his facial expressions to himself. He handled it much more delicately than the other two. Shame on you guys! Anyone agree out there?

    • DeeDee, as much as I wish I could agree with you, I can't . . . I think Steven has shown an outrageous degree of favoritism toward Pia, and he has certainly made a lot of inappropriate comments to her about her looks. Then, as soon as she found out she was voted off, he went up on stage to comfort her . . . neither of the other two judges did that. Every time Steven would tell her she's "beautiful", I always wondered why he thinks that has any legitimate bearing on her performance abilities, and I also wondered how it made the other contestants feel. I would think it made the other females feel less attractive, and I also expect that ALL the other contestants felt that Steven's obvious attraction to Pia was an unfair advantage she had. I expect a judge to be more professional than that, and if he feels a compunction to salivate over a contestant, to do so privately where the viewers don't have to see it. Then, to add extremely nasty "icing to the cake", he accused the AI viewers (many of whom, like myself, have been huge Aerosmith fans all our lives) of not voting for her because we are "jealous". That is not only ridiculous and completely unfounded, it is insulting and beneath him.

  87. I think it was possible that something went "wrong" with the votes. I rad that someone called for an hour and the line was busy the whole time, which they claimed no other voting for another contestant had that happen to them.

    Think of it, this is big time money, and bonuses for the winner. I know a lot of people would do anything to eliminate one of the front runners. All the judges have commented week to week about the fact that she was the best singer, and as Randy said: "In it to win it". I think it had to be sabotaged somehow, because every one knows this wasn't right, and shouldn't have happened. I think someone should look into how this could have happened, maybe someone tampered with the phone number or I don't know. All I know is that the winner is given quite a prize, and some would do anything to sabotage a real contender. Look into it if you can, I think you know from all the comments you have received that something went wrong.

    • Obviously, you're not reading all of the posts. Many of us don't believe a single thing went wrong. Pia was voted off because she is boring. The majority of us (American voters) did not like her.

      Even Nigel Lythgoe, executive producer of AI, said she was never a front runner.

      Supposedly, they are in a mad rush to get an album produced featuring Pia. They better do it in a hurry because it won't be long before no one will even remember her. She certainly can't be credited with being memorable.

      • But Nigel didn't say who the potential front runners were either. Some people are assuming it was Scotty, but what if is was Jacob or Paul. There is no way you can convince me that Pia was the 9th worst contestant of this years Idol.

        I get it, you thought Pia was boring and forgettable. But did you honestly think she was the 9th worst contestant?

  88. For those people who think Pia got voted off because of "girls don't vote for girls" theory, please remember Casey was actually voted off two weeks ago, and this week, two guys end up in the bottom 3.

    • One thing I have certainly noticed: there have been a lot of women expressing their disappointment and outrage on this forum about Pia's being voted off. If you look at the comments on here, it sort of negates the "females not voting for females theory", doesn't it?

  89. The reality of the world… Woman is more spender than man… its the reality. If u said that teens shouldnt vote… the majority of Elvis n Beattles etc fans in those times too are teens. So u think that they dont deserved to be in the Hall of Fame??? And if u said that teens will vote for good looking man n wont vote for good looking woman cause jealousy… what about Lady Gaga,Britney,Cristina,etc? They can be successful…

    As Simon always said,“Boring is much much worse than bad” and the names that i mentioned above definitely not boring and that is the criteria to become a great artist : not boring. If u see Celine performance,although she's not walkin much but u can feel her presence. Although theres some of Celine performance that she walk around such as : her performance of "My Heart will Goes On" in Vegas etc and she sure delightful to watch πŸ™‚

    • All in all,AI is just the beginning for all of the contestant career as a professional artist (if they decided to continue in the path of being an artist). For example : its the beginning of the journey an artist named Pia Toscano… Its now up to her,will she improve her flaws or not… its her to decide πŸ™‚

  90. hey, the ones complaining are the ones not voting…come on…if there are no votes for pia, then they must not like pia…that's just it…voice and talent do not matter in american idol…

  91. Didn't anyone think the look on JLo's face at the start of the show kind of let you know she was angry about something. Steven was quiet also. I believe they knew the results. Watch the show again and see if u agree.

    • Oh YES, I absolutely noticed it. In fact, I can always tell when the judges are ticked off. The expressions on their faces are completely transparent! It deeply annoys me that they have such obvious favorites. As judges, they should be more impartial than that!

  92. Oh yeah oh lovely Pia who surely and clearly is a Star,,,A Superstar who to Me Shine's so bright like the Gamma Ray Burst "Super Nova" so to say….I am very shocked and surprised to learn that Pia was eliminated on the last show…well to Me,. I know the whole World watching felt the same Energy from Pia that I felt…She is a bright Star, full of Energy, Uniqueness and Great Quality for the Industry….She will surely make it far in Life with Her Angelic Voice…yes, If you ask Me again on the other hand, I will tell you the plan fact that, the Rest of this Year 2011 American Idol are equally Unique in their varies talents and gifts…They are all Beautiful People…I love the Talents of this season…Keep it On…Pia will be missed….I look forward to the more shocking and intriguing Show..peace…SOS) in Malay!

  93. As a singer Pia was in the top three, as a performer in the middle three, as an entertainer in the bottom three. Apparently the voters prefer entertainment over singing. If so then Casey Abrams

    and Haley Reinhart will be the two finalists.

  94. This hullabaloo over Pia is over the top. Good grief…it’s just a talent contest!! She got voted off… like many other contestants before her…and after. There can only be one winner. “American Idol” must be loving this…. for as they say….any press is good press! Enough already.

  95. I say get over it. Pia lacked the "X FACTOR" look at the talent thats left vote and for someone who has the full package.

  96. If you really think the voting doesn't need to be fixed. Answer this question:

    How many Female American Idol winner have there been since Carrie Underwood?

    Another question, how many females have made it through to the final 5 in the last 6 years?

    Also, I think the questions the moderator and Branden are asking are very good ones. What is really wrong here? Out of all of the voters, how many are women? Why aren't guys voting more, and what can be done to fix it? Do we really have to control the vote to one IP address or phone number? At the very minimum I believe that needs to be done. Why can't the judges have a vote? The american people should be allowed to vote, but why does their vote count 100%?

    Something needs to be done, and soon.

    • Well, I don't think we can take Steven Tyler's comment that "men aren't voting" as gospel. How do we (or Steven, for that matter) know that? For all we know, plenty of them are voting. After all, men could have favorites that are male performers. It is sexist thinking that men would only vote for women. For instance, during the season when Carrie Underwood was a contestant, I was a huge fan of hers even though I'm not big on country music. Since I am female, does that mean I really shouldn't have voted for her? That I should have voted for a man? Also, I have always been a big fan of Jennifer Hudson . . . that amazing young lady has reached astounding heights, and she did it all on her own . . . without winning her season of Idol. I personally have at least as many female favorites from all the seasons of Idol as I do male contestants. It just so happens that, this year, I prefer the male contestants over these particular female contestants. Who knows – next year, I might like all of the female contestants over the males. I honestly don't think this year's Idol is a gender war.

      • Steven Tyler? Sexist? Nooo wayyy. Lol. I am a guy that voted for Casey! and Haley! I never voted for Pia because I don't know why. She never made me want to vote for her, that's her fans responsibility. Why should I have to vote for someone else's favorite?

      • Obviously I'm not implying that all women vote for guys and all men vote for women. However, when you look at the trends over the last 6 years the female contenstants are voted off much earlier in the contest.

        Also, as I read the comments on this board I notice the comments toward Pia are laced with venom from female posters. Why I try and look at the contestants objectively, Pia would not be the winner of this years AI. She did deserve to make it past week 9 however, and possibly into the final 5.

        In my humblest of opinions Scotty is the only clear cut male that deserves to be in the top 5. The forgettable contestants are Paul, Jacob, Stefano and Casey.

        The only two males that have the vocals and clear cut talent to be in the final five are James and Scotty. Period! Beyond that it's a toss up.

  97. I was just fine with the vote and think it was really unprofessional of the judges to have such a fit. If they think "America didn't get it right" why do they even let the public vote? I think it is unfair and rude to the other contestants for them to have obvious favorites. I really liked Naima she has great showmanship and I expect to see her on Broadway.

    • I concur with you 100% on all counts. I love Naima, too, and I expect we are going to see great things from her! When she got voted off, I thought that particular performance choice was unfortunate . . . BUT, it did not dim my admiration or appreciation for her originality and talent.

      • I liked Naima as an artist but at 26 she should have already gotten a proper vocal coach and training by now if she truly wanted this kind of career.

      • You know what? After thinking about your post, it really brought this whole thing home to me. WHY is it a big, hairy deal that Pia got voted off? Obviously, because the judges had a conniption fit over it. When the very talented, even more strikingly attractive Naima got voted off, THEY didn't care. THAT is the difference. So, now the mystery is solved. It is all due to judges' bias. Furthermore, I sure didn't hear anybody squealing about gender bias when we lost Naima! I can tell you, right now, that if I was offered a ticket to see either Naima or Pia in concert, I would jump to grab the Naima ticket. You must be a very smart person to have picked up on this! Bravo!

      • You actually have a point…thank you for that keen observation….I agree

      • Naima attractive? Really? She wasn't ugly, but she's defintely isn't that attractive. If Pia was an 8 Naima was a 5. Also, you can't even compare their vocals (Pia was a 9.5 and Naima was a 5.5). On the personality scale Naima was a 9.5 and Pia was a 5.

        So if beauty is defined by personality then Naima had her beat hands down.

        Personally I believe that true beauty is defined by many aspects which include both outer an inner appearance. But this competition should also be about the strength of your vocals. This shouldn't be about a popularity contest, it should be about the person with some personality but the best singing voice.

        In the beginning I believe it was about the best singing voice, but comments like yours confirm that our judgement has gone off track.

      • Ron, I agree with you on some points: I do think beauty is a mixture of inner qualities and outer appearance. Happily, during a singing competition, that does not need to be a high-level deciding factor. But, I differ from you on your opinion that Pia had the "best" voice. I respect your opinion, I just don't agree with it. I don't think it is as simple as "best" or "worst". There are so many aspects of a human voice that merge to make that individual artist's sound. I enjoyed listening to Naima a lot more than I did Pia, and that would have been the same even if both had remained behind drawn curtains and I had never even seen either one of them. As I have tried to explain, I think the voices we respond to are highly individual to each one of us. Therefore, the terms "better" and "worse" just don't fit the parameters of what we are trying to ascertain.

    • Rhonda, if you think Niama was more attractive than Pia, your real name has to be Stevie Wonder.

      • Frank, I am a woman. I don't look at the contestants from a testosterone-filled perspective. Naima had a wonderful sense of individuality, and I am sorry to say that I think that may very well be lost on most men – for very obvious, base reasons.

      • Rhonda, you alluded to the fact that Naima was more strikingly attractive than Pai. You could ask 1000 people who is more attractive and Pia would win that debate 99.9% of the time.

