American Idol 2010 Top 9 Performances & Phone Numbers

Usher, exit stage right. Enter stage left, Beatles mania. Here we go. Tonight on American Idol 2010 the pressure continues to build as the remaining nine singers are closing in on the prize. With challenges from the judges to “keep it modern” I’m interested to see how the singers, especially the younger ones, handle this task.

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American Idol Top 9 Performances:

  • Aaron Kelly – Long and Winding Road – 1-866-436-5701
  • Katie Stevens – Let It Be – 1-866-436-5702
  • Andrew Garcia – Can’t Buy Me Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Michael Lynche – Eleanor Rigby – 1-866-436-5704
  • Crystal Bowersox – Come Together – 1-866-436-5705
  • Tim Urban – All My Loving – 1-866-436-5706
  • Casey James – Jealous Guy – 1-866-436-5707
  • Siobhan Magnus – Across the Universe – 1-866-436-5708
  • Lee DeWyze – Hey Jude – 1-866-436-5709

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. I agree, Aaron was very old fashion and boring. He should be safe this week though.

  2. I just watched Katie. As much as i hated this performance. She will be safe though. But Aaron was ok Both C-

  3. I love to hear Andrew. Add a bit of Latino mix into the songs. Santana in the making.

  4. i love these guy and girls Crystal should sing a Sugarhill song Mike should sing a Jennifer Holiday song Lee should sing a chris Roundtree song this is my juster good luck to them all

  5. Problem with a comment by Ellen DeGeneris. She attributed “Hallelujah” to Jeff Buckley who did an exceptional cover, but does she not know it is a Leonard Cohen song.
    Shouldn’t judges be more on top of this than she appears to be.

  6. @Sandra: I caught that too. Definitely exposed Ellen’s limited musical knowledge. Loved Buckley’s cover, but music did exist before him.

  7. siobhan,super vocals.slowed it down and it worked girl.the best purest voice this year.can perform high and low.and has more range than anyone else.

  8. Crystal once again proves her talent! Also, Katie, Casey, and Lee did a good job tonight!

  9. Katie, Aaron,and Andrew are the best (: They all sang really good tonight especially Katie! She did awesome πŸ˜€

  10. Casey James is the best. His perfermance was quite amazing. Tim did great today. I think Katie or Andrew is going home. neither of there performances stood out.
    my prediction:
    Casey: WINNNER

  11. Tonight Crystal and Casey were stars. In the past, Siobhan was one of my faves, but the last couple of weeks she has let me down. All the rest were consistent with their average performances. All in all, a pretty good show. My vote is torn between Casey and Crystal. Either one would be an awesome american idol.

  12. I think Lee will be the dark horse just like Chris Allen was last year. Although I preferred Matt Giraud’s performances better that Chris’s. Crystal is awesome but i just can’t get into her performances, same sound always for me. Hopefully, final two Lee and Casey.

  13. Tim was the winner tonight!!! Katie was soooo boring. Casey is a dream…. Aaron is a nice guy and needs to have another chance. Big Mike is great as well as Crystal, Lee, and Andrew. Siobhan was better tonight. But overall Tim rocked the house.

    To Dunja,

    I’m not crying yet! Maybe you had better get your Kleenex box out!

  14. Buckley rewrote the song, and the version that was sung was his. That’s probably why Ellen attributed it to him and not Cohen.

  15. I honestly think Crystal Bowersox is the best out of the whole crew. I pray she win’s this competiton, But then again that’s just my opinion.

  16. Best performance of the night goes to Casey.
    I honestly did not get Lee’s performance at all. I thought the bagpipe dude was pretty cool, but otherwise I didn’t really get it.
    I wouldn’t predict Andrew Garcia going home yet, even though I think of all the contestants he deserves to. He’s got an insane fan base that may outlive Katie Stevens and Aaron Kelly, which is a shame because I like Aaron a lot more than I like Andrew.

  17. yes ANDREW , please are boring to us every week..weird look, and performance, vocal suck!

  18. Even I am a very big Andrew fan he was not as strong tonight as the rest unfortunately πŸ™
    I am not a fan of Aaron but he was doing well enough to stay but tonight he was very weak too, boring and his voice sounded strange like raspy I don’t know if he was screaming a little too much. For me one of this 2 guys will go home tomorrow.

