Lauren Alaina Heads To The Studio And Then Grand Ole Opry This Week

Life continues to look good for American Idol producer’s chosen one, Lauren Alaina. She might be losing to Scotty McCreery in the sales column, but she’s got a big week ahead of her that should make even McCreery jealous.

First up is a trip to the studio in Nashville where Lauren will begin recording her debut album for Mercury Nashville. No details yet on a playlist for the freshman release, but her current radio hit “Like My Mother Does” should definitely be on there.

After some work in the studio Alaina will make an appearance at the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday where she’ll be a presenter. Hopefully she can find another prom dress real fast.

Her week will wrap up with her concert debut at Grand Ole Opry on Friday. Opry’s website offers no details on the Friday show or any other events featuring Lauren Alaina, but if you’re in the Nashville Friday this evening you’ve got a chance to see her perform live.

Source: MSNBC




  1. What about we “James” fans? Isn’t James doing any appearances or signing any contracts? I’m sure he is. He certainly made an impression……..more so than Scotty or Lauren with the “non-country” world.

  2. First of all,I have to say that Lauren has talent,and she
    deserves a career.
    But she didn’t win AI,and already she is going ta start
    recordind very soon.
    I think these ยซkidsยป doesn’t have the choice,to record just before the tour is going to help to sell their CD.

    • The biggest winner on this cash cow called American Idol are the producers of the show. I do not think the is a bigger money maker in the history of television … That pays the talant so little. Which I believe is NOTHING. Holly Molly that seems wrong.

  3. Matt, had to laugh at your “prom dress” remark! Ha!

    Well, this may be a first for me, tuning in the CMT awards on Wed. (That is, if the Phillies aren’t playing then.)


  4. I find your PROM DRESS coments very insulting and low even for you. Perhaps you would like her to dress more a slut the way some of your rocker favorites. If you are looking for trash you will have to someone other than Lauren.

    • I am in TOTAL agreement with you. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Maybe she could wear “your sense of humor” — oops, then she’d be naked, now wouldn’t she….

        Relax people — how was that insulting? Sensitive people — what has the world come to?

        Don Rickles, where are you when we need you most?

    • Donspot…looking for trash??…Try bahloo2000….ITS about as traashy as it comes…and all those puking….in #3

    • Even for me? Should I be worried you seem to think you know me that well.

      There are many ways to dress without looking like you’re going to a high school dance.

      Deep breath, donspot. Deep breath.

  5. Both scotty and Lauren will be presenters at CMT Festival and both also will be at Grand Ole Opry afterward. In the meantime, Scotty supposed second single called “out of summertime” is on Dutch iTune and somehow was leaked in the US. You can find it on zap2it. I liked it a lot.

    • I heard his 3rd single will be “It’s Howdy Doody Time” but I can’t confirm that anywhere yet…….

      I heard it from a guy named “Superfly” — so take it for what it’s worth…

      • I think we have a pot / kettle relationship brewing here Carol

        Try some Mitch Hedburg on YouTube ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Dag, why do you think Scotty would be jealous? In case you aren’t Keeping up, Scotty is doing the same thing….duh….
    and he is ALSO a presenter at the CMT awards…

    • I agee! I don’t know why Scotty would be jealous! I don’t know why everyone has to add comments like this and not stay positive about both of their winnings! They are both good country singers.I also do not think that Scotty or any of his fans would bring Lauren down, as her and her fans are doing!I think that that is wrong and very unprofessional…

      • Since fans don’t get paid, they are not professional. This site was full of toxic comments all Season long so it is hardly surprising that it is still going on.

        Just out of interest, how is Lauren bringing Scotty down? The article was written by Matt and, as far as I am aware, both will be in Nashville and at the CMT Awards Show.

      • The Grand Ole Opry website states Scotty and Lauren will both be there on June 10…plus CMT has been advertising that both will be presenters on the award show.

      • @Juju: That’s great that they’ve updated their site. Two days ago they didn’t mention a word about either of them having an appearance there this week.

  7. Scotty is recording this week also, and will be everywhere Lauren is so not sure why Scotty would be jealous.

  8. Scotty stated that he would not leave Lauren behind and I know that his dedication to her is probably returned in the same manner. I wish the people who are being so petty would grow up and let them have their moment of fame without ridicule. Shame on all of you who continue this. It was a great year on Idol and any one of those kids could have won. Too bad they couldn’t all win together. You all know that many of them have already gotten bookings and recordings, I say BRAVO for them all.

