American Idol 2009 Top 9 Becomes Top 8 – Official List

Last night on American Idol 2009 we saw Megan Joy Corkrey make her overdue exit from the stage. While I don’t blame America I’m still left wondering what I’ll have to look at next Tuesday! Matt Giraud kept himself out of the bottom three this week after being in the bottom two last week. Anoop and Allison will have to step it up if they want to remain in this competition much longer.

Here is your official list of the season’s Top 8 performers. Which remaining American Idol do you think will win it all?

American Idol 2009 Top 8:

  • Danny Gokey
  • Kris Allen
  • Allison Iraheta
  • Adam Lambert
  • Lil Rounds
  • Scott McIntyre
  • Matt Giraud
  • Anoop Desai

One of these 8 singers is your next American Idol! Who do you think it will be? Sound off in the comments below.




  1. I dont understand why a powerhouse like Allison has been in the bottom 3 twice. She is awesome. Adam Lampert too.

  2. I want Danny to win because he is a Church Musical Director like me. So, good luck to ma…man Danz.

  3. Adam is going to be the next American Idol. Allison and Li’l are good, but they have to do something extraordinary to beat Adam, whereas Adam just hasn’t to try that hard- he’s just way ahead of the others.

  4. Danny or Adam. I agree with Char – Danny is more the American Idol. Adam definitely has a place in Broadway.

  5. I can see the top three singers being adorable Danny, theatrical Adam and boy next door I have a crush on Chris. Each of these singers is great in his own right. I do hope that Danny wins, though. I have been a big Danny Gokey fan from the auditions.

  6. Adam, all the way by miles for the guys and lil is the only girl with enough maturity to make it through although alison has a vooice she’s crumbling under the pressure.

  7. Danny, Kris, Allison and Adam. They are the only ones that matters. The rest, hmmm…

  8. Adam is in a class all by himself. He may have the most overall talent of any Idol contestant.

  9. I think Adam will win, and rightly so..he is so talented and is taking this so seriously…he works so very hard, not that they all don’t, but he knows how to work the crowd…I also love Danny and will be a man’s final three. I love Allison, but I agree..her immaturity is starting to show. Lil Rounds is good, but not fabulous. Adam first, followed by Chris, followed by Danny is my prediction.

  10. Kris will sneak in and take the top prize! He has shown amazing versatility, has such a great voice, and has the good looks to be a star. Adam will be a theater star, and Danny has the talent to record also. Allison is just a screamer; she’ll go home soon.

  11. Danny is the only one who makes my hair stand and effects me with soul and spirit.
    I think he will be the next american idol
    yours ena

  12. Allison should not ever be in the bottom three. That is proof that most of the votes coming in are from young girls who are voting for the cute guys. It’s obvious that Adam,Allison,and Danny are the top three. But once again girls are not supporting each other we always hurt ourselves. Adam is in a level of his own, but Allison is also and is only 16. Danny is great also and is very marketable. I Just hope this trend with Allison stops and the girls start voting for her alot more. What is wrong with this picture. I vote for all three of them 12 times each. come on girls lets support Allison.

  13. I personally think it should be Adam or Allison. Adam has a good range and is very artistic and Allison has a great voice and is very edgey for rock genre

  14. I like Allison but I hope she will pick a very good song for her powerful vocal. Also she has to dress up with a good classy taste for her age.

  15. I believe Adam Lambert will win 2009 AI. He has tremendous ability to transform himself, bringing out the most powerful singing in every performance, making everything unique. He seems to have qualities an artist should no matter what he looks like. I feel his singing ability “knocks it out of the park”; such vocals, such range, such charisma. In recent years past, from 10 finalists forward, I picked David Cook to win last year & Jordan Sparks the year before…that said, my pick for this year is Adam Lambert. Time will tell if I’m 3 for 3 or “in the dugout”. If my pick holds true, he could be re-inventing himself to be a new Elvis. Well, maybe not, but then again, maybe.


