American Idol 2010 Top 9 Elimination Results Tonight


Your votes are in and the results are ready to be revealed. Tonight on American Idol we’ll find out who is eliminated after last night’s Top 9 McCartney & Lennon performances and who moves on to this season’s Top 8. At this point the whole thing is turning in to one big VFTW joke with Tim Urban’s repeated safety. Can he pull it off again tonight? Sure, why not?

Tonight’s guest performances will be Rhianna, Jason Derulo, and David Archuletta. The plan is for Archuletta to sing “Imagine” which should be good.

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

While we wait to see who got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions on who is going home and then vote in this week’s poll.

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  2. I think this week Tim is very much safe, he did ok last night and the judges even were proud of him for a change (I am not a Tim fan). I am sad to think Andrew will go. Even he is such a great musician and singer what Simon says rules the show and his words to Andrew were not good. I still think Aaron will be on the bottom too so maybe just maybe Andrew can be safe if America decided that Aaron was not in his best (he wasn’t). For the rest of the contestants, all of hem were strong so I cant even chose a third to be on the bottom. Anyway good luck Andrew!!! hope you stay.

  3. Tim was excellent last night – much better than several of the others. Give the guy credit. Andrew was awful and Aaron wasn’t too good either. I think this may be the week Andrew leaves.

  4. I think Chrystal is fantastic. She sounds like a young Janice Joplin. Cody, Lee and Big Mike are also great.

  5. The judges felt sorry for the way they acted last week so they tried to redeem themselves by saying nice things about the talentless one. He still is the worst of the bunch and should have been gone long time ago.

    Crystal was awesome as expected and so was Lee except for the gimmick with the piper.

    My quest for bottom 3 – Andrew, Talentless One, and Aaron..with Andrew leaving

  6. I think it is time for Andrew to go! Next week Tim needs to go! I really don’t see how Andrew stayed in as long as he has. Big Mike,Mama Sox & Sioban are my favorite! However, I predict that the last 2 standing will be between Mama Sox & Sioban. We will just have to wait and see.Either way, I wish them all the best. MAY GOD BLESS THEM ALL!

  7. my prediction for the bottom 3 this week would be..aaron(i’m sad to choose him but i had to be fair),andrew(he’s really screwed up..what more can i say?)and tim(he is relatively good this week but still he isn’t good enough)

    and from all of this bottom 3,i would say that either andrew or tim will be voted out (i dont know which one to go but this would be a really tough decision to make..good luck)

    this week performances are all great..even the worst is great..very tough to vote out this week..

  8. Oh – the best week so far this year for AI! Great Job by all – even Tim! I would have to say Casey and Crystal were the top two last night. Bottom three – Andrew, Tim and Aaron. Don’t know which one will leave but by rights it should be Tim – he has been in the bottom 3 too many times!

  9. My favorite of all is Sioban!! Crystal is great but my wife & I like Sioban best. We would like to hear her do “I Love Rock & Roll” or “Black Velvet”

  10. I think that we’ll see Tim Urban, Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia in the bottom 2 tonight. My guess is that Katie will go home.

  11. I think the worst performances last night were Andrew, Siohban and Aaron.

    Siohban’s performance was so damn boring.

  12. Lol blackgirl the talentless (ROFL)
    I agree completely with comments 8 and 9 Andrew, Aaron and Tim on the bottom 3 with Andrew leaving 🙁 Should be Tim tho he has been there too many times but in fairness Tim was better than Andrew last night.

  13. what is wrong with u people.. andrew is awesome, he always was anyways. the prob is he sang straight up too early in the show but then, at least its rememberable compared to all the ‘awesome’ performances over the past few weeks. All his songs every week were good and nice to the ears. definately he deserves a spot much much better. come on, a good singer is one who sings and it sounds nice to the ears not to the judges who they themselves can’t sing!!

  14. I’m not sure why the judges were so complimentary of some performances, as there are clearly only a few front-runners – Mama Sox and Casey. Siobhan will not be the last standing… she did everthing in her power not to scream… she wanted to and this will be her demise in a few weeks for sure. Tim and Andrew will definitely be in the bottom three tonight and while I wish it was Siobhan, it will probably be Katie. She performed well last night, but probably not enough to keep her long term. Not to be critical, but many of the contestants need to visit with a hair stylist (i.e. Tim) and dentist (i.e. Siobhan and Mama Sox).

