American Idol 2010 Top 9 Round 2 Performances & Phone Numbers

Here we go! It’s Round 2 of the American Idol 2010 Top 9 after last week’s return of Michael Lynche from the brink of elimination. Which two singers will fall to the bottom of the ladder this week and be eliminated? We’ll soon find out with Elvis week and Adam Lambert’s return to American Idol!

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American Idol Top 9 Round 2 Performances:

  • Crystal Bowersox – Saved – 1-866-436-5701
  • Andrew Garcia – Hound Dog – 1-866-436-5702
  • Tim Urban – Can’t Help Falling In Love – 1-866-436-5703
  • Lee DeWyze – A Little Less Conversation – 1-866-436-5704
  • Aaron Kelly – Blue Suede Shoes – 1-866-436-5705
  • Siobhan Magnus – Suspicious Minds – 1-866-436-5706
  • Michael Lynche – In The Ghetto – 1-866-436-5707
  • Katie Stevens – Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do – 1-866-436-5708
  • Casey James – Lawdy Miss Clawdy – 1-866-436-5709

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

Tomorrow night we’ll find out who got the least votes and that singer will be sent home so vote wisely and be sure to share your thoughts in our Idol poll below!

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  1. why has adam lambert been asked to be a mentor this week and NOT Chris Allen? He was “our winner” last season, come on producers bring us “our winner” back!

  2. andrew sucked again…tim did great again…lee and crystal should be safe…siobhan started out slow and did ok later…she looks like the bride of Frankenstein…ok..back to the show.

  3. Siobhan is def my favorite! the judges dont know talent obviously. I love you Siobhannnnnnn!!!!

  4. why do Simon pick Siobhan up to throw all negative feedback all the time..even she is good..? thats sick , guys! i really can’t stand………

  5. yes i have a feeling that judges is pushing Crystal to win this competition…no more point of watching this..

  6. Tim was great…Casey, Crystal, Lee and Tim should be safe…Andrew and Michael should go home…andrew alwats sucks..and michael is a lounge singer..i almost fell asleep during michaels performance…the judges liked michael but he could have farted jailhouse rock and they would have claimed to love it since they put him thru last week…siobhan very average. the youngsters need a couple of years. well if mike and andrew do not go home, the show will suck even more next week.

  7. Yes AGREE Chichi …ANdrew and Mike should go..ANdrew is alwayys boring..Mike is better than him…at the end of the day..they both should go home tonight…if not, this show SUCK!

  8. Totally agree with Chichi. Andrew and Mike should go based on tonights performances. Lee was awesome.

  9. I think the competition ended the minute Crystal Bowersock started on the staage. She will be the best Idol Star ever. Noone in the past idol starts can hold a candle to her.

  10. Andrew , Aaron and Siobhan my bottom 3

    Aaron to be saved

    Siobham is going to morph into a dragon very soon, and then American Idol will be just a pile of ashes…

    Adam Lambert proved beyond any doubt that he was a great choice as a mentor… I think he really helped all the contestants tonight.

    Ryan seriously need to get a life.. I think his mum should have spanked him for embarressing her… She had been doing a very good job being unnoticed. He needs also to be kick in the nuts… Did you see how he was pawing those girls? he is like a dope fiend on acid…. lol

  11. Also, sorry to say….

    Someone needs to dress the girls for this…

    Crystal was wearing a pair of pants made out of my gran’s retired curtains….

    Siobhan looked like a moth eaten Toga

    Katie looked like she was dressed by stevie wonder on a limited budget

  12. Ryan is probably my least favourite person ever to be associated with the show…. Including all the demented singers…

    If his ego gets any bigger, we will need a ladder just to get to the start gate….

    It is widely reported that The Great Wall of China, and Ryan’s Ego are the only two things visible from the Moon

  13. @ Sheila

    I agree Crystal is the best of this season; by far!

    But it is because the rest of the competition is probably the worst; by far!

  14. Poor Andrew – the more macho he tries to be, the wimpier he seems. He would have been better to listen to Big Momma Thornton’s version which had a Latin Beat.

