American Idol 2010 Top 3 Elimination Results Tonight


Tonight on American Idol the second biggest results of the season will be revealed as one singer will go home and the final two will move on to next week’s big finale! Based on many of our polls and the results we’ve seen over the season I think it’s a pretty safe bet to expect Casey to say farewell as Crystal and Lee move. Do you think that will happen? There could always be a huge upset tonight!

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While we wait to see which singer got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

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  1. I feel that Casey would not stay in the show any more. He maybe no more to tell us from his heart, that’s all.

  2. i think casey will be eliminiated tonight ! no offence but his performance was not that good as compared to the other two ! but i agree with u ashley .. who knows wat might happen

  3. Never mind if Casey doesnt go through this round…already in the top 3,he is as good a winner now! When the judges tell Crystal that she is being who she is when she sings her way, why cant they see that Casey is being who he is when he sings his way? Sometimes, i am frustrated with these judges and their comments. But truth be told, may the best man win! yay yay Casey, you are still my favourite and hope you have an awesome and blessed future!

  4. To be fair Casey should go tonight BUT not been fair I want Chrystal to go home and let the 2 guys go into the final. Why? because I know Chrystal is a good artist and singer but for me is boring (sorry Chrystal fans). She sounds so the same in every song that is really not good in my opinion. At least Casey tries to go out of his comfort zone to deliver, even he didn’t well last night he was on tone and Chrystal missed some notes.
    The winner without a doubt for me will be Lee. He has changed so much during the season. Lets see lol. Anyway all are winners already and I wish the best of luck to all.

  5. Don’t write Casey off just yet. I think Ellen wrote Casey off even before the performance, because on her show, she and another guest were talking about the finale as if Casey didn’t even exist. Let me tell you something, folks. Casey has a lot of fans., from what I understand, only measures the busy signal. It has no way of measuring text votes, right?

    Smart people just keep hitting resend for text messages rather than dialing a phone, because it’s faster. Also, everything is bigger in the state of Texas, I hear, including the number of voters. So, those results don’t necessarily mean anything.

    Also, last year when we all thought Adam had it in the bag (and he had the best voice of everyone last year), he didn’t win. There are many people who aren’t going to buy albums of any of this lot of people this year, but since it’s a television show (not radio) and we do have to look at them, Casey has a very nice voice and he’s eye candy. While Casey did have one “off” week (probably due to not being able to hear), he also generally signs in tune. This is important in a singer; although, I swear a lot of voters must be absolutely tone deaf. So, while it looks like Casey may be going home (no big deal, as Casey has already gotten his public exposure), it’s possible he could stay. I’d like to see him in the finale, rather than the predictable Lee/Crystal showdown. If it comes down to Lee and Crystal, Lee will probably win (not because he’s a better singer but because he is more sponsor-friendly than Crystal, if you know what I mean. Sponsors want a certain “look.” Crystal has the better voice, but voters are also tone-deaf (and voice is only one part of the package). Also, if it comes down to Lee and Crystal, I will sit back and hope Crystal will win… but I’m not going to sit up all night and vote. Not happening.

    It’s clear to me that American Idol has been pushing Lee down everyone’s throat from day one, which is maybe one reason I’ve been really turned off by him. When the show plays favorites and uses the judges and what not to manipulate how impressionable people feel about someone, I don’t like it. I have no interest in the “judging” part of the show (frankly) and think it’s tacky to critique someone on live television after a performance. Why can’t the “judges” just write their comments down and give them to the contestants privately? Wouldn’t that be a little less tacky? Reality tv isn’t about taste and class, though, I guess. Otherwise, we would never have to suffer through all of the “preliminary” auditions.

    If we have to have judges, I say keep Ellen – at least she’s funny and picks good songs for the contestants. People say she isn’t musical, but her comments are often the most on-target of the whole bunch. Also, she isn’t rude to anyone. Remember the night when Kara told Tim Urban after he did the slide that he “wasn’t good enough” to act the way he was acting like he was already “established” as an artist? (That’s just one example of comments that are just nasty and hurtful after a performance. And we all know about Simon’s comments.) Randy is always a gentleman when making comments, and as viewer, I appreciate that. So, let’s bring Adam Lambert to the judging team and maybe one randomly-chosen audience member each week.

    As for Ryan, they’d better keep him around. In addition to being such a handsome guy, he just has class. He knows how to treat people and how to talk to people (even if they’ve had a bad night), and there are no uncomfortable moments for the audience.

