Angie Miller – American Idol 2013 Top 8 Diary Video

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Angie Miller - American Idol 2013
Angie Miller has made it to the American Idol 2013 Top 8 stage of the competition and her fans can prepare for at least one more round of time in the spotlight and heaps of praised piled on by the judges. The young musical star, who has won over viewers [...]

Perfect Harmony Continues On American Idol 2013

Carly Rae Jepsen
American Idol’s “Perfect Harmony” campaign began as a promotional collaboration with Coca Cola. The premise is asking for Idol fans’ help in choosing the lyrics as well as performance elements of a brand new single. The anticipated result is a boost for the popular reality show’s sagging ratings for American [...]

American Idol 2013 Top 8 Live Performances Coming Up

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Top 8 on American Idol
American Idol 2013 Top 8 live performances are coming up! We’ll see the return of the remaining finalists as decided by your votes as they prepare to take on the perennial theme of Motown music. We’ll be discussing the performances by all the singers tonight but are especially interested to [...]

American Idol Season 3 Finalist Jon Peter Lewis Now On The Voice

In a very strange first, a past American Idol contestant who actually broke into the Top 10 is now a contestant on The Voice 2013. I’m talking about American Idol Season 3′s Jon Peter Lewis. He’s now a part of a group called Midas Whale and it took me a [...]

American Idol 2013 Spoilers: Devin Velez Reveals Top 8 Mentor

Angie Miller
Devin Velez revealed the Top 8 mentor for American Idol 2013 yesterday when he tweeted a not-so-cryptic-at-all message praising none other than Smokey Robinson. Looks like Robinson will be the smart and obvious choice for a mentor this week, but also raises the question, where were the mentors for the [...]

Aubrey Cleland Excited For American Idol 2013 Tour (VIDEO)

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Aubrey Cleland may have been cut from the competition just before reaching the finals, but she’s got a big reason to still be excited for what’s ahead. Thanks to viewers Aubrey was selected to return to the group of American Idol 2013 finalists and become the 11th singer on the [...]

American Idol 2013: What Should The Top 8 Sing?

The American Idol 2013 Top 8 will be tackling songs of Motown this week and like every week, we’re tossing out some song ideas that we think would be cool for the contestants to sing based on the theme. What Should The American Idol 2013 Top 8 Sing This Week? [...]

Top 8 Finalists Prepare For American Idol 2013′s Motown Week

The Top 8 on American Idol
On Wednesday night’s two hour long episode, contestant’s will compete for the remaining top 7 spots by performing a song from the Motown era. Last week, Jimmy Iovine was less than thrilled with the contestant’s unfamiliarity with the Lennon/McCartney songbook. He said it “didn’t sit well with him”. This coming [...]

American Idol 2013: Candice Glover Q&A

Candice Glover on American Idol 2013
The American Idol 2013 Top 8 was announced last week and among them is fan favorite Candice Glover. And while we’re getting to know her musical style and personality, there are some things we don’t know about, like musical inspirations. who knew that Christina Aguilera was one of Candice’s!? American [...]

How Far Can American Idol 2013′s Lazaro Arbos Go?

Lazaro Arbos
I think it’s safe to say Lazaro Arbos has survived much longer on American Idol 2013 than most of us expected he would when we first met him. He’s a great guy and a good singer, but is he really Top 8 material much less Top 10 or Top 20? [...]
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