  15. Bottom 3 – Andrew, Tim, Big Mike – Andrew leaving.
    My detailed thoughts bout the top 9, checkout

  16. Andrew, Siobhan, Aaron and Lee performance were not good and Aaron will be the one to leave b/c Simon always refer to him as old. Out of all of the contestants on American Idol Crystal and Casey are the front runners and I wish both of them could win.

  17. Bottom 3 should be Andrew, Katie and Mike with Mike with Andrew leaving. Last 3 standing should be Casey, Siobhan and Crystal.

  18. Siobhan will always be my number one pick. She sang beautifully last night. I thought Katie did really well last night as well. If she is in the bottom three she may be saved. She is coming around. I think Casey last night was the best of the men. My top three are Casey, Siobhan and Lee. The bottom three tonight may be Tim(even though they thought he did well, and Andrew(he is blowing it) and Katie(even though she was good last night.

  19. Time for Andrew to go…Tim and Aaron also round out the bottom three. Basically, all were good so now it is just process of eliminating a contestant every week. Siobhan is favorite, but she is not consistent. Needs to pick better songs to showcase her voice.

  20. I think last night’s episode was probably the strongest of the competition thus far. Almost everyone seemed to improve over last week, and there were few moments I felt the need to mute my television (a rarity this season). I thought Casey, Lee, and Katie were especially good. While I’ve normally tuned Katie out…I was intrigued by last night. Could she be someone to start watching out for?

  21. Yes – Andrew needs to go. Tim too. This show is about musical talent not looks! Tim can’t hold a note or change up his voice. Andrews voice is ALWAYS the same. At least Aron’s voice can hit high and low. I was not impressed with Mike. What am I missing? Nothing unique about his voice to me.

    Casey and Crystal were amazing. Lee really opened up and looked like he was having a blast.

  22. Worse to my #1:
    9 – Andrew
    8 – Big Mike
    7 – Tim
    6 – Aaron
    5 – Katie
    4 – Siobhan
    3 – Lee
    2 – Crystal
    1 – Casey (and oh what a hunk!)
    Who will be leaving?? Your guess is as good as mine. I have been shockd with the past few weeks, especially Lilly, Alex and Didi. I will go out on a limb and say Big Mike.

  23. I’m afraid Andrew was the worst.Aaron didn’t impressed me at all, Siobhan looked just scared. I hated Chrystal’s song and i kinda got sick of her unchanging style. OK, Janis Joplin alive, but come on, everything is the same every week. Not my cup of tea.
    I loved Casey. Great performance.
    Katie was a big surprise, a good one.As for Big Mike …don’t know, i think he was better last week.
    I’m not a fan of Lee and i didn’t enjoy his theatrical performance last night, even if i love Hey Jude.
    Tim tried his best. It seems last night was his best.Not enough for me, but his fans were surely delighted.
    Hope Siobhan will be back soon:)) She has great voice but bad taste in choosing songs.
    Casey rocks!

  24. I think Siobhan needs to go.. she was my least favorite from the start! Didi should have stayed and Shiobhan went! I’m sure Siobhan will stay a couple more weeks, but I sure hope not! Momma sox is good, but I think she is not the top notch one this year.

    1. Siobhan GO HOME!!!

  25. I disagree with the comment that some of them need to see a dentist. I like the fact that they are unique. It gives them more personatily. Do you remember when Jennifer Gray fixed her nose? She is no longer recognizable.

    I did not watch Ellen’s TV show yesterday because Ryan Seacreat was a guest. He is a terrible host. He is very disrepectful to the judges and the contestants. I will not watch American Idol tonight because I cannot stand to put up with Ryan and his big ego.

    I think that the contestants are getting better.

  26. The bottom three will be; Andrew, Tim, and Katie, Katie will be sent back to safety and you could toss a coin on which of the remaining two goes home. If Katie can do well next week she will get to stay one more week. If Andrew goes home then Tim will go next time and vice versa. The next will be Katie, Aaron and Siobhan, they will take their turns to go home and then Mike will go final three will fight it out,Lee, Casey and Crystal as the winner. I love Crystal because she sounds like Joplin when she wasn’t high and Casey has a hugh twang of Bob Segar.
    The kids are saying, who are they? lol

  27. siobhan is the best of all
    here my 1st to worse:
    1. Siobhan baby
    2. Lee
    3. Mama Sox
    4. Casey
    5. Aaron
    6. Katie
    7. Aaron
    8. Tim
    9. Michael

    Well, this means Andrew should go home. He does not have any personality.