    • Maybe the controversy has started because things have been too quiet and Matt needs some business…Anyway…where you see SCOTTY…Lauen will not be far behind…let’s say she will most likely be beside…because that is right where he wants her. Remember…you are talking about a gorgeous looking kid that sings like an angel (with a deep voice)and who is a real gentleman with a great heart and soul…and she is his female equal. This couldn’t be happening to nicer and more talented people.

    • You guys are hilarious. You are confusing “petty” with “hilarity”. “Scotty stated that he would not leave Lauren behind”. “let’s just say she will most likely be beside…because that is ight where he wants her.”. “a gorgeous looking kid that sings like an angel ( with a deep voice) and who is a teal gentleman with a great heart and soul…and she is his female equal.”

      The fact that you are both so serious with the praise is scary yet insanely funny. The fact that you have determined that these two are a reincarnation of Adam and Eve (pre forbidden fruit version) is downright insane

      These are two kids who quit school to pursue their dream of being singers. Our boy Scotty plans on dining at the buffet and not eating off the kids menu. They are kids who sang a few songs you dont them. They don’t know you. They should not care what any of us think and they probably dont

      If you want to understand why there are some of us who mock this delusional love of Scotty and Lauren is because we know it will drive you nuts…. What is funniest to me is that the Scotty/Lauren groupies are the same ones that bash Haley so severely. Haleys supporters think she sings amazing and that she is hot. James supporters love his style and personality. Casey, Paul, and Pia fans a similar. But this Scotty love which is now transferred to Lauren like they are Conway and Loretta or Tim and Faith in a Disney movie at Cinderella Castle is comedy gold. It deserves a good mocking ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Its bozos like you that lost the votes for your favorites. With your and others crude and rude remarks about about bumpkina, rubes and etc. worked to bring out these people who you made fun of all last season,just to “show you all” that you were really stupid….You are right on one deserve a good mocking… JLO said….I guess they fooled you….YOU ALL

      • Baho has nothing else to do but make remarks to get a rise out of people…like a psyco…Ignore him/her and maybe he/her will crawl away

      • Just because one doesn’t share your overwhelming love of Scotty doesn’t mean we are bashing……

        My bashing of Scotty has all been in fun….I wish the kid well. But, I personally don’t get it. “Voice of an Angel?” really?

        I have more fun ragging on this insane love fest — no one on here even knows the kid……and yet you all treat him like he is your best friend……

        but, to my knowledge, I don’t think I’ve been rude…….but maybe I don’t understand “rude” — that’s possible.

        I’m guessing CJ has pictures of Scotty all over his wall though….. and on the background of his computer…… good luck with that.

      • BooHoo….No pictures of Scotty…any where…again…your ignorance….is classic….of a problem….associated with a need for attention…get help

      • I have disagreed with Bahloo in the past. But, I have to agree with him this time. All you over the top, whacked out fans that are hoping for a Scotty-Lauren romance (in the sense of Faith Hill-Tim McGraw) are being a bit delusional. It will never happen in a hundred years. Simply stated, most guys are not attracted to chubby girls. No matter how good they can sing. No matter how much money they make. I am not being cruel, I am just keeping it real. Which is more than most do here.

      • And I suspecet that Bahloo’s comment that most of the overly crazed fans that are hoping for a Lauren-Scotty romance are the very same church going folks that bashed Haley on a regular basis (using terms like slut and pole dancer) is not far off the mark either.

      • Steven…Nothing was said about Scotty and Lauren “getting together”…It was addressed to comments made…Boohoo states comments were all in fun…real funny to poke fun…so when it might be read by Scotty..Lauren..Jacob..James..Haley and anyone else including Family..who i am sure dont see these barbs as a big joke from somebody who has no idea who these kids are,,as somebody said it was a personality contest…not a singing contest….that developed because of losers like Boohoo and others who started making posts that were totally unnessary as to being fat..screaming..holding a mike..bratty…bad attitude..etc..Totally unnessary to make fun of somebody…just for fun..from supposed mature adults

      • Lee, I was referring to the last paragraph Bahloo made on his June 8th post, 7:57am post. And I think you will have to agree, that the Lauren fans who daily called Haley a Bitch, Slut, and Pole Dancer, came across as crossing the line and being the crudest, rudest and most foul mouthed of them all. And the thought that these comments came from what I am guessing is wholesome, church going, country music loving fans (like myself) is the saddest thing of all.

    • You know…I got just the reaction from you that I expected…Yeah for me!!! It is easy to make the ignorance in some people come out…and to think I didn’t even giveit my best shot! Bahloo I stand by what I said…and I also think you are a miserable person…too bad…but it takes many people to make the world turn.

