American Idol 2011 Alumni Paul McDonald Engaged to Nikki Reed

Paul McDonald may have been eliminated back during Top 8 week but it looks like his stint on American Idol has worked out pretty well for him after all.

After having met Nikki Reed during an publicity event for American Idol just a few months earlier the singer has proposed. Apparently that hug and a blush that night was just the start!

Twilight movies star Nikki Reed, 23, and last season’s American Idol alum Paul McDonald, 26, walked the red carpet grinning from ear to ear. And why not? She was sporting a sparkler on THAT ring finger.

“He’s the one,” Reed told E!’s Marc Malkin, when he asked if she thought they would wed. Malkin notes a source confirmed the engagement to him. Now to see if McDonald releases a song about his lady love.

Congratulations to the couple. No word yet on when the big event will be held, but the bigger question may be: will Nikki let Paul dance at the wedding?

Source: USA Today




  1. Congratulations to them both. He is definitely living the rockstar life now. At least we know he can sing and we won’t have to go through a K-Fed re-mix.

  2. Wonderful news….I guess in a way he did win on American Idol!!!!!!! Best Of Luck!!!!

  3. Scotty got the award but Paul got the girl! Both came out huge winners. All the best to Paul.

  4. Best wishes, Paul!

    Wow, what a cute couple! They’re SO young, though . . . hope they last.

    Can’t wait to see the teeth on their babies!

      Liked Paul from the get-go and
      DAMN—she’s pretty.
      Smiles for all!

  5. I don’t know what is going on with you American people.
    You see a picture,a guy ( Paul) with a beautiful girl and
    right away you think they have a strong relationship and
    sucess,« maybe they are planning to have a family»
    You love to see couple getting along together.
    Paul is far away to be a rock star,no doubt he has talent,
    we all saw him perform at AI.
    Paul I only want the best for you.

  6. what a cool couple!
    Paul and Nikki, congratulations!
    Scotty got the award, and Paul got his soulmate. that’s fair!! congrats again!

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