American Idol Retrospective: Top 10 Worst Auditions Ever [VIDEOS]

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American Idol auditions may very well be over forever, unless some kind of show revival rolls around later on. While watching the American Idol retrospective special on Tuesday, we couldn’t help but think back at some of the best auditions on the show from future stars like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie [...]

American Idol Retrospective: Top 10 Best Auditions Ever [VIDEOS]

Carrie Underwood auditions for American Idol - FOX
The American Idol 2014 auditions have wrapped up and we’re moving on to Hollywood Week, but it got us thinking about past auditions and we decided to put together a list of some of the best auditions from the past 12 seasons. 10. Elliott Yamin, “A Song For You” (Season [...]

American Idol 2016 Auditions: Best Of Week 3

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AMERICAN IDOL: Mackenzie Bourg performs in front of the Judges on AMERICAN IDOL airing Wednesday, Jan. 20 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2016 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Craig Blankenhorn / FOX.
Last night on American Idol 2016 we saw the last audition ever. And it was a good one. Was it good enough to make the list of the best auditions from week 3? Read on to find out. Before we get into the list, it has to be said that [...]

American Idol 2016 Recap: One Last Night Of Auditions

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American Idol Judges & Ryan Seacrest
Settle in for your last night of American Idol auditions as the series says farewell to one of its most important aspects: the hunt for the next big talent. Yes, this is the end of the Golden Ticket auditions. We’ve watched weeks of the searches and performances from the American [...]

Manny Torres American Idol Audition: The Final Audition! [Video]

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Manny Torres American Idol Audition
Who had the honor of having the last American Idol audition in the show’s last season ever? (Well, maybe not ever, but at least for now.) The very last performance of the night for the American Idol judges is nothing short of memorable, as it should be after fifteen seasons [...]

Stephany Negrete American Idol Audition: The Girl To Beat? [VIDEO]

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American Idol Stephany Negrete
From the first note out of Stephany Negrete‘s mouth during her American Idol 2016 audition, the judges looked like deer caught in the headlights of her powerful voice. Seriously, Keith Urban had his mouth hanging open just a bit, and Jennifer Lopez was looking rather stunned! Even Harry Connick Jr. [...]

Avalon Young American Idol Audition: Living Up to Her Musical Name!

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Avalon Young American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)
American Idol 2016 hopeful Avalon Young was named after a song, so it seems only fitting that she’s such a talented singer and musician. The only thing that would have made her audition even more fun to watch would be if she’d actually performed the song she was named after! [...]

Colette Lush American Idol Audition: The Next Carrie Underwood?

Colette Lush American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)
According to American Idol 2016 hopeful Colette Lush (and some dubious scientific reference), redheads are supposed to be extinct by 2030. We aren’t sure about that, but we are pretty sure this lovely, fiery-haired singer is seriously talented! Not only do the American Idol judges really seem to like Colette Lush’s [...]

Kory Wheeler American Idol Audition: Bongo Java Barista Is Back!

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Kory Wheeler American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)
Do you remember the who was plucked from a coffee shop by an American Idol producer and given a chance to audition for the judges? Well, Bongo Java barista Kory Wheeler is back again this year with high hopes of making it all the way to the end this time! Kory [...]

Adam Lasher American Idol Audition: A Second Chance Superstar?

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Adam Lasher American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)
We loved American Idol hopeful Adam Lasher when he audition last year for season 14, and thought he had serious potential to make it at least to the finalist round. Unfortunately, he stumbled a bit during Hollywood Week and was eliminated by the American Idol judges. Despite a bit of [...]

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