American Idol 2010 Top 3 Performances & Phone Numbers

It’s Judges’ Pick night tonight on American Idol as Casey, Crystal, and Lee take the stage to woo you and your votes as part of the season’s Top 3. We’re definitely getting down to the wire with the season finale just 8 days away! Let’s see if we get a great show tonight with the songs given to these singers.

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American Idol Top 3 Performances:

  • Casey James – Okay, It’s Alright With Me – 1-866-436-5701 & 5704 & 5707
  • Crystal Bowersox – Come to My Window – 1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
  • Lee DeWyze – Simple Man – 1-866-436-5703 & 5706 & 5709
  • Casey James – Daughters – 1-866-436-5701 & 5704 & 5707
  • Crystal Bowersox – Maybe I’m Amazed – 1-866-436-5702 & 5705 & 5708
  • Lee DeWyze – Hallelujah – 1-866-436-5703 & 5706 & 5709

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. I did not like Caseys song by himself…Wrong song choice and I agree with all of the judges and I did not expect that from him. He is usually fantastic!

  2. I love casey but is there something wrong with him? he did not seem into this song at all. wonder if he just wants to go home? i mean he just got back from texas, and everyone has written him off…he had no spirit…love em though

  3. maybe its my tv…crystal seems a little down too. more energy than casey it seems, but really not that great. maybe thats the way this show is going to go.

  4. maybe its me…lee sounded a little less energetic too…i will reserve my judgment on the next round.

  5. marylinne well you are being mean..i guess i could care less what you think…but i could care less you exist.

  6. I loved Lee! He rocked and he was better than crystal and Casey but they are usually great!

  7. casey wants to go home. and i think he is going. but i love him. he is so much better than tonight.

  8. I thought Crystal was supposed to sing “Maybe I’m Amazed” What happened?

  9. I ‘heard’ it right here on this site, Monica. They’re each singing two songs – one picked by them and one picked by the judges.

  10. please everyone vote 4 casey i just cant stand him going home.
    please with everyones heart vote 4 casey

  11. I think Casey surrendered..tired of being a toy i guess….his choice was okay its alright with me. so maybe thats the message…its ok of he goes home. he was not into either song…though the second one…he did the best he could. crystal did really well on her second song. she deserves to stay. lee did well on his first and he is in. so there we have it. love you casey.

  12. Lee is amazing! I really like him and the song and how he sings it is very touching

  13. well i will not be watching next week. cya casey..see you on your own tour when you can escape the AI bs.

  14. Lee was very good tonight, but don’t forget, he had a choir behind him which makes for a better performance all around. Crystal and Casey had no such help.

  15. I didnt really like the song choices today but goood luck to all of u and I love you all! You rock!

  16. Lee pulled out all the stops tonight. He wants the win. The others had the same options as Lee, they chose not to use them. Lee all the way!!!

  17. i love you casey…but i love crystal and lee too…best wishes to all three. hope casey stays..but doubt it.

  18. What a night, We all know who’s going home next week soul less Casey!! Lee and Crystal are the best idol contestant ever!! They were both my picks from the top24..

  19. Love American Idol! The judges made the best song choices for them to go all the way.. You sure could tell who whats to win!!!

  20. lee is simply awsome his performance tonight and everynight is just magical he will be american idol’s winner for sure for 2010 way to go lee im voting for you.

  21. lee dewyze & crystal bowersox are amazing.
    the judges chose awesome awesome songs for the both of them. and the songs fit them really well! i really hope lee wins! go lee dewyze (:

  22. Crystal is buy far the most soulful expressionist. Lee is also soulful but his strength is his growth potential into opportunity. That said… Casey will make it big the soonest! It the marketing stupid 😉

  23. cherry you said it right…for both of them but not all three of them…poor casey…will make more money than the rest..but good thing he does not have to be slave of idol..he can do his own thing.

  24. Lee definitely won the night and is clearly the best performer. Crystal always sounds the same and is very boring. Casey is good, but not good enough. Vote for Lee – he is awesome!

  25. Lee really rose to the occassion and makes EVERYONE so very happy and proud of him!

    Simple man was great but Hallelujah was almost a religious experience!!

  26. Casey seems bored and is lacking in enthusiasm. I think he lost the desire to win a few weeks back and will be going home tomorrow. He’s a good singer, but really needs to loosen up. Lee was the best tonight. But Crystal is great also.

