American Idol 2010: Andrew and Katie Eliminated

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Tonight on American Idol we said good bye to both Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens.  An unfortunate turn of events for the young Stevens after the judges used their save on Big Mike last week.

andrew-garcia-katie-stevensI understand with Andrew Garcia because he has given one bad performance after another but last night’s version of “Hound Dog” was about the worst I had heard from him this season.  So the front runner going into the top 24 with his superb take on Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” is going home.  There were too many expectations for Garcia after singing that in the auditions and he never could deliver and was always compared to that one vocal.

I felt sorry for Katie.  After a shaky start in the Top 24 she began to come alive and the last couple of weeks really delivered some top rate songs.  I’m surprised to see Aaron Kelly still there as I thought he deserved to go home tonight in place of Katie.  She sang “Let it Be” and held it together but bless her heart, burst into tears right when it was over.  Give Katie a couple of years and a little voice training and I think we will see her again.

Did you think America got it right with the eliminations?




  1. absolutely wrong result as far as Katie is concerned. dont agree with the save system. Big Mike should be gone to. i am sorry but there are too many like him out there and he does nothing really different each turn he does. what a shame for Katie. thanks for the chance to comment.

  2. america once again got it wrong they need to stop eliminating good contestants and keeping the bad ones they need to stop little young people vote becuase there cute this show is getting out of hand

  3. Big Mike who is so cocky needs to go. Can’t believe Randy thinks he is all that – well go figure – no offense but Randy routes heavily for all of his people no matter how bad they are

  4. Katie should not have gone home. SHE WAS SO AWESOME. America was w-r-o-n-g!

    Also I agree with everything you said except that you said Aaron Kelly should be gone. He is good in my opinion. I think Tim needs to go home.

  5. I cannot believe Tim and Aaron are still in the hunt………. about time you give one vote per registered phone number American Idol to make it fair.

  6. m da pena por katie porq tiene una gran voz, pero andrew se merecia irse cada semana su actuacion fue empeorando.. pero no m parece q digan q aaron se merece ir el a hecho un bn trabajo no lo ha hecho perfecto pero si mejor q katie ya q katie siempre cantaba canciones vieja y no modernas como le decian los jueces… aaron merece seguir en la competencia tiene una gran voz y es lindo

  7. I agree. I thought Katie did a lovely version of Let It Be.
    She’ll be alright,though. I can see her having a career in the business.

  8. I can’t believe that once again Tim Urban remains. This absolutely baffles me and makes me wonder who or how many people are related to this guy that are continuing to vote for him?

  9. Wow what’s wrong with America still voting for TU no way. He should have gone home a long time ago so ridiculous. I’m no longer watching the show tonite was last night for me and my family

  10. Eliminations were half right. Andrew was no surprise. The elimation of Katie was a big mistake. When things like this happen, it becomes very clear that AI is just a popularity contest not a contest of best talent. Think about it…..Tim Urban / Katie Stevens. The difference between night and day. If parents were to take their teeny boppers cell phones away, Urban would have been sent packing weeks ago!!!

  11. I really think both, Andrew and Kati sing way better than Tim, but teen girls still vote for him just because he is cute. LET IT GO! he doesn’t sing as well as they did, last preformance as I thought they where the best (apart from casy and Lee ofcourse) but still good, at that night who had to go was Siobhan, she made the song too slow and the vocals weren’t as good as most of them. so that’s it.

  12. I agree with the posters on here that commented that Big Mike should have gone home last week. The save system is just one of the things that ruined the show. Mike is too generic, and I hate how they pimped out the fact the his wife had a baby. Big deal! This a singing contest; let’s leave it as that. Let’s hope America gets it right next week. With that said, Tim is one of my favorites, so I hope he sticks around. I hope Crystal and Big Mike are the next to go in the following weeks.

  13. Casey should have been eliminated his vocals are predictable and if he cut an album all the songs would sound alike. B-O-R-I-N-G.
    Please send home the bad talent and stop looking at there face and rear end.

  14. Andrew has been on the slippery slide for awhile so no surprise there. But Katie? I don’t agree. I put Aaron, Tim and Big Mike below her. Seems to me that she has grown from week to week and, as an Elvis fan since 1955, I thought her performance last night had the highest Elvis content of all the performers. She had sidewise smile attitude when she sang and she went after it. I will miss that young lady.

  15. I think katie should have stayed recently shes been awesome. I also think big mike is doing awesome. We really enjoy him. there are people that deserve to go before both and mike should not have had to be saved last week and katie should not have to this week.

  16. tim urban is getting better and better each week. he didn’t land in the bottom 3 this week and he’s here to stay a little bit longer than the tim-bashers think. go, go, go tim. i will still vote for you a zillion times next week.

  17. It’s sad to see Adnrew got voted off.. I know he’s maybe week for two consecutuve weeks but his version of FOREVER is the best.. and to think that for me Andrew is way way better than Aaron and Big Mike..

    And for Katie.. I like his performance for two consecutive weeks.. especially her rendition of Let it be.. in fact, im super LSS on that song because of her..

    For me, it should be Aaron or Big Mike…

    Tim is getting better.. There is something to be hone on his voice…

    But still I’m really sad about the result… :'(

  18. Martini guy don’t put the race thing here…HIS PEOPLE!!! Big Mike wasn’t the best but he certainly wasn’t the worst…Shld we also say the same of the other judges…like seriously get real ya’ll…Katie didn’t deserve to go home just like Mike didn’t deserve to go home if u guys had voted for the right person off last week like Andrew then the save wldn’t have bn used and Katie wld have been saved or she wldn’t be out of the comp…HIS PEOPLE!!! Paige was one of them but Randy told her like it is each wk.

  19. I agree with ivan. Teanager’s votes are getting out of hand. They vote for cuteness not talent. They vote till their fingers fall off. I wont be surprise if instead of these 2 girls making it to the end we get stuck with Tim and Casey. The pretty boys with the hair thing. Simon said it once to Tim, it doesn’t matter how bad his performance is he’s still going to be back next week. Maybe he saw his votes were rediculously high every week.

  20. Katie had real talent, and it’s a shame that America voted her off, and left people like Tim, who should have gone home weeks ago!! He does not have a good voice, but does play the guitar ok. Just because he has long hair and a plastered smile, American Idol should be about true talent, and not a person who manages to squeak by each week because of teen girls who think he’s cute!! Katie had a beautiful voice .. really strong vocals, and she will go places with her voice. Your loss, American Idol!!

  21. Listen everyone it is clear as a bell who will be in the top 4 so when does it matter when Katie and Andrew and Mike and Tim and Siobhan go home!

  22. I don’t know why some haven’t figured it out by now that really AI is a popularity contest and not a singing contest in its truest sense. Well…America has been given the choice…and while the young ones may not necessarily right about their choices when it comes to voting, they’re still part of the market that’s why it is wrong not to let them vote. For one, I think they’re likely more to spend money on concerts, records and the likes than the older audience. So let them be…don’t get mad at them. Rather vote for your favorite singer and hope you’ve done enough…

  23. greenroom, what matters is that Tim will probably win this year and that would be the end of american idol. They might as well make a teanager beauty pagent next week. He made some rediculous performances. Hey, everyone is eventually going. Only 2 can remain as the best finalist, but Tim? loooooooool!!!That’s crazy!

  24. Tim Urban was so weak in his performance.He should have gone before Katie. She has been good for several performances. Andrew needed to go home. Big Mike did a super job, and was really entertaining. What are you folks watching ? There really is no stand out amoung the remaining, but I think Crystal will win it. She is the most consistent.

  25. Just as I thought- Tim would start knocking out singers with actual talent. And did you hear how many people cheered for him when they said his name. There is something wrong with people if they actually think Tim’s voice is good. He has made a joke of the whole competition.

  26. Martini Guy… that his people comment was so wrong and unreasonable. Randy does not stay like that and if you honestly can rememeber a time when one of ‘HIS PEOPLE’ were bad and he said they were wonderfully great, please point it out. He was not easy on Paige when she was bad… or does she not fit into the catagory of ‘his people’. I agree Big Mike falls into the genre of r&b male and in the States we already have a good share… but that does not detract from his talent. I agree Katie should not have gone either. Siobhan or Aaron should be gone. I dont mind the save and Andrew was not too hot last night!!! But please that ‘his people’ comment was wrong. Dont do that, dont do that!

  27. yes chase we know teanagers are the most important market here. That’s why they can’t fix that problem. Money talks and they stay quiet about that. Why don’t they control this by counting one vote per phone call? Because ratings, popularity, number of votes, all of these things make the show look good. Except people like me will stop watching if Tim wins this year. Give it to the teeny boppers.

  28. as expected the Big Saver got the Big Save yet again..which is a big no no no for the biggest ego…just like last season when the BigSaver got a lifeline of staying power to stay on a week after being that was somehow expected for the votes surging..
    this week they got it all wrong as Miss Stevens should stay for at least until the final 6..last week bottom 2 should be this week the one who’ll catch the flight home
    if you havent notice the similar like last season , the final 7 will consist 5 boys vs 2 girls…

  29. Greenroom has a good point. Not sure what difference the order of elimination is so long as the top 3-4 in talent make it to the final few shows.

    I agree though that Andrew should have been gone weeks ago. Also thing that Tim’s has improved a lot, but he isn’t top 3-4 material.

  30. Katie is talented. That was WRONG. But TIM is untalented and it is WRONG that he remains in the top. Totally, a million little girls like him for his looks. The show is a joke at this point. Totally.

  31. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    TIM ARE STILL HERE!!!!????



  32. i will choose Siobhan and Aaron to go home than katie. Good luck Andrew!!! It’s hard to say good bye… I will miss you in AI.


  34. I can’t believe it.. aaron kelly and tim urban should be the one who got eliminated.. too bad many of the voters were slut and horny girls that is why they voted for them..

  35. Disagree….Andrew was good,he was picked alot, and Katie was so so, but that is what the people voted. I think judges should vote for the best singer, performer etc.

  36. I agree that big Mike is generic! You can find hundreds of people with the same voice and personality to offer. Katie should have NOT been voted off!! DEFINITELY NOT. It should have been Casey and Aaron tonight/It was big mike last week it should have stayed that way. I like Andrew voice! I think he is pleasantly different. There is a nice catch to the tone of his voice. If he was to produce an alblum I would buy it.

  37. Why Katie? I mean my name is Katie too, but thats not the reason I voted for her. She had raw natural talent and shouldnt of been voted off. Andrew needed to be voted off, but Tim Urban should of been voted off instead Katie!!! They are crazy, and the judges are to? I still dont understand why they saved Mike??? He isnt even that good!!!

    Go Katie!!! She was great, and she deserved to stay!!!

  38. I can’t believe anyone thinks that Siobhan should be going home at this stage. She has the vocals to make it to the end. No one else has her range whether you like the way she looks or not.

  39. america has got gotten it wrong from start…lily should have been in the show until now…yes guys i’m still not over her elimination =)

  40. I think the TOP 4 are:

    Crystal (which from the start is fave by the judges)

    Casey (who became a fantasy of Kara)

    Michael (whom I think is still there because the judges are also mind his situation as a FATHER)

    Lee (I hope he will be The AMERICAN IDOL)

    This week’s elimination is crap.. it should be Aaron and not Katie.. it’s sad to see that Andrew is voted off but that’s the way it used to be…

  41. I agree that Andrew needed to go home. He got plenty of chances but not Katie. It’s a hard one. Maybe Tim or Aaron, and yes, Big Mike too. Casey needs to be careful because he’s starting to sound the same every week now. My votes go to Lee and Crystal….

  42. Let’s be fair here, people vote for Tim because he’s cute. I vote for him because he’s just so adorable. I voted for Katie too. I am sorry it may sound mean, but I was glad to see that Andrew was gone because the way that the song was performed, I can honestly say that I can see him performing on a cruise, or in bar, but not radio, and not current. I am sorry that Katie is gone, but she has a lot of talent and will go far. Personally I think that it will come down to Crystal and Lee. Crystal has an enormous amout of talent and continues to shine each week, as does Lee.

  43. Dave- for your comment about aaron kelly

    “I cannot believe Tim and Aaron are still in the hunt………. about time you give one vote per registered phone number American Idol to make it fair”

    I THINK YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS with AARON and TIM!!!!!! go to hell and get a life!!!
    AARon and TIM are the best!!!
    even the judges also admitted that TIM URBAN was GREAT in 2 WEEKS (last week and this week)!!!!

  44. anonymous, that is not fair what you said about the girls. There are a mass of teanage gay boys and grown men who vote for these pretty boys as well. I’m not mocking them but I just want ya’ll to see the whole picture.
    Well, yes others shouldn’t make it to the end but Tim? He is a copy of highschool musical.

  45. I think Andrew going home was the best move possible. I’m in agreement with Katie going home, she’s not the strongest vocal. But its obvious this years American Idol is going to be a male…once again. Tim sucks. Aaron is just cute and doesnt have any range whatsoever. Big Mike has a great voice but doesnt show enough of what he can do with it. Personally think Crystal should be this years winner, but I think alot of the teenyboppers out there dont understand her style and its a shame that votes are made upon personal appearance instead of vocal ability which is why American Idol is just another beauty contest. I cannot believe Casey and Lee are still on the show. They’re voices are like Dave Matthews and John Mayer, and we really dont need any more man scratchy voices! UGH

  46. AI?? What is it now? Nothing but a popularity contest. I am really fed up now!!! There is no sense of watching it now for RAW TALENT!!!! A Few might get lucky and benefit from the exposure. Eg; Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert

  47. 1) As long as the final 2 are Lee and Crystal everyone else will have to go home sooner or later.

    2) Andrew has a cool voice but really bad song choices, but sorry to see him go and still have to listen to Tim Urban.

    3) Katie – good voice but too many like her.

    4) Siobhan – I don’t get why the judges love her, I don’t.

  48. Mary, ur right girls and gays vote for them… I really think that this show focuses on the singing talent of an individual, therefore, people should vote based on the voice of the contestants, not on the judges’ opinion nor the way they look but on their pure talent.. in my outlook… siobhan should win this contest because she can sing any song.. she’s an all around singer

  49. Finally…America absolutely got it right. Damn.. it took forever to eliminate those two.

  50. I think that votes should come from certain ages only and agree with Ivan. Anyone under the age of 17 shouldn’t be aloud to vote and old people that cant hear…lol…..sorry but my grandpa voted for siobhan and no offense but last nights performance was awful, i agree with the judges. she doesnt know what kind of singer she is and goes 2 or sometimes 3 different ways in one song. I think the top two will be Crystal and Lee.

  51. aw. thats so sad. i loved katie, if ai didnt wasted that save to big mike, she wouldve been here until next week. she didnt even had the chance to regain her “Let it Be” vocals. 🙁 wrong song choice…

    im rooting for crystal now, since katie’s gone.
    TIM AND AARON go home. 😐
    well tim needs to anyway.

  52. America got it right because America is who is deciding this. But if not for the save last week Katie would still be here. Mike and Andrew would be gone. But then after that it would probably have been Katie anyway so it doesn’t really matter. She will have a career in the music industry regardless but there is one simple problem. The music industry is not as lucrative as it used to be. The MP3 has all but killed the record industry. The only thing left is the live appearances and it is hard to put on a great live show with all of the expenses that go along with it and come away with a decent profit. Entertainers make a lot of money it’s true but they have a lot of added expense to go along with it at the same time. And with the economy the way it is the turn out to live shows is dramatically reduced. Now what you have left is gigs. Appearances at places where people are already gathered. Not people who pay to see your show but venues who pay you to come and entertain their patrons. You can imagine that one business paying you a specific amount to come and perform is going to be far less profitable than 20,000 individuals buying $35.00 tickets. Oh well it’s a challenge for all those who pursue that type of career. I am not going to say they are going to be struggling but the term “starving artist” started somewhere. I wish all of these contestants the best in the future.