  28. Crystal is in a league of her own.The comment regarding her seeing a dentist,was unkind.Perhaps she hasn’t been afforded the necessary finances…besides,IDOL is about having the best vocals…and Crystal has arrived!!

  29. I think Shioban Magnus is the best among all the contestants. She has the look, she has the voice, she has the personality, she is funny. Everything that anyone could ask. She will be the next American Idol!

  30. Andrew tried to give Simon personality last night, he should have just sat with his guitar and sang, nothing else. He is the most talented of the group in my opinion, and I hope he survives tonight, because even if he lands at the very bottom, simon won’t save him, simon has never been nice to him. Aaron should go along with Tim and Mike. Lee always gets the last spot and I don’t get that, he sang bad last night. I wish people would see the talent of Andrew. so sad so many people want him gone. He wasn’t bad last night, just not the best, no one stood out last night at all.

  31. Andrew should go home.. he is not entertaining in the least and last night was probably his worst performance to date.

  32. My picks are usually based on the contestants overall performances. Who improves, who is consistantly off key etc, not just the last performance. With that in mind, the bottom three should be (in order): Tim, Aaron and Andrew or Kate. I think the one voted off will probably be Andrew – he doesn’t seem to have much of a fan base, but I think it should be Tim.

  33. My Predictions:(number 1 is best, 9 as worst)
    1. Lee DeWyze
    2. Casey James
    3. Katie Stevens
    4. Michael Lynche
    5. Siobhan Magnus
    6. Chrystal Bowersox
    7. Aaron Kelly
    8. Tim Urban
    ELIMINATED: Andrew Garcia

    So, it looks like its between Tim and Andrew. I actually dont mind… as long as Lee stays‼

  34. I think Casey is very good, but it’s hard to believe he wants to win. Where is the energy?

  35. Stormy – the energy is in his hair! Yahoo, another Samson! He is a hunk! Great vocals too!

  36. Chrystal and Siobhan will be the top 2 with Chrystal winning. This is based on talent not looks.

  37. #43 is right about the two ladies. Actually I like their unique look. Who wants a Stepford looking person? Not me.

  38. I am ready for Andrew to go Bye-Bye!
    Casey is so HOT, Momma sox rocks, and katie was a surprise last night!
    Lee is wimpy~ or has no confidence which gets on my last nerve, and Shibohn is just weird.Aaron is too young, Mike gives me the chills but is a bit corney,

  39. My prediction for this week’s bottom 3:

    1. Andrew (based on Simon’s critique, mainly–not my choice; I love his voice–seems Simon is particularly influential this year–except over the Tim fans.)
    2. Aaron (ditto)
    3. Mike (because he sang so poorly this week, IMO)

    If Andrew is the loser, then I hope the judges will use their save. (Doubt if they will, though.) If Aaron, Mike–or even Tim is the loser, the judges should not–as they will be eliminated in the next few weeks anyway.

    Tim, however, is going to be okay again this week, I believe. Why? Good performance and good words from Simon. Next week? Who knows?

    Aaron, Mike and Tim and yes, even Andrew, will go home eventually. And that leads me to deciding which one of them I HOPE will be sent home tonight. Taking all performances into consideration so far, I guess the only fair thing to do is to eliminate Tim (even though this was a good week for him).

    The real battleground will be among these 4:
    1. Crystal (#1 overall)
    2. Casey (#1 for this week)
    3. Lee and Siobhan (toss-up as #3s for me–both have had missteps, but I love both of their voices.)

    Btw, Andrew (a pretty solid #4 for me–love his voice; it’s just that IMO, he has had more missteps than Lee or Siobhan.) Andrew should go home only AFTER Tim, Mike and Aaron. I hope someone signs him to a record deal!

    Regarding the news that Adam will be a guest mentor the following week: I think he will be wonderful! Can’t wait to see that!!

  40. About the dentist remark: I don’t think it’s unkind. It’s a reality that their smiles need to, at the very least, not be distracting. Yes, I’m sure money is the reason for their lack of attention to their dental problems. Heck, dental work is very expensive!

    I’m no expert, but it appears to me that Crystal does need an implant or bridge. I have been hoping a dentist would step in and offer to do the dental work she needs for free. I have also noticed the camera has been kind to her lately–not taking the shot from that side of her face.

    Now, with Siobhan–I happen to think her smile is cute, but I guess things are uneven and a little crowded. Not quite the same as a missing tooth, however.

