American Idol 2010 Top 9 Round 2 Elimination Results Tonight


It’s time to make up for last week’s Save of Big Mike so tonight we’ll see a double elimination when the results are revealed. The show will keep to its hour-long schedule starting at 9PM ET so we’ll get some extra tension packed in to the usual show. Along with all that action Adam Lambert will be hitting the stage again to perform one of his new singles. Which song do you want Adam to belt out?

Be sure to join us in the chat room while we tear apart the live show. Fun stuff!

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

While we wait to see which two singers got the least votes before sure to share your American Idol predictions and then vote in this week’s poll.

Don’t forget to join us tonight when we post the big results live at 9PM ET!

Update: Snark Food has their rundown on last night’s performances.

Update 2: I don’t know if you need to be psychic to see this one coming, but here are some American Idol Predictions from Barb Powell for your enjoyment:

This week two people will be eliminated from the Idol and I believe Andrew Garcia will go. The second to be eliminated could very well be Aaron or Tim, but I have to say I feel Aaron Kelly, will be the person eliminated.

My predictions for top 3 performers and possible winners are:
Siobhan Magnus
Crystal Bowersox
Lee Dewyze

If I had to pick a winner I am going with:
Lee Dewyze.

DialIdol is showing Katie Stevens being in grave danger this week, but after last night’s performances alone I would have also guessed Garcia and Kelly to be heading home.




  1. crystal bestsoxs is far the best singer this year crstal is a true entertainer no gimicks she has to win l cannot fone vote as l am a gordie citizen sorry uk oopps

  2. crystal is not that great….she sounds the same from week to week……..did you notice that????

  3. I feel casey James is the best singer this year…he looks just like Gerard Butler..I love him

  4. Andrew aaron, siobhan is bottom 3. Im a Huge Fan of Siobhan, but shes so badddddd last 4 week,

  5. i think siobhan did the best rendition of this week’s theme. crystal still did the same thing… over and over again.. so predictable..

  6. getting frustrated with judges comparing people like tim to themselves (like tim or andrew)…saying your best week while beating up someone really good because they are not as good as normal. i think siobhan is unique the most entertaining artist this year.

  7. I think Crystal is getting to be too predictable. Same style of singing week after week. I was enamoured the first few weeks but after today’s performance as I was like not jumping up and down anymore. I will watch out for Lee and Casey. Casey was so good last week with the Lennon song. He shd do more slow emo songs with acoustic guitar.

  8. It’s a tough night to vote on. Some of the strong singers like Casey and Aaron turned in the weakest performances. And weak singers like Tim and Katie did well. Thankfully, Andrew made it easy to bid him farewell.

  9. I agree with some posts saying Simon is pushing Crystal to win the competition and the rest are ok or not for him. That is unfair. Lee is so very good and Siobhan is wonderful. Simon knows many will vote on his comments and not on the performances. Unfair situation really.
    I think Andrew wont get enough votes from his fan base this time, I love him but he will go tonight. The other one going I think will be Aaron even he is good still needs to mature on the stage but also maybe Mike as he is starting to bore the young people watching the show. I like Mike a lot but I am not young lol.
    Casey’s song choice was terrible but he has been consistent so I don’t think he will be on the bottom 3.
    The rest are safe in my opinion.
    Anyway good luck to everyone.

  10. Casey has the ‘it’ factor and good voice to go along with it. He just has to choose the right song. Definitely a recording artiste material!

  11. i am so sick of that untalented tim still being on this show this kid should’nt have made it through hollywood week!!! but i guess all the little 12 yr.old girls in world love his stupid haircut!!!

  12. Hope the right people go home tonight. Yeah, i hope it would be the end of the road for either two of these, that is, Mike, Aaron , Tim or Andrew. Whose the next mentor, i wonder 2????

  13. Casey’s still my favorite! Even though he wasn’t as strong as last week he has all that’s required to make no 1 hits year, after year, after year, after year….. Brian Adams stuff…………. 🙂

  14. Casey to me just looks like a mature version of Tim. People voting strongly on looks now. Tim should just leave. It’s starting to feel like disneyidol. My predictions are andrew and aaron. But see he’s got a strong tween fan base, it might just be big mike cause he’s getting pretty boring on stage. Crystal and Siobhan to me are still the frontrunners

  15. I think that Andrew and Tim should go home. I really don’t think Tim ever does well and I don’t know why they keep telling him he is. I think Simon was right about Kate, she was loud and annoying. I just wish Kara would let him talk!!!

