American Idol 2010 Top 12 Boys Performances & Phone Numbers

It’s time for the guys’ turn to stand in the spotlight on American Idol tonight when the second half of the season’s Top 24 take the stage and compete for your votes. After last night’s show I’m hoping for a big improvement. Think the guys can pull out a win [...]

American Idol 2010: The Girls Fall Short

Last night we heard the top 12 girls perform for our votes as American Idol 2010 is officially underway. I’m left feeling disappointed and cheated especially after Simon hyped the girls up so much this week. The best part of the entire show was the little skit between Simon and [...]

American Idol 2010 Top 12 Boys Compete Tonight

Following on the heels of last night’s American Idol Top 12 girls’ performances the boys will take the stage to win your votes. I’m hoping for some great songs tonight after last night’s semi-disappointing show. What about you? Tonight’s show will be another two-hour episode so clear your schedule. We’ll [...]

American Idol 2010: Let the Voting Begin

Finally, the week we have all been waiting for.  American Idol Season 9 officially kicks off and the viewer voting begins.  If you haven’t heard, Idol producers are allowing the TOP 24 contestants to have twitter, myspace and facebook accounts so look them up and follow your favs. This week we [...]

American Idol 2010: Should They Make it the Top 25?

Controversy abounds as American Idol 2010 gets underway with the long awaited unveiling of the Top 24.  Wednesday night we saw all 12 girls and all 12 guys who will sing for our votes next week.  The one missing from the affair was Christopher GoLightly.  This caused a stir on [...]

American Idol 2010: Top 24 Revealed

Update: Sources are now saying Chris GoLightly was disqualified from the top 24 for having an old expired contract.  You are allowed to have contracts, you just have to let it be known, which he did not.  Is this a double standard?  Big Mike Lynche was almost disqualified because his [...]

American Idol 2010: 7 of 24 Revealed

Tonight was our last round in Hollywood Week for American Idol Season 9. For the first hour of the show we go from the crooning voice of Ryan Seacrest as the judges deliberate, to the solo round of Hollywood Week. We hear many outstanding performances including Angela Martin, Casey James [...]

American Idol 2010: Countdown to the Top 24

Hey American Idol fans!  This week we finally get the official word from FOX on who exactly is in the TOP 24.  Tomorrow night we have two hours of round 3 and Wednesday the 24 are chosen.  Finally, the end of auditions and the narrowing down of contestants is in sight [...]

American Idol 2010 Recap of the Dallas Auditions

Well I must say that I absolutely enjoyed this entire audition process in Dallas, TX for American Idol Season 9.  Not only did they show us a vast majority of really good singers but BOTH guest judges did surprisingly well.  Neil Patrick Harris was up first and for just a [...]

American Idol 2010 Los Angeles Auditions Recap

Wow!  I didn’t think Avril Lavigne could pull off posing as a guest judge but I had no idea she’d be so freaking exasperating.  She was awful!  Not only did she act immature and childish, she came across as someone who absolutely did not know what they were talking about.  What were they [...]

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