  41. ok tim did great. not going to win, might go home tonight, but he did great. andrew was his boring self. mike surprised me a little..i usually think he is boring. aaron sang great if it was a wedding, otherwise it was just ok..Katie and Siobhan were much better this week, but neither will finish first…so

    I think that leaves Casey, Crystal, and Lee. Definitely last night Casey did the best. Crystal is usually the best but I think Casey edged her out. Lee had one of his weakest nights…but I still think he was third. These three should be the finalists. The rest are ok. I think Casey will make the most money in the end though. I think it would be better for Casey and Crystal’s career to not win. They are the least conformist of the three.

  42. Honestly i dont have a fave this year..last year it was danney and archie the year before that..but this year just doesnt do it for me..maybe lee..

    oh and tim urban go home already u suck!!

  43. One other thing, this week’s show was the best overall…all but Andrew really did well. I think Casey, Crystal, and Tim, yes Tim, could record what they sang and it would sell. Siobhan’s and Mike’s songs i liked and with some work might sell as well. Maybe the guest mentor’s mess up the contestants more than help.

  44. Chichi

    IMO, it’s the MUSIC they had to choose from that made it so special–I think almost everyone loves the Beatles’ music, and Lennon and McCartney in particular.

  45. I think that the bottom 3 will be Aaron, Katie, and Andrew. I like Aaron but he didn’t do a good job. I don’t like Katie, she is to young i think. I’m just surprised Andrew has mad it this far. This is my favorite. (1 is the best and 9 is the worst.)

    #1-Lee Dewyze
    #2-Crystal Bowersox
    #3-Casey James
    #4-Mihael Lynche
    #5-Shiobhan Magnus
    #6-Aaron Kelly
    #7-Katie Stevens
    #8-Tim Urban
    #9-Andrew Garcia

    I love Lee. He is like the best.

  46. HP i think you are right. Great music…but overall they all executed really well. very entertaining show. only uncomfortable performance was Andrew. I don’t think he knows who he is. He might have been better doing a alternative version of eleanor rigby…mike did a good version though.

  47. Now I understand why Paula was upset about her salary on American Idol. Please someone explain to me why Ryan is worth more than Paula? I hope they both read this. Am I the only person on the face of this planet who cannot stand the way Ryan treats people?


  49. I can’t believe I’m not reading more comments regarding Crystal’s performance and how she totally effed up the lyrics!!! I thought for sure the judges were going to say something last night, but no. I am really surprised. She can sing, but screwing up the lyrics is big no-no! Were the judges even listening?

  50. Although I want shibon or however you spell that stupid name to go home she is nothing but a Diva and that whole sister act last night was so fake she is a top prime loser!
    PS. My 2 year niece can scream too is she ready for idol?

  51. Was the first night I actually enjoyed everyone. I thought the digeradoo and bag pipes were hilarious and loved both performances. I didn’t mute Tim this time so good job. I have loved Andrew from the beginning however he isn’t growing and I think this is his week to go. thank you Siobhan for showing a beautiful thoughtful side, I think you are a delight.

  52. I don’t understand why Tim, Casey and Lee are still on this competition. It definitely looks like a big joke. Neither is a singer. Neither can carry a tune. Neither can sing in key. Lee thinks stage presence means screaming off-pitch runs while twisting the shoulders and banging the guitar. It only gets worse for looking so arrogantly insecure. Tim won’t blink for over 3 minutes-straight only hoping everyone doesn’t pay attention to his lack of talent while being charmed by his bug eyes underneath those emo bangs. Casey can’t decide whether he tries to copycat Scott Stapp or Bryan Adams. I can’t believe this is the same show that introduced great artists such as Clarkson, Underwood, Hudson and Daughtry. It’s sad to see that it’s become more like a model wannabe showcase.

  53. I think that the bottom 3 will be Aaron, Michael, and Shioban.
    Ranking based on last night performance
    #1-Lee Dewyze- love the bagpipes
    #2- Katie Stevens
    #3-Crystal Bowersox
    # 4- Tim Urban
    #5-Casey James
    #6-Andrew Garcia – im a fan but needs to find a perfect song
    #7- Shiobhan Magnus
    #8 -Mihael Lynche
    #9-Aaron Kelly

    I love Lee. He is like the


  55. the bottom 3:
    -Aaron Kelly
    -Tim Urban
    -Michael Lynche

    And. Big mike probably go home tonight

  56. i think that TIM should and is going home.HE SUCKS BIG TIME! i thin u all people should give ANDREW a chance. he is a really good singer and he sings songs that everyone knows!!!! he also said if he makes it to the top 8 that he will sing BAD ROMANCE live!!!! now that would be ae=wsome
    !!!!! so to this point tim is leaving american idol!!!!!!