  15. Tim was awesome and hot as ever! He wins my vote. Crystal and Lee were right behind him. Siobhan is a spoiled brat and needs to go home and sit in the corner. Casey wasn’t as strong tonight but still good. Aaron is cute and sounded good. Andrew will go home and that’s sad. He seems to have lost his way. Big Mike is good and solid but maybe not what young girls will vote for as the next American Idol. Katie is good but uninspiring.

  16. I have to disagree with Chichi. Michael should be safe, but Andrew should really go home and mind his child.

  17. You people just follow what the judges tell you to think. Crystal is not that great. If your heard her at a bar you wouldnt raise an eyebrow. Now Siobhn, that is TALENT!! She is by far the best!!

  18. What was with the praise for Tim?? That was not singing- it was more like talking, not singing. Him still being there is just ridiculous! Fingers and toes crossed he FINALLY goes home tomorrow, and stops takng a spot away from more deserving singers.

  19. You know what I am going to put it to you all like this. Michael Lynch has the best vocals.Crystal comes next,but the only problem is we have 4 sorry judges who think it all about rock and rolland country. If I have to look at a all white panel again with the same style I will hve a fit! Need some soul like Big Mike got. Crystal can sing but no no soul.For the last few seasons since season 3. It has been noting but rock and roll or country. you Enough keep doing you thing Mike because you got it going on.Adam Lambert said that Mike got am awesome voice. I know it! And you all know it!

  20. Michael you got it going on!Do not let these songs that break you.I know you will never sing this mess on your album.Even though you are R n B you surely sing those songs very well!

  21. to crystalbowersox fans……she sounds the same from week to week…and he puts people in sleep…..i don’t like her..i hate simon and kara they love boring performance……..loser……….i agree with atlanta…..the judges pushing crystal to win this competition……simon and kara has “”favoritism”””….it’s unfair……

  22. Tonight was the 1st. time I actually enjoyed Katie. I could see a short lived [see Tiffany] career for her. Andrew needs to be gently sent on his way. Casey blew it with song choice. Lee was most improved. He’s finally learning to use the camera to his advantage in a way that was second nature to Adam Lambert and David Cook.

  23. Andrew sucked as usual–is he still there because he did Paula’s song well? What’s up with Casey–what kind of song choice was that? Wish Adam had told him to change songs. Tim was good–I’m surprised. He seems to improve every week, but I don’t think he can win when all is said and done. I don’t know who my favorite was–e. none of the above. I’m with everyone else–the judges are NOT helpful (I’m being kind). I might as well be the judge and I’m an English teacher.

  24. Aaron kelly is the best and he had better not go home or I will never watch American Idol again!! THE JUDGES SUCK!!

  25. The judges are messing with YOU voters–confusing you. Wake up–Siobhan Magnus has the range, real strenght—-Crystal has a good voice; but she is limited, Crystal knows what songs she can sing & she does them.

  26. i already told you all…Andrew is just an extra…boring every week…same things go and go…unpleasantable voice and unpleasantable look… it becomes Awful…time to go home for f8(k sate…

  27. i heard that Adam Lambert crush on Tim Urban…who know did they go extra miles? 😀 hehe

  28. Adam did a great job as expected from someone so talented.
    For me Crystal was ok she always stands there and pulls it to the max but for me sounds the same every time even she is a very good singer.
    Andrew 🙁 sadly blew his opportunity to stay in the competition that song was really boring and he did not projected anything that I could say won me. He will go home.
    I did not like Aaron but sounded much better than weeks before. He will go home too or will be on the bottom 3 for sure.
    I like Siobhan but tonight was not her best even she sounded great I think she lost her confidence or something because I missed the connection.
    Even all judges cheered Tim I didn’t like him. There were some very pitchy moments he talked instead of singing but he will be safe (huge fan club he has lol)
    Mike did great vocals really very nice but not for AI he sounds boring for the teens.
    Lee was my favourite of tonight. He sounded strong and confident and I loved his performance.
    Katie surprised me and I enjoyed her song. She sounded really well tonight.
    Casey had the worse song choice. He will be safe but really I hated his song and his performance. Nothing compared to last week.
    So for me bottom 3 will be Andrew, Aaron and probably Siobhan who will be safe.

  29. I don’t think the judges have to push for Crystal to win. She is my favorite, not because of what the judges say, but because I like her music. I always vote for the person whose music I want to buy. I’m not voting on their looks, or their personality, or what they wear either. !its’ just all about what I want to listen to!

