American Idol 2010 Top 9 Round 2 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 9 tonight on American Idol 2010 and who will move on to the season’s Top 7. There’s no chance for redemption this week after the Judges’ Save was used last week.

Based on your votes in our Top 9 Round 2 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination: Andrew and Aaron along with Casey and Katie tied for 3rd. Wow, I didn’t think we’d see Casey at the bottom of the pile this week. I don’t think most will be surprised to see Andrew and Aaron go home.

Join us in the Idol Chat room as we wait to see the big reveal.

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American Idol 2010 Top 9 Round 2 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Andrew Garcia
  • #2 – Tim Urban <-- Ryan reveals Tim is safe
  • #3 – Katie Stevens

American Idol 2010 Top 9 Round 2 Elimination Results:

  • #1 Eliminated: Andrew Garcia
  • #2 Eliminated: Katie Stevens

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion! What did you think of Adam Lambert’s return to the Idol stage?




  1. Andrew and Mike are the 2 ideal AI contenders to be booted. Mike just sounds too theatrical and belongs in musicals; besides his seemingly cocky attitude doesn’t represent AI respectively. Andrew is a disappointment with a lack of creativity. Siobhan hasn’t been doing well the past couple of weeks, but she’s got a substantial fan base to keep her around a bit longer. She is also a choice candidate to leave the AI platform.-pp-p Casey had a bad night, and can redeem himself with a better song choice next time around. Best all around vocals are Lee and Crystal for their strong and consistent performance. They just need to step it up a bit and provide some twist or new excitement.

  2. yes! Aaron stayed=D!! i knew Andrew was gonna go home. cant wait to see who else goes…

  3. So long as the top remaining 4 are Crystal, Lee, Casey and Siobhan then it matters not to me, in which order Andrew, Aaron, Katie, Tim and Mike disappear.

  4. ASIAgroup.. crystal go home?? … are you kidding? shes one of the best! i totally agree with you about andrew which he already is gone now! and everyone thinks aaron did horrible but he did better than alot of the competition. If he was so bad why is he safe this week…AGAIN! well good luck to the rest! who will be the second elimination! maybe Tim? although he did quite well last night but he isnt consistent.

  5. Well Well Well sitting at my computer at nearly 3 in the morning in England trust me if you heard the equivelant X Factor programme to yours over here you would say all your artists sounded like Sinatra Elvis an the like ours are true school talent mostly and I dont suppose you know what that is as your school talent is superbe but trust me its awful you really would not want to hear it unless you had ear muffs and a hat on

  6. katie got to admire her talent and poise at such a young age…mike and the judges should be ashamed.

  7. cant believe tim stays over katie ๐Ÿ™ katie is getting better i like her. my fave is still siobhan ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. well i’m sitting in Israel and it’s 5 in the morning here…the stupid reason for that is that I wanted to know first who r the 2 that got the boot

  9. Tim is great too…its mike that should be gone and the bride of frankenstein siobhan should be next.

  10. and leave the teenage girls alone…they are one of the target markets for idol…they have access to cash and advertisers want it. Tim won’t win but he deserves to be there until it comes down to Casey Crystal and Lee…tim is definitely fourth…aaron is cool just too young to win.

  11. I am so very glad that Katie is going home. While she has a strong voice, I find her smug and insincere. Kept hoping that Andrew would turn in another amazing performance, but alas, he seemed to be a one-hit wonder this season. Tim needs to go too. Glad he was in the bottom grouping.

  12. TEAM TIM URBAN FOR THE WIN ๐Ÿ˜€ i agree with simon, you really did go from zero to hero for the past 2 weeks, keep it up dude \m/

  13. Andrew and Katie were the right two to leave tonight. And stupid little teenage girls are the reason Kris Allen won last year,lol.

  14. I find it interesting that the two people in the pimp spot in the top 24 girls and boys performance shows are both leaving tonight. I also predicted correctly from last night, tim will go next week, i can almost guarentee it.