    Just some random thoughts. I wish all of the contestants good luck. They are all nice people, but my heart and hopes are with Casey.

  6. Sorry about the typos in that last missive. This thing has no editing features… lol.

  7. Lee is a sure bet in the finals. Casey (more likely) or Crystal will go home. However, Crystal has no chance of being American Idol. She can’t beat Lee. Her presentations though very good, are always boring. Casey’s fans may vote for Lee but they will never vote for Crystal. This being said, Casey is the only one that will be heard of in a few years’ time.

  8. #6 JOANNE….I just want to comment about that statement that the judges were pushing LEE down everyones throat…….if they were pushing anyone, it was CRYSTAL…..
    What scares me the most is that LEE won the night hands down and for the last two seasons the winner of this night did not win AI…….

  9. If Casey survives, it won’t be any thanks to Kara’s song choice. My choice for Casey would’ve been Van Morrison’s Brown-eyed Girl. He needed an upbeat, exciting song like this, which would’ve been a show-stopper.

    Notice AI manipulates the viewers by always putting certain favorite people last to sing? They should have to draw straws for that slot.

  10. Can we get another save??!! However, I believe unfortunately Casey will be sent home tonight as sad it will be. I believe the judges choice of song for Casey last night was a poor choice and not in his best interest. Casey, Crystal and Lee each have their own unique style and has proven over the past few weeks to all of America watching, the great artists they can and will be going forward. Best of Luck to all!!!

  11. Phyllis, I think they started out pushing Crystal and then switched over to Lee.

    I think Lee has made progress on the show, mostly in areas like state presence. He still has a way to go on the intonation and such.

  12. Joanne, you may be right but to me it seemed like last night was the first time all four judges were all for LEE……

  13. Lee’s voice is fantastic, he reminds me of one singer’s name that i forgot (i think it is Bruce Springstin, sorry for the wrong spelling, that sang “america” i think not sure).

    I like the first note when he sang Hallelujah and he turned that song into a current song and not gospel but soulful and no words can describe, just good. Perhaps, Bruce Springstin type of songs for him next week.

    Well, i think he knows what type of songs to make for himself. Your best choice.

    Casey has got that singer look. He is destined to be one except a bit stiff and shy.

    Crystal was a novel at first, but sounded the same all the time (predictable) and she looks like she is not ready for this title maybe having to sacrifice motherhood. For me her vocal is not up to the mark.

    I think that Kathy is much better, she has a powerful vocal and relevant and bubbly confident with happy family background. What a shame.

    All the best, Lee. We luv you.

  14. Well, it will definitely be interesting to see what happens tonight. I don’t dislike any of the contestants as people. They are all nice, and I wish them all well.

    For me, though, I almost choked on the ice cube in my drink when Simon compared Casey to a “salad.” To me, Crystal is an appetizer. Casey is the dessert, and Lee is like getting the bill!

  15. I agree with Joanne the 3 last contestants are
    all great.. . . . But the best is and has always been Lee.

  16. Well – down to the wire. I think the judges have been pushing for a Crystal – Lee showdown. I believe they got it! Casey is precious – he will be a great guitarist with someone as well as a back up singer. I really didn’t get the judges song choice for him.
    Our household voting was split between Crystal and Lee. I do hope Lee takes it – Mama Bowersox needs to go do her own thing without being locked into a one year contract with AI. She wants to be with her family. In my heart she is the American Idol. I really like Lee as well so I will be very happy with either of them taking the title.

  17. Using the dinner analogy on the judges, Randy is the meat loaf. Ellen is the chocolate cake. Kara is like having to wash the dishes, and Simon is the after-dinner glass of wine.

  18. Actuelly I want to say that seems Casey, himself who didn’t care about the show, and he hasn’t given 100% to choose a nice song and sing it with all the emotions like before. He has given up fighting, so what the fans can do?

  19. @ Joanne #6
    when i was in college i felt i should take (most) lectures as truth ‘cos the profs should know better (they’re supposedly more knowing)…
    thank you for your lecture but i disagree with you on many counts, especially when you made grand statements such as calling majority of voting public tone deaf (fact or statistics based or just an opinion?) and when you proclaimed Crystal has a better voice than Lee (on what basis? your preference?)
    it’s okay to share opinions here, that’s what the platform is about and we agree to disagree… but i wish you weren’t that authoritative in tone – you must be a boss or a mother, ‘cos they know best ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I don’t think Casey’s showing last night was as bad as some people are thinking. Had Casey been last to perform, his performance may have seemed like it had more punch. The song choices weren’t the best for him, but he sang them beautifully and in tune. I really don’t think the viewers who are Casey fans are going to go switching over to anyone else due to last night’s performance. The people who like Casey are going to keep liking him even after last night. Will his rugged good looks and Texas charm be enough to keep him around? Gosh, I hope so. I really don’t want to see a Lee and Crystal showdown. Boring. Now, a Lee/Casey showdown… whoa… that would be interesting.