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  31. we haven’t seen this show yet – on tonight – sad to say that I probably won’t watch because of the reviews – I guess you have given me some extra time to devote to much needed to be done work. I love Elvis songs and I really don’t want to hear Suspicious Minds and In the Ghetto wrecked so thanks for the warning. At least my favourite – Always on My Mind – didn’t suffer the same fate.

  32. My first post. In my opinion Crystal, Siobhan, Lee and Casey are the best this year and should at least proceed to the Top 4. Time to get rid of the on/off singers and to let the real artists battle it out. I hope!

  33. some posts filled with hate,
    Some good; some not so great!
    But on what we all seem to agree,
    Is music is varied;full of diversity.

    So we have our favourite and those we dislike,
    Could it be that Kara’s sleeping with BIG MIKE?
    Or does the worm change, and with realism,
    Aaron bedded Ellen, and washed away lesbianism.

    Did Siobhan take a tantrum at being scolded?
    Does Casey dance like a robot, woefully molded?
    Will Andrew go home and save his poor kid,
    From a life in the hood with a career on the skids?

    Will Tim still be there and marry Katie,
    I think that Ryan is trapped in the 80s.
    So the winner by far regardless of posts,
    Is Crystal or Lee, the singers… with most of the votes!

  34. frankly, i feel that Crystal sings the same kind of songs week after week…although Casey rocks, he can sing slow numbers as well, which shows different sides of his voice. But Crystal does the same thing week after week. Personality wise,i feel that she is not an Idol-material, as an AI shouldnt just be able to sing, but should be rounded in most, if not all, areas, like how Casey is. 🙂

  35. i am not happy that Simon always pick up Siobhan and throw all negative comments…and now is Kara…Why do they harsh on her when even she is good? i cannot understand. We do really like her…cos she is interesting ..different every week…unlike others, hold the guitar and just sing with same kind of look…

  36. Im a big fan of american idol..and i like siobhan so much..i just notice that no matter how great siobhan performance was Simon always say negative things about her and compare her with crystal…crystal is good but i really think she is boring…just the same style every week..her vocals is not exceptional either(lee is much more better than her).. and Simon would say that he likes it the way she is…its not fair, Simon as a judge should listen to the performance and not pick someone as favorite and would say negative things to siobhan so people would take crystal side…siobhan has more talent…a good voice…even if she dont perform that well tonight i just hope she wont be eliminated…i want to see the finals with siobhan and crystal/lee face off and see who deserves the american idol 2010 title:)

  37. AI judges is pushing crystal to be the winner..she is not that good….not close to underwood, clarkson and cook….i just hope that the judges would judge its contestant equally and not treat crystal as someone with extra ordinary singing talent coz she is not..if u dont listen to the judges and be a judge of their performance u would know that crystal is not as good as siobhan and lee…siobhan is the talent hope people wont get influence by simons negative comment on her…he is putting her down so crystal could get the AI title…

  38. Crystal boring??? In my opinion you guys should have your ears tested. She has been consistently good to exellent from day one. By all means root for your favorite but should you secretly think Crystal outperformed your favorite… stop saying she was good…BUT…

  39. Lee and Crystal will be the ones to beat. Every week Lee get better and better and he looks a 1000 times better than Crystal. IMO In the end I think Lee will win it all.

  40. BTW…so what if the judges push a contestant? Didn’t they push Adam last year? And did that help when America voted in the final?

  41. I agree with JJ Mookie and Gezz about Siobhan and the way Simon is always negative towards her. The judges are all trash and should be replaced no wounder AI is down on the ratings Randy makes me sick all he says is Dog and a bit pitchy, Allen is ok as she says if she likes it or not ,Kara should go if she is that confused and Simon has made his mind up to be negative to all but Crystal which kills the show .My pick on the singing tonight was Siobhan,Crystal,Lee,Katie,Aaron,Tim,Mike,Casey and Andrew. But I but I dont think Casey will be in the bottom 3 The bottom 4 I think on votes will be Aaron,Tim,Mike and Andrew .I think Simon is trying to pull the ratings down as he is leaving at the end of the season and wants to see AI go down .To get better ratings for AI change all the Judges as they are all useless

  42. Andrew’s pretty much gone. His voice range is limited and while he pushed himself, he just couldn’t tackle “Hound Dog”. That song was way too iconic and big for his small voice. How could he not know that?? As for Crystal, I agree she’s being groomed to win. She pretty much does the same thing week in and week out.