  16. I mean that Casey’s cut from the same cloth as Brian Adams’ not that he has to sing Brian’s songs ~ infact, can’t wait to hear some of Casey’s origional music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. It was a tough night for voting I thought. No goosebumps – but all did pretty darn well. IMO top 3 = Lee, Crystal and Aaron. IMO bottom 3 will be Katie, Andrew and Mike. Don’t care who goes home really – Prediction for the top 3 will be Casey, Lee and Crystal. Judges did wrong by saving Big Mike – what if Siobhan ends up in the bottom three and goes home? She really is very good!

  18. i say kick everyone off tonight except siobhan,crystal,lee,and casey,and let them fight it out!!

  19. I love how Siobhan and Adam Lambert hit it off. I would love to see them hook up doing some music together. He likes her individuality and so do I. You just never know what she is going to do. She looked beautiful last night and I thought she sang well. I love how she put Simon in his place though. He will just not cut her a break. Kara too, what’s up with the judges this year. I can’t wait for it to be over. This is my last year to watch I think. Andrew and Tim to go tonight in my opinion.

  20. Adam was wonderful! Can’t wait to see him perform tonite! Yahoo! My Top three for the evening was Lee, Crystal and Casey. The ones in the bottom 3, Siobhan, Andrew and either Big Mike or Katie. I would like to see Andrew and Big Mike go home. Tim, well not my style, but I do think he has improved over the last 2 weeks whereas some are just doing the same old boring stuff week after week with no real improvement.

  21. My top 3 Crystal, Lee and Casey. I hope all 3 of them are safe tonight. I cant wait to hear Adam perform tonight.

  22. Kara was 100 % on the money and actually represented the judges well and spoke for them all when she said, “I’m confused.”

    Bottom 3:
    Kara (Screeches in her own way)
    Simon (Can Big Mike please kick his ass?)
    Ellen (harmless though)

  23. i agree with mitch the last two people that went home are so much better than tim!and he knows it!thats why all he does is smile,because he knows the little jonas are gonna vote for him!!

  24. i’m getting tired of listening to siobhan’s shrieks and bratz attitude… she’s very arrogant by not admitting she sings out of tune… she was not able to hit the high notes AGAIN!!!

  25. Crystal is good.. i do liek her..but now i am boring with her…cos same kind of performance every week…my whole family got this same opinion..and so did my friends

  26. Can’t wait to see Adam tonight! Lee is the best performer tonight. Crystal performs the same each week which bored me to death, although she’s “tune perfect”, Tim just reminds me of Jason Castro…bad but durable in the contest due to large fans base, I guess)I hated his version with spitting out word by word (falling-in-love-with——you!)yuk! Andrewis too soft. Audences are rude too, always boo when Simon delivers his comment, usually honest & good advise!!
    Bottom 3 should be Tim, Andrew & Mike…hopefully Mike & tim are the 2 going home!!

  27. Just want to see that Ashley please dont let those haters stop you from expressing YOUR OPINION of the show. You are doing a great job with your recaps so please keep up the good work you are doing. How rude.

  28. The one I refuse to talk about was surprisingly good last night. Crystal is still the one to beat in my OPINION.

  29. i am sorry, Crystal performance became kinda boring to us …although we were her fan…

  30. The show was much better last night. Adam Lambert gave them great advise.

  31. Big Mike and Siobhan can go home now – to cocky to be American Idols! Neither are they star power – need to be humble! Crystal – don’t get her either. I like Aaron and Lee. Katie is precious as well. Casey is very handsome and humble. Don’t care much for Andrews boring style – but he too is humble. Tim – well he has a precious smile!


  33. People! This is not a beauty contest! This is about talent, which sorry, Tim you don’t have much of. Maybe a few more years training your voice might help. Aron on the other hand, is young but has an incredible voice. He can go high, low, in between and hold a note.

    Andrew is definite bottom three material. Wow, last night was hard to watch!

    Mike – sorry you seem like such a great guy and have a nice voice but there is nothing unique about it. You put me to sleep every week.

    Lee, Casey and Crystal are great musicians! Katie and Siobhan can sing too but aren’t at their level yet.


  35. Talent this year is lacking for me a bit. Last night all were just Ok for me. If I had to choose the best – I would say Lee. Worst – Andrew. Andrew and Katie to go home tonight.

  36. Tim’s turn into a hero for last 2 weeks… to other contestants… you have to work hard… you have to make a great improvement week after week… especially for the great contestants… don’t be careless, i see so many contestants have great performances in hollywood weeks, semifinal rounds but decrease into terrible in final round… likes Michael John, one of a great contestants in hollywood week, but turn into annoying in final… Andrew Garcia is a correct example for this season….