  15. I’m predicting tim to be there until the top 3 or 4… The only contestants that i believe deserves to stay ahead of him are Crystal, Aaron and Lee =P

  16. I am in my office in Singapore at 10am now. Quite surprised that Andrew is going home. He has a great vocal but probably lack of star quality anyway. Judges shouldn’t have saved Mike. Its a shame.

  17. NO ammerica did not get it right…. Casey, or Tim should have been gone, even Siobhan Katie has a great voice and deserved to go further in the competition… SHE’LL BE BACK….

  18. I have not felt the need to comment until a few minutes. I cannot believe Kati was voted off. Shame on the judges for being able to do a save. The lowest vote getter should have gone home last week and let the competition go on as it should—decision by votes. I don’t know what happened last night and tonight, but I feel very strongly the wrong person was sent home. The judges being able to save someone creates an unfair advantage. Get Rid Of The Save if there is another season!!! If we were to take another vote, I bet the majority would be right there with me!!! I hope the judges think long and hard about this. They have to realize what a mistake they made. I like Big Mike and all, but he should have gone home. It was his time to go. Judges, please, no more saves in whatever seasons are to come. Thank you for the opportunity to share how disappointed I am!!

  19. @ JoJo

    Trust me…. as an ex pat in Canada, i totally agree with you…


    Is desperate for somereal talent, but they have nothing… As always!!!

    Even Elvis wouls turn in his grave … if there was a cheeseburger on offer!!!

  20. Overall, good choice America. I would have preferred if Tim left before Katie and I don’t know what the judges were hearing but I did not like Tim’s murder of Elvis’ most beautiful song. I’m glad Big Mike is still in the hunt. I have never thought that he has a big ego but uses his “full of himself” gestures in a way many Big Men do. Remember John Candy was a clown and very endearing. Big Mike has talent and heart.

  21. I’m soooo glad Katie is gone!!! I found her sooo boring and yes she is into herself and very insincere. I like Siobhan but I’m hoping Crystal wins.

  22. I think you Americans are TONE DEAF .Did you really think that Aaron was better then Katie. Give me a break.Aaron or Tim should of went home. Sorry im not watching this crappy show anymore. I hate to tell you if the teenyboppers are the only ones voting.You americans deserve what you get.

  23. Thank goodness Casey is safe! I love him! Casey voters, keep voting for him…he so belongs there! As for Andrew and Katie…I agree it was time for Andrew to go, but I don’t think Katie should be gone…it should have been Big Mike or Aaron.

  24. Casey crystal tim and lee are the only ones that deserves to be there…siobhan what a joke. looks like bride of frankenstein and sings like mediocre. mike a fat slob that thinks he is hot sounds like a c- r&b singer…aaron nice kid that will be successful. Katie is also a very talented kid.

  25. seems like my prediction was right again…
    last week i told that Katie Stevens will leave the American idol with Andrew Garcia or Aaron Kelly….
    and my next prediction for next week :
    maybe Aaron Kelly will vote off…

  26. This season is not that great at all. After last season with great performances by Adam Lambert, there is no comparison.

  27. @ Rosie in Canada… I agree with you….

    This is the last post from me… Because America… you get what you deserve……

    … Absolutely nothing!

  28. Unfortunetly she was the weakest link this wk.

    I think it wld be nice to add the guest artist of the week who is helping to coach the contestants as a guest judge on the panel.

  29. I think Crystal and Aaron should’ve left. I HATE crystal shes ugly, bad singer, and shes just odd

  30. This is a joke. The public doesn’t know what to listen to when they are singing. A great example is Tim. Kid looks great but can’t sing. Katie and Andrew got voted off tonight and they are better singers than Tim. But because he looks like a model he is still there. This not a modeling competition. Plus Tim is giving ABC and American Idol great ratings and that matters more than choosing voting for someone that can sing.

  31. I was glad Andrew left…he hasen’t been that great all season. I’m so happy Aaron got to stay, I love him! Big Mike also rocks! I HATE that Katie left, she’s way better than some of the others on there and she deffinatly should NOT have left!!