  43. I don’t like Mike!!! even though his a good singer, his attitude was rude..he is soooo arrogant and disrespectful. He didn’t even thank to the judges for being saved. And i think the attitude is the reason why he was eliminate last week and not because of his performance.=(

  44. Just thought this summary of last year should be considered History might repeat itself. “The season ultimately came down to a study in contrasts between Kris, the acoustic maestro at home with just a chair and a guitar, and Adam, the performer who looked like he was born to strut across the stage in front of a cheering throng with all the bells and whistles a show like “Idol” can offer.”


  45. HELP!!!!!!!! I live in mid Michigan. Could
    not vote last night. I have an ATT service
    and had a friend trying on Charter service.
    Didn’t even get busy signals, just weird
    messages. Did anyone else have this problem???

  46. I agree Ryan was acting strange very touchy with the young girls even the expression on their faces told the story. it was very pervish kind of gave me the creeps when he had his hands on the girls shoulders with the strapless dress, her face said everything. And as usual Cyrstal and Lee were the best. I think its time for (sorry to say) Andrew and Shioban to go home, Aaron will be soon but not just yet he does have the perfect country voice someone should deff pick him up it would be nice to have a young male country singer with all the girls

  47. Andrew, Aaron and Mike should be the bottom 3 with Andrew definitely going home. Its a toss between Mike and Aaron. I feel Siobhan still has great vocals but for some reason the judges are not kind to her. Casey missed an opportunity but Katie cashed in on hers….Even teeny bopper Tim did good. But Lee is awesome….I will buy his CD but Crystal is too boring for me.

    I thought ADAM was great. He gave good advice but not all of them listened…..I’m excited about him performing tonight….

    Matt, do you know how the ratings were last night for Idol????

  48. I think 2 guys will go home Andrew and Aaron I think it should be Tim I didn’t think he was good last night boring and one good night doesn’t mean he stays, elvis is hard for Aaron his is 100% country, did so well other weeks, Look at the big picture not Tim’s shinny teeth, and helmut head hair do

  49. Look at last year Kris should not have won don’t see hide or hair of him Adam is out there in the media, Kris comes on the last show to pass the torch, and he is boring can’t stand the ford commericial always mute him

  50. Tim still needs to show more skin; girl and gay vote awaits!! Handsome and romantic – and very ripped!!!

    Lee and Crystal in the final.

    Ryan was put off by his mom’s being there..

  51. Andrew was really boring, i agree, but i want him to be safe, i love his personality and he did great with forever by Chris brown, i dont want him to be home yet. Katie is a nice girl, gives a great performance, but i dont think she knows what it takes to be the next American idol.Just gonna keep hoping that andrew is safe, BTW, i dont like Tim

  52. Mike dont deserve to be safe.. Agree is better than last week but just not good enough.. Andrew is the worst of all.. Sioban only good at the last part.. I think Andrew and Mike or Sioban should go home.. Tim is amazing…. He may be the next american idol!!!!! But in my mind,Casey James and Didi Benami is the winner….

  53. Adam was a great mentor. Very helpful with innovative ideas. They should have him back next season, if there is one.
    Top 5 – Crystal, Lee, Casey, Mike, Katie.
    I do not like Siobhan at all, voice, clothes, or personality.
    Bottom 3 – Aaron, Andrew, Tim, based on performance.
    Prediction: Going home tonight might be Andrew and Aaron, but would rather it be Siobhan and Tim. They all have a good voice, but only my top 5 have what it takes to make it as a star.

  54. Andrew and either Tim, Mike or Katie might go. Siobhan makes these goofy faces when she sings she really creeps me out for some reason. I think that Ryan was all goofy cause he has a crush on Adam!!!!! Come on Ryan Ricky Martin is out of the closet when will you come out?? (just kidding??)Adam gave very good advise but I think being a contestant only last season someone is pushing hard to keep around!! Simon seems to care less about this whole show he’s out of here anyways so why try. Kara is very annoying, Randy is to old to be talking like he’s so with it yo, yo dog etc, etc.. Ellen is funny but not a good judge at all the whole thing is going down the toilet. Crystal will win this competition but she needs to act more alive on stage. She is to stiff. Casey will make it big regardless.