  17. well.. kris is good… but he’s not that stable… n i have seen lots of artists with a similar voice like him…

    i wanna see someone’s unique!!
    i hope the top three will be Adam, Danny and Allison!! hmm.. top2 will probably be Adam n Danny…

    personally, i hope Adam will take d crown!! he’z unique, unpredictable, has a great range… he can also take any kinds of songs n make it his own!! not 2 forget great style, stage act n presence plus… hez a rocker!! XDD

  18. adam lambert will be terribly hard to beat. i hope he wins this year. he will out sell everyone else in the competition. hi paula abdul i am a fan of yours and always have been and i am a fan of steven tyler, adam lambert reminds me of steven tyler because he is a talented person who has multi-talents. i so much enjoy the show every year because i am disabled and you all entertain me every year..god bless you all.

  19. I’d like to say congrats to all those competing for making it to the next round. And congrats to Megan as well, eventhough it wasn’t enough for the fans and the judges, but hey…tomorrow is another day. One thing that I’m gonna miss about Megan is her humor and friendly attitude. But I personally think that Danny should win. He’s got a really great voice and always seem to amaze me everytime that he sings. And just like Adam, I can’t wait to see what these two have to offer every week. But good luck to everyone. Eventhough my ultimate favourite is Danny, but by the looks of the competition, it’s going to be one hell of a battle. I must say that I have never seen so much competition. Well that’s it from me, but all the best to everyone. Love ya….From Samoa.

  20. I really like Scott, Kris, Matt, Danny, and Anoop.

    I don’t care for Adam. Sometimes I even think that Adam sounds kind of horrible. I did like his ‘Ring of Fire’ song. It was very creative, but other than that he’s been nothing but a lot of shreeking, so I don’t think I would mind to see him be eliminated.

    Megan was the only female that I liked. I’ll miss her in the next week, but I won’t miss the big ugly tattoo on her arm.

    If I had my way, the bottom 3 would be Allison, Lil, and Adam this next week.

    The judges should all be replaced. They ruin the show sometimes like they did in the top 9 week. They have too much negative criticism sometimes and I think it influences the votes a lot.

  21. If you have performed any you will see that Adam is the whole package. You Rock Adam.
    Good looks
    Nice build
    Musical Art
    yes I will buy it.

  22. Since Day 1, i have been rooting for Danny. I hope he wins because he is both a great soulful singer and has a personality that surpasses all.

  23. DANNY is the David Cook of this season. He will be the next idol as he appeals to a much wider audience. He is much more well-rounded than Adam – and honestly, I don’t care how liberal as a society we are getting – Adam
    ‘s homosexual lifestyle is NOT appealing to the masses. The majority of the popoulation would be sickened to see what he has done behind the scenes with boys. The top idol should be a person of morals and integrity. Isn’t that what being an “idol” is all about? What a tough choice – All of them are fantastic except Scott.

  24. Adam is just a screamer. He needs to stop that. Felt like judges already want Adam to win. Simon even said that Allison screamed. What is up with that? They are not impartial.

  25. It’s obvious that Adam is the apparent winner, which he always get solid-rock reviews from the judges. Danny, however, will be in the contention to win, but my final vote goes to Adam!

  26. I have been watching Idol since the first season. Adam is without a doubt the most talented performer AI has ever had. His voice is glorious, and yes sometimes he “screams” because he doesn’t want to be branded as someone who can’t turn up the temperature. The guy can sing, act and dance. He will go beyond this genre, but he will sell out AI tours and records. Danny is David Cook #2 and I find that boring. Allyson is still maturing—she’s exciting, but she’s too young to really do the job. I’ll keep watching as long as Adam is in. Once he’s off, our TV is off for the rest of the season.

  27. They are all great. I think adam will win AI this season. He always surprise me every week. I think Danny bag the number 2 spot. Allison has a great voice especially when she sang “Don’t Speak” but I don’t think she could make it to top 2.

  28. Adam needs to go i would love to see him get voted off! I hated Saticefaction(36),Black or White(Mj),Ring of fire(C),The Motown song( what ever it is!),Play that funky music(hit i-tunes download)
    And i am %100 he is going to be terrible when they have to sing songs from the year they were born!