  32. i’m surprised to see katie steven voted off this..but i’ll be lying if i say she’ll be the idol..she really doesnt belong to top 5

    as for andrew..nothing surprise me..he get what he should..the only thing i’m surprised is why some people surprise seeing andrew gone??hello..r u tone deaf or what??

    tim just doing okay this was not great..just okay..but still,i dont think he would able to place himself among top 5..let alone top 4..

  33. Crystal,Lee, Aaron, Casey & Mike. When it gets down to Them 5 Then it will Be A show to WATCH!!!

  34. @ AdamLambertFan. That is a great suggestion that Adam be the replacement for Simon Cowell. I thought nobody could replace Simon but I believe Adam could do it successfully.
    What is this America bashing? It makes you sound insecure. There is no country on earth that comes to the aid of others as fast and with as much. Is your country perfect?

  35. I will put it like this:
    Intense musician/performer/artist
    In-the-zone POP artist
    Inescapable WOW factor
    Extreme vocalist
    Extraordinary showman
    Eclectic personality

    As to the eliminations tonight, my personal opinion is they got it right this time based on the performances on Tuesday. I was a bit iffy about Aaron and Katy, but I believed that along with Andrew, these two were very simply not as good as the other performers. Both Aaron and Katy have phenomenal voices and range for their age…and their age is part of the problem, lack of experience, expertise and knowing who they are as artists โ€“ and simply owning it.

  36. I donโ€™t know where the others are listed in rank; but I have to think, that Crystal, Lee and Casey are the top three. I feel that Siobhan and Mike come in close but how they sing, what they choose is still up in the air. Tim is the really dark horse. I could not believe in the first weeks that the audience was voting him back in again and again…some of his performances were so bad I was walking away. Having said that, this Tuesdayโ€™s performance by Tim was one of the better ones; and it actually came over better than Casey barely, Mike and Siobhan. Go figure!

    I donโ€™t know if the contenders were held to a certain selection of Elvis songs, but I felt that out of his huge, and I mean huge, repertoire the contestants chose some really odd songs. Crystal was right on and I felt that Lee was too, but the others could have picked something better by far. I did feel that Adam, even though he could not choose for them, tried to give all of the individual singers sound advice and some did not pay attention. I felt he critiqued each one and tried to put them on a more strategic performance, and he did it in a way that was not condescending or rebuking.

  37. Well so be it, big mike is mediocre at best & the model kid cant sing a lick.
    Now saying that with Usher and the other so called rapper the previous weeks was a total JOKE
    they cant sign what so ever & to have them on a singing competition, I guess having a real singer on is not going to happen (except for Adam Lambert, he can flat out SING)

  38. What are the American people thinking???? Send Katie home, while Tim Urban, who simply cannot sing past a hole in the wall bar kareokeis left for another week of doom and gloom!!
    Folks he is not related to Keith Urban, so stop voting for him just because he has a “joker” type smile.
    Why has American Idol become a popularity contest instead of real talent contest???
    I am DONE with wasting my time watching this simulated talent show…because true talent is severely lacking this year, except for a few good genuine singers.


  40. finally Andrew gets booted out. about time! been waiting for that for a while now. had enough of him who hasn’t straightened up at all since Straight Up.

    i didn’t expect Katie to be sent home, though. my guess was Aaron. still, i would’ve preferred Tim to go. but then he did well yesterday, didn’t he? and the young girls are quite smitten by him, aren’t they?

    my top faves: Crystal, Casey, Lee. hope America will continue voting for them.

    the star of the show? has to be Adam (he shines brightly since his season, too). great advice and very spot-on too. too bad some of the contestants didn’t take his words seriously- their loss. and yes i love the idea of him as Simon’s substitute. he knows what he’s talking about. he’ll be superb, i’m sure!

  41. I think Tim should be the one going home. He seriously can’t sing at all! He’s practically making a joke out of himself. Katie doesn’t deserve to go, she is WAY better than Tim! I really hope Siobhan makes it! She’s awesome!