  21. Look, Ronnie – these comments and what not are all in fun. I do have some musical qualifications, but when it comes to voting, my votes don’t count anymore than anyone else’s. Moreover, there are many disagreements even amongst people that have musical training. It takes a lot of different kinds of people to make a world, and what an awful world it would be if everyone were the same, right?

  22. Crystal is wonderful. She is not Janice Joplin. I always like her. The judges gave all three great songs. Last night was the first time I liked Lee. He was great and had a sparkle in his eyes.

  23. I re-listened to Lee’s performance of Hallelujah, just to be fair and see if I liked it anymore today. Sorry, but I didn’t. They used the chorus of voices to cover up Lee’s voice at the high point of the song where Lee couldn’t hit the notes. Someone was looking out for Lee, covering his voice up in just the right places. Comparing his performance to Jason Castro’s a couple of years ago, there’s no comparison. Jason’s voice is clear as a bell, and he didn’t need any of it covered up by a chorus. This performance by Lee only served to show the real musicians that Lee couldn’t hold his own on this song and needed a LOT of musical backup to pull it off. Much can be done when you bring in other singers…

  24. I agree with Senior Citizen about Lee having good stage presence last night. That’s very important. I still have issues with his voice.

  25. @Joanne #24
    i suppose you did not even find reading my ENTIRE comment #22 worth your time – you missed my point at the end

  26. I’m not going to apologize for having an authoritative tone, Ronnie. I didn’t miss your point. I just chuckled to myself when I read it.

  27. JOANNE…….And this is just my opinion but you can’t compare Jason Castro to Lee….I loved Jason Castro but he was a different style of singer than Lee……Lee has a unique voice, not perfect but neither is Rod Stewart and I love his style of song and music……..
    Casey & Crystal & Lee will all have some sort of contract but its LEE’s CD that I will buy.
    JMO………..P.S. I will also buy Siobhan’s when it comes out…… I like different!!!!

  28. Phyllis, I realize lots of people love Lee, and I can also understand that. I know he has appeal to quite a few folks. It takes all types to make the world go round, and I do think Lee keeps improving. This whole experience, win or lose, will help him.

  29. I also listened again to Tim Urban’s performance of Hallelujah (the one that was praised by Kara and Ellen even gave Tim a hug and Tim got lots of praise from the judges). The performance was bare, with just Tim and the guitar. To do a version like that, you need to have a really nice voice. Take away all the background vocals and commotion, and I don’t think Lee could’ve pulled a song like Hallelujah off. Still, I know he has his fans. I would like to hear both Casey and Crystal do this song, as well.

  30. Each week People magazine releases clues to the song spoilers the contestants sing. Yesterday they said this about Casey James’ first song: “Casey was accompanied on stage by his amp. His upbeat tune started with vigor, kicking into a solid groove that will have people on their feet and dancing”

    Ummm that doesn’t sound like either song he sang so what’s the deal? Was he forced to change his song at the last minute?

  31. I just read that Simon owns exclusive rights to “Hallelujah” and gets money every time it is sung so now I’m thinking he didn’t have Lee’s best interest in mind when he gave him that song.

  32. Regardless of who actually wins the AI title, the real test is years after the fact. Of all the AI winners, who has made it the biggest so far? Who has been the most successful? Who among the final 3 tonight will become the most successful?

    My personal opinion is that Crystal is really talented and will go on to have a successful career. Casey may have made enough of a fan base to create a niche in the market for himself as well. Lee…Lee has the potential to become THE most successful AI winner EVER! He is that good. For those that think he is off key…get a reality check. He is on key and on the mark for big success. Last night proved it. Those judges know what they are doing; they know what they are talking about. Simon said he has a “fantastic voice.” He is the most hard to please of all the judges and is always brutally truthful. I have been angry with Simon many a time, but he always ends up being right.

  33. I am appalled of the Producers of American Idol shunned Lee Dewyse home time visit last night. They put on both Crystal’s and Casey’s Home Town Visit clips but shunned Lee’s as this was voting criteria which I fare as UNFARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. For me, yesterday Simon had his moment more than Lee. He has crashed totally Randy and Kara. Simon showed his way to understand a contestant was so exquisitely, much better than Randy(know well contestant’s instructment technic) and Kara(know well contestant’s looking and his style).