  27. Lee was the best overall the next best was Crystal and Casey dead last. Lee has class and he knows how to answer a question when asked. Crystal is a good singer but she lacks class and when she is asked a question it is always a debate. Pretty boy Casey has VFTW on his side and the final 2 may just be Lee and Casey.

  28. Everyone NEEDS to vote for LEE!!!!!!!!!!! He is the best singer and did AH-MAZING tonight!!!! Vote for Lee, he deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. LEE!!! He is without a doubt the best one here followed by Crystal and then Casey who will be going home tomorrow.

  30. Yea Casey better be going home!!! If Lee went home, which he won’t I will NEVER watch American Idol again!!!!


  32. Lee Sucked Big Time Tonight, Casey Where was your mind tonight? Now Crystal, She Was The Bomb Of All 3 She Has My Vote For The Night!!!
    Excellent Job GF!!!!

  33. Crystal was great too but she wasn’t as good as Lee!!!! What was wrong with Casey? He better be the one to go tommorow night!!

  34. if crystal and lee are in the final 2 I personally do not know who to vote for.I was originally a big crystal fan for weeks, but lee has won my heart and soul also.They both deserve to win.It would be a miracle if it was a tie score.This is what I hope for,But in the end they are all winners

  35. jody she can be a much better mom if she does not have to fulfill the AI duties as ambassador a whole year… pretty sure she’ll be more than happy to stay behind and record

  36. come on…don’t attack crystal for being a working mom…that is really sad. she is doing whats right for her family. using her talents that can change their lives for the better. would you rather her have to struggle with child care and low paying jobs like most working mothers. vote for lee if you want…but do not vote against crystal because she is a working mother. now having said that, VOTE CASEY. He is the best.

  37. Lucia something has gotten Casey down…maybe its all the underdog talk. Maybe he is just tired. And to be handed that dog of a song to sing. he chose “okay, its alright with me” was that code for i accept i am going home? not sure. but Casey had no spark. I voted for him though. He has been really beaten up by the judges and people like those in here. If he makes it to next week, maybe it will snap him out of it…but if he doesn’t i hope he just records what he wants and makes tons of money.


  39. Naturally Casey was down…the judges(Kara) are saying he shouldn’t be in the top two and Ryan is just as bad making the same statement. The poor guy wasn’t going to get any praise from the judges anyway…so sad. He still gets all my votes,regardless! Casey is the best!

  40. I think Casey realizes the judges set him up, and he is a little tired of the judges period. They have not been too nice to him all season, and he is mature enough to see thru them. The judges wanted Crystal to win from the start, but I think tonight, she didn’t pull it off. Lee beat her hands down. I hope she goes tomorrow night. We will see.

  41. i agree Dandee. the judges set casey up, they know already from the start who they wanted to win, but they keep casey up until now just so people will keep watching the show.

  42. casey has the voice that nobody has, its so unique. he doesnt sound like david cook or kris allen. he is just one of a kind.

  43. Casey seems a real nice person and a gentleman, and he also seems a very mellow kind of a guy who doesn’t really want to fight… he has a great voice and he’s hot with his guitar, he’s really alright with whatever happens… i like him a lot and respect him even though i am a Lee fan… i think he’ll have a great future and he’s going to be a happy guy, not a jealous guy 🙂

  44. I’M SAD..T.T.I thought the top 12 would be like this..
    1.Siobhan Magnus
    2.Lee DeWyze
    3.Crystal Bowersox
    4.Casey James
    5.Andrew Garcia
    6.Aaron Kelly
    7.Katie Stevens
    8.Lacey Brown
    9.Didi benami
    10.Tim Urban
    11.Michael Lynche
    12.Paige Miles

  45. omg!!!! I love Lee so much!!!!! He was awesome!!! it is kind of obvious that crystal will win though!!!!! but i still LOVE LEE!!!! 🙂

  46. I picked Lee from the beginning, and I still love him! I didn’t get to watch last night, but from what is being said here, I can tell he was great.

    Good luck final three!

  47. Who will it be? Eye-candy Lee or the talented Crystal? If eye-candy wins over the obviously multi-talented Crystal, I won’t be wasting my time to watch again. Mama Sox deserves the win. She is outstanding!!!

