How Far Can American Idol 2013’s Lazaro Arbos Go?

Lazaro Arbos

I think it’s safe to say Lazaro Arbos has survived much longer on American Idol 2013 than most of us expected he would when we first met him. He’s a great guy and a good singer, but is he really Top 8 material much less Top 10 or Top 20?

When the first vote rankings were revealed during the initial finalist round I was very surprised to find Lazaro with the 4th most votes out of the entire competition. It was an incredible achievement, but was it warranted? Well I guess I’d have to ask what warrants a vote. The best vocals, the best performance, the best plea at the end when they flash their fingers as numbers? It’s whatever the audience wants. That’s what keeps “lesser” singers in the competition while sending home the Daughtry or Hudson. No logic is required to mash keys for votes and that’s just fine.

Does it really matter if Lazaro outlasts Burnell Taylor or Devin Velez? No, it really doesn’t. He won’t make it to the end, he won’t win, and he won’t be the next American Idol. If audiences love this guy for his compelling back story more than his voice then that’s fine with me.

How far do you want to see Lazaro go this season? Has he overstayed his welcome or is he right where he belongs? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.




  1. you’re so right. lazaro may have a compelling story but he certainly doesn’t have the compelling talent to win this competition. but then again,this is idol and stranger things have happened. the only good thing on the show this season is the female talent. but it’s obvious that the producers fixed it that way

  2. Really like “him”.. Him being him, the story of his life, and the balls & courage he had and has to do this. But, he should not still be there. There are others who have left.. Jimmy, Paul.. That he should have gone before. BUT, I have said it every year.. This segment until the end is a popularity contest. Whoever has the most votes(friends, supporters, or people who are rooting for the underdog) will stay there.. There are previous years that we have seen this very thing happen . It’s all about the number of votes, period. Whilst I do not think this will happen with Lazaro, realistically, it is possible.

    • Please don’t remind me of Taylor Hicks. He was possibly one of the worst singers that AI judges picked to come to Hollywood. He should never have won the competition that year.

  3. Paul’s performance was so much better than Lazero’s. I cringe that he is getting votes based on sympathy. He’s got an okay voice but his last performance was way off key.

    • His votes are not all sympathy. His is better than Burnell. He will go far without people who think only sympathy is why he is still on Idol. Nici Minaj has a nasal problem. She sounds terrible. I have a hard time listening to her talk.

      • He is not better than Burnell. While he a little bit better this past week than prior weeks, his performances are lackluster he continually forgets the lyrics. This IS a big sympathy vote. He is a nice, perhaps overly sensitive guy, but this is a singing competition. American needs to stop voting for the underdog (hello Phillip Phillips) because of some affliction and stand behind not just talent, but the best talent. And I say kudos to Nicki Minaj for being one of the few judges to actual do her job: judge.

  4. No canta espectacular pero en American Idol cualquier cosa puede pasar o me van a decir que en los ultimos años han ganado los chicos con las mejores voces, solo vean la temporada pasado, el que gano nada que ver con el segundo lugar o el tercer lugar, o sea, de que se asombran????

  5. Yes, Anything is possible…But AI is a singing contest no more! AI is now a Popularity Contest! and Lazaro will stay in the GAME @TOP 4…and Possibly More Luck to WIN it!

  6. It is about time for him to leave the show. He is pretty good, but not great.There are better singers.

  7. Please send him home this week or soon the better singers will be going home in his place.

  8. I think Lazaro should of gone home I mean Burnell should of stayed and how in the world did he make top three he is not a really good singer I guess people that vote don’t look at there performances they look at their back stories

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