  53. I am suprised that Tim and Aaron is still there ………. American Idol is a singing competition not s Smiling Contest. Aaron can’t sing a danceable song!

  54. but i definately think that Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban shouldn’t have made it to the top 12

  55. I believe that American Idol is getting very political,Katie should not have been voted off,big Mike should be gone.

  56. Big mike should of gone out last week I really don’t like him and I think that andrew going out this week was the right choice but I think that big mike should of gone out this week too or Aaron and for all tim hater :”SHUT UP HE iS AWSOME”

  57. Tim Urban & Big Mike should go next =_=
    Then, Aaron & Siobhan should leave
    Casey for the third winner
    Crystal – second & Lee for our American Idol!!!

  58. Definately agree with Alcon! Aaron cant sing anything up-tempo his performance last night was a disgrace to Elvis fans everywhere

  59. Yes as the show goes on it gets to be a JOKE. Young Americans got it wrong. In the real world, record producers and music companies usually to not. Katie will have a career in the music industry in my opinion. As for past Idol contestants who made it far in the contest due to popularity,I have one question. Where are they now?

  60. by the way.. i just want to comment about the judges opinion about siobhan.. they said that siobhan should cool off of her screams, then when she performs, they said they been missing that on her…. weird.. maybe they r trying to confuse her?

  61. I absolutely love Crystal. She seems to be an honest talent and amazing personality. But I do have to say that as much as I love Ellen she should not be a judge on Idol. Period. I watch her show everyday think shes awesome and hilarious, but doesn’t have a musical background and it was a bad choice for her as a judge

  62. I am sad that Andrew left but was his time to go. He seemed like careless like the motivation stopped like there was not a point to keep on competing. I am sad really for him because he could have built a future. Anyway he is gone and this is a one winner competition so sooner or later all but 2 will be eliminated.
    Katie’s elimination surprised me. It was unfair. She deserved to stay a few more weeks. Aaron or Tim should have been gone with Andrew but seems the teen power is incredible as well as the Tim lovers so we will have to still bare with the fact that they are singing for who knows when.
    Anyway still some weeks left before the final. Lets see who is the next AI. I hope Siobhan, she is the best of them all.

  63. I agree with Troy as far as the judges being confusing, but Siobhan doesnt have enough potential

  64. somebody should pick a person! anybody but Tim and vote for that person
    then america can at least see him gone next week

  65. You know what my friends say? The voters are mainly young, white females!

    Based on that alone, we can surmise that Tim Urban will make it to the Top 3 (he sings all those lovey, dovey, easy-to-relate-to romantic songs…that make these voters swoon!

    God! He will survive longer than…Sanjaya!

    With these voters, Lee Dewyze is also safe. Just listen to his song choices. Casey may be in trouble – good looking as he is, Kara becomes his stumbling block!

    In their minds, he is kind of ‘taken’ and is safe. The focus is off him, and he will eventually pay the price with lesser and lesser votes.

    Aaron to these voters is like an adorable ‘brother’. He can survive if he plays the part of a…cute little brother. Sing those Justin Bieber songs and he’ll survive!

    He is DOOMED if he tries to play the part of their romantic interest.

    Hello! He looks like a little boy, ha ha ha…

    Michael is in trouble. He keeps playing up the fact that he has a baby like Andrew did. With these young, white females, that’s a wrong thing to highlight, no?

    Now, we come to the last two ladies but before that, let’s talk aboput Katie.

    She should have played the part of a caring, understanding sister to these voters.
    Did her song choices reflect that?

    Now, we come to the 2 favourites – Crystal and Siobhan. One way to survive these young, white female voters is to choose songs that empower women.

    That or choose songs that these women can see themselves in!

    If they want to take risks, try singing songs by ahem…KD Lang, Melissa Etheridge, Doria Roberts, Tracy Chapman, Dusty Springfield, etc…

    Bigger fan base, more votes!

    Remember people, good song choices is key to winning at this stage. You should know your audience. Don’t choose a song blindly!

    Now, that’s not to say the guys will have an upper hand in this competition. Tim Urban could easily fall the next day if somebody feed these young, white female voters the news that he is…attached…or gay!


    1. Crystal (she was great)
    2. Tim (i dont like him either but let’s face it)
    3. Mike
    4. Lee
    5. Casey
    6. Katie
    7. Aaron
    8. Siobhan
    9. Andrew

    I’m not a TIM LOVER but i really think he did a great job. and i was surprised that he is in the bottom 3.. he was one of the good performers that night…

  67. Siobhan has all the potentials of being an idol.. she sings from the heart and weirdly enough, she doesn’t have any vocal lessons.. wish she would win.. she has natural talent

  68. I totally agree with Gary, Siobhan can sing any song in different ways.. unlike somebody who just play guitar, standing on the middle of stage and the favorite of the judges.. it sucks

  69. Tim is still in because of “”. He’s their poster boy. Check it out!

  70. BIG mistake sending Katie home. She was way better than most of the others.
    As for Adam Lambert coming back, he stinks. I couldn’t wait for his song to be over.

  71. Shirl,
    yes, thank you for this new enlightment.
    This is really sick. A websight with Tim as the poster boy. This is the kind of people who will do anything. Next thing we know, they’ll have these stupid people voting on line to kill people like a movie I once saw. I don’t remember the name of it but I’m pretty sure some people know what I’m talking about.

  72. Are people just oblivious? Katie was one of the best contestents, well beside Crystal Bowersox, but she should NOT have went home. and it was a horrible call. I hope we see more of her, she is a great singer, and performer. Love her!

  73. I think Tim and Siobhan. Out of all the women who are left she has the worst voice. I think she needs some formal voice training. Don’t get me wrong she can sing, just needs more training. Those high notes she trys to hit are awful. If Crystal does not win this season. something is really wrong with America. Lets face it, it is between Crystal, Casey, Lee, and Aaron.

  74. Andrew has been going for weeks now – Katie’s problem is she sings for her grandma – the arrangment last night was too old fashioned. Great voice, pretty girl but too set on old arrangements. The judges have told her week after week to be younger and she has not changed.

    Mike’s save last week was right and is not responsible for Katie going home. Judges would not have saved her this week, she is not a potential finalist. Mike can be given his talent but the audience is not responding so this probably won’t happen. His song choices the last 2 weeks haven’t helped either…

    As for selling CDs and the business of music, a great voice is only secondary. Look at Madonna…

  75. Crystal Bowersucks..xD.. She knows how to sing but I hate that the judges always praise her

  76. Big mistake with Katie!!! but do not feel sorry for her, i am sure she is gonna make it as a great singer. for me there is only 4 people with talent: Crystal, Lee, Casey and Katie.

  77. I thought Katie was awesome! I’m so sad she won’t be on the show anymore – the last couple weeks I was watching the show mostly for her. Keep going Katie – you have great pipes and good creativity and I’m a fan.

  78. I think big mike should have gone home. I mean he’s not too good for idol. I am so sad for katie. The judges shouldnt used the save on big mike they should have used it on katie.

  79. American Idol sucks.. if Siobhan will get eliminated then I have no reason to watch this show.. the voting system sucks

  80. HAREUS

    “1. Crystal (she was great)
    2. Tim (i dont like him either but let’s face it)
    3. Mike
    4. Lee
    5. Casey
    6. Katie
    7. Aaron
    8. Siobhan
    9. Andrew

    i dont understand why u hate TIM URBAN so much
    what did he do to you???????????????

    i think you are just JEALOUS!!!!

    TIM is GREAT last night!!!!!
    even the judges admit that!!!!!!

  81. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Andrew was the one to go this week. But many say not Katie. OK, then who should have been the other, out of those considered to be the bottom rung by most. Which is Tim, Aaron, Katie, and Mike from what I seem to be reading. In my opinion, Big Mike is “by far” the strongest performer of those bottom four. And with Tim not sucking as much as he normally does the past two weeks, he was just as good as Katie and Aaron this week I thought. So frankly, I am not shocked that it was Katie’s time to go. But, ultimitely it matters very little. As none of these four will make into the top 4.

  82. trutru, I predict that u r gay or a slut because u like tim, or ur damn enough to identify one’s talent.. tim didn’t do anything to us… he really suck that’s why we hate him and others will be eliminated instead of him

  83. Its nice to vote for hermit and the hemits (Tim) but when the hermit went out of his shell he forgot what he was there for.
    (turtle soup) something is better then nothing.
    Katie vocals and corisma ate him up every week.
    Cant fix stupid.

  84. Katie should have stayed, Tim needs to go, they should have kept their save, and Aaron Kelly started off really popular from the get…. so don’t think we will be losing him anytime too soon. I predict he will make it to the top five at least. Crystal will win most likely if not Lee will win. BUT My vote goes to Siobhan. She has a great voice with a little more training she will be better than the rest by far. PLUS she is not afraid to be a little different, and different will get you super far in this business. I think that they are all worthy of being here though. They have worked hard and deserve their lime light time. I will miss Katie though…she deserved more time than she got.

  85. Nevada at#86. I thought Adam was by far the best performer last season. But, I so have to agree with you on that song he performed tonight. I too, could not wait for it to be over. And is it my imagination or is Adam looking 100 times more flamboyant in his gayness than he did last year?

  86. Every voice on that show is generic…so counting Big Mike, alone, as generic is like cursing a priest for wearing a cassock. Without Big Mike i would not have been watching this show. The judges know that, that’s why they traded their votes and still keeps him kicking-on. For some of us who understand what music is; Big Mike is an exceptional talent. Tim is a scrap of crap.

  87. i disagree on ur statement bout aaron kelly should have gone home…he’s great and a good singer..he delivered the song blue suede shoes well and i really dun get simon’s comment bout aaron not making the song current.he did make it current and i like it..aaron kelly can sing..he can hit all those high notes and he can sing any songs just that sometimes he may be nervous on stage thus affecting his performance..just give him some time and he will be great…go aaron kelly!!!!
    i think tim urban should have gone home instead of katie..tim’s just lucky..tim’s voice is good but he cant hit high notes like other contestants..dun believe me?i heard his version of one republic’s apologize…he is just lucky to have picked songs that suits him….

  88. I am a singer myself, based on the performances of the contestants, I think Siobhan is the best, she is the only only one who has perfect control of her voice and the widest range… I wish people would realize that they should not judge based on one’s look nor the judges’ opinion, because the judges only give great opinions to their favorites..

  89. Tim Urban- Season 9 American Idol

    Aaron Kelly- 2nd place

    This is so ridiculous!!! I still think Alex Lambert should be in Tim’s place!!!

  90. hey, I love siobhan… and I think America loves her too.. Look, for the past 3 weeks she had hard times with the judges, but then, she was never been in the bottom 3… This is just an indication that she could win this year.. And I thought so..

    anyway, katie should not go.. it must be Aaron..

  91. I’m ok with this voting this week. It’s too bad that Andrew didn’t make better song choices sometimes. Katie is great but is very generic.

    Tim has improved, but his range is limited and I don’t see him winning.

    Aaron is really good for a 16 year old. He likely won’t win but he should be proud of himself.

    Mike is talented. I’m glad they saved him. Those of you that claim he sucks crack me up cuz I don’t know many people with vocals like that!

    Casey is good. He’s blown me away a couple times.

    Siobhan can definately hit some notes. I haven’t loved her past couple performances but she’s talented.

    Lee is hot. He’s so modest and has shown definate improvement. I think he should go far because he’s someone who could make a solid album.

    Crystal is wonderful too. She’s consistent, a true artist and would also make a solid album that I could listen to.

    Let’s be a bit easier on these people guys! None of us are in a position to say nasty things about them.

  92. Steve…I thought he looked wretched…the hair did not go with the clothing and the voice did not sound like the guy I remember from last year. It seems to me in his attempts to show he’s different he’s lost himself.
    Look at Siobhan….she’s the weirdest little duck I’ve seen in a long time but it suits her and suits her voice. She’s a tremendous singer which allows you to see past the weirdness to what is really there. I just wish she would get over alot of the screaming that she does.

  93. I agree Andrew needed to go, he was on borrowed time as it is. Instead of Big Mike having to be saved last week it should have been Andrew leaving. I had never voted for mike because i thought he was a sure thing. Tim, Aaron and Casey are on the chopping block next. They are not bad singers, but they are not great singers either. Big Mike has alot of soul and Crystal really never has a bad performance. The teenagers need to stop voting for the teeny boppers, but hey thats where the Jonas Brothers and New Kids on the block come from! lol. But seriously Lee, Crystal and Big Mike Really make the show. If it were a smiling contest or best hair contest i would understand why Casey and Tim were still in it!!

    YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!
    i didint call you SLUT!! you call me first!!!!

    you RUDE!!!!!! BITCH!!!!!

    tim IS GREAT LAST NIGH!!!!! JUST ADMIT IT!!!!! FACE IT or go to hell!!!!!

  95. trutru, how old are you honestly? You cannot possibly be more than 19 years old, act like an adult. Maybe you are the one that has been voting for tim all this time.

  96. Jerry, yeah, i admit that im voting tim all the time, even though i have to spent US$ 500.000, i always vote for TIM and AARON KELLY!!!!!!

    GO GO GO GO AARON KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hehehehe ^_^

    Jerry, please forgive me
    i really adore tim and AARON!!!

  97. If phone calls equals record sales – Tim and Aaron would be winners. Fortunately this is not always the case – see winner season 8.

    Goes to show that American Idol voting is flawed and not fulfilling its purpose of finding the “next big thing”.

  98. I Think the winner of american idol this season is Aaron Kelly (even though i dont like him)
    and no 2 winner is Tim Urban (even though i also dont like it
    no 3 winner is Lee Dewyze (i like his voice, really, his voice like rob thomas’s voice)
    no. 4 winner is crystal
    no. 5 casey james
    no. 6. mike
    7. siobhan

  99. Lets not fret about ‘who leaves who first’. The ones who exit first may not necessarily be worse off. What we should concentrate is ‘who deserves to win the title!’ and neither katie nor Andrew deserves it…

  100. Well since you all know Katie is good then why don’t you all vote many times. You people are to be blame for Katie going home do you all realize that if you all know those youngsters will vote for Tim Urban many times, you all should do the same thing when vote for Katie which is vote for her many times and that will save her from going home so you all are to be blame for not voting for her many times. I’m surprised to see she goes she has a good vocal and she is also beautiful. I like her cause she is amazing.

  101. i cannot believe that katie is eliminated. Why not tim, michael or casey? i don’t like 3 of them. katie, step up! you are always be my idol

  102. I don’t think Mike should win this but come on guys the only people better than him are Siobhan and Lee.
    Crystal is waaaaaaaay overated the guys saying Mike’s baby is being used for him so are hers.

    The guys giving racist remarks come on the US music industry is dominated by blacks get over yourselves

    If Crystal wins this AI sucks forever

  103. Katie definitely does not deserve to go home.

    Simon was mean to her and put her down because Simon saw Kathie was a threat to his pick, Crystal. He predicted Crystal the next idol, so he got to get Kathie out by giving negative criticisms as the voters based on Simon’s opinion, although wrong, so that he saves his face.

    Kathie is so much more cheerful than Crystal who look full of thoughts and unresolved personal problems and unhealthy looking and Kathie’s voice is much more powerful and has more stage presence and with singer or stage performer’s potential. What is wrong with America?

    I think Tim should join Andrew as he is quite lost. Next elimination should be Tim, Mike and later Aaron. Kathi should be in the Top 5. What a shame, America! I think the other female singer find her a threat in the music industry as she is pretty, confident,playful and can sing!

    To Kathie – don’t be dissappointed. You have a bright career out there. Go for it you will be successful. A lot of jealousy out there that caused your premature elimination. You are good. Believe that.