      • yup, Pia much more attractive! (and much purer singer). –and I guess that means I have plenty of testosterone (that and my thinning hair)

      • It doesn't matter if it was or it wasn't a "great injustice". It was unprofessional and 'greatly unfair' for them to act that way. You should have voted more Frank. Also, while Pia is a very beautiful woman that doesn't mean Naima is not. She is gorgeous, just not in the same way Pia is.

      • Thank you, David P.! That was exactly the point I was trying to make. While Pia may be "gorgeous" in that very basic way so many men gravitate toward, Naima is like an exotic flower and she has very individual looks. I agree that with Frank that 99.9% of the time, people would say Pia is more attractive. I think that's a shame. True originality is seldom as popular as anything mainstream, anything within a well-established "comfort zone" whether it be in appearance, thought process, or artistic endeavor.

      • Agreed, they would have had a "fit" if Scotty was voted off as well. There were 3 clear cut favorites in this competition; they are Scotty, James and Pia (with Haley making a recent surge).

        So if the final four would have had that mix of two male vocalists and 2 female vocalists, it would have been a perfect American Idol.

        But it is obvious by reading some peoples comments, they see the world through an entirely different set of glasses.

    • This should be a wake up call for the judges to do what they are supposed to do. Be honest and say what they think of the specific performances. What I have noticed is that when a contestant didn’t do good on that specific performance, they would comment on their over all impression of that particular contestant. Might as well remove them especially JLo and Stevie because they don’t help evaluate the contestant and guide the voters.

      • You said it well and totally agree, the judges are a guide to voters.

        That's why the girls did not vote for her. Because they, believe me were doing before.

        But the comments of JL and Randy:Were clear, you do not move, you're standing there you need to move more.

        Many of ourselves here in this blog comment as well, she is very good but does not move has no personality, etc, etc.

        So the message to girls was not to vote for her, she is not ready yet.

    • Every week there will always be elimination, its just a matter who will go first. For me the top 13 are all winners and what we are looking forward to is who gonna make it to the grand prize. It`s all up to the idols to do their best when they are on stage otherwise they won`t get our votes. America knows how to vote men!

    • sick of the judges deciding who the favorites should be…if they did their jobs and did some valid feedback instead of trying to kiss a.. with everybody maybe people would improve…pia was a joke…boring with no personality and soon will be forgotten…bring back simon…although last seasons talent was a joke….

      • The last time I checked, the judges have a bit more experience in the recording industry than we do. So, I believe they should tell us when a song is a bit pitch or off. Randy does a decent job of identifying those instances, and Simon was nearly spot on. But Kara and Ellen weren't that helpful, and J-Lo and Steven haven't proven to be much better.

        But bottom line, if you pay them millions of dollars to be a judge, then let their votes count.

    • If the way to assess the American viewers choice was truly captured by the voting system, then Pia's end would be justified, but the fact is that a large number of viewers just don't vote, and others vote once, and age 9-16 girls vote excessively and consistently so our results are based largely on them, maybe there is nothing wrong with that, and maybe it is the fault of the viewers who don't vote, but who has time to send 50 votes, or if you are busy Thursday night and prefer to watch the recorded show… and so on. I really think that adopting the format of SYTYCD will solve most of these issues. It still allows America to chose the bottom three. Then the judges chose who is sent home from that. Then the judges have a way to ensure the best singers do get into the final. Nigel is apparently thinking about this option. Personally for me it would make a difference as I thought Pia was better than half the singers left and much of what she lacked she could learn with a few dance lessons.

    • I agree that the judges' behavior was uncalled for. If they were so big on her, they should have kept their save instead of squandering it on Casey. I like Stephen but we all know he is going to prefer the girls every time. It's supposed to about talent, not who he would like to do.

      • Well said although I do enjoy Casey. Steven has been a favorite of mine and I had become quite a fan until his most recent mean comment that accused me, a great grandmother, of being jealous of Pia…what nonsense.

      • You nailed it! It IS supposed to be about talent, and not WHO he would like to do! I have been really exasperated by Steven's flagrant display of hormonal appreciation for both Pia and Hailey. How many times did Pia need for him to wax poetic about her being "beautiful" or "gorgeous"? And, was it really appropriate for him to go on & on about Hailey "singing so sexy"??? After an entire lifetime of rock & roll debauchery, and with him being in his 60's now, you would THINK he could hold himself in check long enough to behave properly on the show!

  98. I very much agree that Pia, is a great singer. And you would think that with her looks, she would "surely" have a stellar carreer ahead of her in the music world. But, I am not convinced she will. Her musical style is not all that marketable and here stage persance, is not all that entertaining. The only one I see with a POST IDOL carreer, is Scotty. As he is unique and say what you will about country music, it is the most marketable out there in these declining days of CD sales.

      • LOLZ, for goodness' sake, play nice! There is no reason for you to call this person deaf and dumb! I would be just as aggravated if he had called you that. Debating a point is one thing . . . turning it into a personal attack is another altogether. And telling him to "shut your mouth off"??? Really . . . grow up!

      • "I better shut my mouth off". Shoot, how do I respond to such a witty (or lack of) response as that? πŸ™‚ Pia is great … I agree. I just don't see her having a huge POST IDOL carreer. As her style of music is not that marketable. Same thing with Jacob

      • I totally agree that Scotty is more marketable than Pia. However I find it harder and harder to watch his performances. Scotty, NO ONE talks out the side of their mouths anymore except Vegas Elvis wannabes. He has a long way to go, seriously. Pia will most likely fade away. There's a reason why there's not a Mariah/Whitney song on the radio anymore (except for 'classy' stations). And that's kind of doing a disservice to Mariah/Whitney/Celine as Pia is no where near there level. Not even a little bit. She's good, she's not omgwtfbbq, just sayin.

      • He does, a little bit. I was commenting how he talks through a sneer, though. Kris definitely does not do that. And I know a lot of people that were pretty turned off by the way Kris sings.

      • Don't feel bad on missing it, Coondog . . . I did see it and it was basically just stupid, as a lot of this person's posts have been. . . nothing worth wasting your time on.

    • It is true, or at least Pia would have to work on her performance and dance. These days most big pop stars dance as well, but we have to remember people can learn and grow. Most of these kids are quite young and are just developing their style. With the proper producers and coaches Pia could quite possible learn to move well, she certainly has the body. Once she got more comfortable performing live and not worrying about her voice so much, she could focus more on her movement, and I'm sure they could make an awesome music video with her. I was interested to see if she could grow on that level over the next month or two. oh well.

    • JAMES DURBIN !!! He is marketable, people didn't think ADAM OR CRYSTAL was either, and look at them. I hope James makes it to the finale, lets see who will be more exciting Scotty or James. James for the win !!!!!

      • Yea James for this win!! Everyone else pack up and go home now. Get out why you can. lol

    • Scotty will only have a limited market….that's within US & Canada only! But not internationally!

      • You know . . . I'm not so sure about that. I probably like country music about the least of most genres (except Rap, which I think it even worse), but Scotty has this easy-going way of performing that really draws you in. He makes me feel like I am sitting across from him in the living room. It's casual. It's comfortable. He just has that relaxed quality that I think is soothing.

  99. Why can't you change the voting so we vote for the one who should go home… wouldn't that prevent voting oops like what happened with Pia… for myself I did vote for who I thought might not get the votes but should stay in the competition assuming that singers like Pia would be safe….

    • Then how would you stop the teens from power voting off their favorite's biggest competition?

  100. Not only would I not purchase a Pia CD, if I saw an ad saying she was the star of a floor show somewhere, I'd figure the place was a dump.

  101. Pia is amazing. She is the younger generation's Celine. I will buy her CD whenever it comes out and I am sure a million others will as well. Scotty(country), Pia (AC), and Jacob(R&B) are the most likely to get a nitch and sell like crazy.

    • Pia will do great with the right songs and there are some great songwriters who I believe would love to have her do some of their songs.

      Scotty still need some training and polish but he is still in high school so he has some time.

      Jacob I am sure about, his attitude and refusing to change his style could hurt him.

  102. Pia deberia denunciar esa empresa que no sirve para nada y se lo deberia decir cantando ,por q yo creo que ni el tipo encargado del show no sabe cantar. la elimino por que deseguro alguien de su lado le caia mal o envidia u opacaba a todos en el programa…para mi Pia deberia de montarle una denuncia ya que estava en los 3 mejores y de 1 semana a la otra sin haber quedado nunka entre los 3 ultimos siendo eliminada? no se puede creer.Pia toscano eres la mejor y siempre lo seras..=) I LOVE

  103. This is as bad as Jennifer Hudson going home. I want an audit of those results. Like J. H., Pia will be one of the most successful artists. If she plays her song choices right and goes heavy on the ballads, she may be as successful as Daughtry.

    She made a huge mistake listening to the judges and going up tempo. It was great, but the previous songs were just awe inspiring. Even though she was the best of the night, she seemed bland compared to her normal performances.

      • Truer words were never spoken! Jennifer Hudson is a self-made, incredible bundle of human talent. And, considering how much tragedy she has been faced with, I think she has been a real role model of dignity and perseverance! She is one of those Idol alums who truly has star quality!

  104. Pia i love everything about you,you are beautiful.I love watching american idol and always have the time to watch and hear you guys sing.But you always bring tears to my eyes wen i hear you sing great songs.I'm shattered that america didn't vote like they should to have kept you.Hence the judges should of used the wild card on you instead of casey thou he is a great singer too.Its hard to know the verdicts but regardless of you being out in gods eyes your a an american idol.Also i can't wait till you have an albulm or something i will be surely getting it.So keep up the faith and keep striving gal your an amazing singer.

    • Many of the great women singers did not move around much early in their career, only later as they became more polished on stage. Tina Turner was wild on stage and no one could match her not even Celine who used a mic stand a lot and just moved her head and hands.

  105. After this week I can say: the fix is on.

    Lets look at what's happened recently.

    First Casey, an awful singer, is saved without even having to sing a song. How ridiculous, especially considering they're using the save on someone in the #11 spot. But he's obviously that good that he has to be saved? Yeah, right. I'm thinking having him sing would have only shown what a joke the whole thing was.

    Then they get rid of Thia the next week, who sang an extraordinary performance, in my opinion, the best Thia song yet. Casey, who sang a godawful piano ballad, surprisingly isn't even in the bottom 3. And yet, Thia received nothing but criticism and backhanded compliments, while Casey was "da man", even though his attempt at a ballad should have been performed in a lounge in Vermont, not on national TV. But, the judges had nothing but praise for him… and mysteriously when votes come around, he's out of the bottom 3 and the very talented Thia gets eliminated. Where did those votes for Casey come from to shoot him by at least three contestants? I was sad to see Thia go and skeptical about Casey.

