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American Idol Judges

Tonight on the American Idol 2013 finale we’ll be treated to a long list of guest performances and returning finalists for one more turn on stage to help fill the two-hour season-ender results show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter all of the judges except for Nicki Minaj will spend time on the stage delivering farewell performances. Mariah Carey is set to perform a medley of her hits with “Vision of Love,” “Make It Happen,” “We Belong Together,” “My All, “Hero,” and her recently released single, “#Beautiful.” Joining her on stage will be judge Randy Jackson who will be providing bass to Mariah’s performances. Mariah’s segment was actually taped earlier today.

We’ll also get to enjoy a performance by Keith Urban with his new single “Little Bit of Everything.” During his announcement of his upcoming time on stage Urban made sure to get in a plea for the chance to come back for American Idol 2014.

Psy will also be there to perform because apparently that’s still popular. We’ll also get a performance by JLo. Looks like someone was smart to work in post-judging appearances with their contract!

Eliminated finalists Angie Miller and Janelle Arthur will duet with Adam Lambert and The Band Perry, respectively. The top male finalists will be performing with Franki Valli.

No word yet on who Candice Glover and Kree Harrison will perform alongside for tonight’s American Idol results show. Just hours away and FOX is still working on nailing down performers? Yikes!

MJ’s Big Blog is reporting Jessie J has secretly flown in, presumably for a performance with Angie Miller. There may also be performances by Jennifer Hudson, Pitbull, Aretha Franklin, and Boyz II Men.

Wow, that is a lot of guest performances tonight on American Idol 2013! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were even more than what’s listed above. The show starts at 8PM on FOX tonight so don’t miss the action.




    • If we knew we would have shared the details. Maybe she didn’t want to. Maybe she is and it’s a surprise by production. All we know is the current report says she will not perform.

      • Its my understanding that her stuff is vulgar and filth, nothing that could be put on prime time tv !!
        See what being ghetto gets you !!!!

    • Mariah is so sweet with a wonderful voice. Who would want to listen to the annoying voice of Nikki. She is a total bitch with no talent!

      • I do not know why you have to have such hateful comments about Nicki? She is not that bad. And to say somethiing hateful like that? You must not have Jesus in your heart. Really sad to be so hateful against anyone!

    • Totally agree 100% that’s the only reason I’m watching the finale is to see my girl Angie Miller & my boy Adam Lambert sing together it’s going to be Amazing!!!!!

  1. Nicki is usually controversial in her performances for tv. I’m guessing that could be one of the reasons. Either that, or she refused because the judge performances aren’t live to air.

  2. Wow… The finale of the most boring season in Idol history doesn’t sound too bad. Hopefully, they don’t ruin it by allowing more than one duet with Candice (you get one hurrah with Aretha babe) then your 15 minutes is up. Funny how according to Randy… she “can sing anything,” yet anything other than a power ballad “isn’t right for her.” She won’t be alone though, there’s a long list of finalist of this show to never be heard from again!

  3. I. guess I missed it. I thought Kree and Candice were the top 2. This is their night, not Angie”s. I got so tired of the show pushing her down my throat this year I could hardly stand to watch her perform by the end of the season. Now with her as a loser…. we are still having her pushed down our throats. Give Kree and Candice their night, they earned it despite your efforts to have Angie win and Amber to come in second.

    • From Stormy Girl leave Angie alone she’s better then Candice & Kree and will have a way bigger career. Stop hating on Angie!!!

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