THR Details American Idol 2011 Rumors

The Hollywood Reporter is breaking out a list of maybe-they’re-true-maybe-they’re-not changes for the upcoming American Idol 2011 season. Well, kinda new because we’ve seen all of these ideas before over the past few months. Let’s run down the list and see what floats and what sinks. Updated Set: Relocating the [...]

American Idol Band Leader Rumor Plus Stage Redesign

Last season Rickey Minor quit American Idol for Jay Leno’s Tonight Show which left the upcoming 2011 season with an empty seat for its band leader. EW is reporting that Ray Chew, well-versed in the television music arena, will be taking over the role after a successful stint during the [...]

American Idol 2011 Top 40 Elimination Round Spoiler

We’ve got another round of early spoilers for the upcoming season of American Idol. Joe’s Place has pulled back the curtain on a new round of singing where the Top 40 will face off with some new choices: The top 40 will be brought back to Hollywood for a round [...]

Early Review Of Steven Tyler On American Idol: Jolting

Fox spent their holiday week sending out preview copies of American Idol (where’s the love, Fox?) and while I didn’t get to watch it myself the early reviews have been very positive, especially for Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler. Orlando Sentinel’s Boedeker had this to say about Tyler: Over the [...]

American Idol To Face Challenge From NBC With Voice Of America

We might be nearly a year from the debut of X Factor, but somehow NBC managed to sneak in a brand new singing show to threaten American Idol this spring: The [NBC] network said Monday that it will debut “The Voice of America” in the spring. Its format is based [...]

American Idol 2011 To Introduce The Idol House

Big changes continue to be announced for the American Idol 2011 season and this one is pretty interesting. Perhaps following the lead of my other favorite reality show, Big Brother, the upcoming season of Idol will feature the “Idol House” where, you guessed it, our Idol hopefuls will reside during [...]

Kara DioGuardi To Write American Idol Memoir: A Helluva High Note

Letting go of the American Idol experience can be tough for any contestant who tried but failed to make it. It seems to be even harder for Idol judges cut loose from the show (or did she quit?). Kara DioGuardi is now hard at work writing her memoirs for the [...]

American Idol 2011 Early Spoilers Leaking Out

Are you ready for American Idol 2011? Well it’s just six weeks away now and as you’d expect we’re starting to get even more spoilers than just who is going to Hollywood this season. So far the big spoilerish rumor news is that there will be online voting this time [...]

Lee DeWyze Album Debut Sales Are Worst Ever For Idol

The other week Lee DeWyze, the winner of last season’s American Idol, debuted his contract-awarded album, “Live It Up.” If you missed that news then you wouldn’t be alone because according to the results, DeWyze had the absolute worst sales numbers ever. Ever! “Live It Up” sold a measly 39,000 [...]

American Idol Moves To New Nights For 2011 Season

Sheesh, American Idol. What’s going on over there? You’ve changed your judges, changed out the production team, eliminated the Top 24, and now you’ve even changed when we get to watch you. Today FOX announced that despite a long standing schedule of Tuesdays and Wednesdays that this season we’ll instead [...]

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