    Then this week, Pia gets eliminated in her first time in the bottom three. She is the most talented singer in the entire competition and she goes out before even the top 5? And what happened prior to her elimination… Pia, like Thia, received a lot of backhanded compliments from the judges on her performance. Aside from Tyler, who was always in Pia's corner, the other two judges said things like: "You did good Pia, but…" followed by ways she could improve.

    And it seemed only Pia received these "improvement tips", their boy Casey goes another week with a lackluster performance and no criticisms at all. Casey's da man no matter what he does and they make it painfully obvious. And once again, Casey isn't in the bottom 3 at all. Two bad performances in a row and he's still not close to elimination… strange to say the least. I have to wonder again: who is voting for this guy? He's certainly not a ladies man… so it's not the girls.

    Given all that, I can only conclude some manner of foul play is involved. My guess is someone involved with the show really wants Casey to win. The motivation for this is unclear to me, but it certainly has nothing to do with his vocal ability or skill as an entertainer. It's almost certain the votes are being doctored to eliminate all the talented competition early. The judges save is wasted conveniently so they can't save anyone. I fully expect Scotty (now an obvious favorite to win) to get eliminated within the next week or two, because he's just too much of a threat to their boy Casey.

    This season feels very rigged and I think Pia (and possibly Thia) got cheated.

    • Pia was the most polished singer and Paul the most polished performer. Thia at 14/15 looked a little lost on stage at times and lacked power in her voice, some of the things taught in high school, she should have wait one more year or had a vocal coach. Adam from 2yrs ago had 10yrs vocal training start at age 10 before being on the show.

      • Jane . . . what do you mean? IF the audience HAD been manipulated, Pia would still be on there. The judges were so pro-Pia, it was embarrassing! Fortunately, the audience made their minds up for themselves.

    • Pft, Pia got a free pass for EVERYTHING she did. There wasn't another contestant, other than maybe James, that got so many compliments and so little criticism. You aren't looking at the whole picture. As a musician and performer Casey beats out Pia any day, any time. He's not the best 'singer'. Listen to the radio sometime and point out all the good singers, there's really not that many. People that make it big are there for their entertainment value not their singing ability.

      • I'm with you on that one . . . Pia DID get an unprecedented amount of "love" from the judges. The only thing I disagree with you on is that James is the only other one that did. From where I am sitting, it looks like the judges have been on a big "love fest" with Jacob Lusk! I can't imagine why . . . He would have been my #1 pick for first kicked off the show! At least James gives a great performance every time!

      • Right David. Pia is technically good. What's missing from the package is personality and a distinctive style. Jimmy Durante, Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, etc each have something that is purely their own. Pia went to a performing arts school. They taught her what they could, but what's missing isn't teachable.

      • @Rhonda I understand where you are coming from, but the first few weeks I'm pretty sure the judges got after Jacob for his 'pitchiness' (w/e that means) So my point stands because they never say anything about James either. I don't really enjoy Jacobs performances and I hope he goes soon (top 8 is pretty good, he should be proud). You better believe the judges are gonna rally around their homeboy, though. I wouldn't be surprised if this favoritism by the judges just gets way out of hand.

  106. Pia Toscano was out. It's absolutely a scandal. This make me don't want to watch this programme anymore

  107. Pia could indeed sing, but she was a bit boring to me. ballad, ballad, ballad….. the last song she did pretty well but upbeat was not her thing. Sorry wouldn't buy her album, wouldn't go watch her sing. Not sad she is gone. It's not the judges fault, we are the voters! I was glad they kept Casey, he is a showmen!

    • I have a confession: I absolutely LOVE ballads . . . Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, obscure Appalachian artists, Joan Baez, etc. . . Even then, I never "took" to Pia. She just didn't have the in-depth feeling that I was looking for. She was just too "middle of the road" for my tastes. Not uninhibited enough to be a successful rocker, not soulful enough to be a balladeer, and not original enough to be a phenomenon. "Playing it safe" is never appealing to me, and that is the category that I feel most defines Pia. I don't know where she can fit in. Hopefully, while she is still young and attractive enough, she will find her place. Technical ability isn't enough: there has to be something inside the person during their performance, and that "something" can't be served up on a platter like a meal ordered off a menu. The ones who we remember . . . the ones we revere . . . they all have that enigmatic quality that no one else possesses. Search, Pia, search diligently!

      • ITA. Pia's genre is to me passe'. But if I wanted to go there, I'd listen to Eydie Gorme, Barbra, etc. And I could tell which was which. Pia's voice has absolutely no character of it's own.

      • @Templar Exactly right. You have to make it your own. Everyone that is left now, except *maybe* Lauren, has their own unique sound which Pia was definitely lacking.

      • I don't dislike ballads, but they aren't my favorite. I am a fan of strong voices! In the past, I was a fan of Joni Mitchell, and I also loved the range of Minnie Ripperton. As guys go, I was a big fan of Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney and Rhydian Roberts, Josh Groban and Freddie Mercury.

        On the American Idol stage, I thought Adam was one of the best contenstants in the last 5 years and it was a travesty he didn't win.

        Even though I am frustrated with the Pia decision, the biggest injustice was when Jennifer Hudson was voted off early. But right now, I would place Pia on the list right behind Jennifer, and probably Adam behind Pia.

  108. The show should include a portion of the judge's say, not just the texters.

    They shouldn't have used their save yet.

    She'll probably go far anyway.

    • The judges DID have a say . . . in fact, 100% of the say, up to a certain point. They picked the finalists – WITHOUT our help. Now it is our turn, and I think that is fair. Besides, from the blatant favoritism they have shown toward both Pia and Jacob, I am very glad they no longer have a say-so in it!

      • yup, totally agree. this makes the judges sick now. their comments & favoritism are not credible to the public anymore. this is what american idol is about… it's the voters say, not the judges'…

  109. Okay… do we see all these posts, articles, and chatter everywhere about American Idol??? Isn't it just amazing that one of the most popular, interesting and unique personalities on the show – Naima gets booted early… OH, NO… NOT THAT POOR, SWEET GIRL!!! Then boring… growly, Casey gets saved. OMG, WHAT A MOMENT!!! He cried, he staggered, we thought he might have a flipping heart attack… not one dry eye in the house! Now a beautiful, shoo in for the top 3… Pia Toscano booted off… WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN NEXT??? What's so difficult about putting this thing together people? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! What American Idol is doing is creating a lot of controversy, so America will want to watch the show so they don't miss anything… DIDN'T YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT?? OMG YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED???? And now YOU MUST VOTE! Get involved OR BLAME YOURSELF! Transparent… stupid and insulting. You know I wanted to watch this show because I stupidly believed it was legit… but I realize now I was foolish. Nothing on TV now days is really legit anymore…certainly not the news. LOL It's obvious that it's all manipulated just like the most stupid of reality shows… it's morphing into another BACHELOR! Please, I'm not that stupid… so guys…I'M NOT WATCHING ANYMORE. And I hope more of you join me. Who wants to be insulted??? And manipulated? I just want to be truly entertained like the old days. American Idol you make me sad…

      • Dylan, you are being generous. Considering the fact that Americans do the voting, I think the "manipulation theory" is just silly!

    • you know, i have thought about this earlier even when Casey ws eliminated. it's all drama so people will talk about it to get more ratings. more ratings would mean more money. when they see that their show's rating is getting low, they create another drama. although I admire Pia's powerful voice but she is not my favorite. she may be in top 5 but eventually, she will not win but the shocking is she was voted off too early where there are lots of weaker singers out there and her performace that night was better than most of the other finalists. poor Pia, she is a victim of all these rating/money drama.

  110. Dear Pia,

    You will surely be missed by many on American Idol. I think you are one of the best singers who ever inhabited the planet and you rank up there with Mariah and Celine! You nailed every song you sang on AI, including Celine Dion, which is a tall order! I know you will go on to great things. I am looking forward to listening to your beautiful voice again when you make your first CD.

    • Give me a break! One of the best singers to ever inhabit the planet???? I have listened to many singers during my lifetime, and I couldn't possibly disagree with you more. Does she have talent? yes, of course. Is she awesome? NO. Maybe she will be – one day – that day simply isn't here yet.

      • lets hope if she gets a contract She will also get some dance lessons. She is a good singer but it's going to take more than that to survive . In order to sell out a concert you have to show some stage performance and she's not ready for that yet. A simple wave of the hand will only go so far .

    • If Pia gets the contract this show officially is over… why should other contestants compete for a prize which is given away already?

  111. All of them had a good performance last Wednesday…just so sad that Pia was the last on one my list if i were to rank them. Pia is no doubt a good singer but not yet polished as a performer…she has to learn the moves. I'm sure AI is not the end for her…she's going to have a career of her own. Good luck Pia!

  112. Where do we get to see the top 3 performance for every week? I would love to see that aside from the bottom 3.

  113. XOXO, you hit the nail on the head, viewers do listen as to what the judges say, but take it a bit too far. They are there to sing, then polish off their stage presents. The viewers are looking more in the performers stage presents than listening to them sing. Don't be surprised if Pia becomes the lowest ranked Idol to hit the BIG TIME. Look at Chris D., he left at #4 I believe and is still cranking out the hits, making more money that the last 2 or 3 winners combined.

  114. I'm a guy and i voted for Haley because she is a better singer/performer but I used to like Pia till top 11 then I got bored of her so I would fast forward through her performances

    • Me too. I have never voted for Pia. But, heres a thought—who ever heard of Pia before she became a contestant on AI. Its a win win for her either way. We all know who she is now. If you like her music buy it and stop complaining.

  115. Ok, so after watching the Leno performances I kind of miss Thia. I wish she could have shown us more of herself. She had her chances and she didn't take them which is sad. Also, Pia really is amazing. I still wouldn't ever have voted for her, but I never thought she'd go home before the top 3 at least. All I have to say is this: The top 8 folks better start earning your votes because some amazing people have been voted off. They need to prove that they deserve to still be there.

  116. I am so glad to see some of the guys chiming in, admitting THEY also didn't vote for Pia. I hope that this hushes up all the "men don't vote" theorists! Are you reading this, "Steven, got a crush on Pia, Tyler"???

      • Frank, if you consider the fact that there are only a handful of people responding to this thread, it is an appropriate percentage of feedback. it had been insinuated that men had not been voting . . . that is obviously not the case. If you consider the thousands, upon thousands, of votes that were cast, very few could be represented on this forum. I was just glad to see some of the men who did NOT vote for Pia speak up. I have said it before, and I will reiterate it again: the votes should be based on the actual talent level of each contestant, not on the adolescent-style ramblings of hormone-crazed groupies who are thinking more about physical attributes than vocal abilities.

      • I did not vote for Pia. I am a guy, I like women πŸ˜› But Pia never did anything to get me to vote for her. And no, I wouldn't have voted for her if she rode around on a unicycle topless (though that might have saved her).

        People keep saying this is a singing competition and it's not and it never has been purely about the singing nor should it be.

