Did Kristen O’Connor Sabotage Her Performance Last Night On American Idol? [VIDEO]

Video: ‘American Idol’ Finalist Self-Sabotages With Off-Key Kelly Clarkson Cover

The first finalist is set to be eliminated tonight on American Idol and while the results are yet to be known many predictions point to the departure of Kristen O’Connor.

Last night O’Connor took on the original American Idol winner’s hit “Beautiful Disaster” and things didn’t go so well. Judge Harry Connick Jr. was very supportive of her effort but was sure to point out she was singing off-tune. Keith followed up with lots of praise and so did JLo. So what’s going on?

It seems the viewers and readers here did not agree with the judges. Our poll this week put Kristen solidly at the bottom of the heap with just three percent of all votes cast. If those numbers hold true then O’Connor will hold the dubious honor of becoming the first finalist eliminated on American Idol 2014.

What did you think of Kristen O’Connor’s performance last night? Was it worthy of a Top 12 spot or should she be the contestant eliminated during tonight’s results show?

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