American Idol Season 13: Salt Lake City Best Auditions [VIDEOS]

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Kenzie Hall on American Idol
American Idol auditions resumed on Wednesday night from Salt Lake City, Utah and we had some serious talent from the Crossroads of the West! The American Idol judges had to deal with a few bad eggs, but most of the night it was just one great singer after another. A few of them, however, stood [...]

American Idol 2014: Salt Lake City Auditions Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 Auditions Salt Lake City 3
American Idol auditions continue tonight from Salt Lake City, Utah and we have an amazing collection of talent to look forward to. We don’t need American Idol spoilers to tell us the singers will be hot tonight, all we had to do was watch the previews! We are betting American [...]

Carmen Delgina American Idol 2014 Audition: “Tainted Love” by Gloria Jones [VIDEO]

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Carmen Delgina American Idol Audition 2014
American Idol season 13 contestant Carmen Delgina is out to prove that her dad isn’t the only one in the family with the chops to be an entertainer. Before her audition, Carmen tells American Idol judges Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez that her dad is none other than [...]

Kenzie Hall American Idol 2014 Audition: “I’m Gonna Find Another You” by John Mayer [VIDEO]

Kenzie Hall American Idol 2014 Audition
One of our favorite girls from the American Idol 2014 auditions in Salt Lake City is 16 year old student Kenzie Hall. She is admittedly nervous in front of American Idol judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. However, that doesn’t stop her from giving a terrific performance. [...]

Samantha Calmes American Idol 2014 Audition: “Movin’ On Up” Jeffersons Theme Song [VIDEO]

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Samantha Calmes American Idol Audition 2014
American Idol 2014 hopeful Samantha Calmes initially intriques the judges with an unusual fashion accessory, a magical fanny pack containing mysterious items. After showing the American Idol judges all the goodies contained in her bag, the Louisiana native then astonishes Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban with one [...]

Alex Preston American Idol 2014 Audition: Original Song [VIDEO]

Alex Preston American Idol 2014 Audition
We love it when an American Idol auditions hopeful is daring enough to perform an original song. So we were immediately intrigued when 20 year old student Alex Preston showed up to play for the American Idol judges with a guitar in hand and an original tune to share. Alex [...]

Kylie Adamson American Idol 2014 Audition: “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krauss [VIDEO]

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American Idol Kylie Adamson Audition 2014
One of our favorite American Idol auditions from the girls out of Salt Lake City comes from 18 year old lumberjack Kylee Adamson. Her unusual job wasn’t the only thing that impressed the American Idol judges and us as well! Kylee Adamson reveals to Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and [...]

American Idol 2014: Atlanta Auditions Performances [VIDEOS]

American Idol 2014 Atlanta Auditions - Source: FOX
The American Idol 2014 auditions continued tonight from Atlanta, GA. We only had one hour for the show, instead of the two we’ve had up until now. So the American Idol auditions were flying fast and furious from Hotlanta. We saw and heard some of the best singers yet in [...]

Jessica Meuse American Idol 2014 Audition: “Blue Eyed Lie” Original Song [VIDEO]

Jessica Meuse American Idol 2014 Audition - Source: FOX
With pink-streaked hair and guitar in hand, 23-year-old Jessica Meuse easily broke the ice with the American Idol judges when she announced she was from Slapout, Alabama. Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban immediately jumped on the unusual name of her hometown and couldn’t resist chattering about it. After giving [...]

Chris Medina American Idol 2014 Audition: “Chasing Pavements” by Adele [VIDEO]

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Chris Medina American Idol 2014 Audition
There have been a lot of great American Idol auditions from Detroit this year, but unfortunately we don’t count this one among the best. Although American Idol 2014 audition hopeful Chris Medina has a nice voice and a cute style, he just didn’t blow us away with his performance. We could be wrong, but [...]

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