  117. TWO VOTING THEORIES, one for the Conspiracy Theorists and one for Regular Complainers.

    I'm actually a part of both camps. Conspiracy-wise, I've posted before that it's not hard to believe of possible real malfunctions in voting lines, parts of counting computers crashing, etc. Of course AI or Nigel would not be forthcoming if any of that occurred. Their Spin would be either to say stuff like Nigel did (there's millions of advertising dollars AND people/product reputations involved) or to simply not report on the number of votes like some have mentioned about Ryan's lack of doing.

    BUT PROBABLY THE REAL REASON why the voting system remains and is not addressed by American Idol is because IT WORKS! It does exactly what the producers designed it to do. It produces the sometimes unpredictable results which gins up the Controversies and complaining and so the Ratings and thus the Money! So, it won't change. Of course the judges will do the obligatory tweaking of their comments. But the unjust system will remain because it's working the way it was designed to work: To cause unpredictable results and create a furor!

    But like most of you are saying–and referring to recent pages here to include Rhonda, KL, Dawn and many others, I'M UPSET AT BEING MANIPULATED BY THE SLIMY PRODUCERS! They know what this system does to us, but since the unpredictability and ensuing controversy drives up rating, they won't change it–even though it'd still be a fun and fair show for us consumers while still remaining prosperous to the producers/advertisers. Their GREED motivates them to continue to MANIPULATE their fellow Americans. SLIMY! SLIMY! SLIMY!

    HERE'S ONE FIX: While most of us are still going to watch, I'd like to see our outrage funneled into news organizations, talk shows with celebrities pointing out OUR OUTRAGES to general public so as to cause negative publicity towards AI producers and advertisers. All we want is the same show with a fair voting system! Am I right?!

    • I think it is likely that our opinions will be noted. Perhaps we won't be quoted, but the over-all gist of our opinions will be known.

    • I do not think the the voting system works right now – we all know that AT&T is one of the biggest sponsors, but they should take a new look at the voting technology to make it more fair to all… The surprises will always come because you cannot control people's preferences or perceptions, but what we cannot have is technoloy tweaking the outcomes to what most people did not choose… It is almost like technology is doing the voting, not people…

      • Are you taking into consideration how much Idol makes in kickbacks from their partner AT&T when Ryan says 55MILLION votes?

  118. I enjoy the show, and I can see why Pia was voted off, good voice (not my style) but boring. I agree the judges acted very unprofessional.

    So far everybody that has been voted off deserved to go. Buhbye!

    • Even though I am very displeased by the judges' preferential treatment of certain contestants, I have to remind myself that they are "only human" too. I have a huge amount of respect for each Idol judge: Randy – how could we ever discount his wonderful work with Journey? . . . not to even mention his place in one of the most wonderful musical families of all time!

      Steven – An absolute Rock & Roll legend. I would be remiss if I didn't say how much I have personally enjoyed his contributions to my musical life. While I am somewhat disgusted by his over-the-top endorsement of both Pia and Jacob, I can't discount the years of pleasure he has given me, along with his awesome band "Aerosmith". Of course, I hope he won't discount the financial, artistic, and fan support I have also given him!

      Last, but certainly not least, the very talented and lovely J-Lo. I have a huge degree of respect for this gifted artist, both as a powerhouse artisan, and also as a loving wife, mother, and human.

      In summary, I guess we all have to just do the best we can with our opinions, but not turn to hostility toward those who differ from us. I would like to see more impartiality from the judges, but am I willing to write them off? NO. They shouldn't be expected to be less than human – perhaps just a little less vocal, since they do have a forum that most of us don't. God bless ALL of the contestants, the judges, and of course. . . us, as well. I love American Idol for giving these young people a chance for a much better life than the one I've muddled through. So, on to the next show!!!!

    • I think Jacob or Casey will go next only because all the girls like Pauls white colgate smile. Who knows. lol

  119. wau, most of the comments here comes from err maybe 5 person, with the hundreds of different nickname…like ME!

    • Dear Meeeee: That's o.k. Your opinion is as relevant as that of any other's. If there are only a handful of people responding to this forum, it is still worthwhile, since any insight to current AI affairs are at least a hint as to what is happening. I can speak for no one but myself, but I can honestly say I have only posted under my one genuine name. I believe that the contestants (and future musicians spawned by AI) are probably interested in the opinions of the voting AI nation. As such, I hope they will realize that this commentary is meant in a constructive manner. And, I hope you will see that point as well. I didn't vote for Pia because she never truly touched the chord that resonates within me, but I so hope that she will reap rich rewards from her AI experience, and go on to enjoy a fruitful, enriching life. When I watched her reaction to being voted off, I felt for her even though I didn't vote to keep her on. Weeding out the contestants is never a fun process . . . each one is clinging to this dream . . .each one has worked SO hard . . . each one is backed by loving friends and family. I know we all wish we could take the elimination process away from them all, but we just can't. I am so glad that she (and others, faced with a similar circumstance) are able to see a bright future ahead, know they are appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people, and take those opportunities afforded them to an ever broadening horizon.

    • That is just infantile! You are proposing to veto the show over the fact that the majority of American Idol viewers didn't like her enough to keep her on. That is NOT AI's fault. As many before me have pointed out, if her fans wanted her to stay on that badly, those fans should have voted for her. Geez, this reminds me of the sorry state of our government situation right now. I won't say which party I am affiliated with, but I will say I am thoroughly fed up with the whining and dirty tricks used by the party I am NOT affiliated with to try to force their obsessions through. Americans seem to be inundated with an unhealthy mindset of "my way or no way". In the "old days", compromise was achieved by an intensive, interactive process. Now, there seems to be no positive interaction, no willingness to compromise, and the whole system seems to be marked by hissing and cheapshots. I hate to see this happening in American Idol, as well!

    • I will still watch the show..just because Pia got voted off does not mean it is the show's fault. It's a contest, and she did not win.

    • Idiot all hell broke lose because your favorite got voted off? stfu this season is great and Pia's elimination made it greater!

    • Sorry but I will still watch the show. Pia was good but she is not my favorite. I guess this same goes with lots of people who did not vote for her…

    • what a dull idea…. let be by gones be by-gones… at the end of the day, you can't bring back pia in the competition… get a life mister!

  120. This will flop and be an embarrassment. And on the road, you could replace her with a mannequin and noone would know the difference. Smart marketing and production money would be better placed on other contestants

  121. I'm glad Pia is gone but I'm surprised that Stefano didn't go ahead of her.

    Pia had a beautiful voice but it seems that she, like Thea Megia, just didn't know what to do with it other than sing. In order to be a star you have to do more than just sing, you have to perform and unfortunately one of the best performers (Naima) was eliminated.

    When I listen to the live performances and the studio recordings the clear best overall performer AND singer is Paul. No question. Seconded by James and followed by Casey.

    • I'm not sure even improved range of motion would have helped. What Pia is missing is star quality. Not her fault. You can't learn it and you can't buy it. Charisma just happens, but it didn't happen to her.

      • Pia had said when she was selected for Idol that it was her 3rd tryout for Idol. What does that tell you.

      • You know, Templar . . . I have to admit I totally agree with you. The one and only thing I could give Pia high marks on is her astounding ability to BORE. It has greatly annoyed me to read all these posts claiming she had an "amazing", "incredible", or "beautiful" voice. Actually? I don't think any of those terms apply. At best, I would say "good". And even then, not "good" enough that I want to waste my time listening to it.

  122. why do people think that sending home one great singer in the show makes the whole show dull and will never be good at all? c'mon people, there are still 8 great human beings in the show to give your support… i mean, this is a competition… someone really has to go each week… my favorites were sent off too (thia and Pia), but then, i'll surely watch the show… i'm actually looking for haley to win this season after pia's departure.. c'mon, nothing will change even if you petitioned to bring back pia in the show… your best remedy is to watch the show and support your favorite… you're not only making a difference, but you're also making someone's dream possible…. nevertheless, only one will dominate everyone….

    • I'm stepping up my voting for Lauren. Scotty is my favorite, and I really didn't like Lauren at first, but these past weeks have changed that. I believe Scotty and Lauren have the best chances to make substantial careers for themselves. James, Lauren and Scotty for top 3.

      • If Scotty is your favorite, them why on earth are you stepping up your voting for Lauren? That kind of thinking is probably how Pia got the lowest number of votes. Everyone thought she was safe, so they voted for their next favorite. If you want Scotty to stick around, you'd better vote just for him…and lots of times.

      • Cell phone for one, landline for the other and split the online votes between them. As long as they make top 5 they'll get record deals.

  123. This should be a wake up call for the judges to do what they are supposed to do. Be honest and say what they think of the specific performances. What I have noticed is that when a contestant didn't do good on that specific performance, they would comment on their over all impression of that particular contestant. Might as well remove them especially JLo and Stevie because they don't help evaluate the contestant and guide the voters.

  124. NO-NO for buying Pia's album..

    She's a singer but not performer..

    We've seen on her performance last week..

    • Wow! What a big suprise!! Haters are always saying the same thing…just like I always said I wouldn't or will never buy Scotty's album…yawnnnn…

  125. Hi everyone! Pia being eliminated was a real shocker, she was one of the reasons we all watched the show, but if america is going to vote for the not so good singers, then they should come up with a better voting system, like half on votes and half on judges, after all the judges are the ones who pick them in the first place. if not, we will stop viewing this programme, because it ends up been stupid. No offense to anyone or any singer, but this isn't the first time for good contenders been eliminated. It kinda puts you off. Pia your Star material and no one can touch you, your on a league of your own. Good luck!

    • I think the problem the producers of the show will have to face is that 10 years ago when the show was created, text messaging and all type of cel phones were not as popular as they are today. Technology changed people and their behavior, the show should do the same – otherwise the results will come across as biased. It looks like men will always be the preferred contestants no matter what the girls do. The whole point of the show is to be democratic and represent the taste of most of the American people. This does not seem to be happening anymore… So, change is necessary.

      • They're making a fortune on text votes. Nigel said yesterday that they will never change the voting system.

      • @Marta… I couldn't agree with you more. But I would guess we aren't seeing the entire picture. If American Idol is truly making millions from AT&T from text message usage they really will never change the format no matter how bad the voting or biased it becomes.

        Maybe this is another reason Simon left for X-Factor. He actually wanted the best talent that wasn't influenced by technological manipulations (voting 50 or more times).

    • Ann, you just can't speak for everyone like that! Pia was NEVER any part of the reason I watched AI. I wish her well, but I never enjoyed any of her performances. In fact, whenever Pia or Jacob would be doing their gig, I would find myself wandering off to get a soda or check my emails. And, as far as "voting for the not-so-good singers" . . . that is not a nice comment: either to the performers who are doing their best or to the viewers who like other contestants. Do you honestly think that YOUR opinion is "the" right one??? We all appreciate different voices and different styles of music. The fact you may not like the contestants I like does NOT make those contestants "bad" any more than my antipathy toward Pia makes her "bad".