  29. I hope everyone that see’s Adam Lambert’s You Tube video making fun of America’s “Star Spangled Banner” writes to American Idol and tells them how rude and degrading and inconsiderate it is. I also think he should be disqualified for showing such disrespect and immaturity. He is NOT at a comedy show putting on a Act. If You want to win America’s vote for talent you DO NOT disrespect America and Show disrespect for The Country. Is was bad enough he was allowed to stay after Totally destroying a Ledgendary song by Johnny Cash and Now this . I Have to say I really feel bad for all the other contestants thats on American Idol to have to admitt he is part of there experience. Its a terrible shame and You do not deserve the chance at American Idol at all No way, No how Adam Lambert. There is not tollerance for this kind of disrespect and rediculous behavior. I for One am going to boycott American Idol and am forwarding this to all my friends and have them forward it to there friends, as well till this clown is removed from American Idol. This is insane to have this behavior be allowed and A Pure discrace and untollerable.

  30. Hi, i am so glad to see Megan finally ends,she was really horrible. Hope to see in the final contest to Kriss Allen vs Adam Lambert or Danny Gorkey, any of them deserves in my opinion, to be the next sucsesfull American Idol, please send Anoop home also as soon as possible, he has nothing to do there!!

  31. My vote has always been for Matt. As for Adam being the next Elvis. PLEASE…..not in a million years could he replace The King.

  32. I really think that in the end Danny will win, but Adam will be a close 2nd. Very similar to the contest between the two Davids last year. Only time will tell.

  33. I think Adam will win, he is excellant and he looks the part too. Young sexy and he stays true to himself. Go Adam….

  34. I am hoping that Allison will not be in the bottom 3 this week.That was shocking! I really, really like her talent and her voice. She competes well for her age. I like her to be the next Idol!

  35. I like Allison too. She’s really talented. Adam’s good, but the result is ahead. Allison, do sth to prove yourself the best!

  36. Adam can sing. at the end of Journey song, WOW! He nailed those high notes and made it seem like it was nothing. Steve Perry would have been proud, he’s in a class all his own. Go Adam!!!!!!!!!

  37. I think its going to be hard because Allison and lil rounds are both good but I like Allison and hope she wins

  38. What is to like about Gokey???!!! Or Gorkey…He is terrible..His pitch is off and his vocals lack pleasant sound quality. His idea of presentation in songs has been done before and much better. Who cares if he is a music minister? What has that got to do with singing and presentation. I have never got it? when it comes to Danny Gorkey..I don’t care for the way he looks either..If he wins I will not buy his records nor will anyone I know. YUK. He needs to GO!! On the other hand records by Scott will sell his tone and delivery are super..Adam is fab and a real show stopper!!

  39. I really think it will come down to Adam and Danny. I think Adam is a great performer.

  40. I think that Kris will be the next American Idol. He is very musically artistic and has a wonderful voice. He plays the piano and the guitar. He has ambition. Go KRIS!!

  41. I think that Kris will be the next American Idol. He is very musically artistic and has a wonderful voice. He plays the piano and the guitar. He has ambition. Go KRIS!! In addition, Adam is an understudy in “Wicked”. American Idol should be a new person to performing.

  42. I believe that Danny should be in the final. Adam is just not the AI that people think. American Idol means just that….so why should Adam be one? Just my thought on the matter!

  43. Message for Adam Lambert

    Adam you should sing some Jimmy Barnes from the 80s and 90s in Australia – you should sing Working Class Man and from his Cold Chisel days Cheap Wine

    Your voice would be brilliant like Barnes singing his songs – trust us here down ion New Zealand we know our singers and music. Cheers and good luck.

  44. Lil rounds need to choose better songs to suit her voice, like something by whitney houston something with high pitch, not a lot of bass
    come on i’m routing for her but she keep hitting duds each time

  45. Adam is not an “American Idol” having displayed his version of the Star Spangled Banner. And you can take this to the bank, Danny will outperform Adam both in the finals and in sales. Allison will outsale Adam as well, Adam belong on broadway period.

  46. To Dan-how wrong you are….I would pay anything to see Adam both in a concert or in a play on Broadway…he is by far the most talented person I have ever seen not only on AI but anywhere….Danny is a one man show….he will be like Taylor Hicks..I like him, but I would not pay to see him..he is so much like many performers here in NE PA, that I do not think he is unique…there are a lot of “Dannys” out there all struggling, but there is only one Adam Lambert….he will win in a landslide.

