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American Idol 2015 Auditions: Meet Rayvon Owen

Rayvon Owen auditions on American Idol 2015
This week on American Idol 2015 we’ll meet Hopeful Rayvon Owen when the Judges head to San Francisco for one last stop on their Superstar search tour. Rayvon traveled a long way from home for his American Idol audition as the singer hails from Richmond, VA, but has relocated himself [...]

This Week On American Idol 2015: Final Auditions In San Francisco

American Idol 2016 Judges & Host
This week on American Idol 2015 the final auditions will be held in San Francisco as the Judges head back west in preparation for the Season 14 elimination rounds. Leading in to the final week of auditions we toured through Minnesota and New Orleans which had plenty of great talent, [...]

American Idol 2015 Auditions Continue Before Hollywood Week

Ryan Seacrest hosts American Idol 2015 auditions
American Idol fans ready to move past the auditions have one more week to go when Hollywood Week starts on the other side of the final stop in San Francisco. One last round of Idol auditions remains before all the Golden Ticket holders head west to Los Angeles where they’ll [...]

American Idol 2015 Episode 6 Photo Gallery [PICS]

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Jelly Joseph auditions on American Idol 2015
American Idol Season 14 headed south last night as the Judges visited Harry Connick Jr.’s hometown of New Orleans and while there weren’t many Jazz or Soul themed performances like Harry had hoped to see the talent was still undeniable excellent. Next week American Idol heads to its last stop [...]

American Idol 2015 Recap: New Orleans Auditions

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American Idol auditions & the coveted Golden Ticket
Second to last stop on the American Idol auditions tour this season as Harry Connick Jr. brings Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban to his hometown of New Orleans in their search for the next Idol Superstar. Last night on American Idol we encountered a mild batch of talent which leaves [...]

American Idol Results: 2015 New Orleans & Minnesota Auditions Golden Ticket Winners

Jennifer gives out tickets to Hollywood
Revealed during this week’s audition episodes are the latest American Idol results featuring which Hopefuls received a ticket on to Hollywood Week to face more challenges and harsher eliminations by the hands of the Judges and production. We have a growing spoilers list for American Idol 2015 showing who had [...]

American Idol 2015 Episode 5 Photo Gallery [PICS]

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Not everyone could leave last night’s American Idol with a Golden Ticket, but even fewer showed up with their own Golden microphone. Kudos to Kemil on his showmanship, but we’d have to agree with the judges that it’s time to drop that plated mic and entertain us a different way. [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2015: Auditions Continue In New Orleans

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American Idol judges at New Orleans auditions
The American Idol auditions wrap up after just a few more stops on the Judges’ tour and tonight’s Idol episode takes us to Harry Connick Jr.’s hometown of New Orleans. Tonight’s show starts at 8PM ET/PT and marks a change in the American Idol schedule to a one-hour Thursday night [...]

American Idol 2015 Recap: Minnesota Auditions

American Idol 2015 auditions continue in Minnesota
Judges return to the north in pursuit of the next American Idol winner and Superstar with their stop in Minnesota. Armed with a stack of Golden Tickets they’ll meet the Hopefuls and send the very best on through to Hollywood. Can this week’s talent beat out what we’ve seen in [...]

Tonight On American Idol 2015: Auditions Continue In Minnesota

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American Idol 2015 Golden Ticket winner celebrates
Tonight on American Idol the 2015 auditions continue in to Minnesota starting at 8PM ET/PT on FOX when Keith, Harry, and Jennifer meet the next batch of the area’s best talent. We’ve seen four stops on the Season 14 auditions tour as the Judges have traveled from New York, to [...]

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