  9. This is great news for lauren. I am also really happy for scotty that both are off to such a great start! I had a feeling that both would be great successes. However there’s one point I want to make. Scotty is the american idol. Which means of course he’s gonna beat Lauren in sales on first singles. It would be strange and sad if he didn’t. I’ve seen many comments on how this proves scotty will succeed and Lauren will fail. I love both but and personlly believe they will really help the American Idol franchise along with Haley, Pia and James more or less.

  10. Just to be clear, I LOVE Lauren! But you have to admit, some of her clothing choice have been bad. I don’t find anything wrong with a little teasing about her “prom dress” style on occasion at all. She has a great voice, and of all things to get hot and bothered about, this is not it–a joke about clothing. So let it go already.

    I am going to follow the careers of all Season 10’s Idol contestants. This season’s entire group has my support and interest, for sure.

      • I’m anxious to follow most of them — in fact think #2 through #9 were all pretty darn impressive……and I personally wish them all well. I’ve already spent about $150 on their music….

        We bought everything Paul and his bands…..Grand Magnolias and Hightide Blues…..made. Great stuff.

    • Entire Group ? It’s too broad, as it can mean the Top 24, even the Top 36. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I tend to restrict it to the top 13, although Bahloo’s version is good provided that he adds the #1 to his list.

  11. Oh…good luck to her. I love her voice and watched her Atlanta performance on YouTube and think she has a lot of stage presence….better than on Idol which seemed to make her stiffen up. Also. …the prom dress remark was funny. I still google my fav Haley every couple of days…but would like to hear about her here, also.

    • Hey, Bahloo! Even if you don’t care for Scotty’s style (I don’t, either), you have to admit, he’ll be interesting to follow.

      Cecil, I’m with you re Haley. I google a lot to find out any breaking news regarding her career, too. I’ve been listening to my iTunes downloads of her songs non-stop. STILL not tired of them!! And I’ve contacted 2 radio stations in my area to ask them to play her songs.

      I live near DC and the Mix 95.1-WIKZ FM radio station (Pop & Rock) will be holding a contest to give away a ticket to see the AI Live Show on August 11 in DC at the Mariner Arena. On June 13, the station will be playing only AI songs from 9-5, and the 9th caller that day will win a ticket. I’m gonna try my hardest to win it!

      • Hey Pup — I think i’d be more interested if there wasn’t this punch drunk fantasy world being built around him…..

  12. PuP Hope you are almost sold out in my area…they are expensive but worth it

  13. Steven Fox….I have agrees with almost all of your posts…except now…how can you say church people were responsible for all those slurs..against James and Haley? Who then IUO..made the blast against Scotty..Lauren..Jacob who was critized for breathing..Cassey..Paul..Pia..etc..I see on another post you are putting Lauren down for what she was wearing at the impression of you is tarnished a little…what I was referring in. as far as the previous blog…was a statement by Boohoo..that all the put downs were just in fun..EVERY body, including the judges and Seacrest..were blasted..just in fun…what a mature outlook on the feelings of a very immature adult, who is getting his fun of life thru insults

    • Ya’know — I’m just not sure what you are talking about. The only one I’ve remotely insulted in Scotty — not because I don’t like the kid — but because he’s gotten a free pass from the beginning…

      Many of you think that anything less that Spiritual Praise of him means that I’m bashing….

      I think he’s an average singer — and that’s pretty much it. I think he’s very overrated…..

      The rest has been having fun with all of the extremists who can’t handle anyone that thinks he’s average.

      Lauren sings well, but she’s boring to me… but I think she’s 10x better than Scotty…..

      But, if some of you keep typing things like “Scotty and Lauren will be forever linked in the golden tassels of Heavenly bliss” junk — I can’t help by respond in a way that makes fun of that stuff….. sorry, it’s just how the brain is wired…..

      So, I do apologize to anyone that’s been offended by any comments I have made that have had nothing to do with Scotty — I will refrain from making any rude comments regarding anyone other than Scotty going forward.

  14. tried to listen to WSM live stream of Scotty and Lauren at the Opry on Friday night but the site crashed due to so many folks trying to log in to the site. Did anyone get thru?

  15. I just listened to Laurens version of the song,”Blue”.The song Haley Reinhart sang this season on Idol.I love Laurens voice but I hope she never sings it again. plain and simple Lauren can’t yodel and she is still having problems with her breathing.Lauren is always saying she is feeling bad,I HOPE SHE DOESN’T HAVE A SERIOUS ILLNESS.

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