American Idol 2011 Management Deals for Top 11

Finally an update for you on what some of your favorites from the American Idol 2011 Top 11 are up to for their post-Idol singing careers. THR has pulled all the info together and there’s finally some really good news for some of the singers who didn’t end up in the finale.

Contestants who placed anywhere between third and 11th are automatically spooled into a co-management option with Red Light Management, the Charlottesville-based company that looks over the likes of Dave Matthews Band, Tim McGraw, Phish and Alicia Keys.

Three Season 10 Idols picked up by Red Light are second runner-up Haley Reinhart, fourth placer James Durbin and Pia Toscano.

So that leaves us without details for Stefano, Paul, Casey, Jacob, Naima, and Thia. Hopefully we’ll hear some good news soon for their fans too.

Of course Scotty is being taken very well care of by none other than Carrie Underwood’s manager, Ann Edelblute. Lauren has been assigned to David Cook’s handler, Michelle Young. Both Scotty and Lauren continue to have Simon Fuller’s direct management as well.

Lot of accomplishments for this past American Idol season’s group!

Source: THR




  1. Thanks, Matt. Always good to have the blanks filled in. I wouldn’t doubt that Thia will turn up on XFactor. Wish them all well.

    • No problem at all. Yeah, it’s still kinda early so there’s still plenty of time for those other Top 11’ers to get a contract deal going.

    • I can’t see Thia doing any more competitions like XFactor. I’d think she has to be burnt out between AGT and AI. If she can pull off a deal through her AI connections, then she wouldn’t even waste her time with another reality show.

  2. Matt….thank you so much for the update. So happy to hear my three favorites got contracts. Now I’ll be looking forward to their CD’s…

  3. Matt, does Lauren already have a recording contract and if so, is it going to be a country album?

  4. I think this years American Idol was the best year ever! I have watched it from the first episode and this years talent was just unbeliveable! I think the top 11 deserve recording contracts, they all were so good!!!! I would love to see the tour!!!

  5. Nice update Matt (AIN)!
    I absolutely expected Haley to get some backing – and sort of expected James to be picked as well. Pia was sort of ‘leaked’ months ago as going under some management deal. Of the remainder, the two I see as marketable in the right place are Thia and Stefano..Paul is already in a fine band.

    • I did not care much for Paul’s voice on the show but I really love his blues rock band. I like the way they use a backup singer to cover the lower parts mixed with Paul on the high range. It really surprised me when I listened to them, he is way better off there than solo.

  6. Wow, it’s seems like forever since I posted here…back when I had to compete with over 1,000 other posts. lol. Does anyone know what generally happens to those who are spooled through Red Light but don’t end up with actual deals? Do they eventually have the opportunity to go elsewhere to get recorded? Or do all finalists typically end up with some kind of deal through the management company?

    • If they don’t have a contract by the end of the tour, they are then free to try to negotiate one for themselves wherever they desire.

      • Thanks for the reply. That’s cool that they’re released so soon. If they were stuck in a contract with their hands tied for another year, then everyone would forget about them as soon as the next AI group comes in. At least this way someone might notice them on tour and be able to give them a chance.

  7. Any word if the East Asia tour after US/Canada tour is a firm deal yet?
    It was reported that a promoter was trying for shows in Manila Philippines, Bali Indonesia and Singapore.
    Past Idols have done well there and Thia should be very popular, maybe even help launch a career for her there.

    • This is the first I heard of this, and I didn’t see anything on the Internet when I just searched for it. But I did find something I never knew before. I had no idea the idols get paid for the tour. I thought it was just another perk to help jump start their careers. But I read that each of them will get $1,000 per show, plus $50 spending money on off days, for a total of $50,000 for the tour. For Thia, Lauren, and Scotty, who are all high school students, that’s a pretty good summer job!

      • Well, according to a reliable source, Marvin Agustin’s Futuretainment, Inc. – who produced Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus and Maroon 5 concerts – will be the one to bring the whole group in Manila after their US tour.
        Niama also said in a group interview last week she was looking forward to going to the Philippines on tour.

  8. I just went to buy Scotty’s EP and was told it had sold out in 4 hours. I’ll have to wait for the next shipment. There were plenty of the other’s EPs [Lauren, james etc.] so I guess things are looking really good for Scotty.

  9. This sounds good. I hope every one in the top 11 would land with a recording contract. Of the remainder, i am still excited for Thia’s future projects. And it would be great if they’ll go here in the Phil. Yay! Excited muuuuuuuch! Yeaaaah! :DDD

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