  55. simon hates siobhan.for whatever reasons unknown its a fact.he is pushing his fav,cyrstal,and messing up siobhans mind.she needs to defend her self,because its the proper thing to do.she has the pipes,the best purest vocals,and is the most talented.she needs to just stop concerning herself with simons negative feedback,and just do her thing.

  56. Crystal blew everyone else away,however Siobhan and her teen nation will not let anyone else win.

  57. To address the comments by San Diego:
    Adam was asked to be a mentor, because he is clearly one of the most talented singers ever to grace the AI stage and is an obvious choice for coaching a singer like Elvis. If it were Johnny Cash week, perhaps they would’ve asked someone else… lol. Folks also need to remember that this isn’t just a singing contest, as Adam probably realizes from last year. This is mostly a popularity contest. Rather than letting everyone vote for who they want to stay, I would love it if everyone would vote for who should be eliminated each week. There might be more of a common concensus if things were handled that way. Also, the judges shouldn’t be allowed to save people. America voted. Big Mike, while I like him so very much, should be gone. It’s just not fair to the others. Plus, I don’t really know why they would invoke a save for Mike. He has a lovely voice (no doubt about his talent at all – he’s world class), but I don’t think he has a snowball’s chance in h*ll of winning this competition from looking at all of the various online polls and comments. So, with that in mind, he’s already in the top ten. What’s to be gained from saving someone who isn’t even close to being at the top of all of the polls? I also think his song choice last night might have killed him. Big Mike should’ve sung something like “Love Me Tender” or something like that if he wanted to stay alive. Give the women what they want. Mike always sounds great to me, but I think he needs to pay more careful attention to his song choice and remember the little teenage girls who do most of the voting for people ten zillion times. Are they going to relate to the song he sang last night? I’m not sure. Tim Urban, on the other hand, is one who made me pick up the phone last night. Why? He’s gorgeous. People have eyes as well as ears, and he’s the whole package. He picked a song that everyone loves, young and old, and did a great job with it. If he keeps making smart song choices that suit his voice, he might surprise everyone. Keep up the good work, Tim. The voters seem to like modesty, as we saw last year.

  58. Hi guys!!

    For me, Siobhan is the best of all, I would love to have her autograph because I think when a girl is so incredible deserves some respect … No?? My favorite of the boys would be Tim, because I think he has that commercial look that all producers are looking … And it’s sooooo cute! Maybe you all have reason in that teeneagers vote who are cute and we do not care if they sing well or badly, but believe me that if someone sings like a dog we would vote NO. We may be young with many hormones, but we’re not stupid!

    And I think that the Botton 3 are Big Mike(sorry brother, I know you like him but it was enough), Andrew and Casey (because it’s really boring). And Mike and Andrew should go, but I feel sorry for Lee to be left without his best friend;)

    That’s my opinion…
    XOXO- Aguus from Argentina:)

  59. To address the comments by Jeff:

    Siobhan has a great voice. I think if she wants to win this competition, she needs to show her legs more (like she did last night). Those moon boots she was wearing the first several weeks detract from her appearance. Again, people have eyes as well as ears. She has lovely legs. Showing them will get her votes. Remember, the competition isn’t about who is the best singer. You have to get votes. There are some people who will vote for her because she is a great singer, no matter what she wears. However, if she wants to win over more voters, she needs to pay more attention to song choice and what she wears. While she has a great voice, I don’t think the song she selected last night helped her at all. The outfit was hot. She should dress like she did last night every week.

