How Far Can American Idol 2013′s Lazaro Arbos Go?

Lazaro Arbos
I think it’s safe to say Lazaro Arbos has survived much longer on American Idol 2013 than most of us expected he would when we first met him. He’s a great guy and a good singer, but is he really Top 8 material much less Top 10 or Top 20? [...]

American Idol 2013 Schedule: What To Expect Top 8 Week

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American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon elimination
FOX production has released its American Idol 2013 plans for this week when the remaining competition finalists will return to the stage and perform for America’s votes. Starting this Wednesday, March 27th those final eight performers will be tasked with creating new excitement from old classics out of the Motown [...]

American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest Reveals Top 8 Week Song Genre

Ryan Seacrest
Another week, another song set. American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest reveals the Top 8 finalists song genre will be “The Music of Motor Town,” or Motown if you’d prefer. Yes, we’ve heard it a lot. A lot a lot. But that’s okay because the niche is deep and rich [...]

American Idol Season 12 Judge Nicki Minaj Snaps Back At Jimmy Iovine

Nicki Minaj
Beware the wrath of Nicki Minaj. The American Idol season 12 judge is none too pleased with in-house mentor Jimmy Iovine after his tough words this week about the lack of judging coming from the judges. This wasn’t the first time Minaj became vocal over displeasure with critiques coming from [...]

Meet The American Idol 2013 Season 12 Top 8 – Photo Gallery

Top 8 on American Idol
Meet the American Idol 2013 season 12 top 8 finalists. The results were revealed on Thursday night and they were “shocking,” said no one at all. The expectations had already been set that we’d see another male eliminated from the competition and that prediction came true. Now that the remaining [...]

American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez With Ne-Yo – ‘Tonight’ Official Video

Jessica Sanchez - Tonight
If you enjoyed Jessica Sanchez’s debut performance of “Tonight” last night on American Idol 2013 then be sure to check out her official video with Ne-Yo. Fans are saying they prefer the studio version to last night’s live rendition so it’s worth watching both and deciding for yourself. Do you [...]

Casey Abrams Performs Live On American Idol 2013

Casey Abrams on American Idol 2013
Casey Abrams performed live on American Idol 2013 last night and proved he’s still just as wild-eyed and crazy as ever with his rendition of “I Saw Her Standing There.” Of course he also reminded me of why he didn’t make it to the finale. There’s no denying that Abrams [...]

American Idol 2013: Jimmy Iovine Talks Top 9 – Plus Intro Footage

Jimmy Iovine - American Idol
Jimmy Iovine has consistently been my favorite part of the show for awhile and that’s no different for American Idol 2013. He doesn’t hold back and he’s honest in his criticism because he wants to help these singers and help the show find a rising star. Last night’s show was [...]

Jessica Sanchez On American Idol 2013 Season 12 – ‘Tonight’ Performance

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo on Idol
Jessica Sanchez on American Idol 2013 season 12 performed ‘Tonight’ with Ne-Yo as part of the results show. Viewers found out who was voted off American Idol this week and they were treated to the debut of Jessica’s new single. The single marks an upbeat departure from many of the [...]

American Idol 2013 Top 8: Now Who Has What It Takes To Win?

I’ve been keeping a close eye on the American Idol 2013 standings this season and have made a few predictions. So far I’m doing pretty well. I haven’t gotten the order exactly right, but I’ve been pretty spot on with the bottom twos and bottom threes. But after another person [...]
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