Who Wins American Idol 2013? Kree Harrison Or Candice Glover? (Op-Ed)


The winner of American Idol 2013 will be crowned tonight and it’s going to be a pretty close race, I think it’s safe to say. And who should win has as fuzzy an answer as who will win.

I say the answers aren’t clear because both Kree Harrison and Candice Glover are worthy and both have been pretty equal throughout this season. If we’re just going on last night’s finale performances, then Candice is the clear winner. And a lot of people are agreeing.

Our poll as of midnight, had Candice winning tonight 62 percent to 37 percent. Entertainment Weekly has an almost identical poll result.  TV Guide has less of a gap, but still has Candice barely ahead with 51 percent of the vote.

So based on polls, it sounds like Candice will win American Idol 2013. But it’s not that easy to say. Kree likely has an older fan base than Candice. So that means that some of Kree’s fans are more likely to just phone in their votes and less likely to share how they voted by taking an online poll. So this is still anyone’s game.

And I’ll be OK with either outcome. First of all, let’s just be happy it’s a female winning this season. Not only because it’s long over-due but also because production can keep their hands out of it all and stop manipulating things to get the results they want. Every move they’ve made this season has hurt the show. It’s time to rethink the show and fix it up, but it’s also time to go back to letting America vote for who it wants.

But if I did have to throw out the deciding vote tonight, I’d go with Candice Glover as the next American Idol.

Who do you think will win and should win tonight?




  1. it wasn’t even remotely close in either performance quality or vote totals:

    Candice Glover is the 2013 American Idol.

    • This is just the way it happened last year with South African idols. They wanted a black person to win. The white men that were picked were absolutely terrible

    • creatively paraphrasing the authors on this site to make a point is not OK. It’s a transparent attempt to mock and taunt and invalidates your opinion. Branden and almost everyone else has talked about the manipulation this season many times before.

  2. I think Candice will win AI. All of the final 3 were great but Candice has had that certain something all season and she brought it last night. Even if the shocking happens though and Kree wins, all is good. Let’s face it the final 3 were an incredibly talented group..

  3. it is sad that it took millions of white people to stop watching the show for a black person to win, I think candice had the talent to win without Idols racism this season.

      • and everyone may seem to forget that Scotty is actually 1/4 Puerto Rican! haha. . .

      • Someone mentioned that to us in here at the time, like it would really matter. Scotty was the best. And a lot of us feel that way about Candice this time.

      • I am WHITE ! I have watched all season and never missed a show this season, Candice is the only one that I have voted for all season long, she has been my pick before she ever made it to the top. skin color has nothing to do with it … grow up !

      • You need to calm down,, I was just replying to above, I’m white too, like it really matters in this countest, please read the whole thing before you go at someone, maybe it’s you that needs to do the growing up!

      • Hey Guys, the SA and race comment was based on the fact that producers manipulate shows to get a result they need. Candice is amazing and a worthy winner – the comment is based on manipulation. I adore the voice and showmanship that is Candice but I am questioning if maybe her opponents
        may have been different if it was not so obvious that a female must win? Imagine for her this will always be a question, did I win because I am that good or was I manipulated to win? She deserves it all the way, but read this as intended not as an insult. In SA the chap that won in a manipulated result had to work so much harder after the win to proof he was worthy.

  4. I think Candice will win tonight. Which is kinda funny since she didn’t make it at Vegas round last year.

    I mean, the judges chose JSan and Deandre over her and neither of them won. And the one they turned down is now gonna holding the title.

    The question is does Idol downgraded the standard over the year? Or the judges just can’t spot talent when they see one (this brings back to the most often expression in the site : WE MISS SIMON COWELL)

    • Btw does anyone think that both winning songs for this season are not that good? Compared to P2’s Home they are like blah.. That must be the reason why the last round wasn’t the winning song like it usually is..

    • It was so wrong to send her home last year. To me she was better then Jessica. She very well may have won last year.

      • All this talk talk talk nonsense. Everything happens for a reason. Jessica is a Very Good Singer…..Candice is also, this does not mean that Candice would have won last year..This here is HER YEAR. sthu

      • I will not sthu, I have the right to post, I heard them sing last year and I never thought Jessica could sing as well as Candice, She would have won last year or came in a very close second. I love Phillip but I would have voted for both of them.

  5. I do get discouraged with the close race jargon. Kree has a lovely voice and falls in line with many others. But Candice has greatness. The kind of genius we wait a. lifetime to hear. I have faith that genius will be recognized and honored. The sadness in her not winning is the huge disappointment that we don’t recognize the gift of genius (as a majority).

    • I agree with you on Candice but as far as the general voting public recognizing her genius goes its a matter of genre preference. It wont matter how “genius” she is if voters prefer country music than theyre going to vote for Kree.

  6. Now do you see who’s commenting on here because of your prediction!!! All Candice fans of course! Well i’m a kree fan & I could care less what anyone says about last night or the entire season because no matter win or lose I will buy kree’s music over Candice’s any day of the week & i’m not saying Candice doesn’t deserve this because she does indeed it’s just that I prefer what I know Kree’s going to put out there & her voice over Candice’s but Kree deserves to win also & anyone that say’s she doesn’t is full of themselves!!!! Good luck to both!

    • I agree, Kree has a lovely voice and I for 1 will be buying her records. I did not hear Candice sing even 1 country song, and Kree did sing other types of songs

      • My favorites were Devin and Amber…I like both Candice and Kree..and i must say Kree sang beautiful last night that i even went back and listened again and again

    • Splitting Votes? Call me thick but isn’t that a waste of time and money as your votes are cancelling each other out ……( I am presuming you mean you split your votes for last nights votes, giving some to Kree and some to Candice). Please tell me i’m wrong because it just seems down right idiotic to me to do that ….

      • Not really if one of them needed and extra vote they got it, Think about it it really could come down to one or two votes. Both seem to winners to her, I think she was kind.

      • That will work if there are more than two contestants still on the running, but for the finale, with just two contestants left, her votes will end up cancelling each other. So, it’s probably better had she just not voted at all, or to make her feel better, just voted twice, one for Kree and one for Candice, instead of having to vote countless of times.

  7. Agree…i hope Candice wiil be the next Jennifer Hudson of AI..a Diva in the making…

  8. showdown should have been between Angie and Candice, but Kree played the pity card…and America has a big heart

  9. Kree was the second best on the finale, but being the second best could win it all, just don’t tell it to Adam Lambert.

    • I kept my eye on that, Angie was at the bottom last week. They do the phones then they count in all the votes on the net etc…

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