72-Year Old American Idol Power Voting Granny Threatened By Comcast

American Idol 2013 host Ryan Seacrest

Super-Voting for American Idol 2013 may have been introduced this season, but some viewers prefer to keep it old-school.

Ilene Henry, a 72-year-old grandmother from Illinois, takes her Idol voting very seriously and is known to cast hundreds of votes come Wednesday nights. She’s become so proficient at the practice that Comcast, her phone service provider, sent her a termination letter over her voting methods.

“I’ve got it down to a science now and instead of counting the calls, I keep hitting redial and I timed it and I get in about fifty calls in ten minutes,” said Henry.

Comcast decided something fishy was going on with so many rapid calls going out to the same number, but instead of, you know, calling and checking, Comcast fired off a Ryan Seacrest inspired elimination of its own. Thankfully Ilene received help from family to get Comcast to retract their threat.

As for who was on the receiving end of all those American Idol 2013 votes? In the video segment below we can see she was dialing repeatedly for 5707. Over the past three weeks of finalists performances that number has been shared by three singers. Top 10 week that was Lazaro, Top 9 week it was Angie, and last week with the Top 8 that was Amber. Considering the story was published on Thursday I’d guess that leaves only Lazaro or Angie. Maybe she’s one of those die-hard Lazaro fans that keep him going each week!

Watch the video report at the source link below for more details.

Source: MyFoxDC



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