  126. Others more marketable and more deserving of a record contract: Robbie Rosen, Colton Dixon, Julie Zorilla, Sophia Shorai, Deandre Brackensick, Caleb Hawley, Naima Adedapo, Kendra Chantelle, Aaron Sanders, Tim Halperin, Clint Gamboa, Monique de la Santos, Felix Ramsey and Jalen Harris

    • If Colton Dixon, Tim Halperin, and Julie Zorilla made it to the top 12 I would have LOVED this season.

  127. I see a lot of complaints about an unfair voting system but not one suggestion for an alternative, better one! why is there not more constructive criticism than whining over the result which is as democratic as possible? Yes, Pia was a fantastic singer and I was shocked to see her voted out, but someone had to be!

    So for all those who aver they will stop watching the show because they want a fairer voting system, thats a foolish decision. Suggest another, better way, but stop being childish and depriving yourself of the pleasure of a great show.

    • agree. ppl are overacting and that's not fair for the rest. they're not less talented than PIA.

    • Down here in Brazil, some reality shows only take voting online and one vote per machine IP – this limits the votes considerably to the amount of computers you have in your house, as opposed to one person voting 200 times, which is kind of weird…

    • Here's a good suggestion. Change the voting system to the system as in “Dancing with the Stars” – whereby the viewers and fans get 50% votes and the judges attribute to the balance 50%. This way the judges get a choice in the elimination process – rather than sit around all dolled up and saying silly things. Alternately, allow only ONE VOTE PER PHONE NUMBER!

    • Look at the blog below this one on the home page. There's lots of alternative suggestions.

    • You can't be serious, no other suggestions??? First of all, read some of the posts from the writers on this site. There have been plenty of suggestions. But if you can't go that far, here are a couple to consider:

      1. Give the judges a percentage vote that really counts. Whether there vote counts as 50%, 33% or 25%; let there vote count.

      2. Limit the number of votes via text or internet. On the text side, either allow 1 vote per phone number or 10 votes. But no more. On the internet side limit the number of votes by IP address. In either case, the technology is there we just have to use it.

      3. Instead of voting for your favorite, vote for your least favorite. At least until you get to the final three or five; after which you can vote for your favorite.

      Each of one of these ideas would make the system more fair for the contestants and would help reduce the number of surprises like Jennifer Hudson, Tim Urban or Pia.

      I think these are the best solutions, but there are certainly many others.

  128. I think Pia should come back to the show as one of those fillers during results night. She would certainly be much better than the folks that have been coming from the grave… Anyways, I hope the show helps her out with the record contract deal – I think they get a slice of the pie, so I am sure something will be announced next week in that regard…

  129. at least stefano and scotty has loyal fans (no matter how young they are) who are willing to vote non stop for 2 hours. Did the Pia fans do that, i don't think so… Pia bored the people and I doubt if there's anyone who did that for her. She just bored me to death. The fact is, Pia is nobody's #1. She is in my Top 3. But I, like the rest of the people, only vote for my Top 1. Those very few people who had her for #1, I think were not as passionate in voting as the rest of the people who had other #1s.

  130. I would NOT buy a Pia album. She's beautiful, etc.,but not exciting enough to go buy her stuff.

    I like James! and I hope he wins.

      • LOL, exactly. I'm not going to run to a Miley Cyrus concert either, nor buy her music. But out of all of the remaining contestants, Pia has more marketability than Jacob, Stefano, Paul or Casey. Talk about forgettable!

    • Come on Tenisaddict! You keep calling all AI viewers that didn't get into Pia as "haters". I don't think, from anything I have read (or anything I have written, for that matter) that anybody HATES Pia! It would be absurd to hate a person for having a performance style that doesn't appeal to you. I think most people (even the ones who never voted for her) recognize that she does have talent, and hope that her new career in the recording industry does well. I know that I personally hope things go great for her even though, at this point, I have no interest in buying or listening to a record by her. Even having said that, I can assure you that if I hear a song of hers on the radio & I love it, I will change my mind and go buy that album! She has a whole world of opportunities out there, and I feel sure that with her obvious intelligence, she will do just fine.

  131. I am sorry, but I was hoping for Pia to leave. I know she is a good singer, great singer; but also terribly boring. Once she gets a recording contract, I dont know what will differentiate her from all the ballad singers out there. There is nothing different in her voice, she has not given any one song any different treatment, bottom line she is a singer not an artist.

    But its not just the singing- she is overall terribly boring. She has no character, no personality- except some ridiculous taste in clothes (we will come to that later) and I have never once heard her say anything remotely witty or interesting after the judge reviews, or during those silly fillers

    About the clothes- I dont think Gwen should be blamed for last night- she wore a horrible jumpsuit for an earlier performance also; if anything Gwen should be credited for the pop of red lipstick she had on- she looked good to me for the first time ever with that lipstick.

  132. the show must go on with pia is gone she do ok so i hope casey gets voting off next week the make him look like a dirty dud i wish he clean up a little more i think his singing is not great at all pia should haave stay and casey gone the safe was wasted on him

      • Retta, that was a very mean spirited comment. It's not poor Casey's fault that Pia's fans have their noses out of joint! I just don't understand this childish mentality of punishing the remaining Idol contestants because you all didn't get your way. Each and every one of these people are under a tremendous amount of stress. There are a couple of current contestants that don't really do much for me, but I am not going to get on here and say I wish them to get voted off. Besides, I always watch each episode with an open mind: if one of the contestants that I don't currently like very much happens to give a killer performance, I WILL vote for them. That's as it should be . . . the voting, to be fair, must be based completely on their performances. Otherwise, it is just a popularity contest. Someone, earlier in this forum, mentioned that it had the feeling of a "Miss America Contest" when Pia performed, and I really think that summed up how I felt, too. But, now that Pia has a record contract, I hope she will get the excellent coaching resources that are out there and perhaps pleasantly surprise even those of us who aren't current fans. It could happen!

  133. pia's got the last laugh. a record deal. pia appeals to a more mature viewer,hope they give her some great songs to sing,and she sells a million.

    • I am not currently a Pia fan. I am 50 . . . isn't that a "mature audience"? She really doesn't appeal to me! Still, I am very glad to see great things happening for her. I think she gave it all she had, and I think that with seasoned professionals helping her to grow, she may yet reach the peak that so many already think she has attained.

      • Well, Lee didn't said Pia appeal to "ALL" mature audince! We all know some "mature" woman…like U… found young guys more attractive… & that's understandable…hmmmm….

    • i totally agree with you she is the winner!!I'm sure they all wish they were voted off so that they can start recording asap

  134. I am so mad because i loved pia!! even thought i am nine it does not mean that i do not know what it

    meant to her! all the people on the show should have known that was her dream! πŸ™ i hope some day someone with go and find her and make her famous!! she was the best! but know we just have to count on someone to make her famous!

    • Shyla, this is the dream for all of these contestants. It means just as much to them as it did to Pia. But, now you can be happy: a lot of people love her, and Pia has been given a recording contract, so she will be putting an album out soon. You will still get to hear and see her, so smile!

  135. Nygel could be lying about Pia never been a frontrunner because he knows his show might suffer from dissapointed fans due to the way the voting system works.

    Afterall, it's impossible to verify what the real voting numbers have been throughout the season.

    There's no excuse for not voting, just because you feel someone is safe does not mean your passion for your favorite is gone, you either vote or you don't. You buy their records or you don't, you attend their concerts or you don't, it's the way it is.

    Pia was never my favorite, mostly because I'm man and not attracted towards her song choices but I thought her voice was superb and she was very easy on the eyes.

    Maybe she can audition for X-factor heh

    • Well said regards Nigel or any producer's secret agenda. Of course they'll say whatever causes them the least stress since they have the knowledge that only they know the real truth.

  136. Change this stupid voting system NOW! A good recommendation is the voting system as in "Dancing with the Stars" – whereby the viewers and fans get 50% votes and the judges attribute to the balance 50%. This way the judges get a choice in the elimination process – rather than sit around all dolled up and saying silly things. Alternately, allow only ONE VOTE PER PHONE NUMBER!

    • I agree that they should do something like this, but even Dancing With The Stars allows 10 votes per phoneline/e-mail account. I don't think it will work as well because the Dancing with the Stars judges are very unbiased and don't pick favorites. They also critique what went wrong and give advice as to how to improve, which AI judges historically have not done. They'd have to come up with some kind of rubric like a "Performance" "Technical" and "Creativity" categories or something to that effect. I, personally, don't think it's possible for the judges to be that neutral, though.

      • I'm not sure I agree! If the judges votes counted they would justify their vote with some semblance of logic. If they unfairly biased they would be crusified in the press.

        This wouldn't be a perfect system, but it would be far better than we have right now.

    • Nigel stated yesterday that they will NEVER change the voting system. They are partnered with AT&T and make piles from the text votes.

  137. Brian keeps telling everyone vote for your favorite. I never used to vote, but I got tired of my personal favorites getting voted off. Now I vote my little fingers off for my favorite. I don't know why everybody complains about the judges, do you really let them influence who you like to see and listen to in music. I think this years crop is some of the finest ever on Idol with the exception of one. The voting is fine, we as Americans just don't like to lose, the same goes for our favorites being eliminated. Some of you are letting the news people and the writers of all these internet articles think for you.

  138. I have never enjoyed a season of Amiercan Idol as i have enjoyed 2011's season… having said that I have never been so disappointed. Never!!! OMG the judges give KC a flipping save … and yet they let Pia go. Whatever. Totally lame. Apart from Scotty, the others can't sing like Pia and Scotty. Once again the American voters have fluffed up big time. Well done America.

  139. i will never watch idol again.everyone i talk to feels the same way.I hope the numbers go down and it loses sponsors and gets cancelled.the only true talent is gone and i won;t waste my time watching the screamer,growler, crier,etc sing.idsol; is over for this year

  140. After the last two seasons I was not going to watch Idol again, but I started watching when they cut down to the final 12 and wild cards.

    Since I controlled the master TV, my wife and daughter watched AI with me. My wife's favorites were James, Pia and Scotty. My daughters favorites were Paul, Pia and James. My favorites were Pia, James and Scott.

    My families favorites seemed to synch up with this site and others. However, my very jaded daughter continued to remark that this is not a singing competition but a popularity contest and I would probably be left frustrated and let down once again. It isn't about having a strong voice and being nearly technically perfect. It's about whether you are exciting and not boring.

    I hate it when she's right and I'm wrong. It looks like she got me again.