  35. Ok, I admit that I was one of those people who wanted Crystal to win. However, now the more time that goes by, the more boring she has become to me she sings everything the same way and her attitude is sort of indifferent. I believe that she will end up with a record deal down the line anyway so good luck to her. Casey well, he has the looks and a pretty good voice too I think that he has a good fan base with the ladies and he too will make it in the business. Lee will probably win this contest. I think he has a great voice, he needs to work harder on loosening up on stage though. You can’t just stand there like a lump on stage. I think the judges should have brought that up with these contestants. Stage presence, the way they move and interact with the audience is just as important as the singing. They are boring to look at! one song is doable but to sit through a whole concert of watching a person stand and sing with a guitar and not interract is plain boring.

  36. Joanne…..I agree about LEE with the right mentoring, he will get much better…..

  37. I have never seen any contestant evolve from invisible to a star from January until May as I have witnessed with Lee De Wyze…I do not remember any IDOL contestant show more growth than Lee De Wyze….He is like a sponge who has absorbed everything, and at the right moment has peaked…In the beginning stages of Lee’s growth he had a shy and retiring personality….There was no affect on his face….He lacked stage presence and charisma…..Lee now shines on the stage…He has a raw and soulful quality which causes viewers to go lacrymose….He is definitely charismatic with star quality….He is humble and hard-working….Right before our eyes we see how a star is born….Who knew as they watched this uninspiring season of Idol that we were watching the transformation of a store clerk in a paint store into an artist and a star…

  38. I think it is going to be between Crystal & Lee – simply because Cara & Randy didn’t pick a better song for Casey! He would have rocked a Bob Segar or a Brian Adams….. but instead he got a LAME song choice.

  39. Why do we constantly talk about tone and pitch some of the best singers/performers out there have worse pitches than these three. It comes down to uniqueness that makes people want to listen/watch artists perform. Ask Bono, Dave Matthews and on on on…… They would never have won AI but everyone buys there records and goes to ther concerts because of there uniqueness

  40. #43 – bob, I couldn’t agree more! Look at Bob Dylan, one of my favs and there is no way he would have even made it to the top 24 – let alone to the top three!

  41. dont mind this. im just trying things out


  42. Am I the only one that is reminded of a young Billy Joel when Lee sings. Take a look at the cover of My Life, and tell me that doesn’t look like Lee. I also think Lee has the soul of Billy Joel in a lot of way. Up until 3 weeks ago, I though Crystal had a lock on the title, but based on the last 3 weeks, it is Lee’s to lose.

  43. i am not from the usa … most of you wont even know my country so i wont bother!My country watches the show few hours after its shown in america..and i have wanted big mike to win.i never liked casey i want lee to win because he loves what he does..he doesnt seek attention he is just there because he wants a better life for himself…I admire people like lee..i wish i could vote..

  44. Let me tell you about Lee: He is a “serious” musician who wants to have the audience relate to his music. He did this last night and contrary to some remarks here about covering up his voice (he sang the high notes himself, I could hear him all the time apart from the choir). Lee has 2 pre-idol CD’s out(on which all songs are his originals), they are good but through the Idol process, this man has progressed from “good” to “great” and he will continue to grow with his music. He has worked very hard on Idol (the producer of his previous records claims that he strives for perfection) and that work has made him a “true contestant” (after all this is not a show of seasoned artists). I maintain that even though the show can be interested in its ratings etc. the judges are in the music field and should know more than you and I what is good and what is not. Also, what about Harry Connick, Jr?? He brought out a lot in Lee and knows he is good . . . Lee is in the business now and if he wins or not (of course my 700 votes will go for him) he will have a “Great” career and then the negative remarks on these sites will go toward someone else that is trying to make something of themself. “Lighten Up” America and listen to the music!
    Grandma Jean, Las Vegas

  45. Most people who won AI never did anything, but Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasa. No male performers it will be a curse for Lee.

  46. Chrystal is the most refreshing young female singer to come on the stage of American idol.Her style brings a flavor of folk music with a modern twist….Her unique voice will fill the airwaves for years to come. It really doesn’t matter if she wins or not. I am a 70 year old fan and hope others hear what I hear. She deserves to win.

