Idol Gives Back Again For American Idol 2010


Update: Find the details on Idol Gives Back 2010 performers.

Absent from last season, Idol Gives Back is set to return when American Idol comes back in 2010. Fox provided no details on why the event was skipped last year, but a fixed date of April 21, 2010 was cited for this year’s charity event.

“In today’s tough economic times, it’s more important than ever — but more difficult than ever — to raise money to help those in need,” said Fox executive Mike Darnell. “With this year’s ‘Idol Gives Back,’ we’re focused on raising awareness about the challenges that so many children and families currently face and demonstrating how even small donations can make a difference and help save lives. Every little bit counts.”

So far the Idol Gives Back events have raised over $140 million, or roughly what Simon gets paid each season…

Which guest performers and celebrities do you want to see make an appearance? Is it too soon for a Michael Jackson “from the grave” performance like they did with Elvis last time? Share your thoughts on a celeb wish list.

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  1. I’d like to see Danny Gokey back, without a doubt. Other favorites I’d like to see include: Adam Lambert, David Cook, Chris Daughtry.

  2. I would like to see REBA MCINTYRE on Idol. She is the true epitome of class, country music, and proof that it is possible to be true to oneself and at the same time treat others with dignity, respect, and appreciation.

  3. Idol is backing up with some of the changes slated for 2010. The caliber of the contestants must be able to override these changes for ratings to continue on a high note.

  4. Past Winners – Love when they all come back together, especially Kelly Clarkson & chris Daughtry. Other than that – Pink & Justin Timbrlake

  5. I would like to see Danny Gokey back,and Paula Abdul, wont be the same without her.JJ.

  6. Martina McBride
    John Mayer
    Michael Jackson
    Janet Jackson
    Kris Allen
    Elvis Presley
    Reba McEntire
    Hannah Montana
    Brad Paisley
    Def Leppard
    Shania Twain
    Kelly Clarkson
    Faith Hill
    Taylor Swift
    Dolly Parton
    Keith Urban
    Demi Lovato

  7. I think all former winners should make an appearance as well as those contestants who have done well like Daughtry, Lambert etc. I don’t think they will have a problem getting big celebs and singers and any of them will help make the charity event a success.

    On another note, I don’t know why some of you insist on not even giving Ellen a chance. What a shame.

  8. Danny Gokey should be there for Idol Gives Back and sing his song “Its Only”. I would love to see Paula Abdul come back to share the stage with him too!

  9. No , you must join the fray and definitley have a Michael Jackson tribute, but MJ songs not the J5 tunes.

  10. How can i get tickets to the gives back show. A sizable donation is possible if that is what it takes.


  11. yeah, i agree. charice pempengco would be great guesting in idol gives back or even AI finale. hope ellen degeneres requests for her, having guested on the ellen show two years ago

  12. I total think they should bring David Archuleta back for a performance. He is the greatest singer and a wonderful human being. Unlike some of the other past idols.

  13. Would love to hear Jordan Sparks sing an old Nana Miskouri song called “comme un soliel” only in English. This song was on the Albert |Hall album in 1974, where she sang this french song in English. I think Jordan could really pull this off.

  14. Another song that would give some meaning to the give back show would be “Day by Day”, by Doug and the Slugs. I could see David Cook singing this one.

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  16. I definitely think that along with the other great performers that will no doubt be appearing on the show, they should definitely invite David Archuleta to perform. He is a perfect choice. Not only does David have an incredible voice that moves hearts and has made grown men (and women weep) with emotion but he is also a perfect example of a compassionate and kind human being. He puts others before himself. He supports some wonderful charites and always encourages his fans and others to do the same. He is one amazing young man and a phenomenal artist. I am so proud to be one of his many fans. It would be a wonderful thing and a wise choice to bring David back for this special show.

  17. ABSOLUTELY, David Archuleta should be at Idol Gives Back. He is constantly giving of his time and involved in so many charities. If AI doesn’t include him, shame on you!!!!!!! You may have a problem with his speaking ability, but he is a true inspiration and his presence will bring in donations.

  18. Of course, Carrie Underwood should always come back and sing during every season. I think Martina McBride, Reba McIntyre, Celion Deion and Faith Hill should be mentors during the season.

  19. Most all the entertainers tonight were rather boring and not very entertaining. Most were just bad vocalists and crazy lyrics and strange costumes. Where do all these so-called greats come from—-yawn city? Even Carrie Underwood wasn’t that great. Adam Lambert should have done all the entertaining.

  20. Oddfan suggested bringing back David Archuleta. David Archuleta isn’t that good, I don’t know how he made it so far in the seventh season. Definately Adam Lambert though.

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