  19. Its sick.ANdrew..cos we have same name… but you have ugly VOICE and LOOK…. please leave the stage tnight

  20. yes Andrew should go home tonight..voice suck! look suck! performance suck! everything suck! ANDREW goes home

  21. The poll number a right on. MaMaSox is awesome and Casey James came on strong. I would love to see these two get together on song.
    I am tired of Tim Urban, he reminds me of one of the Partrige family members. He needs to gooooooo!


  22. siobhan magnus i love ur performance you can sing high and low notes…..aout crystal…well same sound always…..i’m getting tired of her……i want her to sing different

  23. Siobhan’s “Across the Universe” literally brought tears to my eyes…beautiful girl singing a beautiful song. πŸ™‚

  24. @sandra: I’m a huge admirer of LC’s music, but Jeff’s version of Hallelujah is my favorite and it’s almost a different song when compared to the way it’s performed by Cohen. I’ve referred to it as the ‘Jeff Buckley song’ as well, and I think that most people who call it that are aware he didn’t write it; it’s more just a reference to his version and arrangement of the song, which is actually John Cale’s, and Jeff Buckley very often reminded people of that.

  25. Casey had me in tears last night……he really got in touch with his depths…..

  26. Katie was awesome tonight. I think voice wise she has the best vocals. Might not have the best stage presence but does sing the best. She is also very cute

  27. Aaron Kelly should NOT be sent home tonight. He has been doing amazing in the competition. He just had one off night. I still think he did a great job last night. He has so much talent. I LOVE YOU AARON<333333

  28. I think Tim’s time is running out he should be going home tonight. all though he should have went home a long time ago.

  29. I would love to see comments regarding the IDOLS ability to SING – and not because someone is cute! This is not a cuteness contest, it is a singing contest.

    That said, I think Katie really stepped up to the plate and sang the best. I still love Siobhan and I am glad she did not scream, but her voice was a little low sounding. Casey is a great singer, but he put too much into vibrato and that did not sound right – almost Tiny Timish. Crystal always performs well, she hits all the notes, and has good control, but this week I was not into her voice and sound on the beatles. She sounds like a Janis Joplin re-do with better vocals, but it is getting a little tiresome… I don’t think she can sing any other way, so I am not sure she is really American Idol material – she will do well with her vocals and sound, but maybe in another venue.

  30. Casey, you never fail!! YOU ARE AWESOME!! I bet ‘Jelous Guy’ will be a number one hit all over again because of you!! You always have my vote…

  31. Andrew Garcia has to go. He has no “IDOL” appeal. Even Tim has a future in Disney musicals and more, if he shows his abs!!

  32. Are their any guys who like Casey? I guess he’s a good singer but their are a million good singers out there. I guess his looks set him apart. I’m more attractive to personality.

  33. why are you all so mean? we are fans ofall them all, in our own way? it dont matter who sent home yes it sucks when the one we stay up till mid night voting for goes home! as i was sayng it dont matter our fave is going on tour and hav thier record out oops cd out.

  34. Katie is not my favorite, but I think she did the best last night. I would buy “Let it be” if she recorded it. I believe Crystal will be the next Idol, with Lee coming in at #2. Tim is not the best singer, but his personality and the fact that he’s so adorable will keep him in the running…same with Casey. Sibhan, although very talented, is a bit weird, and won’t appeal to the majority of the audience. Nothing stands out with the rest of them, and based on last night’s performance, Andrew should be cut.

  35. This entire season has really been a letdown, but if I had to choose the best it would come down to Lee and Crystal with Lee winning it all. Crystal just doesn’t have the appeal that Lee does…he reminds me of David Cook and Kris Allen..both of which came out of nowhere and won it because they got better and better every week.

  36. aaron music was good and i disagree simon that he say his performace last week of show. and katie is awesome she sing the last note was even more better than aaron, and agree the judges.

  37. Top 5 – Crystal, Casey, Lee, Mike… Tim and Katie did a good job last night. When people say Tim has no talent, he proved that to be wrong last night. Why are people so cruel? All of these kids are good, just some better than others. They don’t deserve to be hurt by mean comments. Say who you like, but don’t put down the others.