  104. gfergfr

    i totally agree with you, i’m afraid that the winner of american idol this season is Tim urban, i hope not
    that is the same case with Kris allen

    kris can win because many teen girls love him and vote for him, even though he is not as good as adam lambert (honestly)

  105. It’s not just the teenagers but VFTW fans voting for Tim. I think Tim sounds awesome. I like Timmeh.

    I like the smile he offers at the judges and he keeps doing things on his own. I like his attitude.

    We should keep voting for Tim and make him the next AI, if possible.

  106. Personally, I think Katie did a wonderful job the past couple of weeks and has really grown more confident and her vocals are naturally good. I was surprised myself.

    Based on the past couple of weeks’ performances, it should’ve been Andrew Garcia and Big Mike for me.

  107. I’ve assumed that Aaron, Tim, and Katie would be the next three to go – they’re not ready for Prime Time. I thought the order would be different, but everyone who gets to perform live is a winner. Geez, Alex Lambert got a TV show already.

    I like Crystal, Siobhan, and Mike.

    Lee and Casey are still pretty good, even though Casey butchered his tune last week.

    Aaron and Tim are the also-rans.

  108. The judges should give advise to improve on their witness and not make their judgements and indirectly make the choice for american idol according to their preferences and not left to America to judge. Simon is the culprit. He has from top 12 picked his choice and America somehow go with his pick. So America idol is the judge’s pick and America is not the judge. There are hidden hands behind. Simon should be eliminated as a judge. He goes with his favoritism and ruined the contestants by giving all sorts of criticism and intilled a lot of fear in the contestants. Bring Paula Abdul to replace Simon. Because of Simon’s command of high salary had taken a big chunk of Paula’s share. Good that this is Simon final appearance as the judge in Idol. He is like a robot with alien like expression.

  109. Dian – you’re right. What’s important is who makes it to the top.

    Vocalist – I have to agree that Siobhan has the widest range and best control of voice. I think she needs a little more balance between the two in each song.

    Let’s see what the rest do next week……

  110. @ross comment 48: i agree with you wholeheartedly, and like you still can’t get over with her elimination XD.
    and yes, katie shouldn’t have been voted out. should have been tim or aaron. also agree that big mike shouldn’t have been saved. he’s too generic.
    lee and crystal’s my final two, respectively.
    and trutru, FO!

  111. to fi & gfergfr

    dont put tim with Kris allen to compare!!!!

    Kris is better than 10000 X time!!!

    he win because he can sing snd he voice are awesome!!!

    tim are the worst…

  112. Flip Jonze, FO!!!!!!!
    i agree with all of you who loves TIm and AARON
    they are the BEST contestant american idol ever!!!!!!

    get over with katie elimination XD.!!!!
    and yes, katie should have been voted out. AND NOT tim or aaron!!.
    tim and aaron’s my final two, respectively.
    Flip Jonze, FO!

  113. wtf! Why katie is eliminated?!I love katie stevens so much! Mike,Aaron or Casery sh0uld b d one sent h0me!! Grrr…unfair!!!

  114. shin lim



    of course I CAN put tim with Kris allen to compare!!!!

    he win because teen girls vote for him not because he can sing snd he voice are terible!!!!

    KRIS ALLEN is the worst…

    April 15th, 2010 at 4:49 AM
    to fi & gfergfr

    dont put tim with Kris allen to compare!!!!

    Kris is better than 10000 X time!!!

    he win because he can sing snd he voice are awesome!!!

    tim are the worst…

    ALLEN is as WORST as TIM!!!!!

  115. yep. once again im here to comment how sad i am about katie’s boot…

    im sad but america may have been right. katie is way too stubborn – simon’s giving her all the suggestions she’ll need. and at this week, she needs to pull of a great performance. but she didn’t, she followed her young-heart and continued with the pop girl inside of her…

    She would do good in country though. she just needed more time.

    Honestly, i root for young and unique contestants – Didi and Megan [from last season]. But they font seem to get it right ever. argh…

    Crystal’s great. I want her to win.
    Siobhan’s way too stubborn – like katie 🙁
    Lee needs confidence and loosen up! GO SMILE!
    Casey needs to believe in his range 🙂
    Mike Tim and Aaron have no chance.
    Mike is boring.
    Tim is not a good singer, but he gets better.
    Aaron is a good singer, but he gets worse.

    thats it…



    you are the next american idol WINNER THIS SEASON!!!!

  117. Well it’s nice to see everybody is playing nice today! LOL…sometimes people can be ridiculous on here, like yesterday!

    1st off, MP3 may have killed the record industry, but it does put money into the hands of unsigned artists! The internet has given opportunities to people who were pretty much screwed without the labels! There’s bands/artists right now who do better financially being unsigned, then being signed…

    A major label deal isn’t what it used to be…there’s enormous pressure for big hit, fast! There’s no more 3 album deals to develop a band/artist…you gotta smack it outta the park right away, or be dropped! Try making it as an artist AFTER being dropped by a major…people will RUN to get away from

    The person(s) I like the most on the show, aren’t the crowd favs! I have to agree with the poster who asked, “where are all the break out stars from previous seasons?”

    The truth is, besides the people who get paid for the AI contestants being successful, most of the people behind the scenes in the music biz don’t like the show, don’t respect the show and pretty couldn’t care less about the show! BTW, The people that buy AI contestants music are mostly the fans of the show, not music lovers in general..

    That being said, the producers have final say over the votes…I’ve heard this explained more than once…it’s in the fine print, and that’s why it’s not fair! This is more of an entertainment show as opposed to fair vote show…remember that when your favorites go home!

    People have told me I’m wrong about this, but it’s true…and if isn’t? Then why not SHOW the vote results?

    In this age of technology, there’s no reason why they can’t post these votes to show the fairness…ask yourself, why wouldn’t they show the actual poll? We see various polls every day online! Can it be THAT hard? NO!!

    So I predict this…the 2 big favs, Crystal and Lee will NOT be going head to head in the finale…there will be a couple real shockers coming up! THAT’S what makes news and trust me, that’s what the show cares about 1st and foremost!

    How many people were pissed last year when Adam didn’t win? I mean come on! I’m not a fan, but that should have been an easy one, yet he didn’t win..and that was a HUGE story! So mark my words…your favs won’t be winning!

    Keep it rockin people…

  118. @killer k
    you really hit the nail right on the head. the real good artists on AI won’t stand a chance. i’m not expecting my faves to win just for the fact that younger people have the majority of the vote. the people from AI knows it and will milk it all the way to the final two.

  119. whatever you say, you can never change the fact that Katie and Andrew is going home, you can’t blame anyone
    it’s FATE!!

    AARON KELLY is the next american idol winner
    GOD, help HIM, PLEASE…

  120. Guyss.. guyss.. relaaxx.. give trutru a break. she’s rite you know.. lets be honestTim was kinda great last night.

    I dont have the chance to vote since i lived down under. So please America, choose wisely and dont be too sarcastic neither harsh on a particular contestant.

    Wanna know wad I think ?? If Simon said: Bad, Horrible etc.. then she/he will be gone !

    O and By the Wayyyy.. Loved Lee too muchhh !! he’s GREAT !!! Lord help him..:)

  121. i’ll do anything for AAron Kelly and Tim Urban
    you jump, i jump
    everything i do, i do it for you…… AAron and Tim.
    further more, i’m willing to sacrifice my soul and my life for AAron and Tim
    i’d die for both of you!!!!

  122. Anyone who can make the idiots judges looks like fool get my votes.

    so Tim… I’ll support you until the end

  123. Okay first off whoever said you should be 17 and older to vote on american idol is wronggg! I know your mad because Tim is still here, but have you ever thought of the others who actually like other contestents? I like Tim I do, and I think he was amazing this week which is why I don’t get why so many people hate him. Even though I think that about Tim, I DON’T want him to win I’m 15 years old and I want Lee to win. So I know Tim’s still here when people don’t want him to be, but the age limit should stay because theres a lot of teenagers believe it or not that like other people than Tim!

  124. @trutru …

    Do you even remember what you say?

    “i HOPE TIM will be the winner of american idol tthis season, ”

    “AARON KELLY is the next american idol winner
    GOD, help HIM, PLEASE…”

  125. Hahaha… you people take this show too seriously, i agree that Katy should not have gone BUT it is up to america as a whole. This taken into account it is more probable that those not voted off have more commercial potentail, yes this includes Tim. Im sorry but those “teeny-boppers” are the main driving force behind popular music – so people like ‘Mary’ and ‘Ivan’ should accept that they are simply too old or too out of touch with the music industry to truly provide relevant percective on such matters. And you have to admit that Tim is getting better.
    Haters stfu or gtfo.

  126. the most important thing is that aaron and tim is not going home this week…. i can relieved for 1 week….. but i always always vote for tim and aaron!!! i vote for them!!!! always

  127. OH NO!!!!
    wrong choice tonight… ckckck X(

    Big Mike should going home~
    I mean c’mon… sorry.. but he should going home…

    and i so admire Tim now, he is went from ZERO to HERO, that boy getting better and better every week,,

  128. I’m SO DISAPPOINTED that Katie went home. She has such a beautiful voice and has so much potential.. Just like Dee dee, I think that it was a BIG MISTAKE to send her home.
    It should be that favorite big mike or annoying undeserving aaron.

  129. Thank god these two are leaving, garcia shouldnt even be in the top 12 at all, he is tooo nasal. Katie, just cant stand her. Whats the matter with this year’s idol contestants, its as if they were rejects from last year. Last year delivered excellent people. I just dont sit and wait for idol this year like i’ve done previous years, this year they are a total let down. Thank god for ellen and the guest stars.

  130. its honestly ridiculous i think katie did a good job and either aaron or lee. katie had potential and star quality. but i am glad they saved big mike i liked him:)

  131. fi

    first Kris have already told about

    “i am not the best voice in that season AL”

    but he is voice are better than TIM 10000 X TIME!!

    Second Kris will keep improve when the judge comment about it and tim just smile ONLY!!!!

    Kris is a good looking guy with a amazing voice!!!

  132. Sick sick sick…that’s AI voters with bad taste (or with deaf ears)! How can someone voted for Fat Mike (yeah, he’s fat instead of big!), Tim & Aaron?? These 3 should go for the next 3 eliminations!!

  133. @trutru

    Why? Because when you put conflicting statements on here, cuss at people, or make derogatory comments, people will just ignore your comments or look at you as immature. If you put constructive and well thought-out statements, people will take you as being more serious and respect your comments. 🙂

  134. I was a bigger fan of Andrew, but I still think Katie should be in the running. Sorry to Aaron Kelly and Tim Urban, but I think they should have gone home in place of Andrew and in place of Katie. Urban may have the looks but he doesn’t have the talent, nor does Kelly. I think we are going to see both Andrew and Katie again. They made it pretty far and I’d love to see them make it even farther. I can only imagine what it must have felt like.

  135. On Tuesday Idol performance all of the judges said nice things to Crystal, Lee, Tim and Mike and I felt they would all be safe because the people vote are sometimes influence by the judges comments. What I did not expect was to see Katie voted off and if Mike was the 3rd lowest vote getter he should have gone home too. In the end Ryan did say that Big Mike was not in the bottom 3. Is there a way to see the actual results of the vote count for all the contestants?

  136. @Hater … got it. Can’t make her stop and think. As apparent from her last comments.

  137. I CAN’T BELIEVE KATIE went HOME while AARON and that TIM are still in the competition !! that elimination was seriously UNFAIR … go KAAAATIIIIE awesome talented sweet girl !

  138. thank you for inviting adam lambert!!! i don’t understand why some people would compare siobhan to him… siobhan should have been eliminated even before… one thing we must look into her attitude is arrogance. she has become annoying… range and vocals good but not even very good… can’t hit the high notes with a shrieking and screetching that’s not pleasant to the ears anymore. i guess some are right she should have been eliminated instead of katie stevens…she’s a brat!

  139. i guess one thing that makes tim urban stays in the competition is attitude… very warm and submissive and open minded!

  140. The producers of AI are laughing all the way to the bank. The controversy over things such as whether saving “Big Mike” was a mistake, whether Tim or Aaron deserve to still be on, whether there will be a huge upset and (heaven forbid) Crystal gets shockingly voted off…all that just keeps people tuning in, and that’s all that matters to the producers. No matter how many people say they will stop watching, zillions more will still watch because they can’t help it. It’s like when an accident happens… the accident is a terrible thing, but people will still stare at it.

    BTW, what happened to the “commenting rules” about insulting other commentors?

  141. I hope Big Mike makes it into the grand finale even if he doesn’t win he will still be my favourate.

  142. Finally Andrew is gone !!! It should have happened weeks ago. Next week it should be Siobhan. She’s got absolutely nothing going for her. She’s a big joke. And keep watching Tim. He’ll make it to the final 4.

  143. True that Katie did not deserve to leave yesterday, but I don’t think she would have made it to the top of AI. In the beginning I thought Big Mike and Crystal were the absolute talented people on the show, but I am starting to get bored by both. Instead I like Lee Dewyze more en more every week. I think he is way more talentend than he has managed/dared to show. I would love to see him develop another couple of weeks at least.


  145. I totally agree with you Sindy Big Mike is the stuff and anyone who thinks he is boring must not be into R&B cause that’s all he’s about. And for him to make it this far singing some of these songs that are definitely out of his comfort zone. Says a whole lot to me. GO BIG MIKE!!!!!

  146. it does not matter how much you vote on the phones because when you cant see the results they can pick anyone they dont like to leave It should be done on the computer and one vote only. But they wont do that because they get 65 cents a call so any one who votes more than once must get a HUGE Phone Bill

  147. Please feel free to express an opinion on your likes or dislikes regarding the contestants, but please do not say who can or cannot sing.

  148. Katie was not going to win AI this year. She is on the Tour!

    Tim has a bright future – Disney musicals, etc. Also, if he shows some skin (he’s ripped), he will continue to be carried forward by teens, gals and gays.

    Lee and Crystal in finals.

  149. I think Tim should be going home , he has been in the bottom every week . I agree on Andy but I really think Tim should have been with him instead of Katie

  150. Am I the only one who thinks Andrew had a really nice voice but just sang the wrong songs.

    Also I don’t agree with the judges save rule
    that meant 2 went home. Should stick to the public vote

  151. This next week is going to be a challenge for Mike. His strongest area is songs of inspiration. So expectations are going to be very high. Just being the best performance of the night will not be enough.

    Most of the songs in this category will be slow. As Mike has sung two slow songs in a role, he stands the possibility that he will put viewers with short attention spans to sleep.

    Choose wisely, Mike.


    Now onto this season…sorry, but Katie and Andrew were going to go eventually…the most memorable contestants are usually the top 4…and this season it will be Casey, Lee, Crystal and Siobhan…it’s sad, but happens every year…still wondering what next year will be like with Simon gone, Ryan acting wierd, Ellen being funny, and it even looks like Randy is getting tired too…

  153. Next week, Tim or Aaron needs to go then Siobahn or Mike. The final 3 should be Crystal, Lee and Casey with Crystal being the winner. She is awesome!

  154. you guys are so very f******ng loser..tim did a very good job last night..crystal and shiobhan should gone home..both of them think they were so good..that make me sick…

  155. I think Tim Urban should have gone home… but I also think that Katie and Andrew (as much as I love them) were going to be next anyways. I think that they made a good choice to save Big Mike! I think he’s awesome! People said that there are many like him… to me they have just as many like katie, tim, lee, casey, even mama sox.

  156. Big Mike needs to go – should already be gone but the judges wasted the save on him. Voice-wise he’s OK, but his stage presence is borderline disturbing.

  157. It has been these five from the “get-go”: Siobhan (my favorite), Crystal, Lee, Casy, and Big Mike (to you naysayers, listen to Adam. Mike is really good and he is not cocky).