  48. Kara so bias!!!! casey is there because he got talents.. Mike should deserve to be out long long long time ago.. Kara is the judge she shouldnt show favourtism… Casey has the best and unique vocals among the 3 of them… Casey is even better than Mike.. Vocals: Casey is the winner. Stage presents: Crystal.. Outstanding performance: Lee… So the winner is Lee… Even though Lee should be the winner.. I still love Casey… Casey will go strive forward.. He will get a very wonderful career.

  49. I believe this was a set up between the judges, set up by Simon. It is very obvious who is wants to win. Counld not be any clearer. I feel that Casey did a magnificient job, although very nervous, shy and timid, he sure knows his music, much more than Crystal and Lee. Hope Casey surprises everyone and comes in at least second. God Bless Casey!!
    Hope you shock everyone.

  50. just read the comments on my screen. Casey James is a wonderful performer. Hope he wins tonight and shocks the judges, that would be wonderful!!!!!! Casey can really sign and play that guitar, I feel last night got to him, the judges were very obvious in not being nice to him all along. Is it because he is so much better looking then all of them?

  51. i really miss seeing casey performing happily on stage with his guitar with a song of his choice like before. i watch this whole season and i never forget how casey did in the beginning. when i look at him i cant say i have a crush or fantasy on him, but i really love looking at his face, it’s really inspiring seeing casey smile even with a shy smile. i hope he will continue what he learns in idol, and people will always support him. casey will always be a legend for himself and america. hope to see him next week, but if he goes home, i hope he will get more tv appearances. LONG LIVE CASEY JAMES!

  52. if he comes back next week, he still have a chance to make it. but the judges were giving him comments. i listen to john mayers version of daughters and casey i notice that casey did a good job with his performance. theres no climax in the song and i think Simon was laughing when kara was commenting because in the beginning he doesnt like casey, and now he wants to drop him. simon should sing jealous guy tonight.

  53. Casey needs to wow us with a song like “Here Without You” by 3 Doors Down. Something that will show what he does best; songs with feeling!

  54. Does anyone know how to watch American on a personal computer *AS* if happens LIVE

  55. Crystal is too unstable. She needs to be home to raise her child. Lee was outstanding last night and is the best of the three left. Casey was his usual ho-hum self. He even mubbled a word in one of his songs….did you hear it??? Unreal!

  56. Crystal is awesome, but I would like to see Lee and Casey in the finale. Just love their singing and personalities. All of the top four were great, and I hate to see them go, but it has to be. Whoever goes tonight, I will be sad for them. Many think it will be Casey, but I will keep hoping for him until the end. (I miss Mike too. He is very talented.) Oh well, all we can do now is wait and see. Good luck and lots of love to all three.

  57. I’m so afraid that Casey will be going, I don’t think I can watch the show tonight.I feel that his remarkable talent from the very beginning disturbed the judges so they’ve been working at plucking at him like chickens. I was shocked at their comments every time. I became upset for him but he always took it well.

  58. The judges are the cause of Casey’s problems. He was great at what he did until they interferred, especially Kara. She needs to be voted off! She SHOULD know what she is talking about, but she DOESN’T. All Ellen can do is agree with what Randy said. All Randy wants to do is say “Yo Yo” and “Boo.” What do they expect from young people starting out? Hey, they are not pros yet!(but some of them will be, with time.) I think the judges should be silent when it reaches the top 3, or even the top 5. Hey judges, stop influencing the votes to go your way. Let us decide!

  59. I thought Casey’s version of ‘Daughters’ was beautiful, and I will download it. The judges are trying to get rid of Casey by bashing everything he does. I say get a whole new set of judges for next season, especially Kara – worst judge ever. I believe Simon is jealous of Casey because he is so good looking. Get over it, Simon. You’ll never look as good as Casey!

  60. it will be much more entertaining and fun to watch Lee and Casey in the final next week, afterall it’s entertainment and Crystal is just not very fun

  61. I’m with you Robin #97 – I will definately buy both Lee & Casey’s music but that is all out of the top twelve. Crystal’s style got old quickly and her playing the baby card is not too cool at all.

  62. whatever happens tonight, Casey will always be my american idol. i watch his version of “Dont” and he did amazing. i hope casey in the finale.

