Will Jennifer Lopez Divorce Bring Her Back To American Idol 2012?

Jennifer Lopez Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez, whose return to American Idol 2012 has been in question, announced her divorce from Marc Anthony this past Friday. While I have no interest in digging in to the reason for the couple’s split, I can’t help but wonder about the impact on JLo’s still unannounced decision on whether or not to return to American Idol next season.

Late last season we learned that Lopez would be teaming up with her husband and reality royalty, Mark Burnett, to create a Latin music reality series called “The Chosen.” Couple that with Lopez’s return to the musical spotlight, which means touring, and it was quickly looking like we had seen the last of Jennifer and her goosebumps behind the judges’ table.

If Lopez and Marc Anthony are calling it quits then would she really want to tour Latin America with him to find new musical superstars? Or would she prefer to come back to the comfort of that middle chair, collect her $12+ million paycheck, and not shake her rump at next season’s finale for her soon to be ex?

I’m guessing it’s the latter. What do you think? Could this news make it more or less likely that Jennifer Lopez returns for American Idol 2012?

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  1. what’s going on with the world????? hell.. they’re entering into a divorce as if it was just like dumping a rugged shoe after it didn’t worked… Gosh…

    anyway, i don’t see the relationship of JLO’s divorce issue to her AI’s “judging career” ..

    Yet, I hope she will be replaced.. or Add a new CREDIBLE judge…

    just sayin’….

    • I totally agree. I do hope JLO gets replaced. I never missed a week from the beginning to the end of each season, except for this year. JLO is the MAIN reason I stopped watching.

      • I stopped watching this year too because I cannot stand JLo and her marketing ploys. I can guarantee she will be back and request more money.

  2. ooooooooooo myyyyyyyyy GOD… i CANT believe thissssss…i just saw this news from hollywoodreporter and iam still shocked…
    through the season we thought they are the happiest couple in the worLd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This doesn’t surprise me at all. I think JHO wanted kids before she got too old, but she also wanted to ensure their latin blood line stays intact, so who else better to fill that bill? Marc Anthony. Actually I kinda expected it to end shortly after their twins. I never really saw her as the wifey type. She’s better off as a Playette..sorta like a female Playa Playa

  4. I thought it was already announced during the week that she was returning to AI????? Did I not read it correctly???

    • There was only a rumor that she was going to, but no announcement from JLo, American Idol, or Fox. Lopez even went on a morning show the other day to “make an announcement” and it was just about her music.

      There’s still nothing confirming it either way.

    • Matt, You really get mad at those caps! Don’t you? I remember that from quite a few years back! Could it be that JLo is really the diva everyone says she is? Thant’s my take on the situation! But I never did see what the two of them saw in each other. Oops, I mean what did JLo see in Marc Anthony. She really is beautiful. So, I know what he saw in her. The bad thing about divorce’s like this is the kids!! (-:

      • Hi Sherry K,
        How well we remember the cap days…LOL Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your summer.

        I feel really bad about the breakup but its understandable……There is so much going on in these people’s lives to keep them connected. Her children will be fine. I;m sure they are well taken care of. Who really knows what happened but while JLo was in the background things were fine. It seems that now that her career has resurrected….trouble in Paradise.
        Oh well…life does go on!!!!!!!

      • Hi Pyllis G,
        That is funny about the caps! It is nice to hear from you! I hope you are enjoying your summer too.Are you going to watch the x/factor? Seems like they are really getting in to the singing routine on TV these days. The voice. AI and now the x/factor too. I guess they think we can record all the other ones we want to see too! We are in the middle of moving from one house to another. And the computer is supposed to be hooked up at the next house on the 21 st of this month. I have been going back and forth to each house because of the computer! I feel really bad about the break up too Phyllis. I sure didn’t see that one coming! I didn’t even hear the usual gossip about JLo and Marc. It is sad to me when they have children. But Marc Anthony has three others besides his and JLo–
        Yes the children will be alright. I do think what you said about her career being resurrected has something to do with it! You are usually pretty good about that kind of thing Phyliss! And I am thinking you mean he want’s to have his career better than hers? Could be? I didn’t even think about that until you said it. Take care. Sherry

  5. Another disposable Hollywood marriage?! Say it ain’t so! I am shocked… (insert sarcasm)

  6. I think she’s great and I hope to see her back on AI, Marc A is fairly repulsive. If I were her I wouldn’t stay with him either.

    • I agree, Serena. Naysayers will of course disagree, but I liked her on AI. I also find MA quite repulsive. It’s not whether or not he’s “good” looking… he just has this Creepiness Factor about him.

  7. The end of a marriage, even hollywood ones, is always sad when children are involved. Hope they can keep it civil for the kid’s sake. I thought Jennifer was very good on AI, one of the best judges yet, and hope she returns next year.

  8. Jennifer is a classic whore, has slept with more men in the past 10 years than I have toes and fingers. Lacks credibility, and is a mediocre dancer and singer. Mentally unstable to say the least

    • wow, harsh comment. I think she’s fantastic and good for her with all the men, I’m sure she used condoms. Right on girl! She’s experimented with some fairly delicious guys ; )

      • I just wish Serena would stick to tennis and not make lame comments about the worst wife and idol judge ever!

      • munkispankt, you totally misread me, I think she’s great, loved her as an AI judge and I have no idea how she is as a wife, how would I? Love J Lo. (no like MA)

  9. No matter what she decides about her marriage I hope she comes back to AI.I just adore her. Also love all her movies. She’s good no matter what she does.You’re all just jealous !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. alright jennifer you did the right thing! you will be better off, it was going to happen so get it over with now! good for you waiting to see you this season!

  11. No more JLO please, she needs to look after her kids better than she did with her marriage.How about replacing her with the gal that was gonna be on XFactor Cheryl Cole, she speaks better english than JLO has no Puerto Rican Jenny from the block BUL_H_T accent.

    • What accent? She was born in NYC. Cheryl Cole is as hard to understand as Miley Cyrus, who both sound as though they were rolling marbles in their mouths.

      • That accent is NYC accent mixed with latin bu_lsh_t accent surprised you can’t tell?

  12. God, you all are d*** harsh!! Who cares if they are Latin or whatever!!! JLO is amazing and I love her!! You are all just plain nasty!! Do you need an Icepack for your jealousy burn?! Leave it at that people!!

  13. Jennifer is also shooting a new film(with Cameron Diaz) in the fall and of course her music career is up and running, so I don’t think she’ll be back on AI although I wish she would be.

  14. Phyllis G, Sorry about the spelling on your name! My husband is trying to rush me out of the house. See you later.

  15. Hi Sherry, So good to finally hook up with you…..Yes, I will be watching the X Factor and I’m sure Matt will have a site for us to communicate. LOL…..Good luck with your move, hope all goes well. Keep in touch.

  16. Matt, you need to find something to write about over the summer. I am going to experience withdrawals, hahahaha.

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