Will Ryan Seacrest Return For American Idol 2015? [VIDEO]

Host Ryan Seacrest In Talks Whether To Stay At 'American Idol' And 'Today'

With American Idol ratings continuing to nosedive, could it be time for host Ryan Seacrest to finally jump ship? The American Idol 2014 host and entertainment mogul certainly doesn’t need the job, considering he’s worth an estimated $250 million.  Ryan’s latest two-year contract with American Idol is about to come up, and he’s going to have to make a big decision about whether to stay or go very soon.

Despite the show’s failing ratings, however, we are betting Ryan won’t be the one to decide he will be leaving American Idol for good. The show’s producers may insanely choose to dump him in some crazy attempt to revive the show with a new host. Ryan, however, has already said previously that he has no plans to quit the show that has become such a huge part of his existence.

Ryan Seacrest on American Idol 13

“I love doing it,” Ryan told Access Hollywood last year. “It’s what I know. Every day of my life for the last 12–almost 13–years,” he said. “I’ve gotten up to either host Idol or go on the auditions. So I’d like to do it as long as they’d like to have me.”

Strong words, but when faced with the idea of signing another contract to host the show along with all the other huge projects he has going on, Ryan could possibly have a change of heart. We’ll just have to wait and see what he and the American Idol 2015 producers decide about what is going to happen next.




  1. Ryan is unsurpassed as a host/mc. He is one reason why Icome back each year. I hope he rides it ’til the wheels fall off.

  2. Will American Idol return for 2015 that is the question. JLO needs to go and Harry is also a weak judge.

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