  63. i noticed after the judges commented crystal, she was talking about her kid instead of saying anything about what the judges said. i dont really understand at all. maybe i should agree with simon when he said shes lost.

  64. Casey is, and will always be, a gifted musician who will be widely known and admired for his amazing talent and who he is as a person. Rarely do you see someone who is so brilliant, yet humble and thoughtful. His values and kindness toward others are so impressive in this day of “it’s all about me” entitlement. Can’t wait to see him in August and when he tours on his own later. Thank you, AI, for bringing him to us. Whether he wins Idol or not is unimportant. He will continue to wow the world and make it big on his own terms. But don’t rule him out yet–the producers are spinning the show for ratings just as they always do.

  65. I thought Casey’s version of ‘Jealous Guy’ was incredible. He has done a few that are blow-you-away awesome. I sure hope I see him in the stores when this is over.

  66. Crystal was terrible last night. I bet you it is going to come down to Lee in the #1 slot and Casey in the #2 position.
    It’s evident Crystal just doesn’t want to win. It’s all too much for her and she simply cannot cope. She is a coffeehouse singer and that’s where she’ll stay and SHOULD stay.
    Lee is fabulous. He is a gifted musician and singer, he has the look, he has the presence and his performance last night with Hallelujiah, I am sure blew the roof off the place. I wish I had been there. All the best to him.
    My prediction for the final outcome:
    Lee #1
    Casey #2
    Crystal #3
    My best wishes to them all!

  67. Crystal is consistently good but Lee Dewyze gave the best performance. I was disappointed with Casey James’ performance, but he is very popular with the ladies so he just might surprise everyone and be one of the top two, but if the voters voted solely on best singer rather than best looking, then Lee and Crystal would be the top two.

  68. Casey and Crystal just didn’t seem to be enthused at all. Both of their performances were very disappointing to me. They both acted like they don’t really care anymore if they win Idol or not. Maybe they were all burnt out from their visits home. Even Lee, when I think about it, showed no emotion when the judges praised him to high heaven!!!!
    Quite honestly, the whole night was a big joke

  69. i thought the producer wants casey to stay just so people will keep watching the show.

  70. @106 – you were just stressed while watching the show thats why you cant appreciate what those people are doing. chillax! you know yourself are no better than any of them. so stop complaining.

  71. Casey lost the spirit
    Crystal was brave and natural
    Lee was talented
    Honesty Casey should go home base on his last night performance. Whatever, I am strongly believe the lady luck is still standing by Casey side and look forward to see shock results for the finale.
    We may see Crystal going home tonight. Judges were given a lot of favor to Lee because they simply didn’t want to see Crystal becomes an American Idol.

  72. Lee is the next American Idol, he has a strong powerful voice, great look, awesome singer,he is the one that is most deserving to win the title.

  73. I’ve felt from the beginning it would come down to Crystal and Lee. My pick would be Crystal, simply because she’s been consistent and real week and after week and its the kind of music I like to listen to most. As for Casey, it was obvious he didn’t like the song chosen for him. His best weeks were Jealous Guy and Don’t. That’s more his style.

  74. I have a funny feeling that Casey James will be the last contestant to be sent packing, according to my predictions, leaving Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze performing by singing four songs each in next Tuesday night’s Grand Finale.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  75. i think last night belongs to lee, he was awesome…but towards the finale, i pick crystal to become the next american idol..feel sorry for casey cause he’ll be heading home tonite and i predict that he would be the next famous artist in the world….cheers everyone from the friendly island of Samoa.

  76. nice predictions kevin silvestris! lee and crystal deserve it. however, casey will always be my american idol, personality, talent, looks and attitude combine=complete package.

  77. #1 Lee
    #2 Crystal
    #3 Casey

    Sorry but we will be saying bye to Casey tonight.. We all know who is going home tonight and if you have been watching the show you can already read in between the lines who the next American Idol will be. As much as i love Crystal, after last night’s show the next American Idol is Lee. He proved that he can sing any song given to him and the judges like him which is an additional plus. I am still for Crystal to win this title…we need a lady this season for the next American Idol.