  37. oohhh… i forgot… for the great contestants, you have to work hard to increase you ability, don make a carelessness and don’t underestimate the the words contestants… because the situation could be change… and maybe it’ll put you in danger… like Lacey Brown and Katelyn Epperly case… Lacey was worst in semifinals week 1 and 2, Katelyn was great in week 1 and 2… but in week 3, Katelyn make a little mistaken with songs choice, and Lacey became incredible in week 3… so as you saw what the results reveal…

  38. i think siobhan should go home and tim .. but its gona be two guys this week so andrew and tim are gona be in the bottom…

  39. Adrew and Arron will go back home tonight. I was a big fan of Andrew but i’m so disappointing about his performances, he was the best and now he is the worst. Crystal and Lee will be the two finalists and I hope Lee will be the next american idol !

  40. yeah i really dont understand what’s happening with andrew… what the hell is doing ? he do the best audition, his hollywood week was perfect, and now… i also check all his videos on youtube and he can sing ! i think this american idol experience change he’s life… in a bad way.

  41. Since Tim has been improving i am terrified that he might make it into the top 5. He is Terrible!

  42. Andrew and Mike should go home tonight, America will again vote them the lowest, and this time the judges won’t be able to overrule America, and they will realize they wasted their save.

  43. #54 – Daniel:
    That is a terrible thought! So true tho! Watch Tim and Big Mike both make it to the top 5 just because the judges “saved” both of them and have to justify that! Oh No!

  44. #56:
    I really liked Jason. He was so mellow and had such a soothing voice! He was my American Idol.

  45. Poor Andrew Garcia. Barring any more surprises, he will go home tonight. I want Lambert to sing “What do you want from me.”

  46. Andrew needs 2 go, there no way his in da top 7
    Mike bore me, there connections when he sings
    Katie I just dont get her

    Tim he has 2 gd wks so far, but is he voice better than Lee and Aaron hope these 3 will b saved and the onle girl i like is Crystal. I am hoping da 2 other girls go or Andrew and 1 of da other girl

  47. i think its time for ladies theme week,we have had the rolling stones,beatles,and elvis.were is the fairness in this,u have girls singing boys songs.lets turn it around and see how tim does trying to sing madonna,or far as why 3 girls remain this could of helped lacey,paige,and katlynn.bring back the divas week.before we have 6 guys left and 1 girl left and its wat to late to change.

  48. #61 – Jeff:
    I totally agree with you. We should have era weeks like 50’s & 60’s or a country night, rock night, blues night, etc. Why is it a certain “band” night? I will never get that. You could even do a single year (ie:1980) night, something to give all a fair chance and not narrow it quite so far as a “girl” or “boy” band.

  49. Andrew needs 2 go, there no way his in da top 7
    Mike bore me, there connections when he sings
    Katie I just dont get her

    Tim he has 2 gd wks so far, but is he voice better than Lee and Aaron hope these 3 will b saved and the onle girl i like is Crystal. I am hoping da 2 other girls go or Andrew and 1 of da other girl

  50. I hope Lee wins the whole thing! crystal is getting boring, siobhan predictable and casey just doesn’t do it for me!

  51. Andrew needs 2 go, there no way his in da top 7
    Mike bore me
    Katie and Siobhan I just dont get them

  52. I dont want Aaron 2 go I still belive in him, I still feel he got more 2 give and da 1 2watch

  53. I don’t profess to be psychic, but I really hope that Andrew and Aaron go tonight. And then I hope that Casey steps it up, Crystal ups her energy, Mike – well, I am not a fan, Tim takes off his human suit and shows us that he is a “V” LOL, and Katy goes home next week. Those are my predictions. And I think Lee has a great rock star name.

  54. Siobhan has lost the wow factor and gave terrible performances the past 2 weeks. She isn’t pitch perfect, is unprofessional in attitude and not open minded in hearing critiques. Mike’s renditions are sleepy and his performances belong to another venue, not AI. Andrew’s lack of creativity and boring performance leaves me tuned out. Aaron is a teen idol, not an AI. Katie improving, but she need more experience to be in an AI caliber. Crystal’s act is getting tired, but is always stellar. Casey’s vocals wasn’t up to par. Lee was incredible but needs more charisma. Tim chose a perfect song for his vocals and range.

  55. Bottom 3 tonight: Andrew, Aaron and Mike.

    Leaving: Andrew and Mike

    Performances last night were sub-par, with the incredible exception of Tim (!) and Lee. Crystal was boring, Siobhan (who I love and think is the most talented and unique) was 1/2 good and 1/2 bad,Aaron corny, Casey very mediocre,Katie OK but still seems like nothing more than a singer in a high school play.