  47. She will bring Americana music to mainstream. I think Lee win with because of his appeal to young girls.

  48. #50 DOUG…Do you pay attention to music….Adam Lambert did not win last year and neither did Chris Daughtry but do you realize how successful they are…Their videos are in the Top 20 and Adam’s was #1 for weeks….They both go on concert tours…..if you don’t think that is success, I don’t know what you think success is!!!!!!

  49. Also Jennifer Hudson never won American Idol…..and check her success out!!!!!

  50. They also get better contract then the winner. The winner gets a certain set amount from the get go.

  51. I think Lee has a real chance, but Crystal is the next Janis Joplin, in my book…Hopefully, a better outcome than Janis. I sure miss Janis.

  52. Casey Rocks! He is one of the most genuine performers I have seen on AI. he has an amzing blusey tone and plays a mean guitar!! Look out John Mayer! It has been clear that the judges and producers of AI have been pimpin Crystal and Lee for quite a while.. they just don’t get Caseys Downhome Rawness…They prefer an AI clone! Look forward to seeing Casey LIVE and can’t wait for him to drop a CD! If you agents are listening you should sign him!!!
    Hey and I’m from So.Cal.!!!

  53. I think Crystal is ready out of the box you get a producer behind her she will slay the rest of them. She can write she has more of a artist feel to her than the rest she can take criticism like no one on that show.

  54. Boo Hoo! Casey is going home tonight and I’m so sad!! I still LOVE this guy! He is by far the best of the top 3 for me, and I already have my tickets to see him on the tour this summer! GO CASEY!! I will buy his music WHEN he gets a recording contract(hopefully he’ll do country). I really believe the judges(worthless as they are…including Simon, who I love)played a HUGE part in what has transpired. They have always had their favorites and Casey was NEVER one of them(even when they did give him praise…which WAS NOT TOO OFTEN). I certainly wish the other two luck, but I won’t be voting for either of them simply because I don’t care for their musical styles. I also hate to say it, but both Lee and Crystal won’t be around for long in the music world only because of Crystal’s type of music and Lee will slowly fade away when the next cutie comes along and steals the young girls’ attentions. Sorry, fans, but it is what it is…The real final should be Casey and Lee…

  55. DOUG….seriously…are you watching the same show as we are…..Crystal at the beginning never got criticized but when she did, she did not like it and went back at the judges.

  56. I wonder how they chose what judges would pick the song for which performer last night? Interesting!! I could of thought of better songs myself.. They truly did not showcase Casey’s talent..He is so much more amazing then that!! WTH judges!! Did you have your winner already picked out??

  57. Hey Wendy How do you know Casey is going home tonight?? I have been sad also… I want him to be in the finals!! No sense watching the show if he leaves!! I can’t vote for either of the other 2.

  58. #50 I understand where your coming from…. the Winners of AI haven’t been seen in the public much except for Kerry Underwood, Fantasia, Kelly Clarkson…. they are the most Famous WINNERS…. but look at the ones who didn’t win… Kelly Pickler, Daughtry, Lambert, they went much further than the winner did. Even Bucky Covington & Danny Gokey are more popular than their Winning Idol for their season.

    I hope Crystal does win it…. seems the girls seem to go further with the wins than do the guys. But Casey, Lee & Crystal will all make it!

  59. I think Lee DeWyze is on the verge of superstardom. He has the potential to do better than any of the other AIs. I only started watching this season at the top 12, when I first noticed Lee. I thought he and Crystal were the best of all of them that night, and then I want ed to keep watching to see if they stayed in the competition. Crystal really intrigued me at first, with her powerful pipes and 70s hippie rock style, but then Lee kept getting better and better, and crystal kind of stayed the same, the novelty wore off. Lee has been a star in the making of this whole season and has made it very exciting. I haven’t really been interested in the past AIs, but this one drew me in because of Lee.

  60. I support Lee 100%.. I picked him as my fave waaaay back in the top24.. He’s someone that i can hear on the radio, and i would definitely buy his cds! And above all that, the guy is really likeable! with his humbleness and cheerfulness. Lee you’re alreay a star to me. The only reason i’ve been watching this season. God bless.

  61. @ 41 Logan
    You said it so well really, Lee listened and grew and changed from a lamb to a wolf lol. I totally think he should win.

  62. @ Ellen (#65)…
    I feel exactly the same way. Lee was my main reason for watching this season as well. It hasn’t been a very good season compared to the preceding ones. But as you said, and in which i totally agree, Lee Dewyze is on the verge of superstardom. It’s been a pleasure watching him this year.

