Who Wins American Idol 2013? Kree Harrison Or Candice Glover? (Op-Ed)


The winner of American Idol 2013 will be crowned tonight and it’s going to be a pretty close race, I think it’s safe to say. And who should win has as fuzzy an answer as who will win.

I say the answers aren’t clear because both Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are worthy and both have been pretty equal throughout this season. If we’re just going on last night’s finale performances, then Candice is the clear winner. And a lot of people are agreeing.

Our poll as of midnight, had Candice winning tonight 62 percent to 37 percent. Entertainment Weekly has an almost identical poll result.  TV Guide has less of a gap, but still has Candice barely ahead with 51 percent of the vote.

So based on polls, it sounds like Candice will win American Idol 2013. But it’s not that easy to say. Kree likely has an older fan base than Candice. So that means that some of Kree’s fans are more likely to just phone in their votes and less likely to share how they voted by taking an online poll. So this is still anyone’s game.

And I’ll be OK with either outcome. First of all, let’s just be happy it’s a female winning this season. Not only because it’s long over-due but also because production can keep their hands out of it all and stop manipulating things to get the results they want. Every move they’ve made this season has hurt the show. It’s time to rethink the show and fix it up, but it’s also time to go back to letting America vote for who it wants.

But if I did have to throw out the deciding vote tonight, I’d go with Candice Glover as the next American Idol.

Who do you think will win and should win tonight?