Jennifer Lopez “Very Sad” Over Malaya Watson Elimination [Interview]

The American Idol judges were obviously unhappy to see 16-year-old Malaya Watson sent home by the voters on Thursday night. Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban all looked a bit like they really wished they hadn’t used their one and only save on Sam Woolf last week. Unfortunately, it was far too late to regret their decision.


When the American Idol results were announced and host Ryan Seacrest revealed Malaya had been eliminated, all of the judges seemed to be displeased. Jennifer Lopez actually winced, closing her eyes and letting out a guttural “aaaaahhhhh.” As Malaya Watson started to cry during her ‘goodbye’ performance of “I Am Changing,” J-Lo was on the verge of tears herself, while Harry looked confused, and Keith gave Malaya a wan smile.

In an interview after the American Idol 2014 results show with FOX Audio Central, Jennifer Lopez said it was “very sad, very sad,” to see Malaya go. “It’s hard, you know, she’s so young. It’s got to be hard on her emotionally.”

J-Lo said the “mom in me” was so distraught by Malaya’s elimination that she “couldn’t even speak to her” afterward. “I didn’t want to start like, make her cry more, like crying with her. It was hard.”

It’s obvious that Malaya was a special favorite to Jennifer. “As far as, you know, God given talent, as far as voices go, she’s probably the best here,” J-Lo said. “Being 16, maybe not ready to… you need time to learn control, to learn your voice. She’s just learning herself. You know what I mean? … Her voice, as a person, as a girl, at 16.”

Once Malaya gets some of those life lessons under her belt, Jennifer Lopez said she thinks Malaya will go far. “I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot from her in the future,” J-Lo said. “I hope so anyway.”

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    • Oh, it’s become incredibly clear. Especially with Alex. Some of the risks he’s taken have worked better than others, but at the very least he remains true to himself rather than treating this competition as a glorified round of karaoke. Her “sucking the life out of the song” comments are totally uncalled for, as was the blatant eye-rolling when he was called safe on Thursday. Frankly, she probably resents him for selling more copies of his show performances on iTunes than “I Luh Ya Papi.”

      And while Malaya probably didn’t need to be the one to go this week, CJ should have been. Yet jLo fails to acknowledge his pitchy vocals in favor of glorifying his “ability to touch people.” I mean, I thought this was a singing competition?

      • You took the words out of my mouth!!! Could not have said it better!!! I think it’s terrible she is playing favorites,this is a singing competition and if you can’t sing go home!! Alex is by far the best one there!!! Hands down!!!

      • I think all the contestants have strengths and weaknesses, but the thing about Alex that stands out for me is that there seems to be a greater likelihood of him remaining relevant in the music industry. As great as Candice Glover was last year, where is she now? Sadly, I doubt we’ll ever hear her on the radio. I think we’ll actually hear from Alex in the future, because he’s original enough and talented enough.

      • Candice Glover is all over the place. Are you kidding me..? here is one for you …Where is Taylor Hicks…He won and basically fell off the map….

      • Taylor Hicks has a Las Vegas gig and annual income was noted in an earlier blog here as 2,5 million a year. This is where I think Caleb’s future is -or to walk in Taylor Hicks shoes. I just hope Jena wins instead!

      • Well then even though Shelly is wrong about Candice, you make her point. A talented musical artist will have staying power. @Shelly, Candice is one of the greatest vocal musicians of the day – a true artist. Hopefully Alex can follow a different but similar path driven by his artistry too.

    • How is voicing their professional opinion considered playing favorites? Isn’t that why they’re there?

      • If i was a judge i would judge their voice , and the voice only….if they improve then I would boost their ego as well…..But I would not be boosting their ego if they have a pitchy voice…CJ has to go…! touched or not….he just doesnt have it….!

    • I sooo agree.. she was my favorite too…She did , however , need to relax more but teenagers are hyper and she was growing and improving and should not have gone…America got it wrong on this one…And the judges couldnt do a thing …thats what hurts…..

  1. The other seasons are over with folks…shouldn’t dwell on them. There were great singers there, just as there are every season. We’re here now! Malaya should not have been expected to be anything more than her age! People are too hard sometimes! They really should give her a break! She does have some growing to do, but everyone does. Anyone who knows anything about singing could see that she definitely is on her way if she continues & doesn’t give up. Malaya has a beautiful voice for her age and I’d like to see all of the people who put her down try getting up on a stage full of a huge audience and SING! It’s not the easiest to do. So, at her age, with little experience, she deserve some credit! The Idol age limits are crazy – they should shrink the age gap. There should be 2 winners – maybe one from something like ages 15 thru 19 & another set from 20 & up…something like that. Voices are not as developed during the teens. Anyway, all of this season’s idol hopefuls remaining are all pretty good in their own way. I think Dexter should have gone next, personally. I don’t care for him or his stage presence, but some others like him. It’s all a matter of preference. Alex is truly a talented singer – all around! That’s an obvious one. I love how he creatively switches his songs up – he’s very unique! Jessica has a nice voice, but stage presence is not great at all. Same with Sam. CJ does have a way of penetrating people with his music, but sometimes is off, I agree. Caleb is outright awesome, too! He and Alex are top notch performers! Jena is also talented, but a little on the seemingly cocky side. Overall, though, they all have nice voices. Jennifer Lopez is the best! I love her! She is very encouraging. I knew someone named Devin who was on Idol and he really liked her too, but this was a previous season. He was awesome too, but needed more experience. It’s just a show and a chance for these kids to win a dream. I try to simply be supportive for them because we are all with varying opinions of music, that’s what makes the world go round. Power to all of them for trying and for growing!

    • Your criticism of Jena is that she is cocky? And that is supportive how? Malaya was a sweet girl but this is a singing contest. Malaya can in no way compete with Jena, just 17 or so herself, who has wonderful musicality and a powerhouse of a voice. Little too cocky? Get out of here. Remember this is American Idol – find the next Kelly Clarkson, right? On musicality, Jena is probably number 2 behind Alex. On vocals, she’s 1, 2, or 3 with Caleb and Jessica.
      Jena – super talent with huge upside,
      Jessica – very versitile pro with nice voice,
      Caleb – big voice and charisma – lacks creativity,
      Sam – surprisingly excellent voice, big upside too
      Alex – great musician, not great singer,
      Dexter – he good but not better than others,
      CJ – should have already been ousted – hit a note pls.

  2. I agree with Shelly. CJ should have gone home a long time ago. Actually he shouldn’t have made it to Hollywood at all. I think the judges may be hard of hearing. This guy has no talent to be in a singing competition but I admit, he can play a guitar. So come on Judges!! You are all talented singers. Turn your hearing aids up and listen or sit on your couch every week and hear what I hear. He sucks!!!!!!!

  3. Malaya was the only person who got standing ovations, including her performance during Hollywood week. She was the youngest and she is surely prettier than Jessica or jenna. She always looks like she has gum in her mouth and im tired of hearing her voice. Jessica is stupid and has the same hair color throughout the whole show. I never liked her. they should of never used their save on sam. He is ugly and cannot sing compared to Malaya. They still had two weeks to use there save. why would they want to use their save on him is beyond me. I think that the audience and who votes she be the ones who chooses who get to use the save. that is the way they do it on the voice….the judges should be ashamed of their selves. they should have another wild card or have two saves. one for a girl and one for a boy…that would be better and I know that Malaya would have made it much further…. we love you Malaya and I promise that we will follow your career as I know you have a big one ahead of you…keep up the great work. you have a beautiful voice.

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