  38. Not the best season. Sioban or whatever her name is freaks me out. When she’s interviewed she talks like she’s burnt out. Crazy. Tim is the best in my book. Part of being an Idol is looks whether you like it or not it’s the truth. Andrew. Sorry dude. Lose the glasses, lose weight, change SOMETHING, because you just don’t have the mix. Casey James…I dunno. He shows up like he forgot to shower. Lee, very insecure. You can see it. Too bad. He’d probably win if he didn’t act like a frightened turtle. Crystal. Looks like trailor trash. Good voice and all that, but she looks rough.

  39. Aaron is young and I thought he was going to cry. Katie is beautfiul. I never liked fat girls but I like her. Crystal is cool. Shoban is an alien, Tim is cool, Lee is big-eyed cool cat. Casey is cool but should sing at rodeos. Andrew. I don’t like those big glasses, either. He has ball pean hammer chin. Crystal will win, Lee should, but Crystal will. Katie should do fold out. Seriously. That girl is hot.

  40. Crystal is great but would love to see what else she can do with her vocals! Siobhan’s voice is soooo amazing and has a huge range…she’s just different everytime she performs. Crystal sounds the same everytime but don’t get me wrong…she’s great!

  41. Casey was the best last night, then Crystal and Lee.
    Surprisingly,Tim wasn’t bad at all.
    It’s Andrew’s time to go!

  42. PLEASE everyone, acknowledge the fabulous job Tim Urban did last night on “All My Loving” .. and he looked the part, let alone sounded great. Well done Tim!
    Casey was stellar!
    Lee – a winner!
    Mike – a close ‘second’ winner!
    Crystal – still leads – has huge potential – but is dragging a bit … I hate to say it, but at the moment, Lee really IS my favourite!
    Katie – nice job … Shioban .. NOPE, not for me .. too emotional, appears off-centered – would not make a good American Idol and really doesn’t have the talent for it ..
    I am interested in tonight’s outcome .. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Andrew as the one to make his final exit…

  43. I have a feeling that Aaron Kelly will very well be the next contestant to be sent packing tonight, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  44. Lee is a god,deffinately my favorite guy on the show, he’s had some really great reformances these last couple of weeks! I really think he’s going to pull away with the American Idol title..
    My favorite girl on the show is Katie. She’s got such a pretty voice and she had a great preformance this week!

  45. Shioban, I don’t like. She’s too out there to enjoy. A real Idol doesn’t need all the gimicks.
    Lee will probably win. He’s not bad looking and he does have a nice voice.
    Casey, I’m not sure, but it that a guy?
    Tim, what a hunk of white meat. When you look that good you don’t have to have a great voice.
    Mike, he can go anytime. He looks like these kids father. Too old, and his head is too small for his body. Creepy.
    Aaron, not ready for the big time. Nice kid, but just a kid. Not that great of singer and no sex appeal.
    Crystal, needs a good wash and teeth whitener. Get that pin out of your chin.
    Andrew, how he made it this far is a mystery. He lacks in every area. And that cob web on his neck is really ugly.
    Katie, clique queen. I can see she is a snot in school. Now she’ll really be obnoxious. Nice voice, but she has her own kind of stink.

  46. Not too much said about Mike…I guess he’s nobody’s favorite. He’s ok but the others are more talented!

  47. Siobhan- hate her…she’s really weird and her clothes and hair styles are just horrific. her voice isnt good. she screams…when she performed last night i was ready 2 fall asleep. ughh.
    Aaron- i think he’s good, but not great. he shouldnt go home though
    Crystal- she is way overrated people!!! she has the same tone every single week and im getting so sick of it! a real american idol can sing in a few different ways; not just one she’s too boring for me.
    Big Mike- he’s good!! he sounds like luther!!
    Lee-amazingg..he’s real good
    tim- i hate tim! go home tim!! ur smile is so fake. learn how to smile; and cut ur hair. singing isnt for you.
    katie- pretty good, but not the best
    casey- get some abs man! ur too bare. and cut ur hair!! u would look so much better! otherwise good job so far
    andrew- i was a fan, but not anymore. wat happened dude?? u need to do songs better and remix them like u did with straight up

  48. Can’t wait to hear David Archuleta tonight. He should have won. His vocals are amazing, one of the best ever. Cook was a nice guy, but won because of the type of music he did, not on vocals… Where does Soibhan get those clothes, and why???.. Top 4 – Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike… Hey AI, lets have Adam Lambert as a guest singer!!!