  158. katie should not have gone home..i was hollering and cursing at the wife thinks i am crazy..t-urban should be gone or little aaron..he is scared to death during eliminations, just look at his demeaner. my fear is someone with real talent is going to get axed.siobhan..if that happens i say Adam Lambert signs her to open for his concert and they blow the roof off the venue..I would pay to see that. America ( teenies ) got it wrong this week

  159. well well whats wrong with america? are they now voting based on cute, handsome? come on america this is a singing competition and not a beaty contest…damnn people are voting for tim and casey because they are cute,handsome, but they cant sing
    ughhh…katie did not deserve to leave this competion that early….tim was the one who should leave this show since top 24, he is ruining everybody’s dream GO HOME TIM!!!!

  160. Is American Idol really about talent once it goes to the voters, or is just about young girls voting for cute guys ? It started out as a talent show, but has sadly lost it’s way to no more than a male ‘beauty’ contest…… Did you see Adam Lambert last night – talent, talent talent, but he was not the cute boy winner was he ? Get Tim Urban off the show and let’s try and bring it back to a talent show !!! Too many mistakes have been made already this season, can Idol be turned around ?

  161. I think Casey is just awful. His rendition of “Lawdy, Miss Clawdy” didn’t even sound like that song. I am surprised he made it this far, even Andrew has a better voice and I am not an Andrew fan.

  162. I totally agreed with the elimination of Andrew, but not Katie. She suits the Amr Idol image and will continue to improve as weeks go along. The save of big Mike was a mistake. I only wish Canadian’s could vote.

  163. Really! So wrong. Katie was great! Big Mike should be gone, Tim should definately be gone, and Aaron before Katie. What went wrong?

  164. This season is boring and dull. The group singing and the dancing are terrible. Attires are also horrible. Why? Because Paula is missing. Last season, Paula cheorographed the group and their attire more interesting and stylish.

    This season, all of them look dull and no initiative and lack of confidence and self-belief. They all looked uncertain and lost and tense. Unlike the last year season, all of them looked like they cannot get along well and very aloof and cold with each other except Big Mike and Kathie who warm up and loosen up the group a bit. Judges also are not excited about their performance. As viewers, we are not impressed about this group and if by now, they don’t get interested and enthusiastic and loosen up, they are easily forgettable and leave no sweet memorable impression like last season Top 5.

    Judges should have left the save for Kathie. Too bad Kathie is out. It makes the group even duller and sad looking. Kathie is the sun in the group. Now only smiley Tim and hearty Mike left to cheer the group.

    Simon made a big mistake in not seeing the potential in Kathie. Because Kathie didn’t please him by singing country, that annoyed sensitive Simon and he went way out to give negative remarks about her to proof him right. Egoistic evil Simon.

  165. absolutely wrong.. katie deserves to be in the show coz she’s getting better every week..i rally felt bad for her..but i know she’ll be back to show us more of what she got..

  166. hey you guys get off tim! he not that bad .crystal in my eyes is like chalk on a board. i do not like her. but i wont name call any of them it really dont matter ! they will all make cd’s and it will go from there. so everyone please be nice. tim arron lee and the a other girl who screams like adam lambert. will all be gone we all know who the winner is? so please stop and enjoy the show.

    great voice and presentation
    absolutely DISGUSTING hair…yuk- rats nest about to happen on such a gorgeous face – sorry

  168. i can t wait to see simon go he a big a hole. hes mean & hurtful yes it good to give advice, and explain what need to be done. like ellen does she not mean at all. kara the paula wannbe need to go too. hey did any one hear john micheals cd it really great.

  169. i would love to see crystal and lee in the finale. But with last night’s elimination, i agree that katie should have stayed. I never adored big mike…he’s just too cocky. he can sing but he wasn’t that good the other night. Aaron will never be a “david archuleta” material. Tim U definitely will be out soon. People like Siobhan cuz she’s different??!!! – like “weird”??? Last but not the least is Casey – who’s just a cool & talented guy. So for me – top 3 would be crystal, lee & casey!!!!

  170. I agree that sending Katie home was dead wrong. I wish Canadians could vote but instead we continue to watch Americans get it just as wrong as we did with Canadian idol.

  171. I was SHOCKED to say the least. I was so sure it would have been Aaron and not Katie. Katie sang her Elvis song perfectly. I do agree on the elimanation of Andrew, but not Katie. She was getting better and better every week. The judges should NOT have saved Mike and left the save available for someone who moreso deserved it….like Katie did last night. Very wrong!!
    But I guess we all know who will win….sad but true.

  172. I can’t believe Tim is still holding on.
    It’s not by his voice, for sure. Aaron
    Kelly isn’t going to win, but he should
    certainly outlast both Tim and the screecher

    Hmmm, sorry to disappoint gang, but
    here’s my take on this year’s crop (the
    most disappointing ever. Even the best,
    Crystal, is only very good, no star).

    #1 CRYSTAL:
    She’s the one saving grace every week.
    You know she’s going to deliver. And
    she’s totally lovable.

    #2 LEE:
    Only slightly better than Aaron for me. Has
    reached his full voice and will never
    sing any better nor will his personality improve. He’s a serious person, period. To be something on stage personality-wise that he is not would contradict who he is. Sorry, I can’t imagine sitting through a whole CD of his?

    #3 AARON:
    I love this kid. He’s over-ranked here in
    third place but only based on his current
    ability. Of all the contestants — with the possible except of Crystal — he has the most potential going forward. My prayer for this kid is that he’s able to get a really good voice coach. The rest will come naturally as he becomes a little more worldly and realizes what he has (which he’s blind to and which is what makes him so attractive). He’ll make it to the last 4, to many people’s surprise. Did you notice in the Group of 3 last night he was the first one made “safe”? Means even Mike got fewer votes.

    #4 BIG MIKE:
    This guy has a beautiful voice. He’s no
    performer, but then none of the contestants
    this year are. They’re all stiff and
    uncomfortable on the stage. Getting through
    even a good show is trying, boring.

    #5 CASEY:
    Eye candy, period. He did finally sing a song believably, but if you walk out of the room and just listen to him, his voice is too high, his tremolo is exaggerated. I feel the same about him that I do about Lee. No way I could listen to a whole CD. In fact, it’s hard for me to listen to one song. Wonderful, nice guy, very good guitarist. Now, there is star potential here, but he needs a stage coach — if it’s not too late. I say that because he resists direction big time. His mouth purses anytime anyone tries to help him. He’s missing ears, too bad, it’s going to cost him both winning and going forward in his career.

    #6 SIOBHAN:
    I’d sooner listen to a screech owl. She’s
    beautiful. She’s got a dynamite bod. She’s
    super cool. She’d have a very good chance
    if her personality matched, but though her
    voice can be ok, she doesn’t connect to
    enough “regular” people. Too out there.
    She needs to get off this jag about “being
    herself”. Who doesn’t think the same thing?
    Who doesn’t want to be?

    #7 TIM:
    I’m sorry, this guy is so 1955 it hurts. I’d
    bet the farm he owns the full collection of
    Ricky Nelson — and the reissues of them.
    I like him, he’s refreshingly “good” in a
    time when society has become such a pig. He sings ok, but too much tremolo like Casey.
    I’m afraid the A&R booth would fall to sleep during the middle 8 of his first recording.


  174. I think american idol made a mistake by eliminating katie. This makes the show un believeable, just stop to think, saimon was the only one to critisize katie but then again he always did. When big mike was eliminated every one knew the save was going to be used. Whats going to happen when saimon leaves the show, the ratings already started to gp down this season and saimon is helping to do that. Katie was one of the .best voices ln the show. They got it wrong last season and there on the same track.this one.big mike or cristal come on, be real.

  175. get over it guys… ANDREW and KATIE are not in the competition anymore… so what if T.URBAN is still there??? he’ll be out soon… it is just because it isn’t his time yet… and while people are voting for him, he sure does show improvements… if you guys are starting to hate this, then you guys should join idol and might as well replace TIM… show me what you got and ill dig in for ur results… come on…

    CRYSTAL, SIOBHAN, and LEE for top 3… anyone could win… but i dig SIOBHAN…

  176. Well America still can’t seem to get it right. Yes, I know that Katie was not going to be the next AI but she deserved to still be there based on her recent performances. It should have been Mike or Aaron to go based on their recent performances…Katie has great vocals and she will be heard from again I’m sure.
    Now regarding Adam’s performance, he was great. He took his own sound and made it his own again. What talent this man has is incredible. As far as his flamboyance, he is a performer. That performance last night was great and his song on his CD is different and great too. He did exactly what he told the Idols to do, change it up and make it your own…and he did!!!

  177. ANGELA MARTIN should have been chosen for top 24… if u guys are digging up the past, then
    ANGELA MARTIN should be there… she would put all contestants down one by one…

  178. America got it right when it came to Andrew, but Aaron should have went also. Once again, I must complain because when a group of us tried to call in and vote for “Big Mike” the lines were tied up all night. I don’t know why the lines stay tied up when it comes to voting for him but I do believe that’s the reason his percentage of calls are so low. Let’s be fair in this stressful competition, because according the poles Aaron should have exited instead of Katie.

  179. Go Fat Mike Go….Go home & don’t forget to bring along your buddies, Aaron & karaoke Tim with ya!!

  180. I, have been watching American Idol every season, and I look forward to it. I feel Crystal is in it to win it and proves it every week, Also Mike might be a little cocky, but he is humble and thankful for this opportunity, I feel these 2 will go all the way, Like the judges said every week you must improve and sing and song that you know you can sing, so you can be true to yourself. You must stay focused every week as to why you are performing, I wish everyone the best in their careers, they all will have one. But in my opinion this is the worse talent, on this season and I have watched every one.

  181. seriously come on,how can you honestly tell me that mike needs to go before aaron,tim or even katie for that matter!Aaron should have gone before Katie,no doubt,the kid looks petrified on stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!but seriously was katie idol material?

    Randy supporting Mike has nothing too do with being”his people”,grow upand live in the 20th century and get over your racist thoughts.

    crystal deserves to win……..period!

  182. I am sad about Andrew but he went out like a champ. He was very classy in the way he bid out his farwell. Way cool. good thing happen to good people and he still get to make an album. Katie was right to go….my opinion.
    Everyone has their favorite and will eventually be sad about someone leaving but thats the name of the game, in the end may the best man win. Not sure who will take it,Last year we thought it would be Adam and look what happen same with Daughtry sooooo Who know at this point. All you people that are angry if it get under your skin so bad change the channel. It’s the rule’s of the game!!!!

  183. @Rick… how bout when TIM wins idol… well that would really be great for TIM haters… hehe

  184. i cannot agree more with walter jackson,why are the lines always busy when one is trying to keep mike in the competition?????????

  185. I am getting a lil tired of guest stars that come to perform on idols…….their performance truely sucks!!!!!

    jason derulo was awesome and it was refreshing ,cause i cannot remeber the last time i saw tht awesome a performance !!!

    Rihanna was pathetic,she was way too carried away with trying to keep her hairdo in the same style than performing,sorry RiRi fans i love her,but i was dissappointed!

    as for Adam,well he performed like Adam does nothing worth listening to again!

  186. I think Katie did okay and should not have been sent home YET but she was not great either and really kind of phoney. I thought Andrew was okay and I thought Mike butchered ‘IN THE GHETTO’ should have gone home. And so he has a baby – who doesn’t at that age? Canadian Idol is stupid – glad it is over. Which ever contestant came from the city wit the most voters in it won no matter how crappy he or she sounded. FACT!

  187. @masey… then don’t watch idol anymore… or how about u perform 😀

    but at some point ur ryt… i hated the guy who sang with brooke white… tim was alot better than that guy.. the guy murdered the song from beginning to end.. haha

  188. Last night was totally wrong, even tho andrew has had some bad performances he has a great voice he has something unique that no one else has and he is so much better than tim and aaron they should have gone home a long time ago. Whats wrong with you America stop basing singers off their looks and start listening to their actual voices.

  189. @Masey….besides Adam….Didn’t you think that Brook & Justin were good last night??????

  190. To Killer K #146: At last a voice of reason and logic. You’re right about the music industry, not to mention that Idol is partnered with AT&T to make a small fortune on all of those text messages and phone calls. So, of course they want to keep the Tims and AArons around as long as possible to keep those young girls voting.

    To trutru: Get off the keyboard and go take your Ritalin

  191. @canyon… they would still make great profit even if tim and aaaron weren’t thre… about 34 million voters vote every week… so come on… if u would release statements which are really crucial, then you have to show one big evidence…

  192. Big Mike is a talented singer. He deserved to be in the show. So happy he was saved last week. I don’t yhink it has anything todo with him having a baby. The guy is talented. Give him a chance. Hope that he will be a round for a long time. He is good.

  193. I was hoping to see Mike OUT! I’m so sorry to see Katie go while he’s still there, and his wife in the audience really needs to get a grip.

    I’ve gotten used to Tim and he’s really not a bad singer.

    Crystal and Lee are the winners for me with Casey coming in third.

  194. My thoughts on Crystal Bowersox:
    Great voice -Good stage presence. But her boring off stage personality may be her eventual downfall.

    My thoughts on Lee Dewyze:
    Great voice suited for rock and roll – Average stage presence and a boring off stage personality may be his downfall as well.

    My thoughts on Shiban Magnus:
    Brilliant voice with more range and control than any other contestant by far. Has that quirky odd duck look and personality I love. But for some reason the judges seem to be trying to get her off so they can market Crystal better. And many Idol fans are buying into what the judges are trying to sell them.

    My thoughts on Casey James:
    Very average voice who has yet to not attempt to hide behind his better guitar playing ability. He did very well ONE time with a understated, yet emotional rendition of a John Lennon song and that it. But, has the look that young adult women find attractive. So that may carry him quite far.

    My thoughts on Aaron Kelly:
    Actually has a great voice for someone his age. Had he have waited a few more years to develop his stage presence a bit, he could have been a top contender.

    My thoughts on Mike Lynche:
    Actually has the most powerful (not saying the best) voice of them all and a very good stage presence. His problem is I am sad to say American Idol is mostly a white audience who votes with those they can relate to. He is not one of the overall best, nor is he close to being one of the worst. So it is hard for me to see why so many want him voted off … at this point.

    My thoughts on Tim Urban:
    He has perhaps the most limited range of any top 10 performer I have ever seen … EVER. But, if he stays within that extremely narrow range (as he did the past two weeks) he is not all that bad. Plus, with that teen heartthrob look going for him, he has the pre teen girl vote locked up. The VFTW website may be why have a LOT to do with why he is still her at this point as well.

  195. -sigh- I am now watching American Idol only for Crystal and Lee. I’m resigned to the fact that this show just isn’t what it used to be anymore.

    Andrew, I hate to say, was an expected elimination. Personally, I think he has a great voice and a lot of potential but his SONG CHOICES. The closest he got to actually choosing a decent song was his acoustic cover of “Forever”. I’ll definitely miss him though. Hopefully he’ll manage to get a record deal signed and I’ll be able to indulge in listening to his voice.

    On that note, Katie definitely did not deserve to go this week. Sure, at times she wasn’t exactly the greatest thing to listen to but she’s improved marginally over the past few weeks and her last performance was actually quite good. Ah well, she will have some time mature a bit, and maybe we’ll see her again in a few years.

    Also, about Kris Allen being voted for just because he’s cute. I’ll certainly admit that when I first saw season 8’s top 7, he stuck out as good-looking. However, after listening to his performances, I thoroughly enjoyed just watching him progress. He had his great moments, as with Ain’t No Sunshine, Heartless and Falling Slowly. And I think he won mostly because most of the American public found him easier to relate to and easier to like with his being very modest very conventional, especially in comparison to the over-the-top, flambouyant Adam, although he is incredibly talented.