  141. It's Sunday and I'm still upset about Pia being voted off. How many, I wonder, will stop watching in protest. Other years I would have. This year there are just too many really good performers. Controversy, I suppose, creates larger audience share. The underlying danger is audience apathy created by voting results like last week. Is it the teeny bopper vote? Can the voting system be tweaked. I do hope Pia gets a recording deal I will be forst in line to buy her album…

  142. Maybe I am not a talent scout but I think Pia is a better singer than either James Durbin or Casey Abrams. The judges shouldn't used there wild card on him it should have been used on Pia. Thia was a better singer than Casey. Steven Tyler doesn't give constructive critisim, he just says you nailed it what good does that do. There will never be an American Idol show as good as the one that Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler and Bo Bice was in

    • Agreed, Carrie's year was the best.

      If I can gleen the comments that I have heard so far, most people viewing American Idol want dancing performers and are not that interested in singing talent. So, when they make comments like "boring", "not exciting", etc., what they really want is Britney Spears. Decent vocals (and sometimes lip synching) but nothing special singing wise. I truly believe that's what people are looking for. That's one of the reasons Casey James took 3rd last year. Pretty boy, OK vocals but nothing special.

      • Oh, Ron! I have described Pia as boring, but you just couldn't have my reasons more wrong! I don't particularly care if she dances, but I would like for her to find some way to engage my interest. Her vocals didn't really appeal to me . . . who knows why . . . musical tastes are such a personal thing, and are comprised of so many things! I think part of it is I didn't always like the cadences she chose. I can certainly tell you I have NEVER, EVER bought a Britney Spears album, or one by anybody else that I think falls into that category. Just because all AI viewers don't agree with your choices for favorites, doesn't mean we are all shallow nit-wits!

  143. No matter how upset some people are….it looks like pia didn't have loyal fans to support her…she has great voice, very pretty…but stiff on stage like a log! Same problem with thia…so nobody should be so shocked for this…Lauren & Haley are more beautiful and talented than her…and I hope this year a girl will win…none of the boys are better than the girls this season! Votes from 12 yrs girls shouldn't be considered valid…

  144. I just think there was an error in the tabulating.

    I go to a site dialidol and they showed Pia in the top 3 and Paul in the bottom, How could this happen.

    I believe that the judges heed to give honest input.Some are better than others. The people need guidelines, they are the experts. Everyone can't be great.

    I also would like to see the Judges have more input on who continues.

    I want to bring Pia back

    • pia shudnt be in the bottom 3..she has a very beautiful n lovely voice..what was happened is UNBELIEVABLE!

  145. No question that Pia had the most talent of anyone on the show this is completely wrong. This is a singing competion and Pia was the best singer on the show. Girls never win the show. Pia had an AMAZING voice and is the American Idol. People better start voting for the BEST singer. Pia is going to go farthest in her career.

  146. As good as I thought this season was in terms of the number of talented singers, there is really nobody who has David Cook's, Lambert's, Crystal's or even Chris Allen's ability to bring new twists to songs. In comparison Scotty, James, Paul and Casey don't hold a candle (though Casey showed some of this early-on).

    Pia was the best singer and with her departure the show has taken on too much of a high school talent show profile for my tastes. I do think Lauren has the best shot at future commercial success, providing the judges don't continue to inhibit her personality.

    • I liked a lot of the previous idols you mentioned, but I have never liked David Cook at all. It was a big disappointment to me when he won, and I really felt he got a lot of "sympathy votes" due to his brother's condition. While I can certainly understand empathizing with someone, I don't think they should win a singing competition because of it.

      • Rhonda – Let's be totally honest, do you really feel American Idol is a singing competition? When personality, appearance, dancing skills, etc. play into the decision making of voters; is it really a singing competition.

        You said previously that Pia wasn't exciting to you, but Naima (the dancer) was. The last time I checked dancing skills, personality and appearance are not singing traits.

        I saw previews for a new show called "the voice", where the judges only hear their voice and it has nothing to do any other criteria.

        I believe American used to be a Singing competition, but no it is no more than a popularity contest.

      • Well, Ron . . . You may have also noticed in one of my previous posts regarding my preference for Naima over Pia that I said I would have preferred her voice even if they had both sung behind closed curtains. I just think Naima had that extra, indefinable "something".

    • I do not think that the show is fixed but I do think that there should be a limit as to how many times a person can vote on their phone.

  147. Now that Pia has got the interscope contract, does it make any sense for the left 8 contestants to be in the competition and fight for the same contract?

  148. I won't be buying Pia's album, of course.. I am not even a fan of Celine Dione.. I'd rather see her on the beach wearing bikinis =)

  149. Pia should have been the winner this season,but now with her off and all this news and talk…she will definatly go to the top and further…someone will see to that.Just like hairspray movie,she did not win but look at her now…she has it all.

    • sorry forgot to say Jennifer Hudson did not make it..but look at her now and where is…don't worry Pia you have it made.

    • I totally disagree with you that Pia should have won this season, but I totally agree with you about Jennifer Hudson's meteoric rise to fame and success. Having said that, though, there are a few quite noticeable differences in these two women: (1) Jennifer has a huge amount of personality and spunk (2) Jennifer has put 100% of herself into her dream, and refused to take "no" for an answer, while Pia has determinedly stayed in her favorite "rut" and refused to step outside her comfort zones. Finally, and I know you won't agree with this one: (3) Jennifer has a whole lot more natural talent that Pia will ever have. Jennifer is such a multi-dimensional person . . . and she has that indefinable "star quality" that is deeply integrated inside all of the true greats. I just DON'T think Pia has any of that.

      • I agree with you. I think she can't be the Winner, but cud b d runner up. I do like her, so beautiful and talented, but she won't match up to my favourite Scotty.

  150. This is the very reason why Simon quit the Idol, I really hope that next season, the producers will consider giving the judges more power, not all the power, but just more power on deciding who stays and who goes. And also change some of the judges please.

  151. Power-Texting can be blamed for the very unusual voting results on American Idol. When one person can power-text 3000-5000 votes in the two hour period, it easily eclipses the phone in votes. For the show to have any credibility, they need to give the judges additional saves until the end, and only allow phone in votes or limit text votes – however that is a tall order with AT&T wanting to sell unlimited texting. I am in the demographic the advertising is aimed at (I am old enough to buy cars,etc.) and I am done watching the show.

    • This isn't just about Pia, but the integrity of the vote.

      Power texting is one of the problems with the voting process. Lately it's about how "boring" a contestant is, or how "exciting". What do any of these terms have to do with singing. Now, if someone said, her voice was flat or off key, or even a little pitchy. I would even buy, "she didn't do enough to make it her own". But "Boring"????

  152. I wouldn't buy her album, she is very dry and boring i have never voted for her. its not really about whose the best (IMO) its who America likes.

    • Big suprise! Which hater would buy an album from someone who hate?? Yawmmmmm….

    • right !

      no matter how beautiful she is,

      it doesn't matter coz she's BORING!

      she doesn't even move, she'd just standing there and all that lol πŸ˜€

      B O R I N G !

      • i agree that she is not AI material, but you know whst?…i will listen to her sing…on days that i just feel the blues…cause she sings soulfully and from her heart…who cares if she cant strut on stage…her voice does touch the heart…

    • You`re right shan, there are some people who like Pia but there are more people who never liked her that`s why she was voted out.So stop arguing and get over it.

    • Pia has been my favorite from the start, she is FAR from dry and boring! Pia has an AWESOME voice and she is the one I have voted for every week and I would most definitely buy her music!!!!

    • Do you know Pia has auditioned 5 times for AI? does that say something? BTW I'm Shana too

      • Yeah, it says a lot. If she auditioned that many times and never got through before, she's obviously not all that great. Maybe she got through this time because we have a new panel of "aw, shucks" judges. I think Simon would have held firm to keep actual talent in the contest.

    • Tenisaddict, you sound like a broken record. Could you please get off your "haters" kick? It is really tiresome, and it certainly doesn't change the mind(s) of ANYONE.

  153. Idol is going to have to think about restructuring how the talent gets voted on.The public is not doing it.If they want to have a popularity contest then let's rename the show.If they want a talent contest then let's get the judges more involved.

  154. get rid of Pia!

    she's out!

    now can we move on ?

    don't boycott AI just yet.

    Lauren Alaina is still in the running.

    my fave πŸ˜‰

    lmfao! πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  155. I wonder every weeek what will be the judges reaction.. Are they going to be angry next week?

    Judges are hypo.crite .

    What would be the american idol season 10 winner will feel?..less deserving..

    Anyway, Im not into Pia since day1 shes just ordinary..

    Her last performance was the worst,when she moves she cant perform. Moreover on her last song she cant handle pressure and emotion well in a song..

    her notes go every where ..very bad..

    Maybe bec she thinks she will win.. Too much expectations kill her.. Regarding the contract, i doubt it if jimmy lovine will let her sign.. eminem and lady gaga are not kind of pia toscano ..its north and south poles of music.. Good luck to her!

    • people thinks she's good bec Randy said so..

      standing ovation on sharp delivery of song

      is just overrated.. She's overrated..

      Dont make excuses that teen girls like boys etc

      Think about Jacob why he's still there..He's a diva not teenage crush? Think about all these..

      No more excuses.. Blaming american voters..Judges are not helping all are good..

      Karma to Randy , Pia expected too much that she's good..

      • Well, Tenisaddict, you finally said something I agree with:

        & then people will cry “racist”

        That's been the favorite national pastime for a while now: If we oppose the detrimental crap obama is doing to this country, we are "racists". If we want to prosecute anyone that happens to be a minority for a heinous crime, we are "racists". If we don't enjoy the shrieking performance of someone that happens to be a minority, we are "racists". If we want to make ILLEGAL aliens go back to their own country and quit milking our tax dollars, so that our senior citizens can hang onto the Medicare & Social Security benefits they worked for and paid into, all their lives, we are "racists". As a "plain ole white person", I don't feel I have many rights. Even when I am the most qualified for a job promotion, I don't deserve it (or get it) if somebody that is a "minority" wants it, too – even when they are far less qualified. Yes, you may have a point: no matter how much nobody on here seems to have enjoyed a certain minority's performances, I am sure he'll hang in there a long time. Nobody would dare to vote him off. I have seen very few posts that mention liking him at all. Of course, I find it every bit as offensive that because I don't like the afore-mentioned Pia, I am considered "jealous". Isn't it just great how people other than ourselves get to decide for us how WE think and WHY? I consider that a major violation of civil liberties that I am supposed to (but in actuality, don't) have.

      • Rhonda, for the record I completely agree with your comments regarding "racist". In fact, I don't disagree with a single comment.

      • Thanks, Ron . . . I am glad to know that others are feeling this way, too. Sometimes I find it so frustrating, but there doesn't seem to be any way around it!

      • Agreed! I'm afraid people have to see something completely break down before they react. To some degre people are observing the effect of illegal immigration and are passing local laws to eliminate the problem, but until this is recognized on a national level their reaction only shifts the problem to another part of the country.

  156. This is going to continue to happen (and no, it's not the first time) as long as the vote is for who should stay. It should be who needs to go. The notion that Pia would not have won in the end is totally bogus.

    There have been numerous occasions where a singer has progressed into the favorite by shows end.

