Phillip Phillips and His Dad Speak Out on Family’s Shop Burglary

Earlier this week, we reported that the pawn shop owned by American Idol 2012 winner Phillip Phillips’family was burglarized. Since then, the Idol champ has been able to express his reaction to his father.

“He shook his head and said, ‘Dang, Daddy I hate to hear that. …Well, that’s how some people in the world are,'” Phillip’s father Donnie said.

Phillip’s dad says when the catch the person that took more than $4,000 in goods and broke through the back hall, he hopes they get what’s coming to them. The man, who Ryan Seacrest during the season jokingly mentioned carries a gun, said things would have turned out a bit differently had he been in the store at the time of the crime.

“There ain’t no telling what would have happened if I had been up here,” said ¬†Donnie Phillips. “[But] If they catch them, I hope I can get a check every month. I don’t care if it’s a dollar a month so it will remind that person or those persons to see what they’ve done and see what road they’re going down.”