American Idol 2010: Ranking The Top 5

Update: The idols will not be allowed to use their guitars this week as Harry Connick Jr. will be the first mentor to arrange the songs and write the orchestrations for the contestants to perform. We should have another amazing week on American Idol.  With the talents of Harry Connick [...]

American Idol 2010: What Should The Top 5 Contestants Sing?

Let’s get ready for the music of one of the all time greats, Frank Sinatra.  Harry Connick Jr. will be mentoring the contestants and orchestrating the band next week.  Hmmmm perhaps they are thinking of him as the replacement for Ricky Miner. We have a great song selection for the [...]

American Idol 2010: Siobhan Magnus Eliminated

Siobhan Magnus, best known for her loud scream at the end of her songs, was eliminated from the competition tonight.  After the best night of singing I’ve heard from the idol contestants and over 33 million votes cast Mike, Casey and Siobhan landed in the bottom 3.  Mike was sent to safety [...]

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 6 tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 5. There’s no chance for redemption this week after the Judges’ Save was previously used so someone will definitely go home and we’ll [...]

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Elimination Results Tonight

Now that Urban is gone who will take his place in the Bottom 3 tonight for the Top 6? Will it be someone new or a retread of our usual suspects? With the Judges Save out of play there could always be a huge upset, but we’ll have to wait [...]

American Idol 2010: The Top 6 Bring It With Shania Songs

I thought all the contestants did a really good job tonight and I agree with Ellen that it is going to be tough to send one home after the performances we just heard.  This Top 6 showed why they have made it so far in the competition especially with Shania Twain as mentor.  [...]

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Performances & Phone Numbers

Are you ready for some “Shania karaoke” tonight on American Idol 2010? The Top 6 are preparing to take the stage and hit us with their best Shania Twain performances so get ready and settle in for the show. Join other fans in our Idol Chat room right now or [...]

American Idol 2010 Top 6 Perform Tonight

We’re down to just six performers left in American Idol 2010 after last week’s elimination of Tim Urban. This week the theme will be all about Shania Twain when the auditions guest judge returns to mentor the Top 6. The Shania catalog should offer up a lot of fun choices [...]

American Idol 2010: Rating the Top 6

We are down to our final 6 on American Idol Season 9 so it is time to separate the best from all the rest.  This week I’m basing the list on my personal favorites from worst to best regardless of who has the “best” vocals. 6)  Aaron Kelly just don’t do [...]

American Idol 2010: It’s Shania Twain Week

Shania Twain was my favorite guest judge during the audition process and I’m not surprised they brought her in to mentor the Top 6 and sing her catalogue for this week of American Idol season 9. Choosing songs from her list is going to be hard.  I can see Casey James [...]
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