    /end rant

  196. This is the worst year for AI. I think the wasted their save on Big Mike. Andwew should of been sent home weeks ago. Tim should of been sent home after round one. Though I do admit, he seems to have gotten better. Asron Kelly isn’t to bad but lacks the maturity and experience he needs to suceed as our next Siobhan could pull off beint the next Ameican Idol, she has a great voice and she knows how to dress for the show. Now she just needs to start picking the right songs her voice. Casey sings okay and looks great but he picks songs that are boring and forgettable. He has a great voice and knows how to carry himself on stage. Crystal Bowersox has a great voice and is definately looking favorable for the win. My favorite is Lee Dewyze. He just needs to keep picking the right songs and show us more smiles. He is not like Crystal who only sings the blues. Our next American Idol should have a great voice, beable to sing a variey of different types of music, specialize in one to make it their own, beable to carry their self on stage, and look great. I can’t stand Crystal’s hair and wish she would wear it different for the show. Let’s hope and pray that the show gets better soon. I believe when Simon’s show the X Factor starts next year, they will put American Idol off the air. Ellen is okay but they messed up when they took Paula off the show. Kara should of never been added to the judges panel. The show worked better with Simon, Paula, and Randy.

  197. Andrew was so sweet and gracious last night. Sorry to see him go but he hadn’t performed well in awhile. Katie was just too boring. Tim Urban is good and you guys just don’t get it. He is also a good sport which Siobhan isn’t. What a fussy baby when she gets any criticism from the judges. Big Mike is a great guy and also has a great attitude and voice. What can I say about Casey? He’s just too hot!!! Lee and Crystal rock! Aaron is cute but probably needs a few more years to grow and learn.

  198. Andrew was so sweet and gracious last night. Sorry to see him go but he hadn’t performed well in awhile. Katie was just too boring. Tim Urban is good and you guys just don’t get it. He is also a good sport which Siobhan isn’t. What a fussy baby when she gets any criticism from the judges. Big Mike is a great guy and also has a great attitude and voice. What can I say about Casey? He’s just too hot!!! Lee and Crystal rock! Aaron is cute but probably needs a few more years to grow and learn.

  199. I agree that Andrew should have gone home, I don’t agree that Katie should have. It should have been Tim Urban. I think Big Mike is a good singer and should have stayed but is not the next American Idol. I love the show….

  200. By some of the comments above, one can surely tell that the Tim and Aaron lovers are definitely immature teenagers who wouldn’t know talent if they heard it. Put on your Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus and get over yourselves.

  201. i thought Andrew was the one that was going to get voted out but never thougth Katie would be going home so soon. I thought she would make it to the top 5 at least. Tim is taking talented peoples spots. he needs to go home now. It should go like this:
    7. Tim
    6. Siobhan
    5. Aaron
    4. Mike
    3. Casey
    2. Crystal
    1. Lee or Crystal either one usually #2 does better then #1 in the business look back at the other seasons. only 3 winners Kelly, Carrie, and David Cook Who were the other winners??? exactly can’t remember!!!

  202. vandermatt udk what your talking about..if there could be 2 women finalist it would be siobhan and crystal

  203. Yes, America ‘got it right’ last night – out you go Aaron & Katie and let’s move on!

  204. My daughter (22 yo) and I discuss American Idol all the time. I watch it and have for years, but she gave up on it long ago. She believe it is purely a popularity contest and very rarely does the best talent win. In fact, many times some of the best talent goes home before the finals or final five. In a lot of cases it comes down to body type, how pretty or handsome they are, their ethnicity but not their vocal skills and talent. In the early years of American Idol it was better than it is today. I’m not sure why, but the selection process continues to decline since the early years, and this year is the worst by far. I’m not sure if the voting public is no longer listening to the judges (particularily Simon) or if teeny boppers have learned how to influence the vote by voting numerous times.

    Bottom line, the best talent is no longer making it through and if AI is going to survive they have got to find a way to fix this problem. My idea would be to give the judges more say. For example, the public can vote and when the results are in the judges pick the the person to go home. Something needs to be done to make sure the best talent stays until the end.

  205. sigrida i am no teenager not even close…i am sure you are much closer than I am. Why slam them? the show was invented for them. its about their money and buying power. now as for tim he has talent much more than mike, and andrew and the bride of frankenstein soibhan. all the crap of him not carrying a note and can’t sing is not based on his talent but some hangup on a lot of the people watching. aaron is just a kid…so stop picking on kids. its just a show anyway.

  206. Okay, i know some people are so pissed that Katie went home and that Tim is still around, but listen..

    American Idol is obviously not just about singing. A TON, if not MORE of it is about personality and how you are perceived by America. Katie had a good voice and I enjoyed watching her performances but she came across as really fake. She seemed as though she thought she was better than everyone else in the competition, she copied Crystal’s answers to the same questions the judges & Ryan asked, and the begging for votes thing at the end of her performances was beyond annoying and unprofessional (and notice how Ryan basically called her out on it at the end of her Elvis performance?).

    Having said that, Tim doesn’t have a GREAT voice, but he has a GREAT personality; he’s humble and sweet and even Simon picked up on that. Simon also pointed out that he doesn’t argue with the judges, a big plus.

    Now imagine if Katie had Tim’s demeanor..she would 100% still be in the competition. I really think America picked up on her vibes and that’s why she didn’t get voted thru and why she was in the bottom 3 about two or three times.

  207. Tim Urban should have been the one long ago, too bad for Katie. I do think she needs to come out of her shell more, though. We’ll definitely hear more of her in a year or two.

  208. I absolutely thought America got it right. It was my prediction that those two would be the ones to go. Seems neither one of them took Adams advice as well as they do not seem to follow the judges advice either.

  209. Honestly, it does not matter anymore. I think the viewers’ votes for any of their favorite contestants on the American Idol show have been rigged time and time again. As for those of you who share such a sentiment, don’t even ever bother watching the show or participate in its voting system again since it is pretty fraudulent at times. Controversial contestants, both current and former (i.e., Tim Urban, Sanjaya Malakar, Scott Savol, etc.) should have been eliminated much earlier through the system. By the time those candidates are/were eliminated during their season’s respective result show, the long-term damage has already been done, and the viewers of the show would simply lose faith and interest in it. I bet that there would be even fewer people watching the show right now than they did seasons ago, and such trend may continue. You know what? Given so many voting discrepancies going on with such show, let’s not even bother to participate anymore since our votes are often discounted from time to time even if they are for the apparently favored contestants. In other words, let the show’s judges decide their fate from now on!

  210. Katie went home?! Omg what happened, america? Siobhan needs to leave! Katie was 1,000,000 times better than her. I have been rooting for Katie since her audition! I had the feeling Andrew was leaving, but when Katie left, it was a total shock. I like all the remaining contestants except Siobhan. Lets get her out of there!!!

  211. WRONG, WRONG CHOICE AMERICA SENDING KATIE HOME… She brought some VIBRANCY, FUN AND SOMETHING EXCITING TO THE MIX OF GIRLS. Granted everyone sees Crystal as the last girl standing but Katie should have been the runner up for girls. I don’t think I can watch it now. She was a way better singer than TIM! How does AI fix this? If they can’t sing and they don’t have that presence on stage yet they keep making it through??… I like Big Mike but he must know that Katie is paying the price for his save. I love Mike’s voice and his r&b vibe but I think he would have more appeal if he wasn’t always calling attention to his muscles…. like that’s the way to solve stuff… Going to REALLY MISS KATIE.

  212. Remember Dougherty, Jennifer Hudson, Bo Brice, katherine mcPhee, elliott Yamin, Kellie Pickler and Bucky Covington They didn’t win and America got it wrong then but they did all right for them selves Your right it is a beauty contest not a talent contest.

  213. I must say? I am guilty? as an older person, I don’t call in my vote…Just enjoy the show… but I now see what is happening??? it is older americans fault… we are just leaving it to the teenie boppers votes for the little cuties… not their talent? I will now do my part and VOTE… HOPE ALL THE OTHER OLDER FOLKS WILL DO THE SAME… sandy

  214. Those that sing very good will get contracts, those that do not won’t….but come on people, dogging the top 10 is ridiculous. They all are good singers, it just depends on who appeals to you. They would not have made it to where they are with a bad voice.

  215. Katie should not have gone last night.Mike and Tim should have been the ones elimated.

  216. eventually every one knows it could be there time to leave the show.lets hope this year the voters get it right.i feel they did pick the correct idol winners in,carrie,and kelly.but missed on chris,and adam.this years winner based soley on pure talent,should go to siobhan magnus.she can sing any type of song.she always picks the most challenging and hardest songs to sings.she says all the right things,and she also says she just loves to sing.i hope they get it right this year and pick siobhan magnus in the end to win season 9.

  217. Although Tim is not a great singer, he selected a song choice suitable to his vocals and range and changed the melody up a bit. His overall performance was above average.

    On the other hand, Siobhan was downright horrible with her selection and the arrangement. She is screechy, not at all pitch perfect and so very inconsistent that her past 3 performanaces really hit rock bottom. She acts like a diva and doesn’t know how to take constructive criticism well. On the positive side, she has a creative wardrobe but she has definitely lost the wow factor and isn’t growing as a talent, but taking 3 steps back.

  218. frankly speaking the judges lost their ability to judge especially when it came to katie’s performance. No one mentioned anything about what a good performance it was and what great vocals she showed all what they said was either “horny” or “u got us, judges, katy” and whatever. if you notice theyre focusing on crystal cassie and lee because as simon previously mentioned its their year this season and it is obvious that neither simon nor the judges are willing to go back or think that what they said is not applicable. even when it came to mike’s sleepy song they were all like we re glad we got you back, but im sure that deep inside they’re not satisfied at all but they just dont want to show the audience that they make bad predictions. katy was doing great, she was improving week after week and imagine how much she would improve if she stayed 2 more weeks. she simply was the best!!
    you got it wrong america and so did u judges!!

  219. imho The contestants this year leave a lot to be desired because the line-up of judges who choose those contestants changed dramatically. Often, in past seasons, Paula and Randy overruled Simon’s opinion on who got through to Hollywood. Let’s face it, loopy or not, Paula knows talent. Ellen, while sweet, knows zilch about musical marketability. And Kara, who does at least have music cred, is more interested in Simon and her own ego than what performance she just witnessed. So if this is a dismal season, look to the panel. If there is a season 10 of Idol, Simon’s replacement had better be someone with musical chops but some semblance of the warmth that is so lacking in Simon. Smokey Robinson would be great, or Debra Harry, Jon Bon Jovi, Jewel, Billy Joel or Diddy.

  220. No I was really surprised that Katie went home..I thought her last few weeks she was awesome…Tim and Aaron have the teeny bopper votes…think voting should be structured as is Dancing with Stars..that way, all these tweens cannot keep calling and calling, etc. Thought it was time for Andrew, though..he is a nice person, but not very talented. I did, however, LOVE ADAM..he was awesome…I usually do not watch the results show…find it usually very boring, but I watched the whole thing last night…loved Adam, and Brooke was great also..I was disappointed that Elliot Yamen was not asked to perform..that was a waste..he is so talented, I love him too..does anyone know why Crystal was not in the Ford Video? Can they just say they do not want to do it or what? Good luck Katie..I think you will make it big in the future…

  221. I think is wrong for katie to go home now.. should be Mike… judge save the wrong person!!!!!! Wrong choice.. Andrew is right.. he should be out of the competition way long before.. Casey James will be the next american idol!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Crystal reminds me of someone playing a guitar in front of the bus station. She has not stage presence. Adam was right. This group could put you to sleep. Katie was great. I can see her having a career. She has a great voice and does not need to win Idol to prove it.

  223. America did get it wrong! Because Mike was “saved” it cost Katie her place on the show. Mike was voted off once and I was so hoping he would go this week. This is “American Idol” not “The Judge’s Idol” and our vote should be the one that decides who stays and who goes! I like Mike but he was voted off!

  224. I honestly can not understand why so many people are disappointed that Katie was voted off this week. Did she improve a lot since the beginning? Yes she did. Did she have a good voice? Yes she did. On any given week, did she even once have a performance that was in the top 3? Nope, not even close. So her time was coming soon, regardless.

  225. I do agree that Katie was going soon too but that doesn’t change the fact that Mike should have been gone first. He was voted off last week and I can’t believe just because the judges saved him he wasn’t voted off again this week…that was my only point.

  226. I have been watchng AI since the first season and each year I vote for my favorites. If one leaves then I pick my next favorite from the remaining. I don’t go by vote for the worst and I am not a teenage girl swayed by a cute boy. Still I have my top picks and this year they include….. Casey, Mike, Tim, Katie, and Aaron, not necessarily in that order. If you don’t like my votes that is fine, everyone has their own tastes, but it doesn’t mean that since I vote for Tim or Mike I am wrong and don’t know what I am doing.

  227. As usual, America got it wrong!! Katie never should have been eliminated. Big Mike should have gone home. I’m still rooting for Crystal, Lee & Siobhan.


  229. Katie did not sing songs that her age group relates to. Her style is just too old and boring. It was time for her to go. Big Mike is much better and well rounded.

  230. Mike should ahve stayed.
    Why is it that everyone think Big Mike should have gone?
    Andrew was no surprise.
    Katie on the other hand was very good.
    For Aaron, it wasn’t his best but it was still better than some iof the people you guys say are extremely gon.
    Tim Urban… Why is it everyone says he should stay on.
    What is your problem America?
    I agree he is only staying on because people think he is good looking.
    He stinks!
    America, make wise decisions.
    Not based on looks, but on who is actually good.
    This is not a popularity contest, but a way to showcase your talent toAmerica.

  231. BigMomma may be correct. Tim Urban is the one to beat !!! Just keep watching and you will see. I called the winner last year and the year before also. As Simon said to him this week “you’ve gone from zero to hero”

  232. Katie is awfully young and she lacks professionalism. I think it would have been horrendous, had she continued to the end and perhaps (dare I say) ‘won’ American Idol? Nope, she has a long way to go and so does Aaron. The rest of the contestants are ‘right’ where they are – good on you, America!

  233. Stop Hitting Aaron. He just had an Awful night.But man,WHY IS TIM STILL ON THE SHOW?Katie should have stayed.

  234. take it any way you like but the name of the show is American Idol. Iwould have voted off Adam once again if i could. That is the last person I would want my son to idolize. I do think they should make it so everyone could only have two votes (a plus vote and one minus vote). yes I think you should be allowed a ngative vote that you could actually take one vote away from someone for a poor performance. I hope this is not the last we will hear from Katie. Now that Simon is leaving the show it will not be the same anyways. Maybe Ellen should get voted off, she knows nothing about music and she is ear from funny. The horny (so called joke) proves she has no right being up there.

  235. I NEED YOUR HELP????
    I’ve read several comments regarding AT&T making a ton of money on all the phone calls.


    Please let me know. Thanks

    Editor’s Note: Yes, the Idol voting numbers are toll free.

  236. First of all, i love lee and i hope he wins!! im so glad no one has started dissing him yet lol. crystal is great! my dad loves her and thats saying something cos he’s a musician himself. i prefer siobhan over casey. she might need a few tips or even some voice training, but its clear she has a way better voice than casey. his voice just doesnt do it for me. i agree with everyone when they say that mike is cocky, he needs a few lessons on how to be humble from lee. aaron is gorgeous. but definitely not AI material winner. he seems like a great kid though and deserves to stay here longer than both tim and mike. tim lastly is in my opinion, does not deserve to be the next winner. but luckily for him he has a huge fanbase. but i still honestly think he should go. and for the people who say that tim haters are jealous, you need to grow up. no one is jealous, we just think that he doesnt deserve to stay while we watch people more talented than him get sent home.

  237. I laugh at the people who keep saying Big Mike should have gone home. He wasn’t even in the bottom three people. If anyone should have gone home it should have been Tim since he was bottom three! Leave Mike out of this since he desevered to stay after he sung his heart out to get that save. His fans rallied and voted their fingers off. I don’t believe for one second the judges would have saved Andrew OR Katie, as they proved to be too inconsistant. On that note Andrew’s exit was the most gracious and more professional that I’ve seen. He earned my respect for being able to exit with style.