  49. alot of andrew haters Maybe he wasnt the best last night but by far was not the worst other singers that are still in competition shouldnt even be here. a few have had terrible perfomances and recieved harsh remarks by judges and are still here. sometimes it better cute and popular then average and talented

  50. wow that was exhausting but i’m glad they used the save because it would have been a huge travesty if mike went home. now it gets interesting with two going home next week we shall see.

  51. …tim really need to go home!!!!!

    ..andrew your the best like your friend lee,is so handsome!!!!

    ..simon nice comment on lee last night..

    ..ellen your funny hahahahahah!!…

  52. I still think Lee will be the winner..

    Though I have to admit that Crystal “may” be a better performer than Lee, but Lee has a very commercial voice.. and he is much more lovable than crystal. I think that what Simon see in him..
    It’s like last year, when Chris beat Adam, because Chris is much more lovable than Adam..

  53. Why on earth Tim Urban is still there in AI..i dont beleive that american ppl vote for far as im concern, america always vote for the best! but…………why Tim Urban………i jus dont understand! im so frustrated!

  54. Wow, glad the save is out of the way!!! I agree with Taylor, Shibon needs to go home.. Lets see what she does with Adam lambert as the mentor next week. I bet she is really going to scream!!! she sings kinda nasaly. People want an idol who has all the way around looks, personality and the voice that the whole family will not mind listening to. I believe that now they all need to step it up and win America over. Last years season the talent was sooo good, it would not have mattered who won!! this year seems a little different.. and alot more drama in between the singing. I think Ellen is doing great as a judge she give good advise and is honest if she is not fond of a preformance. Randy is always great and Kara seems to want so much attention or something she did tone it down some this week which was good. She just does not have the chemistry that Simon and Paula had, was one of my favoite judges last season she changed this season Tone it down!! Simon is right on the money with his advise to the contestants even if it hurts a little it will make them better and I think America listens to him.

  55. Fianally,I’m with Idolfan(I love the name too-It’s my fav show ever).I don’t get Shiobon agt all.SHe is aweful.I thought Casey was the best of the night,by far.Crystal is amazing,along with Mike,Casey,and Lee.Crystal could totally win,but hearing the pure perfection of Casey’s voice,made me think he could take the whole thing,and be very successful.I think the top two should be him and Crystal,and then Mike and Lee.People have to stop votng for cute,nice smile only,and listen to who will sell CDs.

  56. I have been watching AI for years. I believe it is a great show and is filled with good content until last night. I was very disapointed that the producers of AI would have Rihanna as a guest. She is not a good role model and the publicity that surrounds her is not what I feel that AI portrays. I am usually not like this but I am sick of people in the music business trying to sway our minds.

  57. crystal is still the best. she can handle low and high notes without any struggle in the voice… siobhan has shown her natural voice and the talent of being a true artist feeling what she sings… and that’s how good and pleasant singing is… glad to hear adam lambert will be the next guest! hope to see him perform next week!!!!! love you adam!

  58. hey guys you re all missing the fact that this show is about stage presence,and mostly vocals and honestly speaking Katie has them all i mean she has the american idol material and she s not the type of young girls who you might find singing in some kind of a disney show like Hanna Montana or highschool musical, she has a great voice way too good for such musical shows. crystal too but c’mon its Katie’s vocals that attract ones attention more, i mean crystal and most other contestants are hiding their vocals by using instruments or some crazy acts on stage (tim urban)but katie is coming up naturally and in a way creating the music with the vocals. plus she has a great personality i mean check how all the contestants like her and they are really close to her!
    and that last performance well it was nothing but perfect i mean she hit all the notes and changed a great song to an even greater one i ve heard many versions of let it be and katie’s one is my favorite now!