  63. After doing so well last night, im so scared Lee will tank with his performances next week (if he makes the finale, which im sure he will)..i hope shines!

  64. Dona #63…I don’t know for sure if Casey is leaving, just trying to brace myself just incase! I usually do this every week only because IF he does go home I can honestly say I’ll be totally devastated…I agree there isn’t a reason to watch if he leaves…I LOVE CASEY JAMES…

  65. I hope Casey doesn’t go home. If he does, I guess i will do something besides watch Idol next week. Can’t wait to buy a Casey album.

  66. Hey on the Idol facebook, casey wrote:

    AI9 Contestants Casey James: Thank you everyone who has voted for me this season. Thank you for understanding me. I’m just a musician that took a chance to make a better life for himself. You have helped me accomplish that. I will always be grateful for it with all my heart. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maybe he knows he’s going. the other two left a messages similar but not as down.

    Go to the idol site and leave him a message. love you casey

  67. I am a true Casey fan too. The judges have been too hard on him especially Simon. He is already a winner and has a great future ahead. But I hope he stays tonight. Go Casey.

  68. NOTE: I’m not shakira lol. :))

    First of all, I really think Crystal should stay.
    She’s got soul more than Lee because she’s got more experience in life than him. She’s a mother and a current lover.
    She knows how to offer her songs to them.
    That’s the kind of soul Crystal has.
    And one time it gave me chills.

    I don’t get Lee that much.
    I like him, but I don’t love him.
    He’s just a plain kinda commercial guy with a soul.
    I love his personality though.
    And so I want him to stay with Crystal for the finals.

    Sad to see Casey go. ๐Ÿ™
    But this is a competition.
    And one always has to go.

  69. First: Crystal was herself.
    2nd: Casey was thrown under the bus
    On to Lee…
    Leeโ€™s first song was good, but โ€˜Hallelujahโ€™ was nothing more than smoke and mirrors. With all the theatrics, the song lost all the substance. It was ridiculous and moments are not manufactured, they naturally occur. Tim had a moment with the song, Lee did not. I do not blame this on Lee though, purely Simonโ€™s doing. The guy owns the song.

    I would figure after 9 years of doing the show, the judges would have figured out: When you over pimp a contestant, you annoy the viewers. It was truly uncalled for the way they handled yesterday or the whole season for that matter. s9 was the first season I watched on air, then I caught s8 in reruns… there seems to be a drastic difference in the vibe of the show from how the judges are to how the contestants are displayed. Not until they are off the show do we see how cool of people they are and that is really sad. The is a level of stigma on this season, no matter what happened, it was going to be bad. The only thing that seems to be wrong with s9 are the nerves. They all have ability, it just needs tweaking [Tim was a prime example and it was working, still say he was robbed]. 2nd the contestants can not be blamed, the judges and producers picked them… blame them. There is a theory that this was the indy idol season, but TPTB just half-assed it and didn’t bother using suitable themes… and the fact they had to cancel Teen Idol week because there were not enough songs? wow.. the show’s production this year was so off… just wow.

  70. La Bowersox’s talent exceeds by quanta the two guys — despite the obvious attempt by the producers to push DeWyze (and, to be fair, his excellent first song). But remembering past injustices on American Idol — Melinda Doolittle, Adam Lambert, LaToya London, Clay Aiken — I actually fear for Crystal tonight. Justice would pit her against Lee. Poor Casey seems embarassed at being out of his depth.

  71. GHLIII
    if poor casey was embarrassed it was not because he was “out of his depth” whatever that means…its because he knows he’s part of a sham. I don’t hate on the others…but Casey is for real and he owes no apology to anyone. He has beat up long enough. I almost hope he goes home, because there is no dignity in this show. I think Crystal is for real too. Lee is handsome, a little over tattooed…and better than a paint store. I hope he is successful. But they are not heads and tails over Casey. No way now how.

  72. Just a few notes from a regular person: I like Casey very much because he seems genuine and because I like his voice and his musical ability on the guitar. I think he is a more well-rounded musician than the other two. And yes I know the other two play instruments, as well. I have liked Casey from the first time I saw his audition.

    If you saw any of his performances from Dallas this last weekend, you saw the bluesy rock singer that Idol has tried its best to squelch. I wonder why almost none of the show last night was dedicated to any of the contestants’ performances at home. . . In the past, hasn’t the show focused on each contestant’s homecoming? All we saw was each one getting news of his or her song–Lee was still on the plane apparently when he received his song choice.