    I still think Crystal has this for the win. She has been the strongest, and while she remains the same in each song, her songs are sung the best out of the group up there.

  238. @Jeff…..Here we go once again…..Why would it be wrong for a person to idolize Adam? He is the best singer and performer to come out of Idol to date. Why are people so afraid of Adam being gay? His choice of lifestyles has nothing to do with his talent. He brings energy to that stage. His performances are unique and he has the vocals to carry it out.
    The only people that were happy that Adam didn’t win were the people afraid of gays!!!!
    This is a talent, singing competition…

  239. What’s with all the name calling and put downs today? Everyone is just being so mean. You aer entitled to have an opinion, without cramming it down someones throat. So they don’t agree with you – it’s not the end of the world. We all like different types of music. And just because, say mine, doesn’t mesh with yours, doesn’t make me wrong, or even you. So can we please go back to just giving an opinion and stop the name calling?
    I don’t know about anyone else – but sometimes it’s hard to judge a singer on their current performance (which each vote is supposed to be) than all of the ones they’ve done. I think that might be why sometimes they are still there even when they did a bad job.
    It was Andrews time to go – he had a really bad outing. But not all of his stuff was bad. I’m sorry to see Katie go – I do think there were one or two others that did a worse job Tuesday night.
    I was glad to see Adam, but I was disappointed in his “What Do You Want From ME?” performance on the show. He changed it up from his CD. And it wasn’t to my liking. But that’s my opinion.

  240. Hi Anna B…..I agree with you about Adam, his CD and Video version are different but that was his stage performance and I think he was trying to show the idols that you can change things up…but this is just my opinion but I do love his CD & video…

  241. AnnaB #289 Well said!!! Can’t we all have an opinion and get along???
    It is disturbing that this type of behavior is becoming acceptable in all areas specifically
    in the political environment. I pray that we can all tone it down and respect one anothers opinions and beliefs. My gosh people, it is just a show! Enough said.

  242. Extremely sad about Andrew’s elimination; I could see it was coming, but I don’t agree with it at all. (I’ll be first in line to buy his first CD.) I love his tone, phrasing, pitch, style and unique sound.

    Shocked at Katie’s elimination. I started out thinking she was a spoiled rich kid who could carry a tune but that was about it. I came to admire her song choices (even when Simon disagreed) and her surprising toughness. I agree she got better week by week! I think she’ll do well, no matter what happens in her life.

    Still love Crystal (a natural), but really, really into Lee right now.

    By all rights, at this stage of the game, anyway, Lee should be the winner of this thing. Just wishing he could develop more of a personality. He’s very nervous and has spoken with neither clarity nor ease in any of the interviews–and that leaves us with the impression he’s not particularly smart. (Compare his verbal skills with Adam’s -No comparison!) All of that goes into gauging if he fits the AI mold we all have in our heads.

    I predict that Siobhan, no matter what happens with her on AI (she will be cut at some point), will become a terrific, lasting singer. She does need training, but she’s got everything else going for her. I see she has trouble taking criticism (she’s young and headstrong) but I do think most of us would agree she has “it.”

    I think Casey is a tremendous guitarist and at times, a wonderful singer. He has tremendous potential, as well.

    Aaron is so young–I see him as a clover pushing up from the ground in the spring.He definitely has talent and his future may be one in music.

    Mike, despite everyone’s growling about his cockiness, is a nice guy. I think he may have been a bit of a spoiled child–hence all the faces we see (pursed lips, etc) still emerging when he’s in the spotlight–probably what he did when he got in trouble with Momma! He’s got a very nice voice, just not in the same league as Lee’s and Crystal’s. A little old school for me. I hate the theme next week (corny), but he will probably do very, very well with it.

    Tim, well, he does make things pretty controversial for AI this year, right? And that keeps everyone gabbing here, right? So that’s good for business for AI. He’s the poster child for image over talent, that’s for sure. (Though I was pleasantly surprised by him twice so far. Not last week, though. I hated that and thought the judges were crazy.) Zero to hero? Everyone here is quoting it as if THEY coined the phrase and buying into that comment. Puh-leeze. Makes me think Simon and company are maniacally laughing as they pull the strings and watch the viewers nod in agreement.

  243. A series of national studies conducted among 8,110 American Idol viewers revealed that the elimination of contestant Katie Stevens during the show’s elimination last night did not accurately reflect the viewers’ choice. Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia were rated as most likely to be eliminated by viewers. The study parallels American Idol voting to determine the weekly winners based on a democratic, “one person, one vote” methodology.
    More in depth results can be seen at:

  244. —->Ross…. I completely agree! Lily should still be there. She shouldve never been sent home. America is getting it wrong EVERY week it seems bc for some crazy reason Tim is still there. I hope Crystal, Lee, and Sioban make it to the top 3. After that, I dont care which one wins…i’ll buy their record!

  245. Andrew, yes he should have gone way back, no stage presence. Katie was improving every week,she is young but has personality, she will be a star one day – great voice. Lee is for me, kinda David Cook style. Crystal, her teeth kinda put me off her, but they can fix them. Big Mike, needs to learn some moves. Aaron is too young and needs to look happy. Tim has had two good songs, has a good voice but doesn’t know how to use it. 18yrs should be the entry age to make sure they finish school. Casey is Casey, he will make it in this business, he is likable and does not think he is God’s gift. Siobhan, well she needs to learn to accept criticism because Simon does know what he is talking about, she does have a good voice but needs to find out who she needs to be. I hate to say this but I can see Tim coming round the mountain…..for G….sake he was a call back, what a sob story. I never watch the elimination shows, its humiliating and sad. Apart from Taylor, I have picked every winner and made good on my premonitions of others being successful.

  246. Siobhan needs to stop changing her looks so drastically each week. Someone got it right when they said she looked like the Bride of Frankenstein on Tuesday. She just looks plain weird lately.

  247. Andrew! I am sorry. I liked all of your songs! This is not fair. Keep singing. A lot of people enjoy it!

  248. What is wrong with the viewing audience?I know it’s not because of his singing ability that Tim is still around.It’s a shame about Katie, at least she HAS a voice.Still love Adam, he should have won last season, such a great singer and showman.

  249. Media Curves (one vote one person) shows the following results from 8,110 people voting.

    % that voted for contestant to move on

    Crystal Bowersox 31.4
    Lee Dewyze 12.2
    Michael Lynche 11.3
    Katie Stevens 10.7
    Siobhan Magnus 8.8
    Tim Urban 8.3
    Casey James 8.1
    Andrew Garcia 5.6
    Aaron Kelly 3.7

    I am a bit surprised that Katie was 4th, but not surprised that Andrew and Aaron were last. Also a bit surprised that Casey beat Tim, but Tim actually had a good performance.

    If they truly had a one person/one vote system I wouldn’t be upset with these results, but where the system gets skewed is with one person/100 votes system.

  250. @Ron…

    Wow crystal is head and shoulders above everyone else!lol. But yeah totally agree with you..there should be one vote per person/phone number.

    Lee you’re my idol this year 🙂

  251. Mike is a brilliant talent. He just may not appeal to the teeny-bopper text-messengers…but it’s hard to deny his talent. Any other week, I’d say Tim should have gone; but he performed well. Wed. night it should have been Andrew and Aaron. (Next few weeks, Katie–she wouldn’t have lasted anyway, Aaron, Tim, Sioban…in no certain order)
    Crystal, Mike, and Casey or Lee should be the final 3.
    YES, Adam Lambert should have won last season. (What has Chris Allen done lately?). He was and is brilliant.

  252. Well I have to admit I was hoping Katie was safe, I think she was better then some of the others. I still think all of them are better than Tim (Turban) he was so far off vocally it was bad!bad!bad! And I am sorry to see Andrew leave, song choice is really important.
    So is any one else tired of hearing “that song made you seem old-old fashioned”, me too! so lets get rid of the 40 year old music, I love the classics to but really give them something to work with…PLEASE…. and lets say by to Tim!!!!

  253. why katie sent home ,she’s funny,and has agood voice, i think tim is the worst singer i ever known he’s very bad

  254. I think Aaron should have left weeks ago. And, I agree that Katie should still be with Idol for at least another week.

    I think Tim has been a huge surprise. At first, I thought he was a big joke. But, I ended up voting for him.

    With all that said, Crystal is my favorite.

  255. Aaron and Tim, despite of his nice smile, should have been in the bottom two instead of Andrew and Katie.

  256. Let’s face it,Andrew should have gone home weeks ago.Katie is much better than AAron and Tim.I’m still trying to understand what are these kids are hearing thinking Tim is so great, he’s not even that cute.

  257. Absolutely nuts that Katie went home-she can sing, she has an engaging personality, she’s young and out there, improving week by week. Tim Urban is flat; Big Mike sounds like all the other Big Men American Idol has had, and Aaron is cute, but simply out of his league. Somehow the multiple voting has to change.

  258. I feel really sad for Katie. Tim, Aaron and Michael should have gone before her. There are hundreds of Michael sounding singers in the country, but there are not hundreds of Katies. I really think Katie was unfairly set up by the judges. If you recall, during the audition weeks the judges praised her at every showing. Then the bashing started. ” You are singing too mature, you are not singing your age, you don’t know who you are, they used the word “pitchy” every time she sang, yet many of us never heard the “pitchy”. So let get this straight….Katie was pitchy, but Shioban could “SCREAM” on every song and is given a pass. Then Simon starts in on insisting that she is country and he and Kara argue about it for several shows. Tim, Aaron and Michael should have left before Katie. I think we all knew that Katie would not win this competition, but she is a far better singer than the three men I just listed. This is a popularity contest and not a singing contest. It seems like every season we have a Senjaya, and this year it is Tim. He really needs to go, but there is a part of me that might just vote for him to make his week to week presence even more of a farce to show that this show has to change its voting method. Can you imagine if Tim could beat out Krystal? Well judges it might come to that. You wasted your save on Michael and you just might need to to save your girl Krystal !! Katie keep your head of high. You have a wonderful personality, something that many of the front runners are lacking. You will be a star someday !!!

  259. i think that katie should have stayed, the judges misused the save they get. i would have used it for katie and not for big mike, andrew should have gone home from the beggining. and tim, he’s always in the bottom 3.

  260. Phyllis G.(LV)I don’t care How, What or Why about Adam Lambert yes he did good last year yes he should have won but his year is over I think he did a good job coaching that’s what he was there for, but this is about this years contestants. And no one has a wrong opinion every one is right in their opinion, God bless the USA

  261. I’m beginning to think this contest is rigged. Turban should’ve went with Andrew, not Katie. However this week just confirmed to me that Crystal Bowersox will win Idol. Lee still has no personality. Big Mike is getting way too cocky. Aaron Kelly isn’t ready for the big time yet. And Siobhan has been making atrocious song choices. Crystal will win the show.

  262. Dear Ridiculous. I have been a fan of Elvis Presley for over 30 yrs, and let me tell you right now, that Aaron Kelly did justice to Elvis’ song, considering that he is only 17yrs old. Had Elvis been alive today he would have said exactly what I am saying. “Aaron Kelly you are not a disgrace to this Elvis fan” you did try your best and I think it was very well performed. Elvis is THEE ONE AND ONLY ROCK AND ROLL STAR. Nobody can ever imitate him, and thousands have tried and failed.
    PLEASE LEAVE AARON ALONE. THIS YOUNG BOY DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP THREE…AND I HOPE THAT AMERICA GIVES HIM A CHANCE AS ALL THE TEENAGERS WILL BE BUYING HIS RECORDS. Please take your blinkers off and put on your hearing aids and listen to him. Give him a chance and you won’t be sorry. Aaron is much better than Justin Bieber. YOU GO AARON…IM ROOTING FOR YOU

  263. # 287 Foxy, if such the case then Mike should have left the week before, because he did receive the fewest votes while Tim was not even in the bottom 3.

  264. Hi ALL,

    I’m one the American Idol fans from one of the smallest island of the Pacific -SAMOA-and Ameraican Idol is live every Wed n thursday here in our country..
    Anyways from what I saw last nite with everyones performances…I think they all preformed well and incredible…
    However…with Andrew Garcia and Kate to leave the competition…it is shocking to see Katie going home…Andrew Garcia deserves to go home bcoz he didn’t do well with his perf. but Katie was A+….I thought either Big Mike or Aaron should leave the competition with Andrew..Anyways its all upon your vote America…eventhough we cannot vote…but we still love American Idol..

    from Samoa

  265. the truth is if you wanted to really make an american idol you would select a somewhat talented cute person ie brittany spears, justin timberlake, etc. then totally package and market them…you would not humilate them with forcing them to sing songs from the 50’s or from the beattles, etc..this show is about entertaining us…and not about the contestants…the contestants will get great exposure..but if you really wanted to create an idol you would take a tim, a casey or a katie or a aaron…though casey might be just beyond that target…idols are for teenage girls not men and not twenty somethings and above…so let the girls have their fun..they either love tim, or aaron or want to be katie. she just lost this week.

  266. Felt so bad for Katie ,really liked her.
    For me , Mike should have gone last week.
    I think the judges wasted their ” SAVE “.
    Also , really enjoyed Adam Lambert.

  267. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Big Mike shouldn’t have gotten a save. What is up with the stupid romance side?? He needs to stick with the entergitic. Katie is a great singer with a great story behind her. Tim should’ve gone. He is AWFUL. Tim smiles to much. Katie Stevens if you are reading this, I love you. Like a sister. You are awesome and a great singer. You should’ve stayed I am like a kid , and I know who Is awesome and you are.


  269. First of all Marie,No. 8,speak English. It is an insult to us Americans. English is the language here. That is why it is called”,American ” Idol. Andrew did not give it his all. But I feel Katie did. Oh well.

  270. Heck No!!!! America got it wrong again!!
    Only 2 of the people are left that I liked in the beginning, Crystal and Casey! How Mike stays is beyond me, and Aaron….? Good for 16, but have heard better almost everywhere.
    Andrew is really talented, and Lee is turning out better than anticipated. I thought for sure it would be Aaron and Mike. Guess only Ellen really gets any of the songs they sing. She is the only one with plain good home common sense! She, like the rest of us knows what we like to hear. Simon, why are you trying to get the winner to be the worst ever? I am so upset.
    I really don’t care who ends up winning, but let’s at least be fair. Katie was 10 times better than at least 2 of them that stayed.

  271. I hope the two remaining ladies get first and second place. The show keeps getting better.

  272. I am very amazed that so many people are complaining Mike should have been the one to go. Why? Is it because the judges used there save on him and that is somehow supposed to mean Mike automatically MUST be eliminated the following week … Even if he was not in the bottom three that week? Where is the logic in that? Mike was in the bottom 3 a grand total of one week. And even then the judges were extremely surprised he was there. That is “WHY” they choose to use the save. I can not honestly say Mike is the best performer this season. But, Mike has 100 times more singing talent than all the other bottom tier performers. Many who have been in the bottom 3 multiple times. If the save was used on a white person LIKE IT WAS LAST SEASON do you think this much whining would be going one?

  273. i think katie should of saved she should’ve gotteen the save and mike should have went. I’m happy about andrew chose wrong SONG! i’m sad Katie went though it should of been Aaron or Mike.

  274. no disrespect but Mike should have gone because his performances were the worst…he can sing, but he does nothing special and of course this week the judges pretended to like his rendition of in the ghetto…i fell asleep…he could have farted the song and they would have claimed to love it to save face…he is not that good…he will sell a few cd’s make some money….but he will not win idol. only the judges know why they saved him….i can only guess.

  275. @172 All: Is there a way to find out the actual vote count for each contestant on American Idol???