    The voting will be much more reflective of talent if the voting were about who should leave. It's easy to overlook someone who might be second or third choice when voting for favorites. No one could honestly vote for someone like Pia as the worst.

  157. This is so stupid. Is it really that hard to believe that MAYBE just MAYBE the American audience doesn't want another Celine Dion or Mariah Carey? I know I sure as hell don't. Pia has or is getting a record deal, congrats…I won't be buying her album full of sappy ballads. I will give her this, she has a fantastic, no, incredible voice but I would never in a million years pay to see her in concert. I enjoy 60's and 70's rock music so based on my tastes, I want someone like James to win American Idol (Paul is my favourite but I can't see him winning). If the majority of America feels this way as well, then they should be able to vote for their favourites without being put down. The judges were the worst for this, they praised everyone last week…did they not realize that someone was going to be sent home? Ugh, maybe this will be a wake up call to them. I mean they get payed thousands of dollars, the least they can do is actually critique performances.

    • Well, I can definitely agree with you on the Mariah Carey thing . . . I think one of them is one too many! I detest her!

      • Peggy – You are wrong. I just never have liked Mariah. I don't like ANY of her songs, never have. And if you think I am jealous of her skanky chipmunk-cheeked physical appearance, you are WAY off base! And, then, too . . . there is the problem with her missing I.Q.

    • Ya, the judges choose who they want to stay on. They will say,,, pitchy here pitchy there, if they want to remove that person, eg. Thia. Haley I thought cud not last the last 11, but she's still hanging on because she's over rated. Because voters do listen to judges comments. What a waste Pia. Good luck to her. I' don't mind buying her album.

  158. hey I was so pissed off with the results! How COULD THIS BE THAT A SO POWERFULL SINGER VOCALIST WAS ELLIMINATED????

    Pia honey don't worry you'll be even more successfull than the winner because – YOU are the best!!! You Shoul have won!


    • She doesn't need to win it to succeed. She already inked a record deal so be happy for her now and move on.

  159. Paul McDonald or Stefano should have gone.

    This is the biggest B.S i HAVE ever seen . Pia was one of the best on the night.

    By the way the judges looked they were not to impressed, i think if they had save left, she would have been saved.

    • I'm sure they've been beating themselves up for saving Casey, but they didn't think in a million years they'd have to save Pia. They thought the voters actually liked music and had some intelligence.

  160. I can't wait for Pia's album to come out. It's a shame she was sent home. But in the end you will see that the rest are far from marketable. I for one will no longer watch or vote….Bring on X-Factor. Pia is going to come out on top and make all the other idols forgettable… and Simon is going to do the same thing with X-Factor put AI to shame and make it very forgettable. Bring on Pia's CD can't wait to buy it!!!!!!!!

  161. Shock that Pia has been eliminated. She was the best. I have lost interest now that she is gone

  162. I really believe that the weight of the judges vote should out weigh the fans. Remember there is no age limit as to who can vote which leads to teenage girls voting for their hearthrods rather basing their vote on true talent. "Pia" should have made it to the final round, and I really hate that it resulted in her having to take such an early exit. This type of business is not good for American Idol watchers because it can some to boycott by not watching and cause the rating of the show to go down. Please fix the system where the judges vote carry the weight, because we have too many "giddy" teenagers that are voting for who looks good to them rather who really has talent to sing.

    • If young teenagers' votes dominate in voting guys who are cute, then why Stefano has been in bottom two twice, and Paul once? Your assessment has no basis at all.

      • When most of the female singers have been eliminated, males will have to be in the bottom at some point.

        Think about this, tehre are currently 6 male and 2 females left. Not a single male has been eliminated. Not one! Very similar results to previous years.

  163. Just make it 10 votes per phone line, and then we'll have a fair contest. This "power voting" is ridiculous, and certainly favors the tweens who will sit and vote for hours.

      • Don't you think they opened up the lines to power texting due to the Money? AT&T could care less about the integrity of the voting on American Idol. They just want millions and millions of texts and calls. My guess is Idol is paid a percentage of the total vote coming through AT&T. That also explains why Nigel would never entertain changing the vote. Reading between the lines, he doesn't care about the inegrity of the vote either.

        My problem isn't with Pia being eliminated, it's with the system and they way it works.

        Whether we agree or disagree that Pia is boring and Naima was not, I still believe that the change to allow power texting (for the sake of money) is skewing the results and allows decisions like this. Wouldn't it be interesting to see the results if you strip away power voting via text, phone and internet. Actually I would bet they can do that already. AT&T has to keep track of where their text messages come from and the same goes for IP addresses from the internet.

        If this were allowed in politics, how would power texting change our elected officials.

        Again, Pia is a symptom of a much bigger problem, the problem of voting integrity.

  164. You should rename your TV Show from "American Idol" to "American Joke". It went from 'Great' to 'Stupid'.

    Pia was definately the best singer. She hit ALL the notes consistently.

    Who will win. I won't know because I will never watch the show again.

  165. As with many others, I too was floored by Pia's elimination from the show last week. What a shame. This certainly says much about the American public; that they would prefer to have Haley and Lauren stick around, not to mention one-dimensional-Stephano. It's sad knowing that I won't be able to enjoy hearing a woman with such an amazing voice sing on the show anymore. I was envisioning Scotty (maybe Jacob) and Pia in the final. It reminds me a bit of last year when Crystal Bowersox clearly should have won but instead lost to pouty-faced Lee. Which leads me to say, 'Who in their right mind would actually buy a record by Paul? Everything he sings sounds exactly the same.' It blows my mind that he's still around. Geesh!

    • I would!!! I'm love that kind of music. One of my favourite artists of all time is Bob Dylan and many people said that he can't sing. However, he's written some of the best songs of all time. As he famously stated before: "don't criticize what you can't understand." Paul sang an original song during Hollywood week and I absolutely loved it. It's definitely something that is radio material.

    • You can just go on and on by whining over Pia… but please don't mention any other finalist's name because you are hurting their fans, including me. Thia was my favorite and she's gone. I have moved on and selected another favorite. Life has to go on… Pia has moved on and hoping you have, too.

  166. So saddened to witness this early departure of the so incredibly talented Pia. Feel this may have been the most surprising results show ever on Idols.My family here in Zimbabwe have routed for Pia eversince and have no doubt that having not won American Idols 2011 as we had hoped will do amazingly well in the industry. Simon Cowell indicated on previous seasons with voting that America ' gets it right'. What happened this time America? We wish Pia every success in her music career, she is a born idol.

    • Actually, I watch the ratings every week through "TV by the Numbers". Also if you google American Idol and look at Wikipedia you can see the steady decline of ratings from season to season.

  167. Hey, you all Pia haters who said Pia was boring and dry, and said that Piahaters is existed more than Pialovers..

    Use your brain!!

    If Pia was really disliked by you, why such this Pia shockin' elimination tragedy appears in many websites on the net???? All peoples are talkin about this tragedy..

    It proves that she was really loved to be the winner, and not supposed to be eliminated early.

    Please your logic!!

    Her lowest vote was because everyone thinks she will be always safe so everyone used their votes for the other unsafe contestants!

    This all over the world news about Pia elimination tragedy proves Pia is the one of the viewers most loved singer

    • I totally agree!

      If other such Hailey or Stefano get eliminated, there will be no any shocking news, and its kinda like a normal elimination

      It proves america regret this tragedy, and loves Pia

    • "Pia haters is stupid"????? What grade are you in? If you are going to lament the loss of your much-adored (albeit boring) favorite idol, please at least phrase it in a manner that people of average intelligence can understand. "Pia haters ARE stupid" would be somewhat more appropriate, although not actually correct. And, you tell US to use OUR brains? As soon as I get done rolling with hysterical laughter (at your expense), I will feel sorry for you.

  168. In all honesty i wanted to see her go

    her performance was boring. she just stood and sung the whole time. The only reason people were voting was cause shes pretty. I am not jealous so dont say that. Shed be better off being a Model.

  169. Although id rather see Stefano or Haley go. Dont know how haley has made it this far….

      • Noooo, Haley isnt amazing look for people who can make a career in what is popular music today not like previous people on american idol who make one CD barely sells then you never hear from them again.


    • So you say. But,why is it that nobody minds that the slobbering men (including my ex-favorite Steven Tyler) mainly liked her & wanted her to stay on BECAUSE they liked her mainstream-style good looks? And, another thing . . . whenever the Pia-Gone-OHMYGOD!!! people write in, they tend to speak on behalf on the non-Pia fans by citing OUR supposed favorites. Just so you know, the ones you accuse us all of liking over Pia really don't match up with my own choices. It's just all so damned silly!

    • If young girls votes dominate in voting guy who are cute, then why Stefano has been in bottom two twice? And Paul once? Your assessment has no basis at all.


    • Everything happens for a reason, so this may really be pretty good for Pia. So, I hope people get over it this time.

  172. I'm not watching the rest of Ido this season since Pia got eliminated – not just because I thought she could win it – but because something beyond control went very very wrong!

    • Would still love for you to watch the show, but then who cares. Even Pia doesn't care because she is more excited to see & watch her friends continue to fight for the Idol crown.

  173. First we lose Simon Cowell, the Don Cherry of the music reality world, and now we lose the talented Pia. Eliminating Pia at this stage and now seeing Scotty in "first" place has shut me down for this year. And all of Idol's viewers north of the border agree based on my "statistically insignificant" aka random survey of a dozen people. So exec producers, don't be surprised to see the ratings fall north of the border.

  174. this is my first season of watching the show..the results are bogus..pia got robbed ..i won't watch anymore…

    • OMG! If you are going to stop watching the show, how can any of us go on??? (hysterical crying would commence here, if I could summon any tears) . . . still trying . . .

      • Rhonda you are an annoying insect. Enough of your tenny-bopper feminista comments. F-off already …

      • Thanks, Edo . . . You made my day. I needed a good laugh! Buzz . . . Buzz . . . Buzz . . .

    • okay enjoy for not watching… thia was my favorite… she's gone but i will still keep watching.

    • Dave, I actually am sorry I made that hateful comment. You didn't deserve that, and I think I shouldn't post when I am in a bad mood over something else!

  175. I've always felt that America should vote for the one they want eliminated. IMO it would be much more fair and accurate. Or do like Dancing With The Stars – the judge's get 1/2 the vote. I really feel ethat David Cook was the last one to win who deserved it, and was probably only one of maybe two or three others out of all the seasons who I would consider the best. Things have got to change on American Idol…it's just no fun watching any more and I'm not saying that because Pia is gone – it's just going down hill. Can't wait for X Factor.

  176. Growly McHaley? How professional. If you can't be objective then maybe reviews aren't for you.

  177. Remember folks, this is a competition. someone goes home every week!

    They are all great or they would not be there. she just was not "idol worthy"

    Move on!…I feel like the judges attitudes demean the integrity of the contest…they should be neutral…. America decides!