  47. I can’t believe what I am hearing, there is no doubt at all that Adam will win American Idol, I haven’t heard him miss a note yet.
    He is Awesome!
    Matt is also very, very good I think he will come in 2nd, at least I hope so. He just needs to be a little more confident and show a little more personality, he seems to be a very sweet guy.
    The rest will fall by the waste side with the exception of Allison, she is a very talented girl but I do not think she will win. But I do think that she will go on to make and sell many records.

  48. Top two will have to be Adam and Danny..Adam is very talented, has good vocal range and can sing the phone book. Danny is also talented can sing anything, he is adorable with good vocals too . Both have good looks. Adam is more of a rocker but Danny is more soulful. Its really hard to choose. I dont mind either one really but judging from the response now i think Adam will win. Well good luck to both of them, may the best man wins

  49. Without a doubt, it should be Adam Lambert. He has that “it” factor, the whole package. If this is not RIGGED; Adam should win hands down.
    This guy has talent. He reminds me alot of Elvis in his early days. He’s terrific!

  50. I love Allison, Danny and Adam. I do think guys have to have a little edge to them to really make it. Allison is going to do well no matter what happens. She is so polished like Kelly. I think Adam has this boyish quality, yet he is edgy at the same time. I think that’s what’s going to help him win. The gay strait controversy usually works in a male artists favor. Once he hits the big time he will realize that less is more. You can use your range without the extra antics. Prince is a perfect example. That’s who Adam musically reminds me of, cuz he is not afraid to take risks and has an amazing range. Danny has a silky smooth soulful sound which is nice. I don’t know if it’s quite enough to take him over the top though.

  51. Adam hands down is the most talented person on the show. If he doesn’t win I am not sure I will watch the show again. I have been trying to see what everyone sees in Danny, he okay but certainly not an AI. I think Matt is the next most talented, he has done well every week but it seems no one mention him. Allison is good as well but will not win in my opinion.

  52. Adam has the most talent by far of all the remaining seven. There are some people who claim that he screams his songs. These people must be tone deaf or haters . I really do not care to get into his personal life because that is not any of my business or yours. Oh and did I mention that he is so darn HOT!!!!!!!!!

  53. Based on potential to appeal to the mass market and ability to sell records:

    Allison. Stands out as a true female rocker with very strong voice. Will she win, don’t know but very strong distinctive voice.

    Kris: Very musically gifted. As a listener Kris has an ability to stir emotions. Reminds me of Brian Adams.

    Danny is a nice guy with nice voice. Does not really stand out.

    Adam is a screamer. No emotional connection. For me he puts on the show. I would rather listen to an artist that can stir my emotions.

    Matt: I like him but am not sure what he stands for and lacks confidence.

  54. After watching last night, I feel the standings are starting to tighten up. I feel that Adam and Allison are still the front runners due to the range in their voices and their charisma. Danny is coming up the track. As for Lil Rounds, she seems to be cracking under pressure. Chris is not consistent, Anoop is hanging on by a thread and Matt doesn’t hold my attention.

  55. This is so typical in America,once again people vote according to race.I believe Lil Rounds is the most talented singer on AI.BUT OF COARSE ppl dont see it because she is black no one hadly even mentioned her on the comments above.Im in Africa and i have never seen such talent like Lil.pity i cant vote but if i could i would vote 4 her doesnt always have to be be about race you guys,SO EVERY BLACK PERSON OUT THERE PLEASE VOTE 4 LIL ROUNDS THIS WHITE PEOPLE ARE DESTROYING US.GO LIL,YOU ARE NOT MY AMERICAN IDOL BUT YOU ARE MY UNIVERSE IDOL.I LOVE YOU.LETS VOTE FOR TRUE TALENT PEOLPE!

  56. How dare American Idol! I am tired of them picking all of the white trash performers (if you can call them that) and dismissing all of the talented black performers. This year is no exception! I just turned away from the show. I tried to give it a chance this year, but it’s no different than the other years. I guess they are determined to never have another black American Idol! I am LIVID! Angela is the best female performer they had, and they just got rid of her. Now I won’t even waste my time watching the auditions! I am not the only person that feels this way! The show is filled with BIGOTS!!!!!!!! Black Americans please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT GIVE THIS SHOW YOUR RATINGS!!!!

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