  276. CRYSTAL should go yes you are right. CRYSTAL should be voted off instead of Katie…KATIE performances are active..and voice is sweet

  277. I think Katie should have stayed. Sometimes I wonder if the judges sway the votes with their negative comments. Simon told how many people he didn’t like the song choices, yet liked the vocals. Well, it’s a singing contest, so let’s rate them on the vocals. Katie, in my opinion, is just as talented as the other girls that are left. My favorites were Katie and Lee, so now it’s LEE ALL THE WAY!

  278. I loved Andrew. I would buy a cd by him. I think he needs some training but I love the tone of his voice. Hope he does not quit but continues to work on his career.

  279. Thebrasta, they never give the actual counts for each contestant, only total number of votes, and this year they haven’t even shared that very often. Last year with all the controversy with Adam expected to win, and then Kris Allen did, many people asked for the numbers, but they never revealed it. (and many people couldn’t vote for ADAM, and AT&T gave out phones to vote for Kris)

    Phyllis, I was happy to see your positive comments about ADAM, I only wish the gay bashers would go to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean!!! He is incredible – even my husband loves him, and openly expresses it – not in the way some people will take it, but musically and performance wise. Steve does say occasionally how good looking he is, too. Believe me, my husband is straight, he just genuinely likes ADAM and so do I. I really loved his performance and I thought he was a really good mentor, I wish some of the contestants listened to him more. I was glad that Lee gave him credit – that was great! By the way, I miss your capitals – Iook for them to spot you, but I know about the complaints about that, too. What a crazy, picky world we live in…. I thought Idol and Idol chatter was supposed to be fun – some of these comments are just complainers – must not have happiness in the real world.

    I hope to see your name again, but I hardly blog anymore – I am working and in school, have homework to do….


  280. Tim Urban deserves to be there. He’s been picked by the judges , not us and asked for our votes. So we’re voting for Tim for he rocks.

    An artist can’t be made by AI just like you make instant noodles in 3 mins. It requires lot of effort, skills and energy.

    None of the dolls at AI don’t have this talent but they’re pumped big $$$$$ to make a record. Which is the reason why we have too many crap songs nowa days.

    This is just another karoake competition.. and our boy Timmeh rocks.. and guys keep on VOTING for TIM URBAN..

    He rocks… look at his smile when judges take him on .. how sweet he is.. 🙂

  281. Just for fun!!!

    1- Tim Urban- 2000
    trying to look like ZAC EFRON from H.S. Musical

    2- Lee Dewyze- 1970s-1980s
    Wants to sound like one of the big boys. A style similar to BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. But Not even close in voice and no originality. Nothing going on here.

    3- Crystal Bowersox- early 1970s
    same as Janis Joplin,so this has been done before. Whats original about her? Every week the same Janis Joplin but not half as crazy as she was.

    4- Andrew Garcia- 1950s
    Ritchie Valens or one of those guys of that era. I enjoyed listening to andrew with a voice from the past in our modern times. 🙂 Needs to be coached in the right direction. Don’t give up!

    5- Casey James- early 1990s
    I want to say AXL ROSE from guns n roses but he was way better looking and talented so nope not close.

    6- Aaron- sesame street
    Kermit the frog

    7- Katie Mangus- reminds me of Mary poppins
    I cant concentrate on her voice because it doesn’t match her young face with her way of dressing either. Dresses like Mary Poppins.

    8- Mike Lynche- 2000s
    reminds us of Ruben studdard. Ruben sounded and looked great the other night. But these guys are not idol material. Clay makes more.

    9- Siobhan Magnus- 2010
    compared to Adam Lambert. Well that is not a bad thing. Siobhan can do anything. that is raw talent. I hope the finest agencys pick her up. Girl, Adam is taking everything he can. Do the same. Do what he is not doing. Sing with the philharmonic symphony! with Yanny! Go to Itally and sing with all the opera famous singers. Siobhan, open your mind to the biggest possibilities there are in the world cus you can. win or loose, people dont choose correctly, it’s up to you to use AI as a stepping stone for ur future.
    Clay aiken and Adam L didn’t win but are doing way better than their defeaters because people choose wrong. So, become huge!!! Study music and write songs for ur own voice.


  282. i still believe that katie has the potential to be the next big star…i also like lee and tim…….

    i dont like big mike a lot……..he should be the one to go home not katie………!!!!!!!!

  283. All you Tim Urban bashers are simply jealous.
    He is the dark horse. Went from Zero to Hero according to Simon which I agree. American Idol is about talent and wholesome character.
    Tim is both. His smile is genuine and very uplifting. He is the real deal. He is improving with every show. I so look forward to what he will sing next. He has good stage presence and a nice voice to listen to. Sorry to say it is not just teenie bobbers but us older and middle age folks enjoy him as well. All you bashers beware he may be the big up set in the end.


  285. U Americans are so narrow minded. Only see the skin colour and not the talent. Some of you hate Mike (dont know why) and called Randy a racist because he is looking after “his people”. Hoe banaal is dit? Mike deserves to go futher in this competition.

  286. Maybe one of the reason simon is leaving the show, its because right now faces matters more than talent…

    Tim should definitely gone home..He’s cute, but sorry he’s singing is just so so…

    Come on America, pleease pick the right person to staay!!!

  287. Don’t you people see??

    there are 5 boys and 2 girls left in this competition…almost the same as last year…

    It’s not that girls are less talented than boys…BUT, more girls are voting (and maybe watching AI now), which is why there are more boys in the competition…

    Well…anyway…I think that Katie should have stayed and Big Mike and Andrew go buhbye…


  288. I watch this from Australia – i wish i could vote. You Americans have no idea what talent is…

  289. Ya, me too. I’ve been watching from Indonesia, thanks to Star tv, and frustrated to see who’re still staying in place of those who’re really good yet got outvoted thanks to the, my guess is, majority-teen girls. *_*

  290. I don’t know why Tim is still there. He is not good at all. I don’t know what America is doing!!!! Tim should have went in Katie’s place!

  291. AARON should’ve gone! Pity Andie & Katie went but that’s life for you. I am watching with interest from the land down under. THE WHOLE TOP TEN ARE WINNERS ALREADY…..

  292. Not sure why anyone is down on Tim….. I picked him from the start. Perhaps not the most talented singer in the group, although he shows constant improvement, he does have the charm and positive attitude that makes up an American Idol. He can sell albums and will attract large crowds around the Country.

  293. We all have different tastes and preferences in music. I may like someone you don’t and vice versa. That is why we have a voting system to determine AI winner. Is it perfect? Hell no! Last year proved that being the best and most talented singer in the competition wasn’t enough . This year so far is going in the same direction. Many good contestants had been dropped to leave space for less talented.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tim wins it all.
    Don’t expect any fairness. It is the show and drama that keeps us watching…

  294. I know Andrew Garcia was eliminated(even I saw a little)because that was chaotic.But,Katie?Why she must go earlier than Tim and Aaron(Tim was good this week but Aaron, he must go!)Aaron lost his star power now and this week was bad(Sorry but Lee and Casey performance was too normal for me )This is now the Top 7 not the audition week and the judges must not but sorry, be harsh to them that so they can strongly grow and goodbye Ellen,you’re funny but no judge

  295. to Love

    tim just have a cute look only….singing are normal only…he is lucky for the song he choose“I Can’t Help Falling In Love”…a love romatic song to let girl fall in love of it….

  296. @Shannon…everything in my comments are my opinion and I always respect everyone elses, I just don’t like when people stoop so low as to bash other people… calling in these comments are awful….and thats just my opinion.

    @Mary…..I like your thinking….

    @Kathleen F……It was so good to see you on the blog….I don’t think there ever will be a season like last year but I am enjoying this season too….The comments are really nasty this year but I guess they were last year too when it came to Adam….This world does not like different. I miss my caps too but I was tired of arguing with these people and I wanted to get back to commenting on the idols not my typing….lol….My husband enjoys Adam too.
    Good luck in school and I hope to see you on the blog again…..Phyllis

  297. TIM URBAN RULES !!!!! He is by far the best talent – both vocally and showmanship … He has a great career ahead of him regardless of how high up he finishes …

  298. Andrew and Tim should have been voted off, not Katie. She was really good Tuesday. There are too many teenage girls voting for Tim. We’ll have to really vote for the others to try and get him out of there. I’m becoming more and more a Lee fan, though.

  299. DS Krueger

    you are right…tim should go home!!!…katie should stay!!!

    i am lee fans too

  300. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How dare they remove Andrew Garcia!He was so special and you don’t get many like him out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. wrong choice!!!!!! tim should be gone!!!!!!!!!!!!! one vote per phone # should be allowed, this is getting ridiculous just because all the 11year olds thinks someone is cute! that is not what the show is about and it needs to be fixed!

  302. Mike Rocks!!!! He definitely deserved to stay longer than Katie and Andrew. Go back and watch Mike’s song when he made Kara cry. That was an incredible performance. Katie and Andrew haven’t even come close to that!!!!

  303. WRONG! Big Mike shouldn’t been saved, It is like this, if you last, you loose, do not vote them back it is unfair to all people who entered the Idols, doesn’t matter who it is, even if it was the best person on Idols 2010. It was then just there unlucky day and the other Idols luck if they stayed that in night. Tim should be gone, not Katie. I watch it from South Africa, come on America, and pick the right people to stay. Please leave racist out off the Idols, that is something America not suppose to have.

  304. Canadian Viewer, I very much have to agree with you. With the possible exception of that girl who was cut just before the top 12 (Lilly?) … Mike has far more musical talent than “any” of the other performers that have been in the bottom 3 up to this point (which includes Katie). Yet, for some reason we hear a endless parade of people saying “boo-hoo, poor little Katie was robbed“. Last season the save was used on a white person and nobody had much to say about it. This year it is used on a black person and all the sudden we here a endless stream of pathetic whining, that as a White person … Embarasses me. A lot of people who probably do not think they are racist, should be ashamed.

  305. nothing racist going on Steve and Marthie you are bringing it up The best stay and the worst go with the exception of Tim he should have been gone a long time ago but with vftw going on it forces some good talent out , If you like someone vote often and alot for that person otherwise you person goes nothing racist about that

  306. Hi with all of you profesionals I agree with everything of what you say with these contestants and you judges know of what your doing and all your doing is giving them tips of what you want to see in them I am a fan of this show and i like watching it i just want to say something to these contestants that they need to listen to you professionals and deliver everything you can and just do your best.

  307. Im so glad simon is leaving this stupid show!! it went from being based solely on talent to being based on looks ugggggh. tim urban makes me sick! talent on this show is definitely at an all time low this season. i hope the american xfactor will be alot better!! american idol u suck!

  308. Fact of the matter is… the last 3 standing are going to be Lee, Crystal, and Sioghan. So, it is just a matter of time before they go home anyway.

  309. Yes, finally Katie gets booted out she can’t sing and Andrew well he sounds like everyone else..boring and he trys to hard

  310. this was wrong for katie.she did a big mistake talk about the jury and dedicate the song to them so they got her out simon dont like her becose he is inglish and they dont like the portuguese and that was her second mistake letting pepol know she had portuguese background, this show is all abaut simon he calls the chots,any way i will by anything that katty records 4 the others not even a penny will come out of my pocket.PS lets vote simon out

  311. Actually Tom, if you think about it, there very well might be something racist going on. Think back to last year when the save was used for the first time. A white guy was saved and for the most part, little was said about it. Now we have this year the save was used on … Heaven forbid, a black guy. And Holly Cow, people are coming out of the woodwork saying “Boo-Hoo, poor Katie was robbed, because Mike should have been the one to go”. I guess some people are conveniently blind enough not to notice that … I am not.

    The save was put into the place after Dourghty (one of the most successful American Idols, ever) was shockingly eliminated at the number 5 spot a couple seasons back. And rightfully so, the judges wanted to avoid that sort of fiasco from ever happening again. If any of you think the save is unfair, I have no disagreement with that. But, don’t complain about it one year and not the next. But, I think some sort of tool must be put into place to prevent the pre-teen vote from making pretty people, with little talent (like Tim Urban) going much farther than they should. As pre-teens are the only ones that have enough time to vote 100 times a night. One idea is to limit one vote per phone line. But, that won’t work as Ameican Idol likes to say ” a million people voted last night”. Personally, I read a idea written by someone else that has the judges eliminating who they think should go out of the bottom 3 that the people vote on each week. Until they get to somewhere like the #5 spot. That would keep the cream floating to the top by the time that spot is reached, if you know what I mean.

  312. What’s up with you people and Casey James ? Even his own mother admitted he had brain damage as a child. He could come out and sing the same song every week and I’d never know the difference. Please send this wannabee cowboy home. This is Tim Urban’s world, get used to it, your just living in it.

  313. Listen America!!!

    The american Idol show, just for find a talented people, a talented singer, no matter she is black , white or maybe she has a Portuguese background.
    I think america made a big mistake by eliminating Katie.
    This makes the show un believeable!!!
    America you did get big mistake!!!
    This is Amercian Idol, not a Judges’s idol, REMEMBER!!!

  314. The girls this time are far better singers andrew should have went home couple weeks agao so should mike, katie should have stayed she is young but has a good voice, tim needs a makeover, arron is young but good, both girls are alot better than the gyes. Last year adam sung the socks off the rest, and he did not get it , I thought it was to find the best singer?????

  315. This is American Idol, but it is also teeny bopper idol. The original premise of this show was based after the UK show “Pop Idol”. That’s the reason they have an age limit. They are trying to cater to the younger set. Unfortunately an 11 year old votes 100 times for their favorites and since the majority of viewers are female the males singers are saved week after week while the females are voted off. Not fair, not even close, but that’s the reality of American Idol (a very flawed system).

  316. First of all Aaron is only 16 and wow what a voice. Even with being sick he has shown amazing talent, sure he has a lot to learn but that Voice. I think when Country comes around he will shock everybody. Katie will be good but I think she needs more Training and Andrew he just couldn’t compete at this Level. Big Mike is ok but He is more of a Broadway singer than an American Idol. I hope he goes Broadway. Tim is cute and he will sell lets face it. Crystal is excellent but she isn’t really an Idol, come on Dread Locks have gone out a long time ago come on Girl. The American Idol also has to look the part and she doesn’t. Oh well good Luck to all the Idols, I think they all will do good in their new Futures.

  317. I’m a 64-year-old white guy and I too believe that Big Mike is an exceptional talent as well as an exceptional person. I’ve immersed myself in R & B since I was an adolescent and I would have regarded him the same way if he had been around then.

  318. I think America got it right. I think it will come down to Crystal and Aaron. I think once he feels a little better and opens up he is going to surprise people, I have seen him Sing in Person at a show in Nashville and Oh my Gosh what a Voice, watch out American Idol if he gets Warmed up this week and then wheen Country week Comes Around he will shine and the top American Idol was Carrie Underwood and she sings Country Aaron would be the first Male Country Winner.

  319. first of all, the judges should not have used their save on that Big Mike. First, his voice is not that good and please stop using the experience of your wife having a child to gain simpathy from the judges and please for the judges don’t be fooled by it especially ms. ellen and ms. giogardi whatever. Mike should go next time. Ms Katie your a good singer. God Bless!!

  320. All Top Ten contestants are going on that summer tour, including Andrew and Katie. That will be a wonderful experience for them as well as providing a platform for them to grow and mature as performers.

    Don’t forget everyone that the teeny-boppers of all generations are the one’s who have made hundreds of artists get noticed: from the one-hit wonders to those who go on to establish phenomenal careers. (Hello Elvis, Beatles, Jackson 5, Michael Jackson… the list goes on and on.)

    Ya gotta hand it to the tweenies…they know how to push all the right buttons (especially on their cell phones, lol.)

  321. yeah right, we can’t compare siobahn to adam lambert, she has been trying hard to copy everything about adam, which, sorry she could’nt! she should try not feeling and singing like my idol!!!! she can’t do it… always flat, can’t hit the high notes… crystal can handle low and high notes without shouting on top of her voice… big mike is just a VICTIM of racists…. if he gets voted off before the top 5….