    • your right america decides..but Pia should not have been voted off..people were voting for her and the votes for her number were not being registered to count..thats not fair to her or any other contestant. She should be brought back like Chris was the judges should have a second chnce to choose since we can't

  178. Greetings fr Singapore. Pia eliminated? What has happened clearly shows that American Idol has become a popularity contest instead of a singing contest. Going forward, think producers should consider letting American vote for bottom 3 and then, the judges decide who should go home. Anyway, after Pia's elimination, my family and I have stopped watching Amercian Idol since we feel that the elimination was uncalled for since we expect Pia to have been in the Top 4 at least. We have just simply lost interest and are saddened at the whole issue. It is just not right, not right….Many Singaporeans echo my sentiments.


    • You have stopped watching AI since the elimintaion? how could you watch AI, the next show is tomorrow only.

  179. I think this "controversial" elimination occurs because Pia voted off at this moment, when there are at least one people who sing and perform worse than Pia. If Pia voted off at the top 3 or top 4, I don't think it will cause a problem as big as what happens now. By the way, I am Pia fans.

    • true… she could be in top 3 but won't win it but being voted off this early is really a shocking one…

  180. I'm so happy BORING Pia is out. So tired of the hype. She's nothing but a karaoke singer. Sorry.

  181. If American Idol believes in there voting system, as much as they are defending it they should let Pia have her recording contract and allow her to release her CD. Pia was selected by the judges to get to the final 13, but america said no and voted her off. Ok let her do what ever she wants. They can't because they know there there system is flawed. They are afraid of Pia's sucess they shouldn't be there judges picked her, the voters or the voting system screwed up. If they don't let her do her CD now and release it. THey will lose ratings, and credabilty. They need to correct the problem now take the hit and look foward to next year.

  182. i vote the performance, each time, not the person. Pia did not do well with a Tina song, maybe too big? Tina has some pipes. Jacob made a comment about Americans not looking in the mirror! Was not surprised at who made the bottom 3. Not one bit.

  183. I definitely think Pia was voted off too early. I

    personally enjoyed her singing abilities. She seemed to have a strong voice. I wouldn't describe

    her as boring but she needs to work on her stage

    presence to be more of an entertainer. When I go to

    a concert, I want to be entertained as well as the

    performer having a great voice. I think Pia will

    develop those abilities as time goes on. She certainly has the physical attractiveness but needs

    to work on her presentation. I think I am so spoiled from Adam Lambert as he is one of the best

    entertainers I have seen and his vocals are beautiful. I think Pia has great potential and wish

    you all the success that you so deserve.

  184. In protest of Pia's elimination, I will be forgoing the remainder of the season. It's obvious that the results are less then accurate and very dubious.

    • I don't believe, for even one moment, that Randy Jackson actually wrote this. I am sure Randy could spell America correctly, and I also believe that he has a much better mastery of grammar than what is portrayed in this pathetic post. Aside from all of that, I also doubt that he would write on this forum that the save should have been held for Pia. So, if you are pretending to be Randy Jackson, you should quit!

  185. The voting on the show has just gotten really ridiculous! The voting will never be accurately cast unless it is changed. The vote should be for the 3 worst "singers" with the judges participating also. Then you would see less of what you saw on April 7, 2011.

  186. I was not for pia or stefano, but was shocked pia didnt beat stefano. But it is what it is, and the way the judges reacted in horror was just a slap in the face to stefano. The Judges had NO right to treat stefano that way. The judges chose who they wanted and its up to the PUBLIC to vote for who we want. If they change that, I'll not be watching anymore. They owe stefano a PUBLIC apology for treating him like crap, when he won the peoples vote !!

  187. I think the judges bias the vote against ballad singers. They are always pushing for up tempo and with some singers that is not who they are. ( Celine, Barbara,Thia and Pia). I understand that Randy plays guitar for example. It is like having Randy perform on his guitar and a judge say "That was a great guitar piece Randy, but I think I would like your performance better if you played it on a tuba"

  188. yes., very obvious pia,compare to stefano big difference .. stefano 2 times bottom 3.. why always SAFE what happen in 3 judge have a favoritsm???? he like stefano my GOD what happen to your people not fair right ..

  189. I really think that the judges is to blame here…why do they say that Scotty must stick to what he does best, but Pia was "advised" every week to sing a up tempo song….I think mainly Jlo..she was the big culprit…

  190. Well, Pia is now off to begin her new singing career, and I know we all wish her the best. Now, I am turning my thoughts to the upcoming performances of the remaining contestants. When you get down to the small remaining group size that is in place now, it always gets harder to say goodbye to each one. The one thing I AM happy about is that I believe that all of these people will have a lot of great opportunities offered to them, just like Pia has. And, ne thing is for certain: After reaching this level in American Idol, their lives will all be forever changed in a wonderful way! I'm wishing them ALL good luck in their performances tonight.

  191. Who was the guy who won Idols when Adam Lambert came 2nd? MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Dont worry Pia… you will be just fine!!! You'll bring in the hits and laugh all the way to the bank and award seremonies… then we will laugh! What's wrong with Americans, why dont you vote out the "yellers". Idols is supposed to be a singing competition… not a screaming-yelling-block-your-ears competition? I know of two who really annoy me with their screaming – how did they make it into the top 10? Rent a croud? Go Pia, show them you dont need to win to be a hit… it already put you on the map and you are on your way. You are out, because you are beautiful and gorgeous and already a star. Americans feel the need to vote a non-star into a star – I call it the god-complex. People dont appreciate what is already there!!!!!


  192. I have read so many other boards with theories of the elimination of Pia and the unfair voting system of American Idol.

    One writer had the opinion that Pia was a throwback to the Kelly and Carrie days where she stood mid-stage in her prom like dress and belted out a ballad. In addition, this year was very difficult to separate the female contestants from each other and voters were looking for something new.

    I do believe there is some truth to both of those theories.

    One of the reasons there is such an uproar is the expectations placed on Pia. In almost every independent poll Pia was in the top three. So, how can she truly be the 9th best contestant on the show? Right now, the favorites on many voting websites are Scotty and James. I wouldn't be at all surprised as they one represents Country and the other represents hard rock. I just hope for diversity sake that a female makes it to at least the final 3 or 4.

    By the way, Thia and Naima were conistently at the bottom of a lot of polls. So, this was not conisdered much of a surprise or upset when they were voted off the show. When Casey was voted off, his voting position was at #4 on a lot of sites, so that was a bit of a surprise. So, I don't fault the judges for extending a save, and if they could have saved her, I'm sure they would have.

  193. Nigel Lythgoe claims he knows the results and that Pia Toscano was not a front runner. Given the fact that voting system is ridiculous, that is not surprising.

    The median age for the 20+ million people watching Idol this season is 44 and most of the older ones either do not vote or cast one or two for their favorite or, God forbid, who they thought was best on the night. Now there is a concept for you.

    The vast majority are cast by teens – mainly girls – who have their land line on speed dial, text like crazy on their cell phones and this season probably manage to get in the 50 votes allowed on-line.

    Nigel is also the Executive Producer (with his son Simon) on the new CMT Next Country Star Show, which we watched last Friday when the top 10 competed.

    They had to sing a pop song country style and do so in front of a live audience at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville. Each member of the audience had a voting card and voting took place at the end of the ten performances – ONE vote per audience member.

    When the votes were tallied the bottom two were called out and had to sing a 40-second tidbit of any song they chose and the three judges decided which one went home.

    The format seems to be 2 regular judges and a guest one each week and, in addition to singing the contestants will have to do radio interviews and write an original song that they perform.

    They have to sing in different locations that can vary from places like the Wild Horse Saloon, which is rated #1 for Country Music, to down and dirty places, just as they may find when on tour.

    It is a much more realistic scenario and a much more democratic voting system with the judges deciding who goes from the bottom two, just like DWTS.

    So, Nigel, if you can do it for other shows, why not American Idol? If you can limit people to 50 votes on-line, why not with phone calls and text messages?

    If you are not prepared to make the changes, then don't BS us about who is or who isn't the front runner on AI because it is based on a false premise and has been for years.

    This year is not the first time the voting system has been questioned and, if AI survives, won't be the last.

    Frankly, had AI had the judges decide which of the bottom two went home, we would have had a top 10 as in all the other seasons.

    It would have been fun and interesting to see who the judges sent home last week because JLo would have been torn between Pia and her, in my opinion, favorite Stefano. One way or the other, she would have been crying!!

    • Wow, there is someone else on this board that understands the problems with the voting.

      You are absolutely correct concerning Nygel's comments. If the voting system is unfair to begin with, what difference does it make where Pia was in the voting hierarchy?

      I have viewed 5 independent polls on the internet, and Pia was rated as high as #1 and as low as #5 with an average rating of 2.8. All of these polls are a result of one vote to one IP address.

      Out of all the people that vote for American Idol what are the average votes per voter? If 25 million viewers watch American Idol, and 40 million votes are cast, how many are power voting? It actually wouldn't take many (500 voters) to significantly skew the results.

      Bottom line, there is absolutely no way for this process to be fair.

  194. American Idol factoid:

    Seasons 1-6 gave us 4 female and 2 male winners. Since then we have had 3 males in a row and of the last three finals, only one of the six finalists was female and that was Crystal Bowersox last year and she only made it by a few votes over Casey James for the top 2.

    With only 2 of the final 8 being female (all 5 voted off from the final 13 have been female) what are the odds on a female winning this year or even getting to the final??

    Anyone care to post the odds?

    • How about a million to one? Actually without seeing the actual voting numbers it would be nearly impossible to determine the actual odds, however I would guess Scott and James are prohibitive odds on favorite to make the finals. The main thing in their favor is they are not female.

  195. I am (still) very upset about Pia being voted off!. Does not America have any ear for good music and singers anymore. Of course, the example being not only voting her off over Jacob but the artist that performed without his shirt – what was that all about? – not talent for sure!!!!

    Suggestion: Another save for the judges could be a "SWITCH" or "TRADE" where they trade a saved contender for the one being voted off. Crewel but …….. just maybe Jacob would be gone and we would still have Pia who has a beautiful voice!

    • My frustration is not just with Pia being eliminated, but with the voting process itself. Can we truly trust the system with making the correct decision? I am very skeptical of the process and I just don't know how confident I am in results.

  196. Why is Jacob Lusk still in the mix???? While he has some talent, his screaming at the end of EVERY song he sings is annoying and he needs to go back to the Choir.

    • My guess, Jacob is getting a lot of sympathy votes from a group of voters. Any guess on that group?

  197. My husband and I love Scotty and love Casey and also Stephano. Great singers. We think Paul sings like Fod Stewart and should sing some of his songs. His prescence on stage is delightful to watch. We appreciate the three judges and love their comments. Linda and Terry

  198. this is such a shocker! i thought Pia would win for sure she had so much talent. i cant believe shes eliminated. she was the best of all of them. now all the girls will be out. a boy will win this year

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