  59. I was disappointed they saved Mike. What a waste of a save. I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear that guy. I hate the way he purses his lips and he acts like he things he’s so great. Well he’s not, or he wouldn’t have gotten the boot by the American public. Crystal and Lee are the heavy hitters in this group. Katie is good, and Casey James can’t last that much longer. Andrew or Mike will fight for bottom again next week. They both suck…it’s just a matter of who is the suckiest next week. No mercy save left, so one of those will exit…wish they both ..won’t be soon enough for me.

  60. Hello to you all and regards from Finland.
    I was kind of afraid that after Adam last year the show would be boring.. But all these new talents have surprised me very positively.
    I guess the last two will definitely be Casey and Crystal.. who ever comes first has no meaning.. like last year. Love them both:)
    Anyways.. those two will have a career after this competition. The others are good too, but not so interesting that I would follow up their careers.
    Hugggsss to you all :)))

  61. I hope the top three will be:
    (I didn’t order it by who I think the winner is. It’s in any order)

    1. Lee
    2. Crystal
    3. Casey

    Who Agrees?

  62. For those who are fans of Lee, please vote him many many many because I live in other country. PLEASE! For me and for him. Mostly for Lee. Thanks for those who will do it. πŸ™‚

  63. i agree, top 3 Chrystal, Casey but my number 3 is Mike, he is awesome, cant believe anyone even considered him out, Lee however has no guts…..sings great but not major impressive

  64. I would like to vote on the judges. I am not sure what they are doing. Ellen is along for the joy of liking everybody, no depth to her judging. Must add alot with 1.5 million facebook fans and all the exposure on her tv show. Randy talks pitch all the time, and dog he is all over the place when it comes to vocal performance reviews. Keira generally has alot of good commentary on performance, tonight I didn’t feel it. Simon disappointed me as well, I felt he gave accolades on a couple of performances which were average, and ranked on a couple which had merit. Overall, a disappointing night by the judges.

  65. I do agree the top three are Crystal, Casey and Lee. They all have soul and their own personalities. I don’t think they need to put on any special act to proceed in the competition. They know how to jam and sing and that is what matters. Time to say goodbye to Andrew..and Siobhan. I do not see any talent with either of them.

  66. crystal, lee, casey and tim should be safe….andrew and michael should go home…andrew is the worst…how he got here i do not know…michael is boring and i am tired of hearing about their kids and their hard luck stories..siobhan or however you spell it, is average to poor…aaron and katie are too young and sound it and need a couple of more years….the real talents ready for recordings is crystal, lee, casey and tim…not in that order necessarily.

  67. I don’t know if anyone realizes it, but Casey did NOT sing “Lawdy Miss Clawdy.” He did what sounded like “Misery.”
    I’m surprised no one, not even the judges caught it.

  68. Siobhan is just the greatest I can’t wait till her CD comes out. No one else is even close to her!

  69. Some nights Michael Lynche does a star performance. For example, I loved in the Ghetto even though I did not like Elvis’s version. I would buy this song by him.

  70. It’s so annoying that Siobhan can’t accept the judges’ criticisms towards her in any shape or form. She is not meant for the music biz. Period. Way too emotional and unstable and has a breakdown like a few weeks ago when Big Mike was comforting her. The biz is tough and Siobhan needs to pack her bags and go work at Burger King…pleasssseee!!!

  71. I think people aren’t giving Big Mike enough credit. He is a really good singer. Much much much better than Garcia or Siobhan. Big Mike we’re rooting for you here back here in the big apple =) I hope you win.

  72. if you are a true elvis fan, in the ghetto was one of his best tunes. anybody agree?
    I missed big mike version, how did it go?

  73. Tim should be gone, now if not sooner. time to boot him out. he only has the looks & the insecure smile. but not any real lasting talent. he has been taking away from the others with any real talent their true number in the ratings. he should of been gone long ago. this will be truly a joke to us AI fans , if somehow he wins the title. for if so, there will be NO AI next season.he is making a mockery of the show the longer he is in the running.

  74. To Geeturtle,

    I am sorry you did not get to see Big Mike last night. He picked the right song. I think he should be in the top 5.

  75. I am (still!) a huge Andrew fan. However, this is not his venue. He’s not Elvis; he’s not Beatles; he’s not country. He’s not “Mr.Personality.” When he gets booted off, he needs to concentrate on his R&B CD, which I will be first in line to buy! Go Andrew!

