Kristen O’Connor American Idol 2014 Finalist [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 finalist Kristen O’Connorisn’t relying just on talent alone to make sure her future is secure. According to her Twitter feed, Kristen just graduated from the University of Central Florida with a nursing degree. We’re sure she’s hoping her time on American Idol season 13 will possibly lead her to a life of fame and fortune. However, she apparently has the practical wisdom to know it’s always good to have a backup career.

Kristen O'Connor

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Kristen O’Connor Background


Kristen posted a photo of herself on Instagram not long ago wearing her graduation cap from the University of Central Florida, labelled with the caption: “So this is what being finished feels like!” Big congrats to Kristen on finishing her degree, especially while still pursuing her dreams of being a singer at the same time. It’s not easy to balance it all!

Kristen O'Connor <em>American Idol</em> - Source: Instagram

Kristen wasn’t shy about letting out the big hints she would be appearing in the American Idol 2014 auditions round either, posting all kinds of not so subtle remarks about how everyone should watch the premiere. Plus, she’s been retweeting messages from alumni Angie Miller, fellow season 13 auditioner Jillian Jensen, and others as well!

On her Facebook page, Kristen lists Sebastian, FL as her hometown and where she currently resides. In addition to her education at the University of Central Florida, Kristen also lists Florida Hospital under the “work and education” section of her profile. We’re not sure if she works/worked there or it was part of her educational experience.

Kristen, a graduate of Sebastian River High School, doesn’t have a lot of liked pages or groups on her Facebook profile, which usually gives us a bit more information about the contestant in question. We’re guessing this may be a ‘scrubbed’ or new profile, however, because it was only opened in December, 2013. American Idol contestants often delete or hide their personal social media profiles before appearing on the show for various reasons.

Although her Facebook is pretty bare, Kristen she does like Inlet Wines & Brew, a bar and comedy club in her hometown where apparently plays on open mic nights. They apparently like her back quite a bit, since they posted a big notice on their Facebook page about a “sneak peek performance by American Idol contestant Kristen O’Connor” after a comedy show on Saturday, January 11th.

We kind of thought the American Idol contestants weren’t supposed to spread that sort of thing around before they actual appear on the show… but since she did show up briefly in one of the season 13 promos, we guess the producers probably forgave her for cashing in on her 15 minutes a bit.

American Idol Kristen O'Connor - Source: Facebook

Listen to more of Kristen’s music on her YouTube channel, where she has quite a few videos up with various cover songs.




  1. Yes I have seen people stop dead in their tracks scrambling for their phone to record her because her voice is so powerful. In will bring you to tears..because of the emotion that comes from her heart when she sings! She definitely should be among the top!

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