  322. Too bad Easter’s over and we can’t resurrect Katie and scourge big Mike. Big mistake sending her home. But they laughed at Edison in the US too, so I’m not surprised.

  323. I really don’t believe that Big Mike is a victim of Racism, but he is a victim of body typing. I believe the tweenies have more trouble relating to a mid-twenties 300 pound body builder regardless of his skin color.

    Name a single big time performer that has the body type of Big Mike? Big Mike has a fabulous voice and will probably be eliminated soon, but it won’t be because of his voice, it will be due to his un-relatability.

  324. Can someone tell me how many times Katie was in the bottom three? Maybe that’s a indicator she is not as strong a performer as many want to think she is. I do know Mike was in the bottom 3 … just one time. Yet people are coming out of the woodwork saying that “he doesn’t belong here, he should have been voted off“.

  325. @ Ron #388- Fats Domino, Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Notorious B.I.G., B.B. King

  326. @Canyon – All of your examples are amazing talents. Aretha and Fats are two of my All time Favorites. But I don’t think any of your examples would make it through Idol to the finals. The voting Bloc is mainly very young females who vote a lot. Do you really think they would win over the tweenies. I believe that Tim Urban would still out vote B.B. King and Aretha.

    I also hope/believe that Big Mike has an excellent chance at a big time recording contract. But he may not survive into the final five of American Idol. As good as he is, he just won’t have enough votes from the multiple voting tweenies.

  327. wow that suxx. katie wasnt even in the bottom three this week and she sang her heart out and still got sent homee. Poor kid I hate to see her goo she and crystal both have alot of potential my fav of the show actually.. its to bad they had to save big mike last week that save would have been very useful for katie..i believe that she shouldnt give up and that if there is a god out there that she will get her time to shine!!!!!

  328. @Ron #391 You’re probably right. Mike is a throwback and throwbacks just don’t sell in today’s music market, although he may have more success overseas.

  329. This in a nutshell is why Simon is leaving Idol and starting X Factor. This will give the Mike’s and Susan Boyle’s an equal footing and a chance for success. Right now the voting is too skewed toward the talent that looks more like Zac Efron.

  330. OK, now I am starting to think Katie fans are a wee bit delusional. Katie was in the bottom three this week (how do you think she got voted off)and multiple other times as well, if I’m not mistaken. That is why I doubt the save would had been used on her, even if it was available.

  331. a news article published today april,17.states
    crystal tried to leave ai,because of the pressure.ryan talked her out of leaving.the article also said this was a couple of weeks this stsrted me thinking of why the disparity of the judges against siobhan,and for cyrstal.go to google,and pull up siobhan magnus,and u can also read the article by amy andrews.

  332. Wow. So many of you know who is getting whose vote. Let’s see, as I recall they don’t report the vote totals for each contestant; no demographics have been done that profile the type of person (age, gender, etc.) voting for individual contestants. Yet, with no such facts, many of the comments presume to say why certain performers have been eliminated or remain on the show.

    Maybe the voting rules should be changed…but right now the current rules are what we have.

    There are many great singers that sing styles of music I don’t enjoy. The same is true of those in the current AI contestants. Some have offdays. Some could not pick a song that I would enjoy…because of their style.

    I tend to vote for the style I enjoy the most. Each of these contestants is very good in their genre of music. AI tends to push them out of their comfort zones. What a challenge they each face.

    I have been impressed with how professional each contestant that has been eliminated has been after being eliminated. I know that after such devastating news, I would not be able to perform like they have.

    Congrats to each contestant. You have been amazing, endured much being away from home and being critiqued and sometimes over-analyzed. You have had some wonderful exposure and opportunities that you may have never seen were it not for the AI competition you have been a part of.

    Keep up the great work.

  333. @Tommy Lee 397 – You’re right, the actual voting demographic has never been released, and they probably wouldn’t know even if they did try and chart the results.

    But the one thing we do know, is the viewing demographic from Nielsen and other sites like TVbythenumbers. On those sites the viewing audience has been shown to be much younger. Also, a number of studies have been done that show how different the results would be if one person/phone/IP address had one vote. We would get a much different result.

    Even though we can’t change the rules for this season, that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the results for this season. Any time a shock jock like Howard Stern or a website can keep a contestant on the show by throwing their support for the worst talent, you have a flawed system. Also, you can extrapolate the numbers and the results to determine the voting patterns. That’s just basic analysis and common sense.

    Unfortunatley we have also seen a few more voting disparities this year than in years past which leads people to be a bit more concerned about the voting process.

  334. To Ron #398.Can you give me some websites with that information. Has someone actually done those extrapolations? I’d love to see them to understand where people are making such assumptions.

    For what it’s worth, if indeed it is a younger group watching the show it would seem that they should have the right to vote…which from what you imply is what they are doing. I agree that unlimited voting can skew results. However, if that translated to ticket sales for the AI top 10 tour, it seems that that would be a desired result…not merely zeroing in on the best singer…but the marketable ones as well.

    What do you think?

  335. Tommy Lee – I don’t disagree that the show is trying to target a younger audience and this audience is more likely to attend the AI tour. In fact, I’m not sure it isn’t more profitable to look for the next “young” pop idol and not just the best talent. Also, it is certainly more impressive for Ryan to state that 34 or 50 million votes were tabulated in a given week, vs 10 million (if a one on one voting system were used). shows how different the results would be if the voting results were limited to one vote/one person (they used 8,000 voters to prove their numbers). If you wanted to look at actual age demographics you can get the information from a number of sites (the most common are,,, etc.). A number of sites, individuals and even newspapers like USA today have studied the demographics over the years.

    You’re probably right that if you disallowed 12 year olds the right to vote 100 times you would lose overall viewers and potential profitability for the AI tour and final five. American Idol is geared toward a younger crowd, and even though older people watch it and participate in the voting, it does lead to some unusual results (like Sanjaya Malakar making it to #7 in Season 6). Here is a quote from that season, “Some Stern regulars claimed to have voted for Malakar over 300 times—largely in hopes of tormenting American Idol traditionalists on the show.[38][39] Later, when asked for a reaction, Malakar told Jimmy Kimmel that his aunt had voted 1100 times”.

    Personally, I’m not as convinced that allowing 1000 votes per person is going to provide the best representation and decision making to pick the most qualified contestant week after week.

  336. Katie is a wonderful, young talent, and it’s a shame that she got eliminated. While I think Big Mike is a great guy with a nice voice, I just don’t believe in the save system. I think you just have to let the chips fall where they may. I also would prefer to see people vote for who should be eliminated, rather than people that they like. I think there may be more of a concensus on who the one to go should be! As far as Andrew goes, he’s a nice guy. However, I don’t think he ever had a chance of winning this thing. I knew he would be going home. Simon tried to give Katie some advice about what to sing, and like him or not, he usually gives good advice (cruel but fair). She didn’t really listen to him. The week she sang “Let it Be” was her best week. I think she might still be here if she had chosen a better song this week. I don’t really think Katie had a chance of winning this thing this year, however. She needs to develop and channel herself a little more, and she will definitely get that opportunity.

  337. andrew, deffenitly should have gone week after week he was BAD and couldn’t deliver. But, katie was better but you guys are all saying TIM did any of you even watch them sing? because Tim is getting AMAZINGGGGGG AND DOING SOO WELL LATELY!!!! so katie had a weeker performence then Tim so i wasn’t suprised I LOVE TIM!<3 But Shibon needs to go!

  338. teresa
    April 15th, 2010 at 8:26 AM
    thank you for inviting adam lambert!!! i don’t understand why some people would compare siobhan to him… siobhan should have been eliminated even before… one thing we must look into her attitude is arrogance. she has become annoying… range and vocals good but not even very good… can’t hit the high notes with a shrieking and screetching that’s not pleasant to the ears anymore. i guess some are right she should have been eliminated instead of katie stevens…she’s a brat!………………………………….sum1 who completly understands me! (:

  339. VFTW is not correct aaron is the worst not tim, tims amazingg nd VFTW got it all rongg..nd no1 listens 2 that anywayy so that has NOTHING to do with tim stayingg..he has gr8 vocals! <3333

  340. #131, tikka, i could not agree moree…tim sounds veryy good t low notes nd its not just the teens nd VFTW! keep on voting for tim <3

  341. Just like tim cant hit the high notes shibon can’t hit low ones but she doesnt get ripped onn…katie shold not have goonnee 2 andrew i say GOODBYE! 🙂

  342. okk….as simon quotes “tim went from zero to hero” i couldn’t agree moree! Tim could wend up winning this all i strongly dislike sjibon and crystall TIMS GUNNA WIN!! i picked him from auditions and being attractive nd having a gr8 smile is just a bonus hes an amzing singer..if sion likes it hes got it <3

  343. I admit Tim sang better the past two weeks. But, he did so by picking songs that have little need for vocal range. I can have that ability as well. Seriously, compare Tims lack of range to EVERYONE elses. I wish we could get a look into the type of people who actually think Tim is a “Amazing singer”. I suspect many are pre-teens, but I see some as being way out there, religious wacko’s types who like him for no other reason than he looks like a nice kid with wholesome values … Much like they went all nut job crazy for David Archuleta a couple years back.

  344. stop it you guys! Tim is getting better each week! all the judges say that he’s doing well,, so maybe we should give him a chance here ha? I agree that teens were voting for him just because he’s cute! but now he’s getting better and i see a chance here! fro me mike should have gone home! he’s boring and i’m kinda tired from this whole new father thing!
    I felt sorry for katy,, but i agree with andrew going home.

  345. You guys have to realize this is a Voice compitition but at this point it also becomes a Popularity Contest and The Young people aren’t into Big Mikles Style or Crystals Dread Locks that most Teenagers now think are really gross and Dirty. I’m not saying they aren’t really Talented and Good they are but there style might cost them the Tweenie Fans, that stay up all night Voting.

  346. he seguido todo el american idol pero lo de esta semana me da horror Katie es excelente una voz maravillosa con sus 17 años es mucho lo que puede dar merecia estar entre los 5 Mike es demadiado arrogante no debio ser salvado creo que hay mas politica que busqueda de talento katie eres buena sigue buscando lo lograras.

  347. The problem with Katie is that she has no stage presence. Undoubtedly she has a good voice but she was too cheesy. She needs to watch some of the contemporary stars to see how they perform on stage and ditch the ‘beauty pagent’ style. I think that was her downfall. She was just too annoying to watch

    As for Tim Urban – even more annoying to watch. How the hell did that guy ever get in to the top 10?? I dont think he is cute or adorable – I think he is a total non-starter. Even if he does get thru and make an album he will be a one hit wonder with no real staying power in the industry.

    I agree with whoever said America got it wrong right from the start – Lily Scott should still have definitely been in this race – she had a unique style and voice.

  348. I think they should change the voting system – instead of voting for the one you want to stay, it should be voting for the one you want to see eliminated.

    The trouble with that is that it wont make as much money so its unlikely to ever happen

  349. Doris, I very much agree with what you say in regard to Katie. In my opinion, Katie and Aaron both have great voices for someone their age. I can’t argue with that. But, they both very much suffer from a serious lack of stage presence. It would have been a wise move on both their parts if they waited a few more years, until that stage presence was developed a bit more. As there is no way either of them could have made into the top 5 with were they are at today. Had they waited another 5 or 6 years, who knows?

  350. And I also agree that a change in the voting system is VERY MUCH needed. Whether that is done by limiting voting to one vote per line, voting for the worst on that should leave or my preference … keep the vote system in place as it is, but have the bottom 3 perform on the following night and let the judges make that final judgment. If nothing else, that would make results night a whole lot more entertaining.

  351. I think this will be my last year watching this show in fact i don’t know if I’m going to watch the remaining shows i can always check the internet. It all comes down to a popularity contest the judges obviously didn’t like Katie but are in love with Fat Ass Mike he claims to be a personal yeah right!! I think the show is rigged and the fix is in. There are rumors that Paula is coming back or maybe Howard Stern might be Simon’s replacement. Life is too short and I am not going to spend 2 hours of my life watching AI i might as well watch WWE wrestling that’s staged too!!! Katie was one of the best singers but the judges just didn’t like her for some reason and persuaded the voters not to cast their votes for her. Mike could probably fart a song and the judges would probably soil themselves that’s how great they think he is!!!

  352. I think Tim should leave
    His dad is a big wig at Manatech and is e-mailing all the people to vote for his son.

  353. UGH. Big Mike annoys me to no end! I tried to vote for everyone but him last week. My plan failed miserably. SO sad to see Andrew get the boot. I was ok with Katie leaving though, she kinda bugged me. That said, wish I would’ve discovered “Idol Fanatic” before I wasted an hour of my life trying to vote via finger dialing. Voting online is waaaaaaay easier!

  354. For what it’s worth, I think they got it 100% right getting rid of Katie and Andrew. Andrew stayed exactly his same boring self from the very first show, taking in none of the judges’ advice. Katie could sing ok, but I reckon had a squally kind of voice that really irritated (annoying as Simon would say).

    Of the ones left in, Crystal, Lee and Casey have the best chances of making a living out of the business. Aaron has a nice voice but just for ballad singing; he sounds the same in everything he does. Siobhan has a good voice, but is a bit weird for my liking, and has not too much between her ears methinks. Mike is a bit of a pain – I don’t reckon he is anything like as good as he thinks he is. Tim – well, he’s just Tim, isn’t he? Nice looking, nice smile, nice voice – just too bloody nice. Have I missed someone out? Sorry.

    Adam Lambert is fab – how on earth did he not win last year?


  355. i luhvv timm…! katie shood not ahve gone..does any1 know if the tou 4 this summer tickets r on sale or if the d8’s r out yett??? thanxx! Andrewwl…..GOODBYE:) haha! KEEP VOTING…hopefullly not 4 shibonn!!

  356. Kathy (with comment#423), you’re totally right in my opinion and observation as a music lover. You should be in the panel of judges representing the music fans! 🙂

  357. I used to cheer for Andrew but it was just too painful for me to watch him go down the hill and yet ignoring the helpful advice from the judges. They were right in their feedback for him. He just seemed more and more lost, which is such a pity given that he actually has a great potential.

  358. Wrong choice in sending Katie packing America, we in South Africa loved her. Just wondering but it all looks staged.

  359. l think Siobahn should go home she is terrible, her screaming drives me insane. Lee is amazing and should be the next idol. Please america vote Siobahn off. We cant vote as we are in South Africa

  360. So ya everybody keeps sayin that CRYSTAL is so good and that the show should end and she should win…..ya no i dont think so……she is not the best

  361. Katie wasn’t that great, she was never going to win.
    It was definitely Andrew’s time to go home.
    I kinda agree with some of the comments about Casey. He is very much the same every week, and a whole album of his would be pretty boring but atleast he can sing.
    Crystal and Lee Are both AMAZING!!! and they totally deserve to be the top 2.

    New Zealand rocks!!

  362. I love this show, but honestly, I am tired of the way people are voting, come on!!!! Katie should not have been eliminated, it feels as if more female public were voting these boys just because they are “cute”..because some of them should not still be there at all. I feel it´s a real pity.

  363. Tatiana,

    I am a senior citizen. I voted many times for the ladies. I would love to see them perform. I also love intertainers like Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert. I bought both of there albums the first day they came out. I also bought Clay Aikens album. I love this show. I wish Simon was not leaving.

  364. Don’t know about that, Mona (426), I’m another Simon Cowell. Don’t like the same thing coming on week after week, and most of the acts left in are not very interesting at all. I have to say it – sorry – but it’s nowhere near as entertaining as our X Factor. Ellen is nice-nice, Cara is slushy and Randy – what is that man talking about?

    This week was just awful. Much too long and dull, and I bet we got the watered down version!

    Crystal is still the one I think.


  365. Crystal is much better than Janis Joslin. Crystal’s voice is clear. Janis’ was not. Crystal will have fans for a long time.

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