  76. SOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating not being able to vote from outside USA!! (We live in South Africa) I wish AI would open the voting up to the world ~ after all, the world loves America’s music!! Hey, Geeturtle! We only get our TV screening of each show on the Sunday following the Tuesday & Wednesday shows. As an avid fan of Casey’s I just can’t stand to wait that long so I Google ‘video of american idol casey james 14 April 2010’ (or whatever the date is) as soon as I wake up. As we’re 12 hours ahead I usually get to see the video within an hour of the performance. Hope you enjoy seeing your Big Mike! πŸ™‚

  77. I thought Mike’s version of In the Ghetto was horrific – what a way to kill a song! My husband disagreed but he married me so I question his taste. Thought the top three were Lee, Crystal & Casey in that order. The worst three were Tim, Mike & Siobhan in no particular order. Katie was so-so like usual (pretty full of herself, like Tim), Andrew was better than usual, Aaron like always. What Siobhan did with Suspicious Minds was terrible too.

  78. I think the winners last were Tim, Chystal and Lee. I think Andrew, and Aaron might be going home tonight. Adam rocked as a mentor.

  79. Why is Andrew Garcia still around???? Are his fans tone deaf??? He should have been gone a LONG time ago!! He is at least consistent: He continues to go downhill every week….
    I thought Adam did a great job as a mentor, but unfortunately the contestants didn’t heed his advice… Lee was the BY FAR the best of the night, followed by Crystal and Mike. Not a big fan of Mike’s, but that was his BEST performance to date.
    But, it’s Bye Bye Andrew……..

  80. Best night of all for AI. Thanks Adam!!!!and Elvis. I do believe Siobhan has the best voice, but she really IS unsure of who/what she is as a singer. With positive direction and guidance, I believe she could be a great performer. Hope Andrew and Big Mike go tonight—really tired of both of them.
    Can’t wait to see Adam perform tonight!!!

  81. I LOVED last night’s show MOSTLY because Adam Lambert was mentoring! He IS an American Idol! He has the voice of an Angel! I cannot wait to hear him sing tonight! He was very truthful but respectful to the contestants! GREAT JOB ADAM!

    The Contestants have improved considerably! It is ALMOST not painful to sit through the WHOLE performances now! But God Bless them all. It takes a lot of guts to sing in front of Millions!

  82. I think it is time for Katie and Andrew to go home, Crystal, Lee, Tim and Mike rocked it and should be safe.

  83. First of all, what was AI thinking with Adam Lambert as a coach. Of all the past winners, they bring in last years loser. Give me a break. I just cannot stand that freak!

    Crystal is my pick to win. She just gets up there week after week and does her thing. She is true to her style.

    I’m surprisingly please with Ellen as the new judge. She is finally finding her way and not just following what Randy says.

    Kara could leave the show tonight and she would not be missed. Kara is trying too hard to be a “Know-it-all drama queen” and it shows.

  84. Its definitely, Lee, Crystal and Tim who will be safe tonight..
    Then i guess, its time for Andrew and Siobhan to go home. Andrew because of his last night’s performance. While, Siobhan is because of her attitude towards the judges, she contests them most of the time, she doest fit there.

  85. I have to agree with people Siobhan does not belong here! She belongs in the studio making beautiful music that I will soon purchase! She will be a superstar!

  86. Someone said above that Siobhan is a ALIEN. I wish I could go to that PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. My husband and I love Siobhan. The show keeps getting better. We would to see Adam Labert in person.

  88. They picked right with Karie but NOT Andrew! πŸ™
    Siobhan is a pretty good singer but has the personality of a Diva already..and she’s just a contestant! She is snippy and rude to the judges.
    No gratitude! Adam Lambert was Fantastic! I am Glad Aron and Tim made it..The are very sweet young me and haven’t let this go to their heads!

  89. I thought Shiobhan should have been gone along time ago. I do not like her style of singing.

  90. — I think Aaron Kelly is great!! At his early age, he had done a great job!! I love siobhan, Crystal, Casey, Mike, and TIM… I love them all. haha. :))

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