American Idol 2013: Angie Miller Leads The Pack With ‘Yesterday’ Performance

Angie Miller - American Idol

Angie Miller performed “Yesterday” in her American Idol 2013 appearance last night on FOX and according to the fans voting in the weekly poll, she’ll be right back in there at the Top 3 once again.

The judges could find little at fault with Miller’s performance of The Beatles’ classic and did all but prepare her seat in the Season 12 Top 8.

Branden reviewed Angie’s rendition, “I didn’t really get a connection from her. I feel like she was acting in a Broadway show. But I can’t deny how great she sounded.” And great it was considering it’s put her with 24% of our poll’s votes at the time of publishing.

Watch Angie’s performance of “Yesterday” on American Idol 2013 and see if you think this is going to propel her on to finale night.

Do you think it was the right choice for Miller to get out from behind the piano this week? She draws incredible strength in her performances sitting at that bench, but can she do the same without those keys in front of her?

If Angie makes the cut tonight that means she’ll move on to the American Idol Top 8 finalists group and be one step closer to the May 2013 finale show where many expect her to win it all.