    I think the judges gave Casey mixed messages all season. First Kara made an idiot of herself because of Casey’s good looks, and then the judges seemed to backtrack the following weeks because of her stupidity. Throughout it all, Casey behaved like a gentleman.

    As for Simon, he’s all about Simon. I don’t think he cares about the contestants. Did you notice how he preened at all the praise for his song choice last night? Remember, he had the same attitude when he chose the Kathryn McPhee song a few years ago, “Over the Rainbow.” Remember, however, that she didn’t win, despite Simon’s best efforts. Instead Taylor Hicks, whom Simon detested, won. So . . . there is still hope I guess that the fans will make the decision, not the judges.

  73. I don”t know really know why – but Crystal just rubs me the wrong way.

  74. # 80..Lynda..
    I agree w/ everything you said !
    From day one..Kara made it apparent she had a crush on Casey. He was consistently teased about his good looks & took it in a modest fashion. However..I think the fact the kid can really SING & play the guitar got overlooked while her & a few others made jokes. If a person was to really LISTEN to some of his performances..he’s been consistent. Sure..some of the song choices were not great..but he knew how to mix it up. He not only could sing the blues..but he rocked it out..and slowed it down. He has a smooth sound to him unlike the other two.
    People that say he’s made it this far merely on his looks..makes me angry. He truly IS a talented musician.
    Last night.. I thought he was thrown under the bus. Kara would have a lot to explain should Casey win. my opinion..he sort of got sabotogged w/ the song choice her & Randy made for him. They picked a song w/ absolutely no dynamics needed for this FINAL time in the contest. Why?..well..they had made their choice…LEE. If they could persuade votes his direction..they got what they wanted.
    And yep..Lee is good..fantastic vocalist/musician…and so is Crystal..but neither are any “better” than Casey James. In my opinion neither of them ever sound any different. Not sure I could sit and listen to an entire CD from those 2 like I could Casey.
    Know it sounds ridiculous..but I feel he was shot down all because Kara didn’t act professional as a judge & AI doesn’t want to deal w/ a scandal. Just my opinion.
    It’s gonna be sad to see Casey leave. I wish him a fanastic career in music despite not being the top winner.

  75. Casey got screwed in the words of ashley. but what a gentleman…all the way thru. there was a comment on facebook from a poster about a song change. anyone hear casey had another song picked but was told at the last moment the song could not be acquired so he had to scramble for a new song? I have not seen that anywhere. maybe that would explain his lack of enthusiasm for the first song…the one he supposedly chose. wow..casey…i am sorry they are putting you thru this. just think…whats the worst that can happen? you end up in texas next week…back home with real people.

  76. @77 – is it just me, but didn’t the sound crew suck this year? I could hear the singers pretty well, but the background instruments were hit and miss.

  77. #77 you are so right. I do not understand the praise for Lee’s performance of ‘Hallelujah’. I think he’s very talented and has a wonderful voice in that smoky style that seems to very popular right now (at least on Idol). However, his rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ was so off the mark that it bordered on horrendous. As performances of that song go the gold standard has always been, and still is, Jeff Buckley’s exquisite version, deep, haunting, sad, and passionate. Nothing else comes close. The recent litany of singers who have taken it on are just singing a song. This was an empty gesture, devoid of meaning.

  78. who cares if lee wins AI, he can open for Taylor hicks…oh right taylor is doing plays…so guess he can sing in chicago at cubby games.

  79. I feel that Casey should go home as he is overdue to exit AI…I feel there were others that are better and he sounds pitchy in the songs that he has done lately…Not to offend any one…..


  81. All 3 of the videos from these contestants visits home were very touching. I was especially touched by Lee’s & Casey’s. Pretty awesome guys.
    When Crystal cried while viewing hers…that was a tear jerker too.
    All 3 of these finalists have proved to be special individuals. They have given it their all to win this title.
    Much as I wanted to see Casey stay…I was proud of the way he handled himself tonight being voted off. He left with a smile..and really shown everyone his true character. Made me like the guy evern more. He’s gonna be fine..and I beleive he will go far.
    Watching Lee..I beleive he should get this win. He wants it more than anyone..and he deserves it as much as anyone. I hope he wins next week.
    Crystal..I think she would be okay with 2nd place. Her heart is not truly into this. I’m not saying that to be just isn’t. If you listened close to her comments..she misses being w/ her son & being a MOM..and I can’t say I blame her. I think she appreciates the experience AI has brought to her life…but I think this may not be her “dream” as much as she thought it might be when she 1st started. Just an observation.

