Will Jennifer Lopez Divorce Bring Her Back To American Idol 2012?

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez, whose return to American Idol 2012 has been in question, announced her divorce from Marc Anthony this past Friday. While I have no interest in digging in to the reason for the couple’s split, I can’t help but wonder about the impact on JLo’s still unannounced decision on whether or not to return to American Idol next season.

Late last season we learned that Lopez would be teaming up with her husband and reality royalty, Mark Burnett, to create a Latin music reality series called “The Chosen.” Couple that with Lopez’s return to the musical spotlight, which means touring, and it was quickly looking like we had seen the last of Jennifer and her goosebumps behind the judges’ table.

If Lopez and Marc Anthony are calling it quits then would she really want to tour Latin America with him to find new musical superstars? Or would she prefer to come back to the comfort of that middle chair, collect her $12+ million paycheck, and not shake her rump at next season’s finale for her soon to be ex?

I’m guessing it’s the latter. What do you think? Could this news make it more or less likely that Jennifer Lopez returns for American Idol 2012?

Source: Snark Food