    Thought Adam was an excellent mentor – had a lot of good, consrtuctive, honest tips. Noone this yeat compares to him.

  56. I seem to disagree with the judges more than ever this season! At least, the online poll and the majority of the comments give me some comfort that I am not going crazy. I thought Siobhan rocked! I loved how Suspicious Minds started out slow and sultry and then picked up into an awesome crescendo. I absolutely love Siobhan and her immense talent. Crystal and Lee were both great too.

    Those are the clear top three with everyone else a level or two below talent-wise. Bye bye, Andrew and Aaron this week.

  57. Oh, and will the judges please stop blaming contestants for sounding too traditional when they have theme weeks based on 50s and 60s music!

  58. I agree with Colo Mtn Kid (#62) and KRM (#71) -the themes this year have been too limited. Limiting singers to Beatles or Elvis Presley songs makes it more difficult for contestants to showcase their uniqueness. I think there should be more latitude -e.g., rock, country, maybe 70’s or 80’s songs, etc. .It’s hard to criticize a singer for sounding too traditional or old-fashioned when the song is 50 years old.

  59. Was glad Mike was saved last week. I think Andrew Garcia should go tonite and Crystal. She doesn’t do bad at all but DREADLOCKS) not good example for American Idol. I like Siobhan . Aaron is young but will see what American wants tonite., who goes home., and who stays .

  60. This week contestants that need to go home are Tim and Siobhan(if that is how you spell it)

  61. be real,people
    it is easy to judge – most of us can not hit more than one note so you realy have to give it to them for getting this far

  62. Andrew, Aaron and Mike bottom three. Siobhan is weird and rude.Chrystal weird hippie, good voice not AI material. Katie is doing great. Hope everyone will vote for her.

  63. Bottom 3:
    Andrew Aaron Mike
    Andrew has stayed way too long and hasn’t been improving.
    Aaron may have a good voice but he starts to get boring [even with the blue suede shoes’ tempo]
    Mike is also starting to bore his fans. 🙁
    -i like aaron and mike though…
    Leavin: Andrew and Aaron.
    -i wish katie stays. i wish she does more like “Let it Be” or else she may be leaving too early. Stay for 2 more weeks Katie!

  64. Bottom 3:
    Andrew Aaron Mike
    Andrew has stayed way too long and hasn’t been improving.
    Aaron may have a good voice but he starts to get boring [even with the blue suede shoes’ tempo]
    Mike is also starting to bore his fans. 🙁
    -i like aaron and mike though…
    Leavin: Andrew and Aaron.
    -i wish katie stays. i wish she does more like “Let it Be” or else she may be leaving too early. Stay for 2 more weeks Katie! 🙂

  65. I can’t figure out what Simon’s problem is this year. I just wish he’d go and take Kara with him. His comments are always so out in left field, and what’s with him always slamming Siobhan? And telling Tim last night that he was “current”….give me a break! The kid puts me to sleep, and get a new hairdo by the way Tim!! I’ve noticed that AI isn’t getting the viewers this year as they have in the past. After last year when Adam DIDN’T win I said I’d never watch again. Wish I would of kept my promise to myself. But it was great seeing Adam last night and he’ll be singing tonight so that’s a good thing. I just hope that Siobhan can hang in there and make it to the end. In any case she’ll be a star…..just like Adam.

  66. Siobhan is the only one changing songs and making them her own and she is getting beat down. She has star talent and the only one who show wide range. If she does not win she will win in the end because she is it! Siobhan will be a star!

  67. Crystal is good every week and for those of you that say she is the same every week thats the way she does well and she knows who she is. The better people always seem to do that. I don’t like Siobhan because she is wierd and when she sings low she is horrible and then she sings higher and gets screechy. I hope she goes home but she won’t. I’m thinking it will be Andrew, Mike, or Tim. I like Aaron but he also might be going home. The only people that are, in my mind, totally safe are Crystal, Lee, and Casey. I think Crystal should win the whole thing and in my opinion Mike and Andrew are getting old and unlike Crystal really do sound the same each week.

  68. oh and nalim, i can actually hit more than one note. I sing at my church all the time and i have heard myself sing and have heard my friends sing and they and i sing better then the people that should go home this week. Not trying to be conceded cuz i don’t think i can actually sing all that well but its true and it gives me the right to judge them plus its kinda america’s job to judge them and vote for them.

  69. crystal, lee and casey are the only three that are relevant. if anyone else wins, it would be a joke. I think Andrew is the worst, sorry he is just too one dimensional and boring. Michael is was more about his story than his music..never understood the excitement about him. Tim is great…and all those who say he can’t carry a note i say you can’t hear a note. Siobhan is ready for the local lounge…Aaron and Katie are both talented but not ready..Heres to Andrew and Mike going home to their family they keep bragging about…snooze.

