American Idol Alumni Paul McDonald Marries Nikki Reed Today

Just a mere four months after their engagement news, American Idol alumni Paul McDonald will marry actress Nikki Reed today in a small ceremony in Malibu.

Paul is expected to play at the reception along with his band, The Grand Magnolias. They won’t be the only ones though as American Idol 2011’s Stefano Langone will also hit the stage for a performance.

Congratulations to the couple!

Source: E! Online




  1. great news to hear so proud of paul mccdonald alwasy loved his singing so mcuh like rod .keep at it and congralations to them both have a safe and happy marrie kris

  2. Congrats, Paul and Nikki! Paul and James Durbin were my two faves in AI. Paul and Nikki, may God Bless your union with a beautiful family, successful careers and more happiness than you could have ever imagined!

  3. congrats to you Paul and Chris i wish u luck and a long life together, hope to hear more of your music soon Paul, i was wondering if u have any plans on recording and if u did get a contract, keep up the good work, a Canadian fan 😉 take care.

  4. I am so happy for Paul and Nikki. Congratulations and best wishes to them. May God bless their marriage. I hope that they will be married for many years to come. I will be married 44 years on Valentine’s Day. I have been very happy and I hope that Paul and Nikki will be as happy as my husband and I.

  5. Congrats to Paul and Nikki, you two make such a adorable couple. May God bless you always. And remember a healthy relationship means you must always be honest, and have communication. I wish you two all the best, have a long and happy life together.

    • Congratulations!!!! I guess you were the big winner after all. A lot of good things come out of Idol…..

      • Yes Paul, Phyllis is right! It looks like you were a big winner!! You two look great together. Keep a positive attitude and God will bring lots of good things your way! May you have many,many years of a happy marriage!

  6. i wanted to say congrats to Paul and Nikki in my last comment i make a mistake i typed Chris sorry now i’ll start again congrats Paul ‘n’ Nikki i wish u luck and a long life together and may God bless u and your future family.I want to say that i don’t know why u got voted out cuz all the judges liked u, the young voters don’t know shit about talent there should be a age limit to vote like over 16,its like Pia they didn’t vote 4 her that bullshit, AI should change the rules they will lose a lot of vewers, anyhow Paul hope to hear more music from u soon, have u had a recording contact yet, good luck with your ffuture wife. ;)is this to long for a comment lol

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