  42. Siobhan has the greatest range and voice.. if only she choose the right song like paint it black, she should be one of the possible winner of american idol

  43. I hate american idol…. I hate people who simply vote because of one’s appearance…. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! DON’T VOTE FOR AARON ESPECIALLY TIIMMMM!!!! HE SUCKS FOR GOD SAKE!! SOMEONE ALWAYS SACRIFICE JUST TO TAKE HIS PLACE.. URRRGGHH!!!

  44. Tim should have been gone a long time ago. Andrew going home is the right choice. Mike won’t make it to the end. Casey won’t either. It was so wrong to send Katie home. All three girls should have made it to the end. However Crystal will go all the way. It’s all about voice and stage presence and Crystal has it all.

  45. The right choice after all the performances we’ve seen so far would have been to see TIm, Garcia and Aaron on the botom three, the young Katie surely didnt deserve this.

    Aso i like simon cause he is english, but the thing i hate about him is that he likes to says bad comment for fun, even when contestants do alright. Glad he is leaving the show so we can have some genuine juges who actually know the music like Kara not just a rich englishman who like to upset people and don’t know what music it’s all about.

    my top four will be lee, crystal, siobhan and mike. and siobhan to win even though crysrtal is everyone favourite……

  46. Message to big Mike. We love two people. You are one. My hubby is pitch perfect but you give an old lady goose bumps. No matter what happens on Idol, you have a future. Greatpipes and the it factor. You will go far.

  47. America was wrong it should have been big mike and siobhan I HATE when people bash Tim though. It makes me mad espcially when he did good this week. I don’t want him to win, but he didnt need to go home this week. This is the order that I think they should be eliminated.

    7. Siobhan
    6. Big Mike
    5. Aaron
    4. Tim
    3. Casey
    2. Crystal
    1. LEE DEWYE ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. No, Shibon should have gone home instead of Katie. She was horrible. All she does is scream and she has an attitude. She should take lessons from Tim on how to take criticism. I don’t understand how she can not be in the bottom three!

  49. American Idol was wrong to have Katie Stevens voted out in the competition. She has much more potential than others. Lee Dewye and Casey has the same style in singing. And the song of Big Mike is kinda sleepy. I think that should have made him voted out.

  50. so maybe someone can answer this question for me … At the start of this comment section, poster “Matt” states that “Tim” was in the bottom 3. How did you come to that conclusion? Obviously Andrew and Katie were two of the bottom three, but AI NEVER said who the 3rd one was … I heard this from a couple of people, so is Tim just an assumption?

  51. Couldn’t have been happier with last night’s results. At the end of the day, Siobhan has the most stage experience & the most talent.

  52. Adam Lambert is a freak. When he sang Wednes, I turned to another. My wife and I can’t stand to look at him. Would not watch if he was chosen to replace Simon. As far as I am concerned, Simon is the only true judge.

  53. Please go to Jermaine Sellers websites and listen to his amazing voice. He was voted off way to soon as well. Jermaine would have the viewers still interested in the show this season but America got it wrong and saved Tim so now I sit back read the blogs and LoL.

  54. Siobahn…what a smug, egotist…she stinks and should be sent packing….She sure can’t take criticism…gets that angry look on her mug when someone criticizes her…BRAT

  55. Mike should also go Home…take care of his baby and quit boring us all to death…..go back to the gym

  56. Lee, go get the brass ring…and Crystal should be right next to him…Both have a “today” sound and should reap the benefits of true talent….You don’t have to be a freak to sing!!!!!!!!!

  57. the voting public got it wrong again,just like last week when mike should have been eliminated.last night should have been tim,and andrew.not katie.tim is by far the worst singer in this years idol.he, cant carry a tune in a far as crystal,yes she can sing,but idont think she has the total package.the person that has the idol presence is siobhan. even when she makes those faces she still looks better than far as simon,and kara dissing siobhan who knows why?i feel maybe they dont get her,but there is no denying her amazing talent,she brings so much to the show,the way she does her hair,her outfit,her crazy performances,and finally that great raw,high,low pitched voice she brings.the only one left on the show thats really going to be a true star one day.

