American Idol 2009 Top 8 – The Week Ahead

After watching Megan Joy eliminated from American Idol 2009 the season’s finalists pool was whittled down to its Top 8. I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s theme of “top downloads” which opened the performers up to more creative options and hopefully they can keep up the pace again this week.

Ahead on Tuesday’s performance show will be song selections from the year of the singer’s birth. Considering the youngest of the bunch, Allison, is just 16 that means she could play a song from Nirvana’s catalog. Now that makes me feel old!

Kellie Pickler will be Wednesday night’s guest star when she returns to the American Idol stage to perform her new single, “Best Days of Your Life.”

Who will rise to the top this week and who will fall away?




  1. Adam Lambert was born in 1982. I can picture him doing his own version of “I Love Rock N’ Roll”. Other interesting picks would be “I’m Just Waiting On A Friend”, “I Ran”, and “Tainted Love”.

  2. I can just hear Adam singing Open Arms by Journey, he is the only idol in it’s history that could sing that and make him legend, he’s heading there anyway. Tainted Love has been done too many times and it doesn’t show case Adams awesome voice. I’m sure whatever he does is going to be just mind blowing, all the best Adam, you will always be my American Idol!! I can’t wait to buy your CD’s and I would be first in line at your concert!!

  3. of course adam will stand out again. if he isn’t the winner, i would freak out! noone has the talent, stage presence, and of corse the voice he has. can’t wait for his first album. he makes this seanson so exciting. i can’t wait for tomorrow.

  4. I hope all of you guys would be wrong i hat e Adam!
    When he sings his high notes it looks like he is going to pass out!

  5. I am not a fan of Adam either. I cannot take his style of singing and fashion esp the hair style!

  6. Adam is quite good; however, I would not consider buying his cd or downloading his music. I don’t enjoy his style of music, though I do find him entertaining and look forward to his weekly performance. My vote is for Danny. I have already downloaded many of his songs and just love listening to him sing. I love his raspy voice and the emotion that comes through in his singing. I can’t wait for him to sing each week. He is so kind, so humble and so adorable.

  7. Aloha Guy’s:
    I can’t understand why some folks diss the contestants. They all have something special otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are. Sure some are better than others but at least they are trying. Each of them no matter how far they go can always say for the rest of their lives (I was an American Idol finalist).

  8. I am from South Africa and would just like to say that Adam Lambert is amazing!!!! He deserves to win!!! We are about 3 shows behind, but really holding thumbs for him. He has presence, integrity, talent and is true to himself. Adam, once you have won, please come to SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

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