American Idol 2015 Spoilers: Top 24 Head To Los Angeles

American Idol spoilers have revealed the Top 24 contestants for 2015, yet to be officially revealed, traveled to Los Angeles on Monday in preparation for the semi-finals and the start of the Season 14 live shows on FOX.

American Idol Mentor, Scott Borchetta
American Idol Mentor, Scott Borchetta – Source: FOX

Idol’s new in-house mentor, Scott Borchetta, who replaced Randy Jackson this year, tweeted the news that he was in LA for the week in his role of preparing and guiding the young talent that we’ve been watching so far through auditions and in Hollywood.

Of course many of the singers we’ll see again this week on American Idol 2015 have already been eliminated over the course of the past few months in these pre-taped events. Scott’s work this week will focus on the already decided Top 24 finalists who survived the remaining Hollywood performances and the upcoming Showcase Week.

Those lucky, but talented few remaining American Idol semi-finalists are now preparing for the upcoming live shows and the special Detroit Motown round according to the schedule released so far. We’ll see what happens in Detroit before the first live show, though the Motown themed episodes are set to be filmed before a live audience.

I think it’s impressive the amount of work that Idol continues to put in with its singers. They’re weeks away from live televised shows but all of those contestants, Scott, and folks we’ll never see on camera continue to put in serious effort to make sure everyone is ready.

Can’t wait to see who has made the Top 24 cut? Check our spoilers list for the semi-finalists reveal and then get ready for more American Idol this Wednesday and Thursday. Let’s see if the ratings can go up again!

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  1. Jena Irene is presently recording in a Detroit studio. Wouldn’t it be “Wonderful” if the American Idol top 24 contestants could see what happens when or “IF” they can become the “real deal’ like Jena and see her in action recording her album?

    • That’d be awesome. Seems like the perfect opportunity to do an overlap/crossover between the seasons. I bet a lot of viewers would love to see an update on her & it’s always fun for past Hopefuls to help out the new round of singers.

      • I just saw on Jena’s twitter that she is packing for Florida-so that blows up that notion. Everything about Jena’s Label and original recordings in Detroit have been hush-hush-as it should be with piracy of intellectual property lately. But if I were to guess Jena didn’t sign with 19. Although many recording labels also have Florida offices (Ex.: LA Reid of Epic also has a residence In Florida). Note; Kelly Clarkson’s Album comes out Mar. 3, While Jena’s will follow a couple of months latter.

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