  57. i think the bottom 2 of this night belongs to :
    ~ Aaron Kelly
    ~ Andrew Garcia

  58. I cant beleive Tim wasn’t in the bottom three, he needed to go along time ago. Hopefully Tim next then Andrew. Thanks for keeping BIG Mike.

  59. Tim needs to go. I really think andrew has major potential, its just his song choices that hurt him. People need to give him a chance and listen to his voice, which is consistantly good.

    GO ANDREW GARCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. thanks for aving big mike and not making this an anti-black competition…thanks judges

  61. Tim was not as bad as everyone keeps saying tonight! He did not suck! In fact none of them suck! None of them have the talent of ADAM LAMBERT! Who by the way will be on next week! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU ADAM. I LOVE YOU BABY! KEEP ROCKING!

  62. I’m watching the late show on Wednesday night. Down to Mike and Andrew. Hmmmm…
    Don’t know why, but I didn’t realize until tonight that we only had *3* girls left, and *6* guys !!!

  63. Just saw Big Mike get saved. Was busy watching TV and other things to read above comments where he got saved. So happy. I’m an older fan, but do the younger set like when he always sings about “When a man loves a woman” ???? I like his style, but would like to see a bit more “other kind of blues and soul” come out of him. He owns the stage and has the capability of knocking the sox off Bowersox if he let himself go. Well, maybe not. Bowersox is the one this year to Blow Our Sox Off. Mike’s passion could be a close second though.

  64. Has there ever been a contestant in VFTW who gracefully bowed out and said, “Gee, I can’t do this anymore. I’m out of my league.” ?????

  65. I’m glad Andrew was safe, and there is no other contestants this year as good as Adam Lambert was. I am excited to see him and Andrew together next week.. The 2 best American Idol contestants EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  66. It looks to me like Paula knew when to bail out of a sinking ship. What a lame week on Idol. If we are reduced to discussing the contestants teeth, that pretty much says it all regarding their talent or lack thereof. Do you suppose this was all planned to diminish interest in Idol and pave the way for Simon’s new enterprise?

  67. In any case, Siobhan will have a career as will Casey. Sox can go back to singing in the subway.

  68. To Dawnie, #80: Yes, Jason Castro mouthed the words “Don”t vote” when Ryan was giving his numbers.

  69. I think the judges did the right thing last night. Mike should get another chance. I am a huge Adam Lambert fan. I think it is great that American Idol is bringing back prior contestants.

  70. Hey garcialover, You are on the SAME PAGE AS ME! There will never, ever be a talent on american Idol as talented as ADAM LAMBERT! I LOVE, LOVE HIM! guess I don’t remember Andrew. When one gets older the memory is not as sharp! But ADAM LAMBERT I WILL NEVER FORGET. GO ADAM. KEEP ROCKING BABY! I do think big Mike deserved another chance too. He has a power house of a voice. Bless his heart. He will not win!! Bowersox will win before big Mike.

  71. I’m 54 and love the show. I enjoy watching people who were nobody rise to fame and riches. I AM NOT A BUYER OF ANY OF THESE ARTIST MUSIC. But I bet there are many more 12-15 year olds who DO have the money to purchase CD’s from the cute boys that everyone is slaming. But look at AI’s survey and you may notice that Crystal has 32% Lee has 14% Casey has20%. What does that tell you? With all the others between 3 and8%, geuss where The real voting is? I suppose if you want to play the race card or say the voting is rigged, you are wrong. To rig votes, if exposed would ruin the shows chance of survival if ever exposed. WE LIVE IN A FREE COUNTRY. Let whomever vote for the Idol of there choice,and be glad you have the freedom to do so.

  72. i say my top 3 = chrystal, casey and mike then the lowest 3 = tim, andrew and aaron
    Chrystal – sings and feels her music, very talented with instruments
    Casey – same, sings his songs with feeling
    Mike – huge strong voice, emotional singer.
    the rest of them arent confident enough or just dont have that specific element that we are looking for

  73. Haven’t seen the results yet. I wish Mike had picked a different song. I would have died to hear him sing “Love Me Tender”.

  74. I just watched a video of Janis Joplin. She is great but there is a differance between Crystal and Janis. They are both wonderful but to me there is a slight difference.

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