  60. Really? you guys really thought Sibon was that great? come she does not hold a stick to Crystal and Lee. Her voice was differant in the first part of the song then in the second. I’m sure she will think so too, when she re-listens to herself.. sounds so much better when she does not sing through her nose. she does not seem to take the judges comments well and learn from them. Simon, is right on the money with this one. Not going to be the Idol in my opinion. Again she has a much better natural look and would be more believable if she stayed true to her interview look. She trys to change too much. Not a fan of her, if she knows the kind of artist she is trying to go for, then why last night comment to Simon? why did she change her voice mid song? Love Adam great mentor. Katies song to the jugdes?? whats up with that? way to impress them!! Seriously? fine sing the song, why the additude tward the judges. It’s really America you Gotta impress right I am sure there will be harder critics in the real world? I would think they know what they are talking about after all they put you through!!! go home loose the additude and grow up a little no room for temper tantrums! they rest did well even Andrew it was not horriible at all.. not sure about results but would like to see Sibon and Katie to go home. not likely though


  62. To address the comments by idol fan:

    Crystal will have a great career no matter how she does on AI. I don’t think anyone can deny that she is a very musical girl. She’s modest, too, and I just like her very much. Lee seems like a really nice guy, but I don’t care for his appearance or his singing voice. However, so far, America seems to disagree with me. Go figure.

  63. #84 comment did you watch their performance’s? thats why!! Crystal, Lee, Casey sing like they are already true artist she is confused?

  64. Hey Idol Fan,

    I agree that Siobhan has had a couple sub-par performances recently, but if you listen to her studio version of Paint it Black, I think you’ll see what amazing potential she has. She just needs to settle down a bit in her live performances — keep it a bit more real.

  65. One thing I think we all agree on is that Andrew should go home. While I think he is a nice guy, he just doesn’t do it for me visually or musically. I don’t think he is a boring guy at all, though, as some people have said. I think he might be fun to have as a friend. I just think he’s gone about as far as he’s going to go in this competition, and he should be pleased with himself for how well he’s done. Sorry, Andrew, and good luck to you!

  66. Andrew and Aaron should definitely leave, they are very boring. Tim has just gotten better and better. He did a really pretty version of that song….now I’m glad all the little girls kept voting for him because they thought he was cute!

  67. Although crystal has the best voice, she will be better off not winning–she will definitely land a record deal regardless, and she will not beholden to the sucking AI Machine. I have read posts on other site theorizing the judges have suddenly decided to like Tim becaus eAI has realized his Disney tween marketability–a largely untapped market for them thus far. ‘Twould be a shame if Tim won, but this is far less about singing than it is packaging.

  68. OK FIRST….i <3 Casey James the most but my favorite last night would Have to be…………………………………………………….Tim Urban…He sang the song so beatuifuly and i think he will be safe tonight…..another great perfromance was Crystal……She has an awesome voice and she is probaly going to win….my mom wants her to..CASEY JAMES!!!

  69. I have a feeling that Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia may very well be the next 2 contestants to be sent packing tonite, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  70. C-O-Bhan! is not one of my favorites and she does look like the bride of Frankenstein no doubt and she screams the notes, not sings them. If you don’t know already, Simon always finds someone to dislike and this season it happens to be Siobhan. I used to like Andrew, but he is one that cannot be consistent and perhaps he has doubt in himself. It must have taken him a year to perfect ‘Straight-up’.

  71. My personal top 3 are Siobhan, Mike, and Katie! I know Crystal can sing, but thats about it.
    Also, what is up with the judges this year? I’m not so sure if there is just water in their cups! I enjoy watching Ellen, but what musical background does she have? I doubt she can singg better than any of them.

  72. Crystal doesn’t really connect with the audience, which is obviously very important. I think she should sing without her guitar becaause that seems like her security blanket. I think people are just impressed with her because they r too busy watching her play guitar than listening to her voice.

  73. Totally found it hilarious when #4 Chichi notes that Siobhan looked like the bride of Frankenstein! As far as Siobhan’s vocals, she is not consistent and I am finding her singing to be unappealing with a personality to match. She comes off with a lack of respect to the judges, who are there to help her. Mike should be on broadway or musicals, not AI. Andrew is lacking creativity, Aaron is a teen idol, not AI, Katie needs more experience, Casey was missing in action, Lee needs more star appeal, Crystal’s vocals are consistent but beginning to sound the same, and Tim’s song selection matched his vocals and range.

  74. Siobhan sucks she screams too much. Big mike and crystal are my favorites. Andrew is going home tonight

  75. All you have to do is listen to Siobhan sing Wicked Game and you can stop right there. She is a star. Siobhan is the best by far!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Based just on last performance, Siobhan was, hands down, the best. Followed by Lee, Katie & Big Mike. IMHO, Crystal is pampered by Judges & overrated. Always picks up safe songs & sounds same every time.