  78. Im so afraid to watch idol tonight because i dont want to c casey go home.
    Casey will always be my american idol and lets all face it.
    they will all get record deals.
    they are all talents and because of their talent that is why they have came so far.
    good luck to all 3 of them but i certanily hope crystal goes home ( sorry all bowersox fans) but they finally will be between Casey James and Lee Dewyze.
    Good Luck CaSeY!

  79. oh i feel sorry for all the casey fans cause their idol would go home tonite….it’s either lee or crystal will be crowned american idol…good luck bowersox

  80. Casey is the best…won’t remember the rest…ok that was a bad poem..hope Kara doesn’t put it to music and make poor casey sing it….Casey rocks…can’t wait for his first album…go babe. Texas loves you.

  81. Sandy i agree. it did seem like Casey was just going thru the motions especially the first song. Crystal and Casey are tired of the show I think. Probably going home made them both homesick. They are having to compromise their music to put on the show. I can’t wait to see casey in concert when he is on his own.

  82. Pale don’t feel sorry for us casey fans…either way, without the show we might never have met casey.

  83. i know casey is so grateful for everything he got. he is blessed as a person. he got angels around him that looks like him. the only thing i admire most about him is that he never argue with anybody to depend himself especially all the critics he had gotten. im just so glad he made it up to this point or more.

  84. Simon Cowell knows his stuff… Lee is definitely the most improved and the artist with most talent… the emotion in his voice makes his performances better.

  85. hey the final is goin to be between crystal an lee which i love dearly casey is just there still because of his looks an nothing more so im voting for my girl crystal love u much….an cant wait to see u win this all good luck keep your head up an lee u as well are very good,

  86. an for all u crystal haters sorry to say but she taking it all the way an crystal if u read his i been ur fan since day one an ur son is so kee u are also very good an also very cute good luck u both cant wait to see which one of u two win next week good luck keep yall heads up.

  87. crystal should have gone long time ago. she is boring and her voice is wet…all the time.

  88. not a crystal or lee hater, but casey will win in the end….he has the most talent and all the staging that AI can muster will not change that. Lee needed help from the choir. Tim did it alone…so enough said.

  89. don’t you wish they would just announce the the one going home in like five minutes instead of drawing it out for a whole fricken hour…if casey is safe look to hear it first…otherwise it would not be suspenseful…but if it were between the chosen two..then that would be great tv…lol…love you casey.

  90. Geezeee just what we need is another idol nut with no gutz no glory, now crystal she’s all heart and soul, with alot of rthymn with just the right amount of spunk & Rock n Roll, so go Mamma sox Goooooooooo!

  91. Well this is a pity it looks like the best will again be number 2 on idol. Crystal undoubtedly THE BEST. I mean Lee is cute but really I have heard so many better performaces of Hallalooya he went off a few times. He now looks really cocky. Sad I guess it will all go to his head and then he will be forgotten. Crystal should win She is solid has always been and Lee is just a paint shop boy. But oh well thats show business. I hope Crystal does something everything one knows for the last three songs and blows it apart. She is great but tends to do songs that no one knows. I actually clapped out loud yesterday night when she did her 2nd song. I clapped to the tv. HA ha anyone good on all of them but really nothing compares to last Season and Adam Lambert it was a hard act to follow. I can still hope it is Crystal

  92. Casey should have been number 2 but it sucks………. he is out. No more idol show for me I am upset

  93. To # 95 MARY



  94. Lee is going to win. I just hope crystal doesn’t start all the emotional stuff and “feel sorry for me and vote for me”.

  95. OMG!!!!!!! lee wuz AWESOME!!!!!! of cors he is always awesome! he is sooooo hot 2! i am soooo glad that casey is finally gone! he shood hav gone home 4 top 5! 4 lee this wuz his best performance EVER and my fav. i like his version of hallelujah bettr than the original!i do like the original version but his wuz sooooooooo good!!!!! i hope lee wins!!!! “Lee DeWyze is DeWyze one to vote for.” get it?! haha! LEE 4EVER!

  96. 1 mor thing 4 all of u casey fans: casey wuz like the worst singer this seeson. he sucked pretty much every performance! and he is not good lookin @ all! kara if u want a model look @ tim urban! he has a six pack and casey has, well lets just say his stomach and his muscles look like……jello! LEE is the 1 2 vote 4 einstines!!!!!!!! (did i spell that rite) o well! LEE 4EVER!

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