  70. Does any1 know da results, da result show is on wednesday in london and tuesday in america
    i cant wait need 2 know nw please

  71. Casey sounds like a goat,Crystal looks like she needs a bath that hair is gross. I say Siobhan all the way.

  72. I read all the posts just now and see I am the sole person who still LOVES Andrew’s voice! I love his voice. What he didn’t do was take Adam’s advice, though. (That really surprised me; maybe Andrew feels more comfortable doing what he knows.) I would buy his records. So no, I don’t think he should be cut. But I think he will be, because all of the judges are so harsh with him. I love that his voice and singing style (not his look) come across so classy!

    I disliked Tim’s performance intensely. I kept saying to my husband, “He’s just talking it through; he’s not singing!” I do not understand the kudos for that performance AT ALL. I wish he were leaving, but I doubt he is, esp with all the judges saying such positive things.

    I’m a fan of Siobhan but I didn’t like Siobhan’s performance (or her hair, btw) last night. But her outfit–good-googa-mooga, she looked terrific! I love the song she chose; I can’t figure out why Simon thought that was a bad choice. I just didn’t enjoy her rendition; I felt it went on and on and on . . . couldn’t wait for it to end.

    I enjoyed Aaron and Katie, two who are not really among my top favorites.

    Aaron really put sass into his performance–a stretch for him and he pulled it off, I believe. Didn’t like the “high school musical” comments. Poor Aaron. I think he will be gone, too.

    I noticed Simon sees Katie in this “good girl” box and every time she tries to wiggle out of it, he slams her. I thought she did an outstanding job. I loved it!

    Casey was good. Not his best performance, but good. He’s definitely still in my top 3 or 4.

    My favorite of the night was LEE! He has simply magnificent pipes. I could listen to his (gravelly?) voice forever! Very sexy, even though he isn’t. Funny that he turns right back into a third grader right after he performs, though.

    My favorite overall has been Crystal. I was a little disappointed in her performance last night, though. I keep expecting her to break new ground every time she sings. (As Adam seemed to do.) Course it could just be that I just am not into the gospel-ly sound. And perhaps that was a different side of her. Appreciated it, just didn’t love it.

    Big Mike. I was so surprised he chose that song. I think it is patronizing, embarrassing, and very dated. But he did sing it well and with heart.

    Adam’s advice was very good. I noticed that 2 contestants, (Aaron and Andrew) said they were going to go with his suggestions, but then didn’t. Aaron was going to do a falsetto at the end but didn’t. And Andrew was going to make it HOTTER (I think; my interpretation of what Adam said), but didn’t.

    Funny, everyone sounded a little tinny to me last night. (Or was that just me or my TV?) I hated what they did to the lighting (trying to make it all glitzy just made it hard to see the contestants) and I was wondering if they fooled around with the sound equipment. Something seemed off.

  73. My top 5 of the night in order, Lee, Siobhan, Crystal , Big Mike, Tim Urban
    My bottom Four of the night in order were,Casey, Katie, Andrew and Aaron
    This Is my thoughts based on singing from last night

  74. I think the two that will be voted off tonight will be Garcia and Tim, but, you just really never know….

  75. cant get past the yellow and missing teeth needs a bath and shampoo not an idol sorry

  76. Why is Simon so critical of Siobhan. I never seem him try so hard to get someone voted off. She is Amazing.

  77. I agree that cocky Big Mike should go. Is it just me or does anyone else hate how Randy just loves him no matter how bad he can be. It seems as if he would be shocked not to win this thing.

  78. Hey HP, I’m not a big fan of Tim either – nice guy but…- his performance was good if you know anything about singing that is

  79. Andrew deserves to go, but Katie no way!! As for big mike, he could very well fit in the category along with Tim. Guys don’t be surprised if they land up in the top 2. Sure, Tim has certainly improved & takes criticism very well, but to go this far?? Siobhan has still got that factor & why should anyone hate her? Man, give her a break. Hope this whole thing will not leave AI fans devastated. Will there be another AI show next year, hope not.

  80. My favorites:

    1. Crystal
    2. Siobhan
    3. Casey
    4. Lee
    5. Michael
    6. Aaron
    7. Tim

    1. Crystal
    2. Lee
    3. Michael
    4. Casey
    5. Siobhan

  81. In my family, we are not watching American Idol anymore. Its not real show any more. its only what simon wants,im glad hes leaving, the show is a joke.its not about talent anymore.

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