American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest Reveals Top 8 Week Song Genre

Ryan Seacrest

Another week, another song set. American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest reveals the Top 8 finalists song genre will be “The Music of Motor Town,” or Motown if you’d prefer. Yes, we’ve heard it a lot. A lot a lot. But that’s okay because the niche is deep and rich in songs and should provide for some great performances.

We’re anxious to see which of the remaining eight finalists goes big and which go safe, but no matter what we still expect a boy to go.

Early next week our song recommendations will hit the site and we can start going over who should handle what great Motown hits and which ones they should steer clear from performing. Of course that shouldn’t stop your ideas from flowing right now here on the site. So let’s hear it. What should the American Idol 2013 Top 8 perform on Wednesday, March 27th when they return for another two-hour show on FOX.

In the meantime, browse the Top 8 photo gallery and view your favorites as a ‘vote’ for the best. We’ll be able to check and see who is getting the most attention and likely your votes each week.