American Idol 2013: Angie Miller Leads The Pack With ‘Yesterday’ Performance

Angie Miller - American Idol

Angie Miller performed “Yesterday” in her American Idol 2013 appearance last night on FOX and according to the fans voting in the weekly poll, she’ll be right back in there at the Top 3 once again.

The judges could find little at fault with Miller’s performance of The Beatles’ classic and did all but prepare her seat in the Season 12 Top 8.

Branden reviewed Angie’s rendition, “I didn’t really get a connection from her. I feel like she was acting in a Broadway show. But I can’t deny how great she sounded.” And great it was considering it’s put her with 24% of our poll’s votes at the time of publishing.

Watch Angie’s performance of “Yesterday” on American Idol 2013 and see if you think this is going to propel her on to finale night.

Do you think it was the right choice for Miller to get out from behind the piano this week? She draws incredible strength in her performances sitting at that bench, but can she do the same without those keys in front of her?

If Angie makes the cut tonight that means she’ll move on to the American Idol Top 8 finalists group and be one step closer to the May 2013 finale show where many expect her to win it all.




  1. angie sounded like her voice was ‘autotuned’ already. Gaawwd! Love her so much!

  2. Sorry, I am not a fan of Angie. Last night’s performance did not feel real, but rather a staged performance in a musical. As the judges mentioned, I feel she would do well singing for a Disney movie, but I would not buy her records. Her sound and style are indistinguishable to me. So much prefer Kree and Janelle–Kree brings something brand new to the songs she sings and Janelle does a pure, beautiful country thing to hers. Both are winners to me.

    • What! Musical.! Like you thought of this. Jimmy I is totally wrong and in my opinion so are you. Angie is the total package. I agree all the girls can sing but they have no personalities. Boring in my opinion. Angie works the audience like nobody else can.

      Angie has over 2.7 million YouTube views on You Set me Free. That’s Star Power. Nicki was spot on in Angie’s evaluation.

      • I’ve said this before and think its worth repeating. It is no surprise that Set Me Free has 2.7M hits on you tube. It was an outstanding performance of an original song. However, IMO Angie can not top that performance whilst covering other artists’ songs and everything she sings from now on is going to seem lacking in comparison to Set Me Free. So far that has been exactly the case. Her performances since then have been good but not fantastic. Her voice and range is perfectly suited to her own song. I wonder if she should have saved it for a later performance. She probably would have made it into the top 10 without it. It was a very difficult choice for her to make I’m sure. She simply peaked early and now viewers and voters expectations are very high and she will be have to meet them every single week. Of course there is the save but who knows if the judges would rather use it on her or Candice.

  3. Angie is the whole package. Candace and Kree are amazing. Anyone of these three can win it all. Sorry but Janelle to me is another Laura Alaina….Enough with the country!!!

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