  58. @Adam #71. Go to the top of the page and you will see the bottom three. Tim has a line drawn through his name and the Text says Brian told him he was safe.

  59. I was saddened but not shocked by Katie’s elimination. She is a good singer, but needs time to develop as an individual artist and her time on AI was just not enough time. On the other hand, I was neither shocked nor saddened by Andrew’s elimination. He was a one-hit-wonder with a good instrument and a fantastic heart. But there was something common about his performances. Adam Lambert was not impressive as a mentor; he was the wrong choice to be mentoring for Elvis week. Elvis’ music has some of the most deep-rooted longevity and fame out there and to have a newbie performer come in and represent it was in bad taste. Adam’s performance was okay, but I still think that he screams too much. His new look was obviously a modern take on Elvis and I don’t see any comparison between Elvis and Adam Lambert. I see more of a comparison between Adam Lambert and Ozzy Osborne, Marilyn Manson, or maybe David Bowie.

    As far as the finalists are concerned, I think that those who are left in the competition deserve to be there. But I think that Aaron and Siobhan are next on the chopping block. Tim is really beginning to peak and I expect him to continue to keep getting more confident and comfortable in his style. Tim Urban reminds me of Jason Mraz and I love it!

  60. yes i sing to cv idol golden ticket justin bieber to three years talk about this one left to see me you can to sing peformance musical classic rock my best we’re all this together to sing
    Love Hannah Montana

  61. Yes,I agree.It should be Crystal,Mike and Casy in the end.People say Tim shouldn’t be there just because of cuteness.As true as that is,they shouldn’t call Mike a loser because he is big.What a joke.Even if it mattered,He is muscle.That is not the point at all.If a good looking guy shouldn’t go through for that,then non-anerexic peson shouln’t be critised.On what actually matters,he hasalot of talent.His theatrics would only help with great stage presence.Can we say Adam and success?They didn’t pick him as the only past contestant mentor because he was a bor with no talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote for voice only,not hair,smile,or what some call”weight issues.”How absurd!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, im not watching this season anymore, she’s the only strong singer.

  63. Wait wait…

    Who says that Tim was in the Bottom 3? Technically, Ryan Seacrest didn’t reveal who was in the bottom 3? ๐Ÿ˜ So why are we so sure that it was Tim? He actually did great this week. I mean, I know that he won’t win AI, that’s for sure…but he wasn’t bad this week. I hated Siobhan just because she has that attitude and she’s not all that, just yet… “/ DIVA PLEASSSE…I hope she doesn’t win AI!!!

  64. So the judges , except for Simon, have lost the plot! God help us when Simon leaves!!!!! What will we be left with? Sugary rubbish!! Lets admit it, takeaway Crystal and Lee and we’re left with VERY VERY ordinary talent. Would one seriously buy an album put out by the rest??? Casey could do VERY well, however he simply needs a BAND and would do SO well as the number 2 singer, think about it Casey!!..the rest, well enough said!
    Tim , well, you so have to be joking. Maybe an earthquake will save him next time!!!

  65. @GLLA2 #82

    Only the writer of this topic states that Tim was in the bottom 3. AI NEVER stated this. iRule *87 agrees.

  66. …siobhan is more she said she’s not a one kind of singer…its just that crystal has the aura to make her audience keep their eyes unto her…so who evr make it to the final round,,,i’ll go for them..hihihi(observin’)

  67. i think american idol talent is getting worse and worse.i havent realy enjoyed this season except for a few people like crystal and lee.what the hell is tim still doing on american idol.he shoudnt have even made it to the top 12.he is like a singer at a wedding.i cant even take him seriously.and seriously just as i was beggining to enjoy katies performance she gets out.the save should have never been used on big mike

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