Jennifer Lopez “Very Sad” Over Malaya Watson Elimination [Interview]

The American Idol judges were obviously unhappy to see 16-year-old Malaya Watson sent home by the voters on Thursday night. Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban all looked a bit like they really wished they hadn’t used their one and only save on Sam Woolf last week. Unfortunately, it was far too late to regret their decision.


When the American Idol results were announced and host Ryan Seacrest revealed Malaya had been eliminated, all of the judges seemed to be displeased. Jennifer Lopez actually winced, closing her eyes and letting out a guttural “aaaaahhhhh.” As Malaya Watson started to cry during her ‘goodbye’ performance of “I Am Changing,” J-Lo was on the verge of tears herself, while Harry looked confused, and Keith gave Malaya a wan smile.

In an interview after the American Idol 2014 results show with FOX Audio Central, Jennifer Lopez said it was “very sad, very sad,” to see Malaya go. “It’s hard, you know, she’s so young. It’s got to be hard on her emotionally.”

J-Lo said the “mom in me” was so distraught by Malaya’s elimination that she “couldn’t even speak to her” afterward. “I didn’t want to start like, make her cry more, like crying with her. It was hard.”

It’s obvious that Malaya was a special favorite to Jennifer. “As far as, you know, God given talent, as far as voices go, she’s probably the best here,” J-Lo said. “Being 16, maybe not ready to… you need time to learn control, to learn your voice. She’s just learning herself. You know what I mean? … Her voice, as a person, as a girl, at 16.”

Once Malaya gets some of those life lessons under her belt, Jennifer Lopez said she thinks Malaya will go far. “I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the future,” J-Lo said. “I hope so anyway.”

* Interview courtesy of Fox Audio Central