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James Durbin album cover

James Durbin has been hard at work on his upcoming American Idol debut album, Memories Of A Beautiful Disaster (pre-order here), and is set to release 2 singles for radio play.

The first song, “Love Me Bad,” is an exclusive to his new album while the second, “Stand Up,” was previously released as part of the NFL Game Day Vol. 2 album. has landed a copy of “Love Me Bad” that you can listen to right now all the way through. It definitely was not what I was expecting from Durbin. Seems a little more Pop than hard rock like I thought we’d get. I imagine his hardcore fans will be satisfied though. What do you think of it?




  1. It’s Ok. Don’t love it, don’t dislike it. It’ll probably grow on me after I hear it a few times.

  2. Typical Durbin, mediocre copycat, lousy song goes in 5 directions, tired of reading about the freak Durbin. This song will not break the top 50 on Billboard,if it does it will be pre-sales and it will plummet fast…….Durbin is history, enough of his freak show, his tears do not work anymore….

    • Bart–my goodness did someone get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and forget to clean his ears.

      • bart – wow. you need a hearing aid. james’ song is amazing, its good his first song is lil “poppy” so other types of music lovers will listen, if it was FULL ON METAL other people may not have listened. its awesome for a frist single. have you heard scottys single? boring as HELL i just about fell asleeep

  3. Bart – I think you are a little harsh. James Durbin has done so very well with his career and American Idol has certainly changed his life. I am really happy his career is going forward – like his music or not – we have to be happy for his success.

    • Bonnie, Thank-You for sticking up for James! I think he ” Bart” got up on the wrong side of the bed.I mean James is a rocker. Hard rock is not my thing. Well I like Aerosmith. But they are from my generation. I am proud of James. And like you I hope he goes very far. I will certainly be very proud of him. Hi to my friend Phyllis G. We love ADAM! And we like James too! 🙂 Oh there you are Phyllis! I just now saw your post. Good to see you! Seems like we are always sticking up for ADAM or James! Did you see X/Factor let Astro go and he didn’t throw a fit! I think maybe L.A. might sign the little brat up anyway! I should be ashamed of my self. But I just can’t stand naughty little brats! See you later Phyllis.

  4. @Bart….His vocals have never sounded better. The remarks you made about copycat, lousy song….seriously, you must of meant someone else. You must be of fan of Scottys…..Different strokes for different folks. This single was awesome. James’ fans will not be disappointed. I wasn’t!!!!!

  5. I wasn’t disapointed cause I knew he would have to make it pop… other way how can he get popular sales? I mean, the record must have some heavy stuff but it must have some pop too, so it rase sales for teens 🙂 bout the song I LOVE IT ! his voice s amazing as I expected 🙂 DURBIN FAN FROM BEGGIN TO LAST DAY!!!

  6. I wasn’t too disappointed. James just don’t mind other people commented you the way he is calling like HORRIBLE WORDS, as if they are not a Human Being, they have no HEART. just CONTINUE of what you HAVE NOW…DON’T BE AFFECTED…as long as you did your best..PLEASE HUMBLE always..JUST KEEP IT UP. you’re AWESOME..

  7. James, keep on doing what you are doing! You are great
    and in my estimation should have won American Idol…
    That said, I have no doubts that your career will be
    one of great success!

  8. I love James Durbin period! Does he need a bit more work? Yes. But he has the potential to be a really good rock star! Hang in there James. It is going to get bigger and better for you! I am one of your fans who wanted you to win AI. How ever it looks like you are going to be OK with not winning AI. Like a few others I can think of. Including Daughtry! GO JAMES!

  9. It’s not worth downloading another audio player just to hear James Durbin sound bite.

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