  77. I think Simon is the greatest but what he said to Siobhan last night was just stupid. What is he tring to do?

  78. Some real talent this year,,,tonight after saving Big Mike’s behind last week, Aaron & Andrew prob going home, but maybe Siobhan…I think she has great talent but maybe too much for this show. Great vocals, but the judges screwed her up as Ellen said,,,one week they tell her to stop with the high notes, she does, and then they ask where they r? Really… Crystal and Lee are both incredible and really will go to the end. Or at least I hope, great talent for this show

  79. mike is arrogant… I am disappointed
    with de judges,,,that vote , can be need for another good like lee or cristal,,,,, that;s no fear… the fat mike sing only gospel

  80. I agree mnk, never should have saved Mike, he can sing but a lot of controversy with this guy from what i hear….and shame that the save isn’t for someone who truly deserves it. Judges were kissing his a last nite! He should have done an upbeat song, not gospel! Soon to see what happens, again Aaron & Andrew prob gone, both seem like good guys too, oh well

  81. Okay, I agree with alot of you, but I have to say that i LOOOVE Tim. I mean, he definately has the whole package! His singing is improving, he’s adorable and sweet, and has got a great personailty. Plus, I think America loves his humility- I do. 🙂 Crystal is getting very boring… same thing every week… and Aaron has a shaky voice. I don’t think he’s ready for this. My prediction for the bottom 3 (and my hopes for the bottom 3) would have to be Andrew, Aaron, and maybe Katie? I’m not exactly sure. I just hope Tim stays on because he is REFRESHING and just adds alot to this show! 🙂

  82. I agree with “Tim is my man” ! I mean, he is really refreshing. There’s so many scratchy, blues styled singers this year that its nice to have a current-sounding, cute guy. I love his smile too!! I noticed he smiled less this week…… I hope he keeps smiling because it adds alot. Did anyone else love “All my Loving”?? I thought this was his turning point. Also, Hallelujah was GREEEAAAAATTT!!!! Ah Tim is so awesome. He may just be the underdog that wins it all?

  83. i totally agree to batman when it comes to crstal…and also agree with mnk, big mike sucks when it comes to his attitude,grrr….

  84. I think Casey will win. I hope he does, he has the quality voice and he’s a great performer. He doesn’t have to try sing it comes naturally to him- no effort!!!! When he sang “Heaven” by Bryan Adams my heart melted!!!

  85. I watch from the UK so come on here to find out the results before the show is aired here! We don’t see the results until tonight, but we see the show the night you get the results! Thought Andrew was very boring, did not understand why they saved Mike last week, a wasted vote, Still not sure about Tim or Aaron, not strong singers, but it is all about the public, it is what you vote so somebody obviously likes them!

  86. i 100% agree with batman and charm. CRYSTAL never brings something different, and she never even tries to pick hard songs. and it’s true that the judges are pushing her and always gives her good comments. i think the top 5 should be Aaron, Tim, Mike, Lee, and of course Siobhan.

  87. I love Casey.Hope he wins the whole stuff.All his performances are alwys fun to watch and he is also easy on the eyes.Crystal also has what it takes.Contrary to what some people think,she always sounds refreshing and very very good to me.

  88. Crystal needs an EXTREME makeover. she has dreadlocks and a piercing right under her lip.
    Casey James needs to go.

  89. Well, I had a feeling that Katie would be going home sooner than later. She is no Miley and I think Miley is now ‘Smiley’ Cyrus. Did anyone not catch the expression on Miley’s face when she mentored Katie???? C’mon, you had to have seen that she felt a bit threatened that perhaps Katie could be the next tweenster in a Disney production, but Katie is a mere high school talent contest singer.

    On the other hand, most of us never thought that Tim would go as far as he did. At least I was skeptical with that 70’s Cassidy hair, but kudos to him because he is doing great!

    I dislike Siohban and hope she leaves next, followed by Doogie Hauser Aaron Kelly.

  90. Siobhan is the best: judges are unfair. Her ‘Paint it Black’ song is sensational, especially the studio version I bought on iTunes. Christal had one great song ‘Give Me One Reason’, after that she is kinda boring and overrated.

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