  82. #91 i agree with you about Crystal. she was my favorite to win since the beginning…so much talent. but i too noticed that she lacked the passion and focus during these past few weeks… seems to be just going through the motion. i don’t think touring and being away from her little boy for long periods of time would make her happy. even if she doesn’t win AI, i’m still glad that she gave it a try…she has some unbelievably wonderful performances that i still watch on utube.

  83. Diane z #91

    I agree Crystal doesn’t appear to be as hungry for this as Lee does. I just don’t know whether it is because she doesn’t want to be tied to the American Idol for the year or if she is just ready to go home. Whatever the reason she just doesn’t appear to want it that bad. Just my observation

  84. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that thought Lee’s version of Hallelujah was not so good (partly due to the arrangement and the theatrics and partly due to the fact that he didn’t hit some of the notes).

    Look, I do think Lee has improved, and it is nice to watch someone grow. He does seem to have a fan base. Not everyone is as picky as me… lol. I certainly admire him and wish him the best.

    I do think it’s a shame that Casey was treated like such a sex object, because I think it kept some people from taking him seriously from the start. I think he is a wonderful guitar player with a really nice voice. He’s also a really wholesome, sweet guy. I’m really disappointed in Kara’s song choice for him. Don’t get me wrong. He sounded great singing it, but I just think he needed to end with a more powerful song. It would’ve been ok as a first song. I think it would be better to allow each judge to suggest a song for each contestant, and let the contestant pick from the list. That way, it doesn’t give one judge the power to ruin everything for someone.

    On a happier note, I saw Adam Lambert perform on Ellen’s show today. I’ve really missed Adam’s performances this season. Talk about the whole package. Adam gets everything right down to the last detail. I miss my weekly dose of Adam. *sigh*

  85. I think the problem we are all having is with the judges. . . Kara is nothing but a Simon
    wannabe and Ellen? There is just something that bothers me about her – maybe her poor choice in choosing songs for the contestants? Or could it be some of the bazaar comments she makes when she is supposed to be judging the idol rather than making off the wall comments about the song? Randy has insight and is real. It will be difficult to find a replacement for Simon.

  86. @JOANNE…..I saw Adam yesterday too….He was awesome…..Now thats the whole package and he didn’t win……What a crying shame……but in reality… didn’t really matter because he is going to be a big star. He is on his way….Can’t wait to see him in concert….Definitely doing better than Kris Allen (who I really like too).

  87. Simon is a fantastic judge. I am glad that Lee and Crystal are in the finals. I would love to see Adam Lambert in concert. To me he is a combination of Elvis, Freddy Mercury, and Michael Jackson.

  88. the song simon chose for lee was a song he chose for another singer alexandra burke from the x factor in the uk which he is a judge also and which scored a number 1 there

  89. I am really getting tired of hearing that Mike Lynch got voted off because he is black. That is absurd! Mike got voted off not ONCE, but
    TWICE due to his performances that nearly all sounded the same and he did not have creativity to change the songs up ( I will however give him credit on the Eleanor Rigby song though ). Personally, I became frustrated with him flexing his muscles, literally picking contestants up and off the ground, his constant NODDING of the head, his odd lip smacking, teeth sucking and waving to the audience. It became difficult to even LOOK at him. Just got on my nerves!

    Furthermore, everyone seems SO concerned about Crystal having a baby and diabetes (which can certainly be controlled) but NO ONE GAVE IT A SECOND THOUGHT WHEN FANTASIA B. HAD A BABY OUT THERE !!!! What’s the big deal? If Crystal wins, she’ll have good nanny’s for the child, possibly even bring child with her on tours/shows, etc. and she DOES have a family!

  90. When Casey sang his last song and picked up the little girl and put her in his lap, all I could think of is that he represents the kind of image folks should want for an American Idol. What a guy!

  91. Casey was the true winner in my mind, in my heart, in my eyes, to my ears. It doesn’t matter what the judges said.

  92. The judges told James what to do to win and he did
    it even better than expected! But then the judges threw James off the Idol and sent him home!
    James had always had a high number of votes, not
    once was he in the bottom three,like some others
    were, but even though it wasn’t fair, James is
    gone! He was the only contestant who was strong
    enough to win American Idol!
    I will have to find another show to watch that’s
    honest and fair!

  93. I know James will have an outstanding career
    with people who appreciate him! I live just
    1 hour from Santa Cruz, so hope I get another
    chance to see him perform.

  94. Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear. Thomas Jefferson

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